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Old March 20th, 2019 #1
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Default What do you think about 'popular sports' ?

. . just wondering how you boys 'n bitches ( sry , was just looking for an 'alliteration' , lol . . .) feel about the 'popular sports business /entertainment'.

Football ,baseball etc . . .

My own opinion . . .

. . what might have started as 'good leisure time activity' , today is , like virtually all other things the NWO monopolizes , a million dollar business entertainment.

Apart from the fact that groids are often 'held up' as superheroes in our 'popular sports'.

With the NWO in it, as always : commercialize something , use it for your own purposes.

. . make bucks out of it ,use it for your agenda.

Make it a firm.

On who invented certain sports . . .

It is said that 'American football' is based on English rugby.

Football itself (soccer) was , believe it or not , invented by the Chinese . . . it found its way to Europe . . . even though in ancient times soccer must have looked different than what it is today , lol ( at least from the makeup . . .)

Like I said , groids , for example , are often promoted in 'popular sports' today.

Also ,countries of other races are often held up high in certain sports ( like Brazilians , for example , in soccer. )

How do you view pop. sports ?

Did they ever matter to you?

And what do you say to the NWO-influence in it today ?

On a side note , my wife used to play soccer in a girls-team when she was a teenie and I can tell you, she can tell how exhausting popular sports can be . . .

. . these people truly have to 'give something'.

. . today , they are higher paid than ever before.

Your opinions ?

. . do we even have ex-professional sports-players here . .?
( the reason I do not post this in the general 'sports'-forum is because this question is on this subject as such , not concerning a specific topic ) . .

Also . . what do you think about the 'body-cult' many professional sports-people cherish . . . ?

lol . .

Anyone . . . ?


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