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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default #1 Leo Frank / ADL Thread

100th Anniversary of Leo Frank Case, 4-26-13

The ADL was founded to prevent a pedophile jew from receiving justice at the hands of Georgia white men.

Everything you could ever want to know about jew Leo Frank:

[only ADL-related material in this thread]

The ADL-at-Large--Working Against the Best Interests of America

U.S. Government Documents Reveal that the U.S. Has Long Known about the ADL's Dishonorable Activities

by Mark Farrell

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has long promoted its image as that of a Civil Rights organization who is merely concerned with furthering the best interests of America. Quite to the contrary, however, the ADL has actually been working to destroy the very fabric of this country through its anti-American activities.

A couple de-classified documents shown here will help expose this very fact.

The ADL's troubling history first began in 1913, when it was formed as an offshoot of B'nai B'rith, which means "Brotherhood of the Chosen" in Hebrew. This B'nai B'rith organization is a Jewish secret society. The reason that B'nai B'rith formed the ADL organization is that the head of its Atlanta-chapter, Leo Frank, was found guilty of murdering a little 12-year-old Christian girl, Mary Phagan; and, many feel, this B'nai B'rith organization wanted to free Frank--for he murdered a non-Jewish girl, which must have been hardly a crime in their eyes for them to work towards this end.

Since those days, the ADL has associated with a lot of characters that many find unsavory, such as mob-boss Meyer Lansky, who was said to be funding many of its activities. Of course, with the ADL's help, he could always complain that his pursuit by law enforcement was simply related to him being Jewish, just another simple case of "anti-Semitism" as they'd say, not related to his illicit and illegal activities, as is always the case. The ADL was also at the forefront of getting Marc Rich, who evaded taxes to the tune of billions of dollars, pardoned by Pres. Clinton on his departure from office. Rich's wife is said to have made some financial donations that helped make the entire process possible.

Throughout the ADL's troubling history, it has been investigated by many people in the government. The ADL's typical response is to suggest that anyone who dares to look into its activities is simply a Jew-hater and other related comments, designed to stifle any opposition. Senator Jack Tenney commissioned a report detailing the ADL's "Anti-Gentile Activity in the United States," which exposed many of the ADL's tactics and how it worked to censor opinions and thoughts it found unfavorable. Robert Williams, an Army Intelligence officer, commissioned a report that also detailed many of the ADL's questionable acts.

Of course, with the ADL's activities, it is fair to say that the ADL itself doesn't help people like Jews. While claiming to promote free speech (the ADL gave pornographer Hugh Heffner its "Torch of Freedom" award), it was also at the forefront in trying to censor Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ." Additionally, the ADL has reportedly been trying to get such places like Barnes & Noble and to censor anything that it finds objectionable. At Barnes & Noble, the ADL even has little fliers that seem to promote such, though few people bother to view them.

More recently, the ADL has been trying to promote laws that would imprison anyone who dares to contradict Jewish-held beliefs, such as the left-over WWII propaganda around the supposed "Holocaust." Many Jews have argued in the past, without any facts to substantiate it, that 6 million Jews died at Auschwitz alone. (Actual figures taken from the International Red Cross put the number of Jews who died in all German concentration camps at about 375,000--to which many Jewish groups counter that the Red Cross is merely "anti-Semitic.") The ADL has been successful with its activities in various foreign countries such as Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia and elsewhere; and, after the Jews at the ADL helped to make Thought Crimes a reality, one individual in Canada was recently convicted in court for saying that "maybe only 5.5 million Jews died in WWII, not 6 million."

As is often the case, many Christians are offended by the ADL's activities. Notwithstanding the ADL's attempts to censor Gibson's "Passion of the Christ," the ADL has also worked to remove the traditional associations of Christmas, removing "Christ" from "Christmas" and making it become simply X-mas. Further, the ADL has often promoted the acceptance of homosexuality in society, which many moral citizens find objectionable.

The ADL has also engaged in numerous illegal activities in its past, such as when it illegally obtained information from the San Francisco Police Department about various groups or individuals it didn't like and was monitoring. The ADL has also recently lost a million-dollar lawsuit, as a result of the ADL illegally sharing private information it had obtained from a phone conversation in which it was not a party. Coming from an organization that had long associated with mob boss Meyer Lansky, none of this should be too surprising, however.

Throughout all this, those people who are knowledgeable in the U.S. government have been keeping the ADL at arm's length. The ADL has been seemingly working in conjunction with AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (which recently had its two former heads indicted for passing Classified information to Israel in a scandal that is shocking Washington-insiders); and there is no doubt that the ADL's covert use of money has a significant impact on elected officials.

Many in the FBI--and even the Civil Rights Commission--have long recognized the ADL's activities. An excellent example of this is a letter shown here. Mr. Dore Schary, the National Chairman of the ADL, had once invited J. Edgar Hoover to attend one of its banquets. Hoover responded nicely, as one might expect of someone who is professional. Hoover wrote:

"I received your letter of December 19th inviting me to attend the dinner . . .

"While I certainly appreciate the kind invitation, a prior commitment already confirmed precludes my attendance. I regret I cannot give you a favorable response but want to extend my best wishes for a successful affair."

However, on the letter itself which was kept in the FBI's archives, it demonstrated that the FBI was well aware of Schary's questionable activities. It stated:

"NOTE: Mr. Schary is a Hollywood producer who is well known to the Bureau. He has never been investigated but Bufiles [FBI files] reflect that he has been a member of, or sponsor of, contributed to, or was in other ways affiliated with a number of organizations cited as CP [Communist Party] front groups or which have been designated as subversive pursuant to EO 10450."

The U.S. Civil Rights Commission has also duly noted how the ADL has twisted facts to make its claims. To say that the ADL exaggerates statements, most likely in an effort to raise funds from its rank-and-file, is probably the understatement of the century. Of course, it must be recognized that while the ADL itself claims to be a Civil Rights group, it does not allow non-Jews to hold prominent positions in its organization.

Even in the ADL's reports that it submits to the government, with the hope that those working for it will not realize its not-so-hidden agenda and be impressed with its thinly veiled propaganda, the Civil Rights Commission was still taken aback. Paul Alexander, the Acting General Counsel of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, commented on the ADL Report. In this letter, which is also shown here, he said:

"...The ADL Report is rank with epithets and labels that only serve to distort the factual accountings....

"The liberal use of hyperbolic epithets throughout the ADL draft sets a tone that probably precludes correction through simple, adjectival laundering. The alleged inaccuracies and misrepresentations noted by the respondents present very serious problems. . . . It is doubtful the report could survive the normal process of a source-check as there does not appear to be sufficient data to support the allegations."

In essence, the ADL Report has been simply recognized as propaganda--nothing more--though people in the government are often much too kind and professional to simply call it that. The letter continues and notes that the "ADL files" probably include "hearsay, unverified interview notes, analyses of incidents based on newspapers, information provided by confidential sources, and so on." The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights felt that if it were to publish a report like the ADL Report, it "could seriously undermine the agency's reputation for fairness and objectivity."

There can be little doubt that the ADL is working in its own selfish interests to further propaganda that most Americans find deplorable. It is working to promote many activities that people generally find immoral, such as homosexuality and pornography, while simultaneously promoting censorship of things that the ADL finds objectionable, such as Christianity or historical scholarship aimed at left-over WWII propaganda. The ADL has long engaged in illegal activities to this end, and has often associated with people who can be described, at best, as unsavory characters. It has promoted its propaganda at every turn.

Help put an end to the ADL's activities. Write to your Congressman and Senators and demand that they investigate its activities. Tell him that you want the ADL's financiers revealed, and are concerned about the ADL's money-trail leading to a foreign country. Tell him that you dislike the ADL's promotion of immoral activities, nor do you want the ADL to be successful in suppressing your First Amendment rights. Tell him you stand firmly against the recent ADL-sponsored bill that would censor Americans from criticizing the ADL's activities.

Make a choice: Take a stand now and voice your discontent, or be silenced by the ADL later.

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White Will
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More excellent background into the Anti-Defamation League of Bad Breath:

Broadcast of March 2, 2002
Jewish Hate, the Media, and the ADL
By Dr. William Pierce


Last week I mentioned that a record company I own, Resistance Records, was attacked in an hour-long special TV program on one of Sumner Redstone's music television channels, VH1. Redstone, who was born with the name Murray Rothstein, is one of the most powerful of the Jewish media masters. He owns not only VH1, but also MTV and the CBS network. His MTV specializes in encouraging young Whites to mix with and act like Blacks. He promotes "hip hop" culture and rap music among White kids, persuading White boys to talk Black and wear baggy shorts and backward baseball caps -- and persuading teenaged White girls to have sex with Blacks. He is probably the most destructive and hate-filled of all the Jewish media bosses.

The special VH1 program to which I referred was called "Inside Hate Rock." "Hate rock" is what Redstone and his people call the music I produce and distribute. Actually there's nothing hateful at all about my music. Its purpose is to help young White people have a sense of identity and pride and purpose, all things that Redstone and company are trying to take away from them. Redstone's aim -- and the aim of the Jewish media bosses generally, whether they're in Hollywood or on Madison Avenue, is to alienate young White people, to uproot them, destroy their sense of racial identity, confuse them, make them forget their traditions and their history, and persuade them to mix with Blacks and other non-Whites. That's why Redstone promotes rap music so heavily. His ultimate aim is to destroy our people, our race. And because I'm trying to counter that with Resistance Records, he calls me a "hater" and calls the music I produce and distribute "hate rock."

Well, in addition to music, Resistance Records also produces and distributes video games. A new game that we've just begun distributing is named Ethnic Cleansing. The kids really love it. It's selling like hotcakes. Not only was our music attacked in the VH1 special I mentioned, but our new video game also was denounced as "hateful." And then one of the most powerful and hateful Jewish pressure groups, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, also jumped on the bandwagon and began screaming about our new game. "It's violent!" they screamed. "It teaches children to hate!" they screamed.

Let me tell you: every video game I've seen is violent. Combat is the most common theme of video games. That was true even back in the days of the first, primitive video games, such as "Donkey Kong" and "Pac Man." Most video games today involve shooting people or hacking people up with swords or other weapons. And I'm talking about games marketed by Sumner Redstone's fellow tribesmen. I'm talking about games produced and distributed by Jewish media companies that make regular donations to the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The Anti-Defamation League doesn't scream about those games.

Some parents are alarmed by the high level of violence in the video games their children play, but the Anti-Defamation League isn't. Perhaps violent video games aren't good for kids. I don't really know, but they are a fact of life. Many kids spend most of their free time playing video games.

The point is that Sumner Redstone and the Anti-Defamation League think our game is "hateful" and "dangerous," but not other video games. Why is that? What's the difference?

I'll tell you: our game -- Ethnic Cleansing -- is a game designed to raise the racial consciousness of the White kids who play it. That's why Sumner Redstone and the Anti-Defamation League hate it. That's why they are screaming about it. That's why they're denouncing our game as "dangerous" and complaining about the violence in it, but they aren't complaining about other video games that are at least as violent. A game that has an American GI in the Second World War shooting Germans is OK with Sumner Redstone and the Anti-Defamation League. Likewise for a Civil War game in which Yankees and Rebels slaughter each other. They think that's fine. But our game, which involves urban guerrilla warfare between Whites and non-Whites they call "hateful" and "dangerous." In other words, it's OK for Whites to fight against each other. It's OK for Whites to kill Whites. But it's not OK for Whites to fight against non-Whites. That's taboo.

