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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default 100 Years of Evil: The ADL

[This will be a comprehensive thread of documentation of ADL's anti-white history and ongoing campaign of genocide against the white race. You are free to post in this thread, but serious material only. We already have a thread on ADL in the enemies section, that information will be copied into this thread, which is taken from Solar General and from elsewhere on the Internet.]

Leo Frank and the Birth of the ADL Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith

Murder in Georgia

Leo Frank (JEW) was a bisexual pedophile, president of B’nai B’rith Atlanta (think of the name ADL of B’nai B’rith when you think of Leo Frank) and a drug addict, who managed a pencil factory in Atlanta in 1913. One day he demanded sex from a 13-year-old employee named Mary Phagan, and then brutally raped and murdered her.

Frank, and an illiterate black handyman, dragged the body to the basement where they were going to burn it in the factory furnace the next day. That night a watchman finds the body – calls the police – Frank is arrested – and found guilty and sentenced to hang. The governor commutes the sentence and Marietta’s finest families broke into jail and lynched him.

Today the Jewish community hails Leo Frank as an innocent martyr – a victim of anti-Semitism.

The Victim

Mary Phagan

A 13-year-old employee of the National Pencil Factory, in Atlanta, was murdered.

The Murderer

Leo Frank

Frank was a Cornell-educated Jew raised in New York City, living in Atlanta. President of his local B’nai B’rith, active in civic affairs, a local socialite, he was Phagan’s supervisor at the National Pencil Factory.

Frank was a sexual pervert who was both homosexual and preyed on young girls. He forced employees to have sex with him.

ADL: Behind the Mask of Respectability (click on the individual number)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

An eight-part video produced by the National Alliance detailing the less than savory facts and history surrounding the world’s “foremost civil rights group,” including: questionable ties to organized crime figures, criminal espionage operations, anti-patriotic brainwashing of law enforcement personnel, mass bribery of politicians, Soviet-style censorship initiatives, thought crime laws, and a host of other disreputable actions. The real truth about this group is enough to make your skin crawl.

Abe Foxman, Director of ADL

After watching these eight videos, continue to read our ADL research section below, which has many articles about the ADL written by Jews and non-Jews.

Abe Foxman, left, meets with mass-murderer Ariel Sharon, right.

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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,494
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Source: | August 2001

Abe Foxman: Disgrace to My Religion

By Monty Warner

AS AN EARLY TEEN, I was playing in a YMCA basketball league in Sumter, South Carolina, a leafy, sleepy southern town of about 35,000 where I was born and raised. Being of Jewish descent, I had to play for a Methodist team because the Jewish population in the county – indeed, in the state, at that time – was limited enough to preclude its own league. The YMCA was agreeable to this, and a few other Jewish kids from surrounding areas played as well.

After one of the games, I remember standing by the scoreboard. Ahead of me was one of the Jewish parents, shouting at one of the coaches. The woman wasn’t demanding more playing time for her son, nor was she a diehard seeking an explanation for why we were so bad that year. The woman, in full view of and to the distraction and discomfort of many, was demanding an apology from the coach for hurting her son’s feelings. The coach’s sin? Taking her boy out of the game for poor play and making him cry. I thought the whole episode somewhat amusing until two well-respected men in the community passed by, and I overheard one of them say to the other: “That is exactly why our kind has trouble with their kind.” Upon hearing this, I didn’t find myself offended; at thirteen years old, I found myself agreeing with them.

Today we have our very own national Jewish basketball mom. Just as shrill, just as petulant, just as obnoxious, and useless to boot. Our advocate, armed with a $50 million annual budget to ensure the meanies never get us, is Abraham Foxman. Foxman heads the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a once proud, worthy and worthwhile protector of Jews and their faith. Under Foxman’s brand of leadership, the ADL has devolved into an opportunistic, intolerant, grief-grubbing stench – a “rights” group for any and all who wish to feel offended – one which, in bottomless efforts to remain PC-safe, unconditionally aligns itself with groups like the Black Caucus and NAACP, both of which strongly support the pending anti-Semitic U.N. Conference on Racism. Think about that. You hate me, so by all means I support you. Why? Because I’m pathetic.

This past June, Carl Pearlston, a Board Member of the ADL and longtime loyalist to its early causes, resigned from the organization after 25 years of service. Pearlston began to receive increasingly hostile responses from other Board Members for his more conservative views, and was informed by Foxman that “he would have to realize that over 95% of those involved in the ADL were liberal and would be unsympathetic to his views.” Notwithstanding the adage that for every five Jews in the room there are 10 opinions on everything, the notion that 95 percent (or even 55 percent) of all Jews support bilingual education, gun control, feminism, affirmative action, abortion and the homosexual agenda across the board is not only unfathomable, but further evidence that Foxman has absolutely no legitimate claim to representing the interests of the Jewish masses.

