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Default Views on boxing ?

- - -

. .

. . how do you view the sport of boxing in general ?

. . I have already made some threads around here concerning Muhammad Ali , about our race in boxing , this thread is about boxing in general.

How do you view the sport?

It is a dangerous job considerung the damages many boxers suffer from when they age.

But certainly also a profession with a lot of action.

As far as I know it was among the first popularized action-sports in 'newer' times , besides martial arts fights and professional wrestling.

The first recorded tapes of boxing-fights stem from the 20s.

Of course I have to mention here again that it was more or less also unfortunately a sport the NWO succeeded to popularize blacks in.

Boxing as such is a European invention . . it was deemed as a 'proletarian' job for a long time though . .

On the other hand there are the two Klitschkos who both have a doctorate in sports-medicine who box . .

Hmmm . .

- - -

. . . where do you stand on boxing?

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