Anyway, our game, Ethnic Cleansing, is designed to break that taboo. Our game is designed to teach White kids to stick up for their own people. It's designed to help White kids shed the racial guilt and self-hatred, the sense of racial inferiority, that Sumner Redstone and the folks in the Anti-Defamation League have worked so hard to instill in them. It's designed to help them think in terms of Whites against non-Whites instead of Whites against other Whites. That's why VH1 and the Anti-Defamation League hate it.

But, you know, we shouldn't be surprised about that. VH1 is owned by a Jew. It's a Jewish propaganda channel. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is a Jewish pressure group. Their aim is to destroy White racial consciousness and to break down any feeling of White solidarity. The last thing they want is for Whites to learn to stick up for themselves. So we expect them to hate us and denounce us. They have their agenda, and we have ours.

Everyone should understand that, but most people don't. The reason they don't is that all of the mass media, even those few not yet owned by Jews, collaborate to keep the Jewish agenda concealed from the public. The media routinely refer to the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith -- and from here on I'll just call it "the ADL" for short -- they routinely refer to the ADL not as a Jewish pressure group or a Jewish propaganda organization or even as a Jewish lobbying group, but as a "human rights organization" or as a "civil rights group." Really. The media want the public to believe that the ADL is an impartial group concerned with what's good for America rather than with what's good for the Jews. In fact, most media won't even tell you that it's a Jewish organization, with strong ties to Israel.

So let me tell you a little about the ADL, and you'll understand better why they do what they do. And you'll also see a little more clearly the crookedness of virtually all of the mainstream media in America. The ADL was organized in 1913 by a group of rich Jews specifically as a response to a notorious child-rape and murder in Georgia. Leo Frank was a Jew who owned a pencil factory in Atlanta. In 1913 he raped and murdered one of his White female employees, 14-year-old Mary Phagan. He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. The governor of Georgia, in response to Jewish lobbying -- and, most believe, in response to a large Jewish bribe -- almost immediately commuted the death sentence. Angry Georgians then seized the Jewish child-rapist and murderer and hanged him.

The Frank case was widely reported in Georgia newspapers in great detail and caused much hostile feeling against Jews. The purpose of the ADL was to deal with such matters in the future by attacking and attempting to discredit anyone opposed to Jews or Jewish policies, by generating pro-Jewish propaganda, and by exerting influence on legislators and other public officials in a more discreet manner than the rather clumsy way in which the Georgia governor had been persuaded to commute the death sentence of Leo Frank. After the formation of the state of Israel in 1948 lobbying for military and financial aid for Israel also became a major ADL activity.

The ADL still does all of those things today, and in my case the group's principal activity has been attacking me and attempting to discredit me. In fact, the ADL devotes so much of its effort to attempts to discredit anyone who opposes Jewish policies that it is known in some quarters as "the Defamation League." The ADL regularly refers to me as a "terrorist" and claims that I am "linked" not only to various terrorist acts, such as the Oklahoma City bombing, but also to bank robberies, murders, and other acts of criminal violence. For example, my "link" to the Oklahoma City bombing is that Tim McVeigh, whom I didn't even know existed until I saw him on television after he was arrested -- Tim McVeigh is said to have read and been fond of a novel I wrote 27 years ago, The Turner Diaries. The other so-called "links" are even more tenuous. And yet the mainstream media regularly quote the ADL in saying that I am "linked" to terrorist and criminal activity, and they describe the ADL almost as if it were an official source of information.

So let me tell you: I have never been involved in any terrorist or criminal activity of any sort. But the ADL has. In November 1992, after confidential police files were stolen from the San Francisco Police Department, an investigation was begun that led eventually to search warrants being issued. On April 8, 1993, both the San Francisco and the Los Angeles offices of the ADL were searched by police teams armed with these warrants, and more than 12,000 stolen confidential police files were recovered. Most of these confidential police files didn't have anything to do with criminal activity but instead contained personal information on individuals collected by the police in connection with driver's license applications, pistol permits, security clearances, and other routine matters. What the individuals in all of these police files had in common is that the ADL considered them "enemies" because they had at one time or another, in some way, opposed some Jewish policy or some Jewish interest. Some of the individuals in the stolen files were legislators or other public officials that the ADL wanted to bring pressure against.

Other criminal activity by the ADL in addition to the possession of the stolen police files also came to light in 1993. A San Francisco Police Department inspector, Tom Gerrard, who had been receiving payments by the ADL to steal the files for them, fled to the Philippines to avoid prosecution. And evidence was found during the search of the ADL's San Francisco and Los Angeles offices that the same sort of bribery, corruption of police agencies, and illegal collection of confidential police files was occurring in New York, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis, and Atlanta.

Unfortunately, the ADL already had corrupted the judicial system in California to the point that it was able to stifle further law enforcement action, and very shortly thereafter the mass media in California, which initially had given substantial coverage to the case, were persuaded to drop the matter as well.

Some of the individuals whose confidential files had been stolen by the ADL were not ready to drop the matter, however, and they filed civil suits against the ADL for invasion of their privacy. With the enormous resources of organized Jewry behind it the ADL fought these lawsuits tenaciously, appealing every adverse decision. Finally, however, after nine years in the courts, the ADL last week paid damages of $178,000 to the last three victims of its illegal spying. I'm sure that you didn't see anything about that in the news last week, because after the initial publicity back in 1993 the mainstream media have ignored the case. They continue to refer with respect to the ADL as a "human rights organization," with never a mention of its criminal activity. And they continue to quote the ADL's hints and suggestions and insinuations that I am somehow "linked" to terrorist and criminal activity. It is, of course, the ADL, not I, who is engaged in criminal activity, but you would never know that if your source of information is the mainstream media. For those listeners who have access to good reference sources, however, find yourself a copy of the Los Angeles Times from April 9, 1993, and read all about it.

Actually, the ADL's stealing of police files is the least of its criminal activities. It just happens to be one activity where the group made a slip and got exposed momentarily. Far more serious are the ADL's links to organized crime: to the Jewish master swindler Marc Rich, for example, or to the Jewish gang boss Moe Dalitz. If you were following the news closely in January of last year, when Bill Clinton, just hours before leaving the White House, issued a number of pardons for criminals, an inordinately large percentage of whom were Jews, you will perhaps remember the controversy around his pardon for Marc Rich. Rich is a billionaire international commodities trader. He was indicted on a large number of criminal charges, including wire fraud and money laundering, before fleeing the country to avoid prosecution. He has given huge sums from his ill-gotten loot to Israel and to the ADL. The ADL chairman, Abe Foxman, wrote to Clinton specifically requesting a pardon for Rich -- and of course, Rich got his pardon.

Moe Dalitz was the boss of Detroit's all-Jewish "Purple Gang," which got its start smuggling illegal whiskey into the country and then branched out into White slavery, loan-sharking, illegal gambling, and contract murder. After the Second World War Dalitz moved into the casino business in Las Vegas and eventually became the leading gang boss there. And he gave generously to the ADL and other Jewish organizations. He was one of the ADL's biggest donors during the 1970s and early 1980s. The ADL reciprocated by presenting Dalitz with its annual "Torch of Liberty" award at a formal dinner in his honor in Las Vegas in 1985. Dalitz and seven other gangsters were killed in a gang shootout shortly thereafter.

What's important is not that the ADL consorts with gangsters and engages in criminal activity. What's important is that the news media conceal that from the public and treat the ADL as a respectable "human rights organization" that can be relied on for accurate information about people like me -- or about anyone the Jews consider an obstacle to their policies. That's bad. That's very bad, and it's dangerous -- and not just because it misinforms the public about people like me. It's dangerous because it allows the ADL to represent itself as an authority. It gives the ADL much more power to corrupt.

It was bad enough when Jewish groups had only their money to bribe politicians and judges and law-enforcement officials, as in the days of Leo Frank. But now, with the collusion of the mass media, the ADL is able to wear a false cloak of authority. And the unfortunate fact is that whenever a military or law-enforcement person sees someone wearing a cloak of authority, his tendency is to salute and wait for orders. Most of us have at least a bit of an authoritarian streak in us, and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Military and law-enforcement people, on the average, have a much bigger streak of authoritarianism in their personalities, and that's not necessarily a bad thing either. But when the ADL uses its false cloak of authority to influence America's legislative, judicial, military, and law-enforcement establishments, that's a very bad thing -- and very dangerous for the freedom and even for the survival of our people.

And in fact, the ADL is using the false cloak of authority bestowed on it by the mass media to cozy up to and corrupt military and law-enforcement people all across America. The Jewish mass media have prepared the ground by talking so much about "hate crimes" and "hate speech" that they have convinced large segments of the public that any printed material or public statement that is not Politically Correct is "hate." Anything I publish, for example, is automatically labeled as "hate" by the media. If I criticize America's insane immigration policy, the media will call that "hate." If I complain about the government's policy of putting Israel's interests ahead of America's interests in the Middle East, that's "hate" too. I could publish a book on bicycle repair, and the Jewish media would call it "hate." The media have the public sensitized to that word -- and they've done that deliberately. And they have the more simpleminded elements of the public convinced that there's something illegal about publishing or distributing anything the media have labeled as "hate."

If, for example, members of my organization, the National Alliance, distribute leaflets calling for a halt to immigration from the Third World -- or even demanding that the government enforce the immigration laws it already has by stopping illegal aliens from coming across our southern border -- the media invariably will use the word "hate" in every other sentence in reporting our distribution. And then some of the simpletons will call the local police or the FBI to report that our leaflets were left on their front porches, believing that a crime has been committed.

All of that is bad enough. But then somebody from the local office of the ADL will approach the local police chief and offer the ADL's help as an authority on "hate" and "extremism." "We will explain to you how to recognize 'hate crimes' and 'speech crimes,'" the ADL will say. "We will teach your officers who the haters are, and we will explain why you should keep an eye on them and harass them and arrest them whenever you can."

Ordinarily any self-respecting police chief would resent someone like that telling him how to do his job. He would tell the ADL busybody to buzz off -- especially if he knows that the organization offering its advice is a criminal organization. But usually he doesn't know that, because the media have kept that a secret. Usually he thinks that the ADL is an authority, almost with an official status, because the media deliberately have created that impression. And so the ADL is able to worm its way into local law enforcement and exert its destructive influence on the way the law is enforced. In many cases it is able to persuade the police to violate the civil rights of people it doesn't like. For the police to let the ADL tell them how to recognize and treat so-called "haters" is like the police going to the Mafia and seeking advice on how to deal with organized crime.

And the ADL does the same thing with our armed forces. It's like having the Pentagon hiring active, practicing al-Quaeda members to teach the military about terrorism and how to recognize a terrorist. It sounds crazy, but we actually have the greasiest of Jews whispering into the ears of police and military officials all over America, telling them how they should do their jobs. We actually have such Jews with ADL connections installed in offices in the Pentagon, in the White House, and in the Justice Department.

That's a bad situation. Like many other bad situations in America today it has arisen directly from the Jewish control of the mass media.

What can we do about it? Well, you know what I'm doing. I'm building alternative media as fast as I can to counter the Jewish media. I'm happy to have your support for my work.

Here's something else you can do. If you know anyone in law enforcement, ask him whether or not his department has been approached by the ADL or has hired the ADL to give training of any sort to the personnel in his department or whether or not any ADL propaganda has been circulating among members of his department. If his department has had any contact at all with the ADL, tell him what you know. Tell him that you are alarmed and outraged that his department is involved with a criminal, anti-American organization that is working to undermine our Bill of Rights and destroy our Constitution. Get him to help you spread this information to other members of his department.