For years now, despite numerous unflattering (and under-the-radar) news stories about his complicity in various scandals too numerous and squalid to confine to this space, Abraham Foxman has held himself and been held forth by others as one of the chief national political voices of Jewish people. His misuse of and/or recklessness with ADL funds (see Henry Lyons), his whorish behavior in the Marc Rich pardon, and his general odor in defending such cosmopolitan thuggery; to say nothing of self-righteous condemnations of what he arbitrarily decides to be someone else’s “intolerance,” is brought to the public’s attention almost weekly. Last year, during the presidential election, Foxman, using extreme examples, pulled incendiary comments off the Web to imply that anyone that didn’t want Joe Lieberman on the national ticket was probably anti-Semitic. Well, in some cases that’s entirely possible. It’s also possible that they simply thought Joe Lieberman was a putz. Or more significantly, they just might not have agreed with him on the issues. But the substance of disagreement is not important to Mr. Foxman. Regrettably, whatever legitimacy may have accompanied such charges has been diluted by the frequency with which Foxman lodges them, largely in an effort to secure more media attention to raise more money to continue the never-ending battle to tell everyone else how not to offend Abraham Foxman. To his credit, it’s a pretty good gig.

In April, Foxman was quoted in the New York Times assaulting David Horowitz’s campus ad campaign as “just another means of fomenting racism and hate.” The quip was so lacking in resonance it was almost as if he was walking out to lunch and asked what to do about the Horowitz situation, and in reply he said “put something together, use some of the old text, and throw in uh….racism and hate.” Instead of joining Horowitz in showing the guts to condemn the racist, anti-American black Left, Foxman threw his own to the wolves for a short-term political pop. Foxman: the man, the myth – the self-loathing maggot.

And so it is that, as an observer of all these “anti-hate, don’t hurt my feelings” campaigns, a logical, rational Jew can’t help but logically ask himself: “Exactly what is it that this man has ever actually accomplished?” Surely he can take credit for the fact that there might be one less KKK group in the world (which would bring the grand total to four), or the fact that more Jews are now allowed in certain country clubs (lawsuits have a way of greasing such processes)… but concretely, what is it that Abraham Foxman has done besides bend the ADL over for the Leftist agenda of the Democratic Party, and give much of America an image of most Jews as whiny, petulant, hate-thought shylocks? Sure, he sticks his nose in just about everything that gets him headlines (i.e. the future and futile U.N. Conference on Racism), but the real answer is pretty simple: not much.

To be sure, I am very proud of my heritage. I believe Jewish people are some of the most brilliant and determined people on the planet. From Walter Annenberg to Max Fisher to much of the work of Steven Spielberg, Jews have consistently risen from humble, even punishing beginnings to not only enjoy great power and success, but pave the way for others of all stripes to enjoy the same. And yet somewhere along the way – in oft-embarrassing displays of uninformed hyperemotion a la Foxman – many children and grandchildren of those who suffered so horribly in the Holocaust have awarded themselves the right to gripe about this country as if it were not the one that gave their ancestors their liberty. As if they themselves were in the Holocaust. As if we are all just one conservative Attorney General or High Court appointment away from being stripped of our “rights,” which have basically expanded to include what any sniveling Manhattan/LA liberal feels like doing at any given moment. The ignorance of how embarrassing, foolish and distasteful this is to the rest of the country is glaringly front and center, and a textbook example of how some Jews contribute heartily to their own alienation. This in turn allows hucksters such as Abraham Foxman to emerge – the kid nobody liked but who is determined to make others like you – and raise millions to salve the wounds of the very people he helps afflict with a crippling sense of victimhood.

Self-aggrandizing hustles such as this have in recent years become an indisputable national pastime. Angst-ridden souls with massive inferiority complexes now frequently cloak themselves in the mantras of groups such as “The National Organization for Women,” and then use the broad title to imply that they in fact represent everyone who might fall into such categories. This is a cynical, manipulative, outright lie, and in this regard there are few bigger demagogues than Abraham Foxman. Under his leadership, the mission statement of the ADL, the organization created solely to safeguard Jewish interests, now reads: “dedicated to translating democratic ideals into a way of life for all Americans in our time.” One translation would be aligning itself with Americans like the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which in its school workshops has taken the liberty of edifying our teens on the finer points of “fisting.” Another translation is more simple: Whatever raises us money to continue projecting our misery onto you.

It is an old axiom in politics that the longer an assertion goes unchallenged, the quicker it becomes an article of faith. This axiom has lent significant legitimacy to people like Jesse Jackson and Abraham Foxman. No one questions them. No one looks at the sinister, highly unproductive leadership they have attempted to peddle to millions and stops for a moment to say: “Who anointed this person?

What makes Abraham Foxman the ultimate arbiter of who is anti-Semitic and who isn’t? Is there a school for this? Why do I have to listen to him or Jesse Jackson as an authority on anything?” Of course, anyone who tenders such a challenge would immediately be branded a racist (or, in my case, a self-hating Jew) for not lining up to pull the collective pimp wagon, but at this point even that seems worthwhile. It is worthwhile because these men are not leaders. These men are liars – the corrupt, failed and demagogic sort – who have proven repeatedly that they will, to the clear detriment of their own people, pursue or create any cause that generates them media or money.

To wit, one of Abe Foxman’s recent public forays on behalf of Jews was to loudly condemn the naming of the Hurricane Israel as discriminatory against Jews. If this is what has the Jewish community atwitter, then surely a lot of people have missed something. Moreover, that Mr. Foxman could even consider this to be a matter worth ten seconds of his life indicates that perhaps it’s time for him to begin to come to terms with the fact that he hasn’t accomplished much in it. In a Washington Post op-ed recently, Mr. Foxman almost gleefully talked up the pending U.N. Conference on Racism (which President Bush has wisely pulled the U.S. out of) as an excellent antidote to combat racism around the world. What he failed to foresee (or acknowledge in his zeal to support the Mutual Admiration Society event) was the potential for the U.S. to withdraw from the event, a move largely predicated on the insistence of Palestinians that language condemning Jews in very harsh tones be adopted for the Conference. Again, this is the leader of my people? I don’t think so. This is a snot-nosed man-child who represents everything neither I nor many other Jews want anything to do with. Leaders provide leadership, not handkerchiefs and crutches.

Monty Warner is Senior Director for the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. Readers may e-mail him at [email protected].
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,494
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Source: Free Speech - October 1998 - Volume IV, Number 10

A Closer Look at the Enemy
by Dr. William Pierce

You know, this world we live in is a complicated place. Behind every phenomenon we observe there are many forces at work, some of them obvious and some not so obvious. Trying to separate what’s important from what’s not important can be a confusing task. Every week when we discuss on this program what’s happening in the world around us, and I try to explain events so that listeners can have a clear understanding of them, I must simplify the world. Clarity requires simplification. Understanding demands simplification. A useful explanation requires separating the important things from those which are less important and focusing first on the former. If I tried to explain every phenomenon in the world in complete detail, leaving out nothing, I would succeed only in confusing everyone, especially myself.

So if we want to understand the world we must simplify it. But we must be careful not to oversimplify, or our explanations lose their value. Occasionally my listeners accuse me of oversimplifying, or they are aware of some factor which I have not discussed in detail, and they suspect that I have left it out deliberately because it would contradict some theory of mine.

Here’s an old example of the way oversimplification can lead to confusion: After the Bolshevik takeover of Russia early in this century, many anti-communists in America spread the word that a majority of the Bolshevik leaders were not Russians but were Jews, and they warned Americans that there also were many Jewish communists in America who posed a danger of subversion. This was back in the days before the exposure of the Rosenbergs and other communist-Jewish spies and conspirators in America. The Jewish media countered this warning with a deliberate campaign of confusion. They said, “Oh, you used to accuse of us being international bankers and capitalists and of subverting nations with our money. Now you accuse us of being international communists and of being a threat to capitalism. So which is it? Are we capitalists or are we communists? It can’t be both, so make up your mind.” This response was supposed to make their accusers look foolish, and with much of the public the trick worked.

Of course, the truth of the matter is that Jews are both capitalists and communists — and neither. They are, first and last, Jews, and that really says it all, if one understands what a Jew is. The average Gentile thinks that a communist must be someone who is a believer in communist ideology, and a capitalist must be someone who is a believer in the ideology of free enterprise. It doesn’t occur to him that for many Jews ideology is not something that one actually believes; it is simply a tool which one uses for deceiving non-Jews. The aim always is to acquire wealth and power, and whether one uses capitalist methods and ideology or communist methods and ideology for this purpose depends upon the situation. Regardless of the methods one uses, one remains a Jew. That’s what is important.

And of course, most of the people who were trying to warn their fellow Americans about the dangers represented by the Jews in their midst didn’t try to explain that, because most Americans simply wouldn’t have understood; it would have been too complicated for them. So the anti-communists simply said: “Watch out! The Jews are communists or are sympathetic to the communists.” And that was an oversimplification of the truth.

Here’s a more recent example: I have warned Americans that Bill Clinton is a puppet of the Jews, an obedient tool of the Jews, and I have pointed out the fact that most of the important appointments he has made as President have gone to Jews: two Supreme Court justices, his entire foreign policy and national security team, and so on. And I have stated that the Jewish media got him elected in 1992 and then reelected in 1996.

And so now some people have asked me, “Well, if Clinton is an obedient tool of the Jews, why are they now trying to destroy him? Why are some of the people who are in the forefront of those now pulling Clinton down Jews? Why would a Jewess, Monica Lewinsky, turn on him? Don’t you know that some of Ken Starr’s associates are Jews? Didn’t you notice that one of Clinton’s most important attackers is Connecticut’s Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman? It has been the Jewish media, like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, which have exposed Clinton’s lies and other crimes. So how can you say that he is a puppet of the Jews? It doesn’t make sense.”

But of course, it does make sense — if one doesn’t try to oversimplify. I don’t want to spend too much time on this because I’ve already covered much of the ground in earlier broadcasts, but I’ll try to add a few more details, so that the picture is still simple, still clear, but not overly simple. The basic facts are these: First, the Jews control the mass media — or more accurately, they are the most powerful of the conscious elites in the media world; they wield more control over the media than any other coherent and self-conscious group. And because of this media control they are able to exercise a determining influence on the electoral process: in other words, through their media control they are able to control the politics of a mass democracy, where everyone, even the most easily manipulated elements of the population, has an equal vote.

Second, Bill Clinton is a talented but utterly corrupt man. He is a typical child of the 1960s. He grew up believing that the world owed him something. He grew up believing that he was entitled to whatever he could grab. And he grew up cynical. He grew up during a period when the Jews were turning American society on its head, when Jews were breaking all of the rules and getting away with it. Bill Clinton noticed this and learned from it. And Bill Clinton grew up with a talent for manipulating people, a talent for lying to people and getting them to believe him. This suited him perfectly for a career in politics.

And the Jews noticed Bill Clinton. They saw him as potentially very useful to them. He is exactly the sort of man they always are on the lookout for: corrupt but charming; someone who can attract votes but who understands which side his bread is buttered on. They supported him with their media and with their money. Without their support he wouldn’t have gotten into the White House. And Bill Clinton reciprocated. He gave them whatever they wanted. He appointed them to every high position in the government, and he pushed their policies and programs. On all of this the record is clear. So why are they abandoning, even attacking, their good friend Bill Clinton now?