Thanks for being with me again today.
The text above is based on a broadcast of the American Dissident Voices radio program sponsored by National Vanguard Books. It is distributed by e-mail each Saturday to subscribers of ADV-list.
==> To subscribe send an e-mail message to: [email protected] The subject of the message should be: Subscribe
==> The National Alliance has a strict anti-spamming policy. This information is intended for interested parties only and is not to be indiscriminately distributed via mass e-mailing or newsgroup posting.

The "new" National Alliance's contact information deleted in order to spare new people from being sucked in by those who have hijacked and corrupted the organization that Dr. Pierce built.
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White Will
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And another by Dr. Pierce; this one is from 2000 and was calculated for enlightenment of law enforcement personnel, many who have been thoroughly indoctrinated to hate their own Whiteness in ADL-run "hater crime" seminars:

Corrupting Our Police

by Dr. William Pierce

There's certainly much more that I could say about this sorry spectacle of a presidential election we've been experiencing than I said last week -- and later we will talk more about the significance of the election -- but today I want to return to a subject about which I've spoken on earlier programs, a subject of great urgency. That subject is the ongoing erosion of our civil liberties and the gradual conversion of the United States into a police state, so that multiculturalism and the New World Order can be rammed down our throats with less danger of our rebelling.

Certainly, most of you who listen to my broadcasts already are concerned about the growing intrusion of the government into the lives of all of us and about the proliferation of so-called "hate crime" and "hate speech" laws, which penalize a person for what he thinks or what he says, or even what he reads or what sort of music he listens to, rather than for what he does. I believe that every decent, thinking American is concerned about this tendency, this trend toward less and less freedom in America and more and more enforced conformity. I also believe that very few of those who are concerned understand what is behind this trend and how extraordinarily dangerous it is. That's what I want to talk about with you today.

I'll start with a specific example. About ten days ago my office received a telephone call from a woman who identified herself as a Sergeant Schweitzer with the Northern Kentucky University Police Department in Highland Heights, Kentucky. Sergeant Schweitzer asked for me, and when I got on the line she told me that she had an envelope on her desk which had in it what she described as "hate mail." "So why are you calling me about it?" I asked her. "Because the return address on the envelope is yours," she replied. "All right," I said; "tell me what's in the envelope."

She began describing the contents of the envelope. It consisted of several pieces of printed material. There were three or four printed sheets, some containing photographs, with information about racial differences between Whites and Blacks: anatomical differences, as seen in different cranial shapes and jaw configurations; intellectual differences, as seen in differing scores on standard IQ tests; and behavioral differences, as seen in crime statistics. And there was a small pamphlet on an investigation of alleged "gas chambers" at the Auschwitz concentration camp, published by the Institute for Historical Review in California.

I told the female police sergeant that none of the items she described was published by my organization, the National Alliance, although a member of my organization may have mailed the materials. I asked her about the postmark on the envelope. She said it had been mailed from east Texas and asked me whether or not the National Alliance has members in east Texas. "Yes, we have many members in east Texas," I told her. "Tell me their names," she demanded. "Of course, I won't do that," I replied. "Well then," she threatened, "I'll turn this over to the FBI, and they'll find out who mailed it."

I was becoming a little exasperated by her tone, and so I asked her: "Sergeant Schweitzer, from what you have told me so far I don't understand why this mailing you have is a police matter. Do you believe that a law has been broken?"

"Oh, yes, a law certainly has been broken," she replied. "You can't send hate material like this through the mail. It's illegal."

"All right," I said, "fax me what you have, including the envelope, and I'll get back to you." And I gave her my fax number. A few minutes later the material arrived in my office, pretty much as she had described it, with a cover sheet bearing the official seal of her police department. A quick glance was all it took to see that there was nothing at all illegal about the mailing: no death threat, no extortion attempt, no attempt at fraud, not even a request for money. But I must admit that I was disheartened by this affair, because Police Sergeant Schweitzer of the Northern Kentucky University Police Department really believes that it is illegal to send through the mail information about racial differences or information about the so-called "Holocaust" which is at variance with the version presented by Steven Spielberg and Elie Wiesel. That's not only disheartening; it's also frightening. It's frightening because thousands of other law enforcement people in America share Sergeant Schweitzer's mistaken belief that it is illegal to write or say or mail anything that is not Politically Correct. They know Politically Incorrect material when they see it, and although they cannot cite a specific statute which has been violated, they believe that there must be such a statute. They believe it because that's what they have been taught.

And they have been taught that because for the past two decades some of the most powerful Jewish pressure groups in the country -- the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Simon Wiesenthal Center -- have been working day and night to subvert our entire law-enforcement system in America. From the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington all the way down to one-horse outfits such as the Northern Kentucky University Police Department in Highland Heights, Kentucky, Jewish organizations have been lobbying, bribing, infiltrating, corrupting, subverting.

Here's the way it works: Imagine that you're the chief of police in Highland Heights, Kentucky. One morning the leading politician in your community, the mayor of Highland Heights, shows up at your office, and he has the two wealthiest Jewish businessmen in the county with him -- and Mr. Cohen, a representative from the Louisville, Kentucky, office of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The Jews are dressed in thousand-dollar suits. They are cordial toward you, but they obviously consider themselves to be very important people, and you, being a bit of a politician yourself, are suitably impressed. The agent from the Louisville office of the Anti-Defamation League, Mr. Cohen, explains to you that his organization, the ADL, is a public service organization that works with other police departments all over the country to help them deal with the growing threat of terrorism and "hate crimes." He explains that the ADL has an extensive information-gathering network with many covert agents who collect information on terrorists and "hate criminals" and then share the information with law-enforcement agencies so that they can do a better job of protecting the public and enforcing the law. He is here to offer the services of the ADL to your police department.

If you are like most police chiefs, you are flattered and pleased. You don't stop to question the propriety of Mr. Cohen's proposal. You don't waste any time inquiring into what sort of organization the ADL really is. The mayor and the local fat cats have endorsed it, and that's good enough for you. After all, you are a policeman, and if there's one characteristic that most policemen have it is respect for authority. You simply don't question people who are rich and important and have powerful political connections. When people show up in your office in thousand-dollar suits and act important, you genuflect. In the real world there are very few cops like Inspector Harry Callahan -- Dirty Harry -- in the Clint Eastwood movie by that name, who are contemptuous of authority. Most of them are dyed-in-the-wool authoritarians. So Mr. Cohen sets up a schedule for a series of training seminars for the members of your department to be conducted by ADL instructors -- for a reasonable fee, of course. In these seminars your policemen learn that there is a new type of criminal afoot who is much more dangerous, much more a threat to society, than the drug dealer or the rapist or the child molester or the burglar or the armed robber. This new and more dangerous criminal is the "hate criminal," and the helpful ADL instructor will teach all of your policemen how to recognize "hate crimes" and "hate criminals."

They will learn that a heterosexual White male who doesn't like Jews or Blacks or Asians or Mexicans or other non-Whites, or who opposes the Clinton government's open-borders immigration policy, or who is against more gun control laws is very likely to be a "hate criminal." If a heterosexual White male says that he thinks there's already too much "diversity" in the country, or expresses his disapproval of homosexual couples or of White women who have Black boyfriends, then he's definitely someone to keep an eye on. And if he distributes any sort of printed material expressing his Politically Incorrect views, then he should be regarded as a potential Oklahoma City bomber. Now, as usual, I'm oversimplifying things a bit. The instructors the ADL and the other Jewish groups send around to brainwash police personnel are sophisticated enough and indirect enough so that it all seems irreproachable to the naïve cops. Are the Jews telling them to ignore the constitutional rights of people with Politically Incorrect views? Oh, my goodness, no! Oh, no, no, no! Certainly not that! The Jews let the cops know that they respect everyone's constitutional rights -- but, of course, the Constitution was never meant to protect "hate criminals." The First Amendment was never meant to protect all forms of speech, just as the Second Amendment is really only about government militias and bestows no individual right to keep and bear arms.

Anyway, despite the sophistication, the results are crude enough. Sergeant Schweitzer of the Northern Kentucky University Police Department is a clear example of that. The Jews already have managed to persuade a lot of cops in addition to her that to question any detail of the official "Holocaust" story or to assert that Blacks and Whites are different in any way except skin color is "hate," and that "hate" is illegal, even if they cannot cite a specific statute that is being violated.

So, since there actually is no statute being violated, why is it important that Jewish groups have convinced Sgt. Schweitzer and others to the contrary? Since these confused cops can't actually file charges which will stand up in court, what difference does it make? Well, you know, I believe that most people who take that attitude -- what difference does it make? -- would not be so complacent if it were the Mafia cozying up to the police and teaching them how to tell the bad guys from the good guys. Why? Because, as everyone knows, the Mafia is a criminal organization. We don't want criminal organizations infiltrating and corrupting our law-enforcement agencies, for obvious reasons. But the fact is that the ADL also is a criminal organization -- and a far more dangerous one than the Mafia. Throughout its existence the ADL has maintained intimate affiliations with Jewish racketeers and gangsters of every type -- loan sharks, drug dealers, White slavers, contract killers, illegal gambling den operators, smugglers, illegal weapons dealers, you name it -- and the ADL has received substantial amounts of money from these Jewish gangsters.

One of the ADL's principal contributors during the 1980s was the notorious Jewish crime boss Moe Dalitz, the "godfather" of Las Vegas. Dalitz gave the ADL so much money from his various criminal operations that in 1985 the ADL gave a tribute banquet for him and presented him with its annual "Torch of Liberty" award for that year. Shortly afterward Dalitz was killed in a shootout with a rival gang that left seven other gangsters dead as well.

More recently the ADL had its offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles raided by police with search warrants who found thousands of stolen confidential police files which the ADL had acquired illegally by having its agents inside California law-enforcement agencies. One might think that with a record like the ADL has, law-enforcement agencies would scrupulously avoid any contact with the organization. The unfortunate fact is that most law-enforcement agencies aren't even aware of the ADL's history of criminal affiliations and activities. They aren't aware of these things because the controlled media to a large degree have avoided saying anything about them. Cops tend to be the sort of people who believe what they are told by the mass media, because of the media's aura of authority. Cops are authoritarians. If they see it on TV they believe it; if it's not on TV then it's not real. And the Jewish bosses of the mass media protect Jewish organizations such as the ADL. The media don't talk about the criminal nature of the ADL; instead they always refer to it in glowing terms as a "public service organization" or a "human rights organization," and the cops accept this description without asking questions.

Beyond the impropriety of having a criminal organization teaching our policemen who the bad guys and the good guys are is the effect organizations such as the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center have on police attitudes and behavior. This is far more serious than a confused female police sergeant wasting her time and her department's money trying to find out who made a perfectly legal mailing of information about racial differences and "Holocaust" exaggerations. Cops instinctively dislike boat-rockers and dissidents. They may be contemptuous of Bill Clinton as a person, but they are not contemptuous of the system of which Clinton is a part. They are naturally hostile toward anyone who questions authority or speaks out against the system. That's why a lot of Black and Jewish so-called "civil rights" demonstrators got thumped with nightsticks or bitten by police dogs or sprayed with fire hoses back in the 1960s.