Well of course, he never really was their friend: he was their useful tool. And he has become a badly damaged tool as a consequence of his own personal weaknesses. The Jews did not set out to destroy him. He did that himself. Remember, Ken Starr was ready to throw in the towel and give up on investigating Clinton three years ago. If anyone besides Clinton deserves credit for his downfall it is Paula Jones. When Paula Jones sued Clinton for sexual harassment she opened the Pandora’s box from which the affair with Monica Lewinsky eventually came to light. Remember, the Jewish media tried hard not to notice Paula Jones. That Paula eventually was noticed by the public resulted from several factors beyond the control of the Jewish media bosses.

And that’s one of those little complications we must deal with in the real world. Despite all their media power and all their money, the Jews are not able to control everything all the time. Sometimes the Jews are compelled by circumstances just like the rest of us. They also have their vulnerabilities.

Paula Jones opened a Pandora’s box that the Jews would have preferred to keep closed. But once the box was open, they had to decide what to do about Clinton. On the one hand, they have Al Gore waiting in the wings, and Al Gore is just as corrupt as Bill Clinton, just as willing a tool. But on the other hand, Gore simply doesn’t have Clinton’s talents. He’ll do what the Jews tell him, but he won’t be able to charm the voters as effectively as Clinton could. They’d like to keep Clinton, but he’s become a bit of a tar baby. And so we have had an opportunity to see another of the world’s little complications, and that is that not even the Jews are always in complete agreement about the best way to proceed.

The Jews don’t want to become too closely identified with Clinton’s corrupt image. Looking a little further ahead than the mass of Gentile voters who still think Clinton should stay in the White House, the Jews understand that it will not be helpful for them to have a very close historical association with the Clinton administration. They don’t want Clinton to be thought of as their man, because they have a suspicion that despite his present popularity his historical image will be very bad indeed. For some of them that is the primary consideration, and they’d like to see Clinton go quickly and then muddle through with Al Gore as best they can. Other Jews are still fascinated by Clinton’s approval ratings and his ability to charm the lemmings. They don’t want to trade him in for Al Gore no matter how much tar rubs off on them. And of course, they also have the consideration that if they all abandon him simultaneously and all begin attacking him, he conceivably could turn on them and lash out at them. Better to keep him mindful that despite the fact that some of them are pulling him down, if he wants to stay out of prison he’d better keep obeying orders. So there are complications in life even for the Jews.

I’ll give you one more example of the subtleties that one must deal with in trying to understand the role of the Jews in our society. Last week one of the most powerful Jewish organizations, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith — the ADL — held a huge press conference at the National Press Club in Washington and simultaneous press conferences in a number of cities around the country, and they announced that I am the most dangerous man in America. Really: I am the most dangerous man in America! And the organization I head, the National Alliance, is the most dangerous organization in America. Really: not the Mafia, not what’s left of the Communist Party, not some violent and well armed militia group, not Louis Farrakhan and the Black Muslims, but the National Alliance.

Well, I long ago decided that any insult from the Devil is a compliment, but still there are some troubling aspects to what the Anti-Defamation League has done, and I’ll share them with you, because they can help us understand better the way the Jews operate. When the ADL held its press conferences last week it handed out press releases to the reporters and politicians. The press release began with a statement by the top ADL commissar, Abraham Foxman, saying, “The National Alliance is an alliance of bigots and bombers thriving on hate,” and then it listed a long series of violent crimes and terrorist acts the ADL claims are “linked to the National Alliance and its propaganda.” The list begins:

- 1992-1995, Midwest: Authorities say the Aryan Republican Army, a white supremacist gang that required members to read The Turner Diaries, committed 22 bank robberies and bombings.

- April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City: The bombing of the Murrah Federal Building is eerily reminiscent of a fictional bombing scene in The Turner Diaries, of which Timothy McVeigh was a devotee.

- December 1995, Fayetteville, NC: Two soldiers stationed at Fort Bragg, who were avowed neo-Nazis and reportedly read National Alliance propaganda, murdered an African-American couple.

Et cetera. There’s a lot more to the ADL’s press release, but you get the idea: I and the other members of the National Alliance are bomb-throwers and bank robbers “linked” to 22 bank robberies and bombings in the Midwest, to the Oklahoma City bombing, to the shooting of a Black drug dealer and his girlfriend in North Carolina, and to lots of other things. Now, as a matter of fact, neither I nor anyone else in the National Alliance had ever heard of the Aryan Republican Army and its 22 bank robberies and bombings, or of Timothy McVeigh, or of the soldiers at Fort Bragg who shot the Black drug dealer, until we saw these people on television news programs, like everyone else.

But we are “linked” to them, says the ADL. How? Did some of these folks listen to one of my American Dissident Voices broadcasts? Probably. At least, I wouldn’t be surprised. Did some of them read my 1978 novel, The Turner Diaries? Probably. At least, I’ve seen evidence to indicate that Timothy McVeigh did, although I don’t know about any of the others. There are a quarter of a million copies of the book in circulation, and probably a half-million readers altogether — including, no doubt, Abraham Foxman and a number of his associates in the ADL.

So that’s how I and the National Alliance are “linked” to bombings, bank robberies, and murders. Very clever. So then, it’s fair to say that the Catholic Church is “linked” to Mafia operations, and that the Automobile Association of America — the AAA — is “linked” to drunk driving, and that the folks who publish various editions of the Bible are “linked” to the crimes committed by people who quote the Bible as they take an ax to their wives or blow away a neighbor with a shotgun.

“The National Alliance is an alliance of bombers and bigots,” says Abraham Foxman. I am not aware of a single instance of a bombing committed by a National Alliance member — although a couple of years ago a former member in Florida had a pipe bomb he was trying to build blow up in his face. He wasn’t a member of the National Alliance at the time, and he didn’t actually bomb anything except himself — but that’s enough for Abraham Foxman and the ADL to describe the National Alliance as an organization of “bombers and bigots.”

You know, every organization which recruits from the public will occasionally recruit a member who has had or will have a problem with the law, but here’s something to remember: the Democratic Party has a much higher percentage of lawbreakers among its members than does the National Alliance. We don’t tolerate criminal activity, but the head of the Democratic Party seems to thrive on it — at least he did before Ken Starr got on his case.

Abe Foxman and the ADL seem to thrive on criminal activity too. Five years ago, in April 1993, search warrants were executed on the Los Angeles and San Francisco offices of the ADL, and police seized hundreds of confidential police files which had been stolen by the ADL. Some of these police files were from investigations of anti-apartheid groups in the United States, and the ADL had given copies to the South African government in return for access to confidential South African police files on anti-Israel groups in South Africa. A lot of the people whose names were in those confidential police files the ADL had stolen sued the ADL for invasion of privacy, and that’s still working its way through the courts.

But here’s the really interesting part of all this: newspapers and other media took the ADL’s press release last week as gospel, and they printed big excerpts from it. It’s been in newspapers all over the country. You’ve probably seen some of these stories yourself. With one exception none of these newspapers even bothered to check with me first; they didn’t call me up and ask me if the ADL’s allegations were true or if I had any comment on them; they just ran sensational stories with headlines like “National Alliance linked to bombings and murders.” And of course, they said nothing about the ADL’s criminal activities or its links to the government of Israel. And many of these newspapers aren’t even owned or edited by Jews. But they all follow the party line. They know that the ADL is an official Jewish organization, and therefore it cannot be criticized, and nothing it says can be questioned. That would be like questioning the “Holocaust,” heaven forbid!

That’s a little frightening, don’t you think? So here’s one of those complications about the way the Jews wield their power. They don’t have to own everything in order to have things go their way. A newspaper editor or a television station owner doesn’t have to be Jewish in order to slavishly follow the Jewish party line. The Jews own enough of the media — they hold enough of the policy-making positions — so that no one, or almost no one, wants to cross them. When an institution becomes corrupt — and that, unfortunately, is the case with our mass media, just as with our political system — the Jews can count on using their power to make things go their way. They thrive on corruption. The ADL thrives on corruption. The ADL could not exist in an uncorrupted society.

Finally, here’s one other little complication in understanding the role of the Jews. I know and you know individual Jews who are not involved in any political or media activity, individual Jews who simply earn a living and go about their business and don’t pay much attention to what the ADL is doing. And so I often have people write to me and ask me why I am so hard on the Jews. They remind me that there are lots of evil people in our society, even in the media, who are not Jews. They remind me that Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner aren’t Jews, that Stalin wasn’t a Jew, and that Lenin was only part Jewish. And that’s true enough. And that’s why we won’t be able to dispense with the gallows even when we have no more Jews.

But the people who are focusing on the complications that many of the world’s evildoers aren’t Jews and that many Jews are not involved in sinister activities — these people are failing to see the forest because of the trees. When I speak about the role of the Jews in the world today or in the past I do simplify the world. I do simplify the facts, because my aim is for people to see the forest, to understand the forest, at least in rough outline, before they spend too much time studying the individual trees.

And the forest I want people to see, the big picture I want them to understand, even though it is a simplified picture, is this: Without Jews there would have been no Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent selective murder of two generations of the best and brightest of the Russians. Without Jews as an organized community pushing “multiculturalism” and “diversity” and open borders and racial mixing in the United States, White Americans would not now be facing the prospect of becoming a minority in their own country in the near future. It is the Jewish presence as a whole and its effect on our society that we must understand first, before we start trying to understand all of the complicating details.
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"vigilante justice!", screams the kike. No, Hymie, the community-at-large taking the responsibility to see to it that justice not be denied to that poor little girl and her grieving family despite the machinations and behind the scenes finaglings of well placed jews and their traitorous, sell-out whores in gooberment.
Worse than a million megaHitlers all smushed together.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

February 17, 2009

Abe Foxman’s ‘Anti-Semitic Pandemic’
by Ran HaCohen

If there were a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy, Abraham Foxman would have been a great candidate. The director of the Anti-Defamation League, who once interpreted even International Holocaust Remembrance Day as an expression of the Gentiles’ latent desire to see Jews dead, has published a new survey on anti-Semitism in Europe [.pdf]. One of the assertions respondents were asked to agree or disagree with was “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country”; an affirmative response was considered indicative of anti-Semitism.