Today's cops have been taught that they aren't permitted to thump Blacks who demonstrate with Jesse Jackson the way they used to thump Blacks who demonstrated with Martin Luther King 35 years ago. It was bad to have thumped King's demonstrators, they are told, but if they want to thump someone today they should thump White "hate criminals." And that's what they do.

Dozens of members of my organization, the National Alliance, while engaged in perfectly legal distributions of printed material to the public have been stopped by police and questioned, harassed, intimidated, had their printed material confiscated, even been arrested -- because the police involved had been told by the ADL or some other Jewish organization that the National Alliance is a dangerous terrorist organization and that its members are likely to be "hate criminals."

Ten years ago a 22-year-old New Jersey member was arrested for posting a National Alliance sticker which bore the message, "Earth's most endangered species, the White race: help preserve it." That's all the sticker said, but the young man who posted it was arrested and charged with "ethnic terrorism," a felony offense under a "hate crimes" law which the ADL and other Jewish pressure groups had rammed through the New Jersey legislature. Ten years ago the Alliance didn't have the resources it has today. At that time we didn't even have an attorney on our staff, and the local cops were able to terrorize our young member with the threat of a long prison term. Of course, they couldn't send him to prison for posting our sticker, but he didn't know that, and it cost him a $5000 attorney fee to get the charge against him dismissed. Today he is the Coordinator of the National Alliance's Northern New Jersey Local Unit and is stronger and more committed than ever as a result of his experience ten years ago.

But our people shouldn't have to go through experiences like that. We should not be harassed and intimidated for exercising our constitutional rights. And it's perfectly clear that the reason we often are harassed is that our law-enforcement agencies have permitted criminal, anti-American organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to misinform and brainwash police personnel. By doing so these Jewish groups often are able to persuade policemen to behave as if the sort of laws the Jews are attempting to have enacted already had been enacted. The Jews are able to persuade law-enforcement agencies and all too often the courts as well to behave as if they already had succeeded in abolishing the First and Second Amendments.

This cozy relationship between criminal Jewish organizations and law-enforcement agencies, to the point where the Jewish groups have been given quasi-official status, is a growing problem. It's a danger for all freedom-loving White Americans, not just members of the National Alliance. It's a danger we must confront and deal with. If we attempt to ignore it and hope that it will go away, it won't. It will only become worse, because the nature of the Jews is such that nothing is ever enough for them; they always keep reaching, grasping, for more and more and more.

Our way of dealing with this problem is not to fight the police. It's not to attack the police for being too authoritarian. In a healthy society, without Jewish corruption, it's not a bad thing for the police to be authoritarian. What we must fight is the ability of the Jews to corrupt our law-enforcement agencies without exposure, without public scrutiny. Since the Jews' own media won't expose them, it's up to us to do it. We don't have the media resources of Time Warner or CBS or the New York Times or the other Jewish media giants, but we do have a growing ability to reach the two per cent of the White population which is capable of seeing what's happening in their world and coming to their own conclusions about it.

It doesn't take too many of us shining a spotlight on the Jewish corruption of our law-enforcement agencies for a few of the more astute and far-sighted police chiefs to start backing away from Semitic entanglements. It doesn't take many more of us exposing the nature of the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center and their subversion of our policemen for most law-enforcement agencies to change their policies about dealing with these criminal and un-American organizations. And listen! There are many, many Americans besides me and the members of my National Alliance who don't want America to continue becoming a police state. Speak out about these things yourself, and you'll be surprised by how many others will be encouraged to speak out too.
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The following link gives a lot of facts about the ADL compiled by some otherwise nutty folks who say that George Bush, Dick, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, CongoLeeza Rice, and Alberto Gonzales, among others, are Jews. Try to overlook the kooky religious pap and overly conspiratorial stuff and hone in on verifiable facts in the 8-part expose of the ADL:
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the dark side of the ADL. video documentary in 8 parts. I couldn't find any transcript though
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So, facts are anti-Semitic?

Or is it all about the jews?
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Jeffrey Blankfort (jew) was harassed by the ADL for years because of his anti-Israel views. He made an anti-ADL website which has some interesting articles:

Law Enforcement From Across The U.S. Participate In Joint ADL-FBI Conference On Terrorism
The program featured opening remarks from Mr. Foxman and Dr. Kathleen L. McChesney, the FBI's Executive Assistant Director for Law Enforcement
Services. The plenary session, "Right and Left, Domestic and Foreign: An Overview of Extremist and Terrorist Movements and Groups," featured
presentations from Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Director of the Washington office of The Rand Corporation; Greg Comcowich, Intelligence Research Specialist in the FBI's Counterterrorism Division; and Mark Pitcavage, ADL Director of Fact Finding.

The ADL Spying Case Is Over, But The Struggle Continues
By Jeffrey Blankfort, Anne Poirier
and Steve Zeltzer
Having infiltrated the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the ADL's "fact finder" performed a COINTEL-type operation at the convention of the Holocaust-denying Journal of Historical Review when he put ADC's literature on convention tables as a way of smearing the committee for "working with anti- Semites."
this is the lawsuit related to the authors of the above article :
In the July 5 decision, Judge Alex Saldamando dismissed the cases put forward by Anne Poirier and Steven Zeltzer, saying there was not enough evidence to pursue them. However, he did not dismiss that of plaintiff Jeffrey Blankfort, who claims the ADL obtained his Social Security number "for non-journalistic purposes."


"There are First Amendment principals at stake here,[says a spokesperson for a group that wants to kill the First Amendment]" said ADL attorney David Goldstein. "As a journalistic organization, it is our legal position that we've never violated any laws."


Jonathan Bernstein, regional director of the ADL, concurred, adding, "It's unfortunate that the courts are used this way."[the typical double standard]
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lots of articles on David Irving's website
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Default #1 ADL Thread

I found an interesting article today. It appears to be written by a Jew who was slandered by ADL. If anybody knows more about this story, chime in. However, I want the citizens of Kirksville to know that ADL is not merely "fighting bigotry," by defaming Whites-- it also defames Jews. Odd, isnt it? ADL is not really a civil rights organization fighting hate groups, it is ITSELF A HATE GROUP.

The Anti-Defamation League's National Director
is crazy like a Foxman

by Lenni Brenner

ABRAHAM FOXMAN, the ADL's National Director, is well and
truly crazy, and for two reasons: 1) He libeled me and 2) he thinks
he can get away with it.

The saying is that one good turn deserves another. Since
Foxman and the ADL have spread malicious nonsense about me, I will
tell the exact truth about them, putting their dishonesty about my
ideas within the context of the ADL's unending history of
right-wing stupidity and dishonor.

In October 1993, Foxman gave a speech at a Paris conference on
xenophobia. Later he adapted it as an article, "Holocaust Denial:
The Growing Danger," published in an ADL magazine, Dimensions: A
Journal of Holocaust Studies, vol. 8, number 1, released in the
Spring of 1994. There we find the following remarks:

"Another aspect of Holocaust 'revisionist' thinking can be
found on the radical left. A writer named Lenni Brenner maintains
that Zionists, in effect, were in league with the Nazis. He asserts
that there was a close link between elements of the Zionist
movement and the Nazi party, that Zionists were willing to foster
and exploit anti-Semitism in Europe to bring about a Zionist state,
and that they had proposed an alliance with Nazi Germany."

"Brenner's thesis, with its coupling of Zionists with Nazis,
serves as a propaganda tool to undermine Israel: as such, it has
found favor with the American radical left, and with the press of
the former Soviet Union. The erstwhile Soviet daily Izvestia wrote
of his work: 'During the World War, Brenner points out, Zionism
showed its real meaning: for the sake of its ambitions, it
sacrificed the blood of millions of Jews.' Brenner has also won
approval on the other end of the spectrum, the neo-fascist right:
His books have been promoted by the Institute for Historical
Review." [1]

Has Foxman even read me on Zionism's role during the Nazi
era? His speech and article unmistakably relied on "Hitler's
Apologists: The Anti-Semitic Propaganda of Holocaust Revisionism,"
prepared by Marc Caplan of the Research and Evaluation Department
of the ADL, in 1993. Here we find the original, slightly longer,
but no more honest, version of Foxman's libel, labeled "A
Revisionist Echo on the Left." Foxman's two paragraphs on me are
virtually the same as Caplan's first two paragraphs. Caplan added

"In 1987 this point of view surfaced in England, when a
stridently anti-Zionist play, 'Perdition,' by Jim Allen, was
scheduled for production at London's prestigious Royal Court
Theater. The play generated intense public controversy and,
finally, it did not open. The writer acknowledged Brenner's work as
a source in writing his play, which portrayed a wartime Zionist
leader who allegedly collaborated with the Nazis to save his family
and other Zionists while deserting the rest of the community. Allen
said he was seeking to mount 'the most lethal attack on Zionism
ever written.'" [2]

I've written four books and about 100 articles. Jim Allen is
a prize-winning British playwright. I defy the ADL to point to one
word in either of our writings that supports even a particle of the
Holocaust revisionists' depravity.

In the February 18, 1985 New Republic, Eric Breindel, now an
editor of the New York Post, reported that my first book, Zionism
in the Age of the Dictators,

"has been applauded, and made available by the Institute for
Historical Review, a pseudo-scientific flat-earth society which
endeavors to prove that the Holocaust was a hoax." [3]

Not having seen anything on the book by the Institute, I wrote
them and received a letter from Tom Marcellus of the IHR. They had
'promoted' the book on two occasions. They sent me a booklist:

Lenni Brenner. An astounding, bombshell expose of the active
collaboration between Nazis and Zionists, by a courageous
anti-Zionist Jew who spent years piecing together the story.
Details the close links between the 'Zionist Revisionism' movement
(to which both the young Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir
belonged) and the Jewish question experts of the Nazi Party,
Brenner's charge, overwhelmingly documented: that Zionism and its
leaders from the beginning were prepared to go to any lengths to
achieve their goal of a state in Palestine -- lengths that included
fostering and exploiting anti-Semitism in Europe, and proposing an
alliance with Germany at the zenith of that nation's power. This
book has certain surviving WWII-era Zionists quaking in their boots
-- including the present Prime Minister of Israel!" [4]

The IHR's letter went on:

We also promoted it in an IHR Newsletter of a couple of years
ago, but the remaining copies of that issue and the records
concerning it were all lost in an arson that completely destroyed
our business address and inventory on 4 July last. [5]

I replied to Marcellus in a letter, on April 11, 1985. I
quoted from it in my third book, Jews In America Today, published
in 1986:

"The depravity of the Institute is clearly expressed in a box,
'The Holocaust,' in the same booklet: 'A catch-all term to identify
the alleged extermination of European Jewry which insists on the
following presumptions: 1) The Nazis executed a deliberate plan to
destroy (not resettle) European Jewry, (2) Six million or more Jews
perished as a result, and (3) A majority of these were killed by
poison gas (Zyklon B) in gas chambers designed for the purpose of
taking human life en masse. This is the orthodox or Establishment
view. A subscriber to this view could be called an
EXTERMINATIONIST: whereas one who endeavors to show that one or
more of the above presumptions is not factual is a REVISIONIST.'"

"All of the above is bullshit. I share not one iota of your
mad ideology. I am your implacable opponent. I do not believe you
have any right to exist.... and I support any and all attempts, by
any and all, Zionist or anti-Zionist, to bust up your institute and
your meetings. [6]

I had sent a letter to the New Republic, in response to
Breindel, but Martin Peretz's strange journal wouldn't run it.
Fortunately Alex Cockburn defended me in June 29, 1985 Nation.
Breindel replied, in the August 1, 1985 Nation. Cockburn retorted

"Breindel is fond of saying that the Institute... applauds and
disseminates Brenner's work, though he denies that he is thus
trying to saddle Brenner with the Institute's views. But of course
that is what Breindel has been trying to do.... The Institute lists
Brenner's book as it does books by such diverse people as A.P.J.
Taylor, former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett and New
Republic contributors Ronald Radosh and Allen Weinstein. [7]

Caplan and Foxman may have read of this in the New Republic
and The Nation. But at any rate Caplan certainly was aware of my
opinion of the IHR when he wrote Hitler's Apologists. He had
attacked me in a previous ADL pamphlet, "Jew-Hatred As History. An
Analysis of the Nation of Islam's and The Secret Relationship
Between Blacks and Jews." In that screed he had quoted -- out of
context, of course -- from Jews In America Today. So he certainly
read of the entire IHR episode, as I devoted six pages to it.

It is in order for me to dismiss the Institute's praise of
Zionism in the Age of the Dictators by saying that this is of no
more importance the fact that roaches like gourmet cooking just as
much as you do. But readers are entitled to know why these nutsies
liked it. Basically, they minimize the Holocaust: ŒAw right, so
Hitler didn't exactly like Jews. And he rounded them up, as
enemies, and some of them died of disease. And besides, what about
Roosevelt rounding up the Japanese Americans on the West Coast? And
look at Stalin's Katyn massacre, and Churchill's horrific bombing
of Dresden, and the A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here the
Yids are, yelling about Hitler, while the Allied leaders were
monsters, just like Hitler. Damned if it isn't true that everyone
has skeletons in their closet. Why go on dumping on po' ol' Adolf?'
Given this loony psychology, their catalogue is full of books on
Allied crimes, no less crimes for being emphasized by these
crazies. In the same way, my exposure of real Zionist activities
during the Nazi era became additional 'proof' that Hitler was no
worse than the rest of the wicked world.

As I don't waste my time reading such crackpots, I have no
idea if they still even mention my book. Certainly they are insane
if they went on praising me, or my book, after I told them that I
hailed anyone who burns their headquarters. As the ADL monitors
their publications, it is reasonable to think that the ADL would
have mentioned this in their attacks on me.

Caplan's paragraph re Jim Allen's Perdition is disingenuous in
its omissions. Allen is a prize-winning British TV playwright.
Perdition was based on a chapter in Zionism in the Age of the
Dictators, dealing with the role of Rezs-Kasztner, a Zionist leader
in Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1944. The play was driven out of the
Royal Court Theatre by a Zionist campaign, but their methods
alienated public opinion. David Cesarani, now an editor of Patterns
of Prejudice, published by the London Jewish establishment's
Institute of Jewish Affairs, admitted this in the July 3, 1987
Jewish Chronicle:

"Was it worth all the fuss? Had the play gone on, it would
have been seen by around 2,000 people. It might have attracted some
bad reviews and then disappeared.... In the event.... Personal
representations coincided with the threat of a mass protest outside
the theatre, the combined effect of which made it seem as if
pressure was being applied.... This was (theatre director) Stafford
Clark's autonomous decision, but the clamour made it appear
disastrously as if he had been bullied into censoring the play....
It is certainly difficult to know how to respond...without
resorting to heavy-handed methods. [8]

In fact Perdition was produced, first in print, then as a
reading at the Edinburgh Festival in 1987 and then in London in
May, 1988. It received massive media attention, including favorable
reviews. Stuart Hood reflected on the print version in the July 10,
1987 Guardian:

"There are certain themes from the history of the Second World
War which are subject to taboos.... (T)he Holocaust has come to
play an important ideological role. It has been in this sense
appropriated by the state of Israel and the Zionist movement. It
has thus become a shield against criticism of the policies and
actions of that state and of Zionism itself...... Allen was a bold
man to write Perdition.... Although he develops his argument with
understanding of the terrible dilemmas of the main persons
involved, his criticism of the role of Zionist ideology, then and
now, has led to his being accused of anti-Semitism, of which his
whole political past is a denial.... By refusing to stage a play
which honestly and compassionately examines a terrible moment in
human history, the Royal Court was guilty of failure of nerve, of
civil courage. By giving way to powerful lobbying it has reinforced
an indefensible political taboo." [9]
There is more to this story. The Jewish Chronicle for November
27, 1992 was forced to run an article which announced that

"The collapse of a libel action has allowed the controversial
anti-Zionist play 'Perdition' to be published in full for the first
time.... Pluto Press, omitted several pages from the original text
because of a libel action which was brought by Nathan Dror, a
senior figure in the Israeli Labour Federation, who headed the
Jewish rescue committee in Switzerland during the war. He brought
the action... for references to a letter quoted in 'Perdition,'
allegedly written by Mr. Dror during the Second World War, which
claimed Jewish deaths would help justify the foundation of a Jewish
state. The action, heard in the High Court in London, collapsed due
to lack of evidence." [10]

Dror's letter will be quoted below, in its proper
chronological place. I had quoted it in my book, which appeared in
Britain and America, in 1983. Dror didn't sue me. But when Allen
quoted the same letter, he was sued. Because of Britain's
reactionary libel laws, the publisher was compelled to print
Allen's play with a blank space where the letter was cited because
the libel case was before the courts. I had an accompanying essay
in that printing of the play, and had the unique experience for an
American writer, of having it in effect censored, with similar
blank spaces where I also quoted the letter.. II - Zionism and the
Nazis: The documentary record

By now two things should be clear to open-minded readers: l)
My ideas regarding Zionism's role during the Holocaust have nothing
in common with Holocaust revisionists, who deny that the Holocaust
happened, and 2) the Zionist movement has used both libel and a
spurious libel suit in its attempt to keep the facts from the
public. But at this point readers are better informed as to what I
didn't say than what I do say re Zionism's Holocaust role.
Naturally I refer them to Zionism in the Age of the Dictators,
which is obtainable in bookstores and libraries. But for now I will
describe some of the low points of their activities, using a small
part of the documentation included in my book.

The Nazis came to power in January, 1933. On June 21 the
Zionistische Vereinigung fur Deutschland (the Zionist Federation of
Germany) sent a memorandum to the Nazi Party. The document first
saw the light of day in 1961, when it was printed in Israel, but in
German. The Nazis were asked, very politely:

"(M)ay we therefore be permitted to present our views, which,
in our opinion, makes possible a solution in keeping with the
principles of the new German State of National Awakening and which
at the same time might signify for Jews a new ordering of the
conditions of their existence..."

"(A)n answer to the Jewish question truly satisfying to the
national state can be brought about only with the collaboration of
the Jewish movement that aims at a social, cultural, and moral
renewal of Jewry...a rebirth of national life, such as is occurring
in German life through adhesion to Christian and national values,
must also take place in the Jewish national group. For the Jew,
too, origin, religion, community of fate and group consciousness
must be of decisive significance in the shaping of his life...."

"On the foundation of the new state, which has established the
principle of race, we wish so to fit our community into the total
structure so that for us too, in the sphere assigned to us,
fruitful activity for the Fatherland is possible... Our
acknowledgment of Jewish nationality provides for a clear and
sincere relationship to the German people and its national and
racial realities. Precisely because we do not wish to falsify these
fundamentals, because we, too, are against mixed marriage and for
the maintaining of the purity of the Jewish group... (R)ootedness
in one's own spirituality protects the Jew from becoming the
rootless critic of the national foundation of German essence. The
national distancing which the state desires would thus be brought
about easily as the result of an organic development... We believe
in the possibility of an honest relationship of loyalty between a
group-conscious Jewry and the German state..."

"For its practical aims, Zionism hopes to be able to win the
collaboration even of a government fundamentally hostile to Jews,
because in dealing with the Jewish question no sentimentalities are
involved but a real problem whose solution interests all peoples,
and at the present moment especially the German people."

"The realization of Zionism could only be hurt by resentment
of Jews abroad against the German development. Boycott propaganda
-- such as is currently being carried on against Germany in many
ways -- is in essence un-Zionist, because Zionism wants not to do
battle but to convince and to build... Our observations, presented
herewith, rest on the conviction that, in solving the Jewish
problem according to its own lights, the German Government will
have full understanding for a candid and clear Jewish posture that
harmonizes with the interests of the state." [11]

I admit to being the Shakespeare of our times, but I didn't
make that up. Indeed the Lenni Brenner of the Elizabethean age
didn't have the imagination to concoct anything as grotesque as
this memorandum. It is found, complete, in A Holocaust Reader,
edited by the late Lucy Dawidowicz. But let's not stop here. Let's
look at some more Zionist wonderfulness.

The Nazis used the World Zionist Organization to break the
efforts of those Jews who were trying to boycott German goods.
German Jews could put money into a Berlin bank. It was then used to
buy export goods which were sold in Palestine. When the emigres
arrived there, they would receive payment for the goods that had
been sold. German Jews were attracted to this scheme because it was
the least painful way of getting their wealth out of the country.
However, with the Nazis determining the rules, they naturally got
worse with time. By 1938 users of the "Transfer Agreement" were
losing 30% and even 50% of their money. But this was still three
times, and eventually five times better than the losses endured by
Jews whose money went to other destinations.

The WZO naturally wanted better terms. Accordingly, in 1937,
the Haganah, the military arm of the Labor Zionists, who dominated
the Jewish Agency, the WZO's headquarters in Palestine, obtained
Berlin's permission to negotiate directly with the
Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the Security Service of the SS. A Haganah
agent, Feival Polkes, arrived in Germany on February 26, 1937 and
Adolf Eichmann was assigned to negotiate with him. Their
conversations were recorded in a report by Eichmann's superior,
Franz-Albert Six. It was found in SS files captured by the
Americans at the end of WWII. David Yisraeli, a well-known Israeli
scholar, reprinted it, in German, in his PhD thesis, The Palestine
Problem in German Politics 1889-1945:

....[edited for length]
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continued, article by Jew libeled by adL

Even now, after I've adduced overwhelming evidence that the
Zionist movement failed European Jewry in its fatal hour, and that
therefore the ADL has libeled me, readers may ask a bewildered
question: Why is the ADL doing this? That is because the public is
so appalled at what the Nazis did to the Jews that it usually
doesn't think to ask what the ADL did for the Jews. Additionally,
most people identify the ADL with its contemporary reports on
anti-Semitism. It appears to be a bone fide civil rights watchdog.
But it did nothing for the Jews in the Nazi era and it has always
been an ultra-rightist nest.

The ADL is an autonomous branch of the B'nai B'rith (The Sons
of the Covenant), an international fraternal order, established on
October 13, 1843, with the declared "mission of uniting Israelites
in the work of promoting their highest interests and those of
humanity." [33] The first challenge confronting the group was the
slavery question, which it evaded in the interest of maintaining
unity between northern and southern Jews. The ADL itself was set up
in 1913, the year that a Jew, Leo Frank, was lynched in Georgia.
Its role in fighting anti-Semitism in the years before Hitler came
to power was pathetic. Deborah Moore's B'nai B'rith and the
Challenge of Ethnic Leadership says that

"(T)he ADL's internal-education section (was) devoted to
changing the behavior of Jews perceived to be unethical in the eyes
of Americans... In 1928, commenting on a lynching in Illinois, the
(B'nai B'rith) Magazine had admitted that 'when another kind of a
man gets hanged, we feel those revulsions that are natural at the
sight of a fellow-being going to his doom in the flush of life. But
when we read of a Jew being hanged, we discover ourselves feeling
resentful, not towards the hanging but towards the erring Jew.'"