Indeed, doubting the loyalty of a minority is not nice. And the fact that many Zionists would affirm that assertion, or at least expect a Jew to be more loyal to Israel than to his country of residence, is a weak excuse for agreeing with such a characterization of all Jews. But let’s put things in perspective: even if about half of Europeans say it’s “probably true” that Jews are more loyal to Israel, not a single European party is pledging to revoke Jews’ citizenship unless they prove their loyalty. I haven’t heard of such a demand toward any other native minority either, in Europe or elsewhere. Even the late Joerg Haider did not go that far.

There is one exception, of course. The foremost campaign slogan of
Avigdor_Lieberman Avigdor_Lieberman
Yisrael Beiteinu Party has been “No Loyalty – No Citizenship,” which is aimed at Israel’s Arab minority. Thirteen percent of Israelis gave Lieberman their vote. What does Abe Foxman have to say about that? Well, Foxman actually defends Lieberman, describing him as harmless: “He’s not saying expel them. He’s not saying punish them.” Not at all: he’s just demonizing them and threatening to deprive them of their citizenship. No big deal.

So a private person who doubts the loyalty of Jews in a telephone interview is a dirty anti-Semite to Foxman. But a major political party that publicly defames Arab Israelis and pledges to revoke their citizenship gets a pass from the director of the Anti-Defamation(!) League, purportedly committed to “Fighting Anti-Semitism, Bigotry, and Extremism”!

A Biased Survey

The ADL survey as a whole deserves some critical analysis. Conducted for the second time in seven European countries, the survey consisted of a short list of assertions respondents were supposed to take a stand on.

Note that respondents were given only two choices: they had to refer to each assertion as either “probably true” or “probably false.” All the assertions were phrased in a way that “probably true” was the choice considered anti-Semitic. This suffers from the notorious “confirmatory bias,” which “inclines people toward accepting assertions, rather than thinking more extensively and seeing the flaws in those assertions” (see
Jon_Krosnick Jon_Krosnick
, “Maximizing Questionnaire Quality” [.pdf]). A serious survey would have phrased some of the assertions in the negative to overcome this natural bias. But the ADL followed its own bias: anti-Semitism should always be found, and the more the better. In fact, if some of this bias, as research indicates, is due to the desire of individuals of lower social status to defer to individuals of higher social status, this could explain why the ADL’s survey consistently found that levels of anti-Semitism were higher among people who did not continue education beyond the age of 17.

One also wonders whether the assertion “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust” (note the suggestive adverb “still”!) has much to do with anti-Semitism (cf. Yehuda Elkana’s [.pdf] classical “The Need to Forget” [.pdf]). And what on earth made the ADL waste two of their six questions on almost identical assertions (“Jews have too much power in the business world” and “Jews have too much power in international financial markets”), which almost always yielded the same result (correlation coefficient 0.922). Was there a shortage of anti-Semitic assertions?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Foxman – not a man of understatement – made it to the headlines by decrying “a pandemic of anti-Semitism” as a consequence of Operation Cast Lead: the crisis was “the worst, the most intense, the most global that it has been in most of our memories.”

Operation Cast Lead began on Dec. 27, 2008. Now the ADL survey was conducted Dec. 1, 2008-Jan. 13, 2009; that is, its last third was conducted during the devastation of Gaza. If there is an “anti-Semitic pandemic” due to the Gaza events, as Foxman claims, a serious survey should have made a clear distinction between data collected before and after the outbreak of that “pandemic.” Actually, the ADL should have simply read its own survey to see the necessity of making such a distinction: one of its findings is that “23 percent of those surveyed say that their opinion of Jews is influenced by the actions taken by the state of Israel.”

At any rate – careful scientific distinctions aside – if all this were true, a survey conducted partly after the outbreak of the Gaza atrocities would be influenced by the alleged “pandemic” and show a significant rise in anti-Semitism.

Was this the case? Not quite. Actually, as the ADL admits, “A comparison with the 2007 survey indicates that over the past two years levels of anti-Semitism have remained steady in six of the seven countries tested.” Who was the party-pooper? Great Britain, of course, home of some of the most effective initiatives to boycott Israel: “The United Kingdom was the only country in which there was a marked decline” in anti-Semitism. Steadiness in six continental countries, a marked decline in the UK – and this in a survey conducted partly during an alleged “pandemic” of anti-Semitism. Go figure.

Don’t Confuse Us With Facts

Obviously, the survey was reported widely in the Israeli media. In fact, much like anti-Communism in the U.S. during the 1980s, anti-anti-Semitism is (Jewish) Israel’s national religion. Every non-Jew is an anti-Semite, potentially if not actually – be it a bad-tempered waiter in a French restaurant or even Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Anti-Semitism is our best excuse: We do not believe in peace because all Arabs are anti-Semites. We must attack Iran because all Muslims are anti-Semites and want to annihilate us, and the rest of the world is anti-Semitic and doesn’t care if we are annihilated. And of course every criticism of Israel’s occupation is purely anti-Semitic.

Obviously, reports of steady or declining levels of anti-Semitism is not what Israelis want to hear: anti-Semitism should always be on the rise, to boost our national cohesion.

Therefore both Ha’aretz (Feb. 11, Hebrew) and YNet (Feb. 10, Hebrew) used the partial data of “31% of Europeans Blame the Jews for the Economic Crisis” as an ominous headline. Both focused on the absolute figures of 2009 and kept the inconvenient trend to a marginal penultimate paragraph. Even then, Ha’aretz journalist Natasha Mozgovaya went out of her way to translate the ADL’s “marked decline” in British anti-Semitism as “a small decline” (not even bothering to mention what it was compared to), whereas YNet omitted the adjective and wrote just “a decline.” And both followed the ADL summary and quickly “balanced” the overall positive trend by emphasizing the negative fraction of the findings.