The Magazine had concluded that "the sinning of the Jew is
counted by men not alone against himself but against his people
likewise." [34]

A booklet, This is B'nai B'rith, published in 1943 by the
organization, listed very few activities for those years, with the
main ADL accomplishment being to effect

"a profound change in the treatment of Jews in vaudeville.
Jewish comedians were loath in some instances to correct their
caricature of their fellow Jews, but earnest efforts on the part of
the League in presenting the social aspects of the problem resulted
in pronounced modification of the objectionable "humor." [35]

This is B'nai B'rith talking vaguely about the ADL's anti-Nazi
career in the years between Hitler's taking power and the war:

"In the years of persecution and propaganda that followed in
the wake of 1933, the A.D.L., through its program of research,
widespread fact dissemination, neutralization of libels and a
systematic campaign of education for democracy to counteract the
effects of un-American movements, was able to make a major
contribution to the common struggle against anti-Semitism." [36]

The booklet couldn't say more because the ADL and B'nai B'rith
role was disgraceful. The spontaneous reaction of American Jews to
the Nazis' ascendency to power was to boycott German goods. But
there were those who opposed a boycott. These worthies confined
themselves to charity efforts for German Jewry and its refugees.
Not least of these do-nothings was the B'nai B'rith. The B'nai
B'rith Magazine ran an editorial in its May, 1933 issue. Be sure
you are sitting down when you read this:

"Criticism is heard: B'nai B'rith did not join the public
protests against the German-Jewish tragedy!... The members of this
organization have cause to be proud of their affiliation with a
Jewish body that obscured its own prestige in order to serve its
German brethren the better... With the Hitler government
threatening reprisals against Jews, should B'nai B'rith have rushed
forward with loud protests?... Even those who were at first hot for
public protest have come to see that discretion is the better part
of valor in an hour when lives are in the balance... As for B'nai
B'rith, it feels that its action in this crisis will make a worthy
chapter in its history. [37]

Samuel Untermeyer, leader of the boycott movement, explained
the stance of elements like B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish
Committee (the parent of today's Commentary magazine, which the
B'nai B'rith always bracketed itself with, and which also opposed
boycotting Hitler). Boycott, he said, in 1933,

"conjures up to them images of force and illegality, such as
have on o ccasions in the past characterized struggles between
labor unions and their employers. As these timid souls are
capitalists and employers, the word and all that it implies is
hateful to their ears." [38]

The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust article on the B'nai B'rith
reports that even after the Nazis closed down the organization in
Germany, in 1937, the president of the order "remained opposed to
public protest and boycott, and still believed that 'quiet
diplomacy' could help the Jews of Germany." The Encyclopedia goes

"B'nai B'rith, fearful of arousing antisemitism in the United
States -- like most American Jews at the time -- did not challenge
the quota system of the 1924 Immigration Act and did not try to
arouse public opinion against the administration's policy of not
fully utilizing even the quotas provided by that act." [39]

Nor did the ADL do anything of any significance in the fight
against the German-American Bund and its home-grown allies, the
followers of the Catholic clerical-fascist, Father Coughlan, or the
KKK. Nathan Belth's A Promise to Keep, published in 1979 by the
ADL, mentions a pamphlet on Coughlin, published in 1939 by a
coalition of Jewish groups, including the ADL. It then relates that
"The League and the (American Jewish) Committee... had as a matter
of policy and tactics been inclined to maintain low profiles in
public." [40] When the Bund staged a rally in New York's Madison
Square Garden on February 20, 1939, the Trotskyist Socialist
Workers Party called a counter-demonstration. Fifty-thousand Jews
and others fought a five hour street battle with the cops, who
protected the Jew-haters. But the night belonged to the
demonstrators. The 20,000 Nazis and Coughlanites would have been
mauled if the police weren't present. The ADL did absolutely
nothing to fight the Nazis that night. Indeed it was never prepared
to fight the enemies of the Jews. IV - The ADL and McCarthyism


In fact the ADL even boasts that it spies on leftists. In
their 1974 book, The New Anti-Semitism, Forster and Benjamin
Epstein brazenly announced that ADL agents attended conventions
closed to the general public:

"The ADL has traditionally viewed close monitoring of
extremist activities as part of its obligation to the Jewish and
American communities. Therefore, its representatives often attend
open meetings, conventions, and conferences of extremist groups
(left wing and right wing) to keep abreast of what the groups are
doing." [45]

The two authors rationalized ADL infiltration of the Socialist
Workers Party:

"The SWP... take(s) umbrage when its anti-Israel, anti-Zionist
extremism is called anti-Semitism. Its domestic political course
has been clearly anti-Jewish... Although its spokesmen have been
careful to avoid the use of crude anti-Semitic phraseology, the
SWP's program and activities... have been totally hostile...
whenever Jews have been under attack from anti-Semites who happen
to be black, the SWP has consistently joined the fray against the
Jews." [46]

As we know from the Bund episode, the SWP believes in busting
up Nazi rallies. It is careful not to utilize anti-Semitic phrases.
It welcomes Jews into its leadership. Therefore, isn't it plain
that "its domestic course has been clearly anti-Jewish." That
charge from an organization which did next door to nothing vs.
Hitler, wins the all-time chutzpah prize.

The magnitude of ADL spying on progressive movements became
public knowledge in 1993 when the San Francisco papers revealed
that Tom Gerard, a local cop (and ex-CIA man) illegally gave police
information to Roy Bullock, Suall's man in SF. Further police
sleuthing revealed that they spied on a mass of groups, from Nazis
clear thru Armenian nationalists, the American Friends Service
Committee, the Mobilization for Peace, Jobs and Justice, the Bay
Area's broad-spectrum peace marchers, and the ANC and the
anti-apartheid movement. The two also spied directly on these last
for BOSS, South Africa's s ecret police.

As things stand, Gerard has pled no contest to a charge of
illegal access to police computers. He got three years probation,
a $2,500 fine and 45 days on the sheriff's work crew. The ADL made
a 'we didn't do it, but we won't do it again' deal with the DA. It
agreed to an injunction not to use illegal methods in its
'monitoring' of the entire political universe. Foxman said that,
rather than go to trial, where they would certainly be found
innocent, of course, ADL settled because "continuing with an
investigation over your head for months and years leads some to
believe there is something wrong." [47] The arrangement prevents
prosecution of Bullock.

In spite of the DA's slap-on-the-wrist deal, the documentation
of Bullock's activities provided by the police when they sought a
warrant to search the ADL offices in SF and Los Angeles, was
extensive. The ADL claims that Bullock was a free-lance informer
and that his activities for the apartheid regime were unknown to
them. But an FBI report on a January 26, 1993 interview with
Bullock takes up a letter found in his computer files, "prepared
for transmission to the South Africans." It read "during an
extended conversation with two FBI agents" in March 1990, they
asked "why do you think South African agents are coming to the West

"'Did I know any agents,' they finally asked?... I replied
that a meeting had been arranged, in confidence, by the ADL which
wanted information on radical right activities in SA and their
American connections. To that end I met an agent at Rockefeller
Center cafeteria."

The FBI report says that "Bullock commented that the TRIP.DBX
letter was a very 'damning' piece of evidence.' He said he had
forgotten it was in his computer." Of course he hastened to tell
the FBI that "his statements to the FBI that the ADL had set up his
relationship with the South Africans were untrue." [48]

It is far more likely that Bullock was telling the truth in
March 1990 and lying in January 1993. Apparently the FBI came to
him on another matter in 1990 and surprised him with their
questions about the South Africans. In 1993, Bullock met the feds
in his lawyers' office. It is reasonable to presume that they had
told him what to say, and what not to say. Certainly he knew that
if he wanted ADL assistance in his troubles with the FBI concerning
the South Africans, he would have to claim that they had nothing to
do with his South African ties.

We must also look at this situation from the ADL's
perspective. In 1993 it had the same access to these FBI reports as
anyone else. It then knew that he had implicated them with
Pretoria. Why didn't they repudiate him then for daring to lie
about them in such a grave affair? And, for that matter, why didn't
they repudiate him for trafficking with the apartheid regime, which
they claimed to oppose? Could it be that they didn't dare do so? If
they dumped him, he would have an incentive to tell the FBI
everything he knew about their illegal activities, regarding the
South Africans, and/or any ADL involvement in Israeli spying and
other criminal activities there.

Robert Friedman, known for his factual reliability when
writing on Jewish matters, reported that "Suall later told the FBI
that 'he didn't think dealing with South African intelligence was
different than dealing with any other police agency,' according to
a law enforcement source." [49] At any rate, the November 17, 1993
Daily News Bulletin, an organ of the Zionist movement's Jewish
Telegraphic Agency, reported that, after the settlement with the
SFDA, "the ADL continues to work with Bullock, according to Abraham
Foxman." [50]

Israel was South Africa's intimate military ally, selling
weaponry to the masters of apartheid in the face of a UN arms
embargo. And the ADL's own public stance was so opposed to the
African National Congress that it stretches credulity to the
breaking point for anyone to think that they didn't know that
Bullock was working with the South Africans. When he told the FBI
that the ADL put him in contact with the South Africans, he
expected them to believe him, because the world knew that Israel,
the ADL's political holy land, was Pretoria's ally.

The ADL Bulletin for May 1986 ran an article by Nathan
Perlmutter and David Evanier, "The African National Congress: A
Closer Look," which revealed the organization's intense hatred of
the movement leading the struggle in South Africa. The piece
started off with a pious "self-evident stipulation that apartheid
is racist and dehumanizing." But, it then went on,

"(T)his is not to suggest closing our eyes to what may emerge
once apartheid is gone.... We must distinguish between those who
will work for a humane, democratic, pro-western South Africa and
those who are totalitarian, anti-humane, anti-democratic,
anti-Israeli and anti-American."

The article went on to document what everyone already knew.
The Soviet Union supported the ANC. The ANC backed the PLO as
fellow colonized people. Then came the moral to the story:

"The fall of South Africa to such a Soviet oriented and
Communist influenced force would be a severe setback to the United
States, whose defense industry relies heavily on South Africa's
wealth of strategic minerals.... The survival of freedom in South
Africa will be possible only if the forces of violence on the far
left and of racial violence on the far right are defeated by the
democratic forces of moderation."