Make no mistake: some level of racism, including anti-Semitism, does exist in any society; racist Israel is the last place to deny that. But just like real anti-Semitism undermines the Palestinian cause, so do biased surveys and manipulative declarations about anti-Semitism undermine the struggle against racism. And Foxman criticizing one form of racism while supporting another is despicable.
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August 27 2007

Abe Foxman’s Genocide Denial Roadshow, Part 2
ADL’s Foxman’s Forges Impossible Alliance of Armenians, Turks and Boston-Area Jews


Last week CounterPunch was the only national outlet, to the best of our knowledge, to report the disturbances caused in the Boston suburb of Watertown over denial of the Armenian genocide by the national Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its director, Abe Foxman. The brouhaha was set off by an investigation into Watertown’s participation in “No Place for Hate,” an “anti-bigotry” program of uncertain origin. Mirabile dictu, the program turned out to be sponsored by the national ADL which denies that the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of the Turks from 1915 to 1923 amounted to a genocide. This was quite disconcerting to the town mothers and fathers since Watertown boasts an Armenian-American population in excess of 8000. The town council met to consider the program and the local director of ADL, one Andrew Tarsey, showed up to implore them not to withdraw from the program. Met with boos and hisses by the duly assembled Watertown citizenry, Tarsey beat a hasty retreat from the Council chambers. The Watertown mothers and fathers then unanimously voted to drop the ADL program.

The next day Tarsey, now in full rout, reversed his position, labeling the killing of 1.5 million Armenians a genocide after all. Problem is that this local ADL position contradicts the position of national ADL headed by Abe Foxman, which persists in denying the Armenian genocide. Foxman’s solution fire local ADL leader Tarsey. And for good measure, he labeled the Watertown position as “bigoted,” thus playing the “race card.” Obviously the Watertownians must be anti-Semites, a charge Foxman cannot resist, if they will not sponsor an ADL program. However, in a challenge to Foxman, the local ADL and Jewish establishment, seeing their credibility slip sliding away here in the Athens of America, decided to affirm the Armenian genocide.

But the House of Reps. in US Congress has a resolution pending with 227 co-sponsors (a clear majority) recognizing the Armenian genocide, much to the consternation of Turkey, an ally of Israel’s and also an avid buyer of Israeli arms and an ally of the U.S. So what was Foxman to do? Like Solomon, Foxman opted for a split decision, but unlike Solomon, Foxman has tried to execute it. He said in Boston that he has reversed his decision and the ADL now considers the Armenian massacre “tantamount to genocide.” (“Tantamount”?) But in Washington national ADL will continue to oppose the Congressional resolution, recognizing the Armenian genocide. So in Boston the massacre of Armenians is genocide but in Washington it is not. What the status will be in NYC or Baltimore, Foxman has yet to decide.

The Armenians, both locally and nationally, will have none of this. They want the ADL to support the Congressional resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide or else stand accused as genocide deniers. So now both the Armenians and the local Boston ADL are at odds with Foxman and national ADL.

Enter the Turks. They too have denounced Foxman for admitting genocide in Boston even if he has not done so in Washington. And they are angry about it. Foxman laid his original genocide denial at the feet of the Turks, saying he feared for the safety of Jewish Turks if he crossed the Turks. Friday the Turkish Foreign Ministry responded, “The Jewish community in Turkey is part of our society, and its members do not have any reason to worry.” Clearly the Turks do not like Foxman’s accusations of anti-Semitism, any more than the Watertownians did. The Turks then one-upped Foxman, claiming that his Boston recognition of the Armenian genocide denies the special nature of the Holocaust. “We consider the statement of the ADL as an injustice to the unique character of the Holocaust, as well as to the memories of its victims,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Washington said in a statement. “We expect it to be rectified.” There you have it, Abe Foxman, Holocaust denier! So Foxman now has accomplished what has eluded diplomats for nearly a century, bringing Armenians and Turks together * in this case in opposition to national ADL. And he has even brought down a Turkish charge against his own proper respect for the Holocaust!

Foxman of course is little more than an intellectual bully, sliming with charges of anti-Semitism whomever dares challenge the policies of Isreal. But his defamatory, anti-defamation league is in trouble. Foxman’s actions now put the fabled and hitherto invincible Isreali Lobby on the line. The Turks certainly must have thought that the Lobby could “deliver” Congress on genocide denial, and Foxman’s ADL is a key component of that Lobby. The Turks have already complained to Israel about the ADL’s Boston-Washington split decision. This is very important to them, having hired both Dick Gephardt, former House Majority Leader and Bob Livingston (Remember him?) former Speaker of the House at considerable cost to get Congress on their side. So the battle lines are drawn. CounterPunch will keep you posted.
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ADL Accused of Mccarthyite Tactics

/* Written 8:03 AM Nov 17, 1998 by [email protected] in
igc:misc.activism. */

Dear Colleagues:

I can assure you these these ADL "enemies lists" and
"blacklists" do indeed exist. I have seen them myself and
have some of them in my files. As I said before,when a
Jewish Professor friend of mine was blacklisted and
subjected to McCarthyite tactics by them and AIPAC, I
filed a Complaint on behalf of my friend and all other
American Professors who had been blacklisted by ADL/AIPAC
as "enemies" and subjected to McCarthyite tactics with
the AAUP. The cowards and hypocrites at the AAUP refused
to help, whereupon I resigned my membership in the AAUP.
For my efforts I was then blacklisted by ADL.