Those forces of moderation were -- didn't you know? -- the
apartheid regime itself: "The US State Department," i.e., Reagan,
said that "more positive changes have taken place in South Africa
in the last five years than in the previous 300." [51]

For propagandistic reasons, Israel had to make it look like it
was against apartheid and supported responsible opposition to it.
So it openly patronized Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi, head of the
Inkatha Freedom Party and its death squads. When he toured here in
1992, Israel got the Conference of Presidents of Major American
Jewish Organizations to host him at their New York office.. They
knew that, according to the June 12, 1992 DNB, "many
observers....say the violence among blacks reflects collusion
between the South African security forces and Inkatha aimed at
disabling the ANC." Yet, according to Kenneth Jacobson, the ADL's
director of international affairs, there was "nothing for us to
feel guilty about. He's a man with a point of view, and that should
be heard." The Mr. Nice Guy of South African politics declared
himself a free-market freedom-fightin' kind of fella and "not a
friend of Gadhafi or Yasir Arafat. All these are friends of the
ANC." [52]

The ADL thought so highly of their 1986 anti-ANC tirade that
they sent it to every member of the US Congress! And even after
Bullock was exposed as specifically reporting to the South Africans
on an LA meeting for Chris Hani of the ANC, Foxman fanatically
defended their venomous hatred of South Africa's liberators. The
Northern California Jewish Bulletin for May 7, 1993 described how

"Foxman, seeming like a general dressing down his troops,
marched into the Jewish Bulletin office...where he lambasted
critics of the ADL, speaking angrily of a conspiracy and at times
fuming as he turned several shades of red... 'People are very upset
about the (files on the) ANC,' he agrees. 'At the time we exposed
the ANC, they were Communist. They were violent, they were
anti-Semitic, they were pro-PLO and they were anti-Israel. You're
going to tell me I don't have the legitimacy to find out who they
were consorting with.'" [53]

Time hasn't been kind to Foxman. The ANC runs its country and
is a model of ethnic and religious tolerance. It never was
anti-Semitic and today there are seven Jewish ANCers in the
Pretoria parliament. Foxman was -- and is -- exactly what the
Jewish Bulletin's journalist described: a
steam-coming-out-of-his-ears right-wing ranter. VI - The ADL and
the affirmative action question

As many readers well know, whole Canadian forests have been
chopped down in recent years to provide newsprint for articles on
Black anti-Semitism. Such pieces frequently begin with a nostalgic
look back at the good ol' 'Black-Jewish alliance' of the early '60s
when the ADL was part of the great -- dare I say it? --
multicultural coalitions that marched behind Martin Luther King.

Such articles usually then turn into tales of Black
ingratitude. In life the Jewish establishment was only part of such
an alliance until the Black movement began to call for affirmative
action quotas, and the left-wing of the movement began to support
the Palestinians as fellow oppressed. From then on the ADL has been
a fanatic opponent of Black liberation. Jonathan Kaufman's Broken
Alliance tells of how Jack Greenberg, long-time head of the NAACP
Legal Defense Fund, came to see the ADL:

"As legal cases involving affirmative action began to appear
in the courts in the early 1970s, the Legal Defense Fund began
filing lawsuits... One of the first cases involved a challenge to
the New York prison system, which had never promoted a black
correction officer above the entry level... The Legal Defense Fund
sued successfully... When the case was appealed, Greenberg was
stunned to discover that the Anti-Defamation League had filed a
brief opposing the affirmative action plan... He did not know
officials at the ADL well. But he...called several of them up...
(Eventually) Greenberg felt some officials of the ADL, the most
vociferous opponents of affirmative action, had become "haters."


Arguments utilizing previous discrimination against Jews to
oppose present proposals to redress past discrimination against
America's ethnic minorities, and women, are ideological
self-deceptions, at best, and sophistries at worst. They are
designed to put a pseudo-progressive gloss on efforts to preserve
the economic status quo. And, as affirmative action in favor of
women stands or falls with similar policies towards Blacks and
other minorities, such specious reasoning is a razor against the
interest of the majority of Jews, who, as with all other groups,
are majority female.

VII - Yo! Abe! Make me rich and famous, not just famous

Since one of the most important things we learn from the past
is that most people don't learn from the past, I must automatically
presume that at least some of my readers will still say, even after
this obviously factual recounting of the ADL's record, that,
whatever its past sins, it performs a valuable service in exposing
some anti-Semites. But its reactionary politics constantly leads it
to libel and lunacy, so much so that I must confess that I
celebrated when I discovered Foxman's attack on me. It meant that
I certified as part of the intellectual elite.

Surely the most hilarious of the ADL's cockeyed accusations
were uttered by Forster and Epstein in their book:

"Film cartoons - like the the X-rated Fritz the Cat which...
had a tasteless synagogue sequence... contributed to the atmosphere
of anti-Jewish denigration, along with anti-Jewish stereotyping
found in such full-length 1972 feature films as Woody Allen's
Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Sex, Such Good
Friends, and Made for Each Other in addition, of course, to
Portnoy.... Capping and capitalizing on the vogue for sick "ethnic"
humor and dehumanization was... The National Lampoon... October
1972. A major item was a mock comic book entitled "The Ventures of
Zimmerman," a put-down on folksinger Bob Dylan, drawn with Jewish
features, blue Yarmulke, and portrayed as a scheming, avaricious,
money-hungry "superman" type who poses as a simple idealistic
folksinger.... The mock cover... bore a 'seal' reading 'Approved by
the Elders of Zion'.... Are the editors of Lampoon anti-Semitic?
Probably not. But they have made a signal contribution to the
perpetuation of those destructive stereotypes - like the Stuermer
cartoons so intimately associated with the annihilation of European
Jewry." [59]

For my immediate purpose of defending myself, a Jew, against
a libelous accusation of being a Holocaust denier, I call your
attention to the fact that at least two of the people accused of
contributing to the atmosphere of anti-Jewish denigration were
Jews, Woody Allen and Philip Roth, two of the greatest comic
talents of our age. But frankly I must say that comparing a Lampoon
spoof to the Hitler regime's most virulent Jew-hating rag is easily
the maddest thing I've ever seen in any ADL production.

You didn't know that Spike Lee is an anti-Semite? Well then,
you just are not as smart as one Abraham Foxman. Here is the
Forward for August 10, 1990:

"Filmmaker Spike Lee's portrayal of two Jewish jazz club
owners in the new film 'Mo' Better Blues' is being called
anti-Semitic by... the Anti-Defamation League.... The
two-dimensional depiction of the two brothers, named Moe and Josh
Flatbush, who appear in brief scenes throughout the movie, was
sharply criticized by Abraham Foxman.... "Spike Lee's
characterization of Moe and Josh Flatbush as greedy an unscrupulous
club owners dredges up an age-old and dangerous form of
anti-Semitic stereotyping." [60]

Spike Lee isn't the kind of person to take that kind of crap
from anyone, and he replied to the charge in a New York Times

"I'm not a racist; I'm not a bigot; I am not an anti-Semite.
What I try to do with all my characters is offer what I feel are
honest portraits of individuals with both faults and endearing
characteristics.... I challenge anyone to tell me why I can't
portray two club owners who happen to be Jewish and who exploit the
Black jazz musicians who work for them. All Jewish club owners are
not like this, that's true, but these two are....I'm an artist and
I stand behind all my work, including my characters, Moe and Josh
Flatbush. As of now, this matter is closed for me." [61]

I have presented more than enough evidence for any serious
reader to grasp the base character of both the ADL and the Zionist
movement. Therefore it is time for me to close as well. I will do
so with a quote, from a Zionist writer's article in The New
Republic, a pro-Zionist publication:

"(W)hile ever growing numbers of Jews believe anti-Semitism in
America is rising to crisis proportions, by nearly every available
measure it is actually on the decline.... In private, some Jewish
agency staffers insist the alarmist tone set by a few national
Jewish agencies, mainly for fund-raising purposes, is a key cause
of Jewish anxiety. Fingers point most often at the ADL and the Los
Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, both of which specialize in
mass mailings warning of impending doom and urging donations.
'People don't give if you tell them everything's o.k.,' says a
cynical staffer at one of the smaller agencies. People give
generously to the Wiesenthal Center and the ADL." [62]

J.J. Goldberg concludes by saying that "maybe it's time for
the leadership to start leading, and tell their public the truth."
But of course they won't. Therefore I ask my readers to help me
expose these incurable frauds. Now that you have read this critique
of the ADL, pass it along to the general public, Jew and gentile
alike. And let me thank you, in advance, for your time and trouble
in this regard
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Default #1 ADL Thread

here is an archive of articles about misdeeds by the ADL. I have no idea who maintains this database. See the list of various titles, all linked to outside resources!

Witch-hunt at Columbia University

ADL's boss threatens boycott of UK academe

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ADL Wants Counterboycott

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to Deny Tenure to Joseph Massad

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To Allow Discrimination Per ACLU

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SF ADL Wants City Investigation Of SFWAR

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Brenner ADL Foxman Article

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The "German-Jewish Tragedy" (1933)

Spying Case Over, Struggle Continues

ADL Defends Giuliani's Speech To Israeli Racists

Couple Tarred As 'Anti-Semites'

Safire: 'Abe Must Quit'

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The Foxman-Rich $250,000 Connection

ADL Turned Notion of Human Rights on Head

An Act of Censorship: ALA

Israel's Beilin Rips U.S. Jews

Spat Leads to Huge Award

ADC Press Release: Resolution

Protecting Privacy, Monitoring Hate

Stopping Extremism Before the Crime

ADL Nov 98 press release

ADL Suit Reinvigorated

ADL Claims Victory in Court Ruling

Judge Orders Opening of Enemies Lists

Court Rules For Activists on ADL

ADL accused of McCarthyite tactics

Counterpunch-Were Spies Journalists?

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Secrecy defended by ADL

CA Appeals Court Decision on ADL

Cal on Spying & Names

Bookburners and their Victims
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Default ADL a poorly rated "charity"

Charitynavigator is an independent rater of charitable organizations.
They rate ADL poorly. You can read about their information on ADL here:

You can read about their methods here. This information should be made available to the citizens of Kirksville so they can make their own conclusions.

We rate charities by evaluating two broad areas of financial health, their organizational efficiency and their organizational capacity. We use a set of financial ratios or performance categories to rate each of these two areas, and we issue an overall rating that combines the charity's performance in both areas. Our ratings show givers how efficiently we believe a charity will use their support today, and to what extent the charities are growing their programs and services over time. We provide these ratings so that givers can make intelligent giving decisions, and so that the philanthropic community can more effectively monitor itself.

At its most general level, our rating system is relatively simple. We base our evaluations on the financial information each charity provides in its informational tax returns, or IRS Forms 990. We use that information to analyze a charity's financial performance in seven key performance categories, described below. After analyzing those performance categories, we compare the charity's performance with the performances of similar charities. We then assign the charity a qualitative rating ranging from zero to four stars in all seven performance categories, and three additional ratings for the charity's organizational efficiency, organizational capacity, and overall financial health.

A more detailed discussion of our rating system follows. For more information on the scales we used to assign ratings, or on our methodology for doing so, please visit Our Ratings Tables.
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the mother lode of adl misdeeds
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Default tools to use against ADL in court

Here are some things victims of the ADL may wish to consider depending on where you live. These are called "privacy torts" and are related ironically enough to "defamation" which includes libel and slander.

Caveat: this is not legal advice. No legal advice is offered at this forum. If you have a legal question, hire a qualified attorney in your own jurisdiction.

use this tool to try and find a good lawyer. and remember, in law like other things, you get what you pay for! if you're serious, be ready to pay a skilled attorney to review your case!

Remember, Whites have legally enforceable rights too. They might be able to fight off a handful of these suits but what if they started popping up against them like mushrooms!??? Dont say it cant happen! Read on!
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Default false light invasion of privacy

Professor Edward C. Martin
Cumberland School of Law
Samford University


The Tort of "False Light" is one of the most problematic of all the "Privacy" Torts, because of its close similarity to the Tort of "Defamation," and because of various conflicts which the recognition of such a Tort potentially creates with respect to the First Amendment exercise of Free Speech. Like several of the other "Privacy" Torts, the Tort of "False Light" is intended primarily to protect the plaintiff's mental or emotional well-being. And, like each of the other Privacy Torts (except the Tort of "Intrusion"), the Tort of "False Light" also requires (at least implicitly) some kind of "publication" to be actionable. As the name of this Tort implies, "False Light" requires some type of false (or at least misleading) statement, and for this reason it often appears to overlap somewhat with the separate Tort of "Defamation." In one sense, if the information communited about the plaintiff is indeed truly false, then an action can be pursued on the basis of "Defamation," and there is no need for any separate "Privacy" Tort action. However, there are many situations involving the communication of information which, although perhaps not "technically" false, is still "misleading." The effect of publishing such misleading information about the plaintiff to the "public eye" is nonetheless embarassing and potentially injurious to the plainitff. The specific elements of the Tort of FALSE LIGHT vary considerably even among those jurisdictions which do recognize this Tort. Generally, these elements consist of the following:

(1). A publication by the Defendant about the Plainitff;
(2). made with actual malice (very similar to that type required by New York Times v. Sullivan in "Defamation" cases);

(3). which places the Plainitff in a false light;


(4). that would be highly offensive (i.e., embarassing to reasonable persons.
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Invasion of privacy on internet by "cyberstalkers--" excellent article!

The Internet Journalist
Invasion of privacy on the web

Don Burleson

Burleson is co-author of Web Stalkers: Protect yourself from Internet Criminals & Psychopaths, $19.95 by Rampant TechPress. Note: This is a literature review prepared by a non-lawyer and this research may not be construed as legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice of qualified attorneys, consult your local Bar Association, not my web pages.


Like it or not, millions of Americans have unwittingly become amateur journalists, without the benefit of understanding the important laws regarding publishing of information that might hurt someone else. Let's take a closer look and explore these issues:

The current state of internet privacy and defamation laws

Internet law and personal liability

Sure-fire ways to wind-up in court

In False Light Invasion of Privacy, A New Tort in Town, judges Breeeden and Zayicek note that the the right to privacy is protected in many States:

The unwarranted appropriation or exploitation of one’s personality, the publicizing of one’s private affairs with which the public has no legitimate concern, or the wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, in such manner as to outrage or cause mental suffering, shame, or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

They also note that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed that publishing embarrassing facts about a private citizen (even if the statements of fact are completely true):

This (U.S. Supreme) Court has approved the following as a fairly comprehensive definition of what constitutes an actionable invasion of the right of privacy:

The unwarranted appropriation or exploitation of one’s personality, the publicizing of one’s private affairs with which the public has no legitimate concern, or the wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, in such manner as to outrage or cause mental suffering, shame, or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

Defamation vs. False Light Lawsuits

There is a common misunderstanding between Libel and Defamation. Libel is the publication of a false, defamatory, statement fact, while defamation is the publication of anything (true or false) that injures any person or business entity:

Defamation is generally defined as a statement impeaching the honesty, integrity or reputation of an individual and thereby exposing the individual to public hatred, contempt or ridicule, to cause him or her to be shunned or avoided or to injure the individual in his or her office, business or occupation.

Could you get sued for publishing an insult that results in others ridiculing someone, even if there was no concrete damage to the defamed person? Judges Breeeden and Zayicek note that false-light invasion of privacy has much lower standards than defamation. In a False Light claim, the injured party does not have to prove real damages, only that they were exposed to public hatred, contempt or ridicule:

Not only is the truth treated differently under false light and defamation, but false light also does not require that a statement “expose the individual to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule, or to cause him to be shunned or avoided, or to injure him in his office, business, or occupation.”

False light protects against less harmful statements. . .

In theory, false light and defamation are designed to protect different interests and do not always overlap, meaning they can coexist as distinct causes of action, even in the same lawsuit.

This sample case shows a claim for false light invasion of privacy:

18. That the aforesaid actions and accusations by the defendants have been publicized and communicated to third persons and the general public by the defendants with express, reckless, and wanton disregard of the plaintiff’s right to privacy.

19. That said publicity has unreasonably placed the plaintiff in a false light in the public eye.

20. That by reasons of said invasion of privacy and as a proximate result thereof, he was damaged in the amount of two hundred thousand ($200,000) dollars, actual and punitive damages. Id. (emphasis added).

Defamation and Truth

In this article titled “When Truth is no Defense”, we see an excellent definition for defamation and false light, noting “There is a subtle difference in the way courts view the legal theories -- false light cases are about damage to a person's personal feelings or dignity, whereas defamation is about damage to a person's reputation.”

The article “When Truth is no Defense” notes that non-libelous statements of opinion such as "My co-worker John Doe is a filthy cheat." are defamatory:

Defamation is written or spoken injury to the reputation of a living person or organization. Injury to reputation generally is considered to be exposure to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or financial loss. Libel is the written act of defamation; slander is the spoken act. This distinction is important; libel often has greater legal consequences than slander. Whether libel or slander, the defamation must be published – communicated to someone other than the subject of the defamation. . . .

WRONG: "My co-worker John Doe is a filthy cheat." This is defamatory: an unproven, pejorative ("filthy" and "cheat") statement about a private (non-public figure) individual.

INSTEAD: "I saw John take five toner cartridges from the supply closet and put them in his car."

The article also describes the essential nature of a false light claim:

. . . "False Light" privacy lawsuits occur when a writer publishes facts about a person that creates a deliberately false and misleading impression. Examples include when a newspaper publishes a story about convicted felons and includes the name or photograph of an innocent person, or when, in a story about a hate group, the writer includes the name of a person not a member of that group.

This FindLaw article notes that false light recognizes a persons legal right "to be let alone" and that violations of their “right to privacy” is actionable:

In a landmark privacy case, the Georgia Supreme Court concluded that personal liberty includes not only freedom from physical restraint, but also the legal right "to be let alone." Pavesich v. New England Life Ins. Co., 122 Ga. 190, 50 S.E. 68, 71 (1905).

Summers' factual allegations, which we take in the light most favorable to her, and which fall within the two-year limitation period, suggest not only a physical intrusion onto her residential property, but an offensive, frightening and unreasonable surveillance of her private affairs.

Truth does not excuse false light

This article discusses false light invasion of privacy and it’s distinction from libel.

In another case, an entertainer who performed at an amusement park with a swimming pig brought defamation and false light claims based on the publication of her photo in Chic magazine. The photo was a true representation of the woman and her pig, so it could not give rise to a defamation claim. But her false light claim succeeded because the essence of the piece, which made the entertainer's act seem sexual and deviant, was held to be false. (Braun v. Flynt, 1984)

False Light claims are not for everyone

The above article notes those States where false light is not recognized as a cause of action:

Ten states -- Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin -- have expressly rejected false light as a viable claim when recovery is sought for untrue statements. Some of those states, such as Virginia, have statutes that dictate what type of privacy claims may be made and that specifically leave out false light. In the other states, the highest courts have determined, as a matter of common law, that false light will not exist in their state.

In 11 states, supreme courts have not had an opportunity to rule on whether false light is recognized. In those states -- Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming -- journalists should assume that courts will hear claims against the media for false light. In South Carolina and Washington, false light claims are less likely to succeed, as lower courts have predicted that those states' supreme courts would not recognize such claims.
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Default intentional/ negligent interference with business/contractual relationship

"outing" by SPLC or ADL get you fired? Fight back! Sue them for tortious inteference with business and contractual relationships. Be sure and ask for PUNITIVE DAMAGES.

TORTIOUS/WRONGFUL INTERFERENCE (IN BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP) - The theory of the tort or wrong of interference is that the law draws a line beyond which no one may go in intentionally intermeddling with the business affairs of others. So, a systematic effort to induce employees to leave their present employment and take work with another is unlawful when the purpose of such enticement is to cripple or destroy their employer rather than to obtain their skills and services in the legitimate furtherance of one's own business enterprise.

It also becomes unlawful when the inducement is made through the use of untruthful means, or for the purpose of having the employees commit wrongs such as disclosing the former employer's trade secrets.

It is not unlawful or improper, standing alone, to hire away someone else's employee so long as the person doing so wants to use the employee's services in advancing his own business rather than with the intent of destroying the other employer's business. This is true regardless of how much the loss of the employee may inconvenience his former employer. The mere fact that someone's activity has injured another in his business does not mean that the latter may recover because, in a free enterprise system, a businessman has no legal complaint concerning a loss resulting from lawful competition, including competition for the services of skilled employees. If the means of competition are fair, the advantage gained should remain where success has put it.
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try this out too-- a new tort not yet recognized: "wrongful misrepresentation of character" by "Nathan Stern.: LOL

Creating a New Tort for Wrongful Mispresentation of Character

Florida State University College of Law
March 2004

FSU College of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 107

Both defamation law and the tort of false light invasion of privacy have been widely criticized as confusing in theory and arbitrary in result. A significant source of dissatisfaction, this Article contends, is that the prevailing system fails to account adequately for the existence of genuinely close cases under both torts. Such cases inevitably arise under doctrines that, like defamation and false light, contain major elements of indeterminacy. Yet, defamation and false light rules are generally based on a winner-take-all approach that departs from modern notions of apportionment.

This Article proposes a new tort, wrongful mispresentation of character, as a device to enable jurors in appropriate cases to register their sense that both parties in a defamation or false light suit have staked out substantial positions. Rather than supplanting existing causes of action, the wrongful mispresentation would offer an additional option to juries legitimately torn between compelling arguments for both the plaintiff and defendant. Moreover, by conferring legal status on this compromise, the tort might stimulate settlements along this line between parties who would otherwise contest their suit to the bitter end.

Part I provides an overview of salient developments in defamation and false light doctrines, and of criticisms and reforms that have been advanced. Part II describes the nature of the proposed tort of wrongful mispresentation and the circumstances under which it would be available; in addition, this Part discusses arguments that might be raised for and against the proposal. Part III identifies several areas in which the difficulty of principled resolution is a recurring phenomenon, and analyzes how wrongful mispresentation might provide a useful outlet in each area.

Working Paper Series


Suggested Citation
Stern, Nat S., "Creating a New Tort for Wrongful Mispresentation of Character" (March 2004). FSU College of Law, Public Law Research Paper No. 107.
DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.511164

Contact Information for NAT STERN (Contact Author)

Email address for NAT STERN
Florida State University College of Law
425 W. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee , FL 32306
United States
850-644-1801 (Phone)
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here's another one that's not well recognized: invasion of privacy

Finance, Real Estate, and Law 201.
Spring Quarter 2004.
Legal Environment of Business Law


Four acts quality:
Use of a person's name, picture or likeness for commercial purposes without permission.
Intrusion upon an individual's affairs or seclusion.
Publication of information that places a person in a false light.
Public disclosure of private facts about an individual that another person would find objectionable.
Tort must involve substantial and unreasonable invasion of privacy.
Tort must involve substantial and unreasonable invasion of privacy.
See prior discussion of the elements of causation.
See prior discussion of the rules for injury & damages.
Affirmative Defense:
Truth is not a defense.
All other affirmative defenses to defamation apply to invasion of privacy.
Nuisance which causes harm to the public at large.
This tort can be committed without fault, negligently, or intentionally.
When it is committed intentionally, the plaintiff may be awarded punitive damages.
See prior discussion of the elements of causation.
See prior discussion of the rules for injury & damages.
Affirmative Defenses:
Other defenses to intentional torts may apply.
**To view the California Statutory discussion on "Invasion Of Right To Privacy", Click on the link below. **
Civil Code: 3344
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Haha, doesn't Abe Foxman get paid over 600k a year? Wow, "fighting hate" (aka, spreading lies) sure is a tough job.
"It's about time for those of us still capable of thinking tribally to begin doing so." - WLP

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