By the way, ADL was sharing this illegally gathered
intelligence information with the Afrikaaner apartheid
regime in South Africa. Many of us who worked for
Palestinian human rights were also involved in the
struggle against apartheid in South Africa. See my
Defending Civil Resistance under International Law
(Transnational:1987). The Complaint that I filed with the
AAUP is currently being used by former Congressman
McCloskey in the prosecution of these lawsuits.

Francis A.Boyle

Francis A. Boyle Law Building
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign, Ill. 61820
Phone: 217-333-7954
Fax: 217-244-1478
[email protected]
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Alex Linder

Smith is One of the Top Ten Extremists in America: According to the ADL

by Bradley R. Smith

“Since 1983, Bradley R. Smith has effectively functioned as the Holocaust Denial movement’s chief propagandist and outreach director in the United States. Smith was the first director of the Media Project of the Institute for Historical Review, he took Holocaust denial to TV and radio stations across the Nation. He achieved his greatest notoriety, however, as the director of the Committee for Open Debate of [sic] the Holocaust, whose mission is to disseminate denial to students on college campuses.” Quoted from the most recent article published as a booklet and on its World Wide Website by the Anti-Defamation League.
A s noted here in SR82, The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) has published a paper on the World Wide Web titled "Extremism in America" (1) where it lists the ten most dangerous extremists in the country. I find that I'm on the list - one of the most dangerous men in the land (there are no women on the list). I'm reminded of those serial murderers listed on the FBI's Most Wanted list - it may be nice to see your photo on the post office bulletin board, but is it what you really want?

What have I done to be taken so seriously? Placing advertisements in student newspapers? Asking for some back and forth on a historical issue? Encouraging intellectual freedom, even with regard to the Holocaust question? Always with the cooperation of student editors, their business managers and faculty advisors? That makes me one of the top ten extremists in the nation? Maybe it just doesn’t take that much anymore.

The ADL home page for Extremism in America shows a photograph of the Oklahoma City Federal Building after it was bombed by Timothy McVeigh, et al. Is that what intellectual freedom leads to? The mass murder of civilians and their children? I’ve never thought so. Intellectual freedom promises a non-violent exchange of ideas, encourages communication among disparate sections of the citizenry, creates confidence in an open society, and has the inherent characteristic of illuminating every public issue, as if in the light of day, so that secret societies and special interest groups are open to the same scrutiny as ordinary individuals.

The one common thread among those on the ADL’s Top Ten list of extremists in America is that they are all involved with the White racialist movement. I’m the one exception, but I made the list anyhow. How? In a free society racialist theory should be on the table for open debate, but I have never been a member of a racialist organization or promoted racialist ideology. It wasn’t a difficult decision for me to make. I didn’t have to wrestle with my soul. The first barrier for me was the last. I have always disliked how too many racialists use the language. There are many individual exceptions, but a rule of thumb appears to be to use the language in a way that is both vulgar and self-defeating.

Why am I the only designated extremist in the ADL’s Top Ten who is not part of the racialist movement? I think we all know why. Because anyone who questions the orthodox version of the Holocaust story, particularly the homicidal gassing chambers, “hates Jews.” While this is a childish, if not a stupid concept, it has worked in America for half a century so there is no reason for ADL Jews to let it get away from them. Jews are not much of a race, but when it comes to the science and rewards of victimlogy it is very good business for ADL Jews to consider Jews to be something “like” a race, an “ethnic” group, or, as the man most responsible for the founding of Israel used to say, a “people.”

I think many individuals in the Industry sincerely believe that only someone who hates Jews could possibly question the gas chamber stories. These are not stupid people, but they have allowed themselves to be stupefied by their own rhetoric. For these people, hating Jews is just as bad, worse, than hating Blacks and the “mud” people. Others in the Industry certainly feel that questioning the gas chamber stories is probably anti-Jewish, so while they are not certain they don’t want to take any chances and urge its suppression on principle. And then there’s the problem that those who work for the Industry either make their living suppressing revisionist theory, or would have their income affected negatively by speaking out in support of intellectual freedom on the question. For many of these fighters-against-hate then, it’s a bread and butter issue.

The author of “Extremism in America” is not listed, but is most likely Jeffrey Ross. Jeffrey is the fellow in charge of the “campus desk” at ADL headquarters in New York City. He’s been on my case for ten years now. Everywhere I run an ad it’s been Ross’s job to see to it that the staff of the student paper, its faculty advisor, and the president of the college is contacted and chastised, urged to publish a condemnation of the ad, and warned to not make the same mistake again.

In “Extremism in America” Jeffrey has given me my own page, complete with photograph, background information, and then a history of my extremist actions and accomplishments. My page is titled “Bradley Smith / The Committee For Open Debate of [sic] the Holocaust (CODOH).” The first line of my personal background is my date of birth, January 18, 1939. Jeffrey got the year wrong, and he got the month wrong, but one out of three isn’t that bad when I recall what the ADL has produced about me over the years. It’s not important, but I was born on 18 February 1930.

I always imagined Ross to be a nervous, thin little guy with a beard, about thirty years old maybe. No mature person would describe me to student editors as “scum,” as Ross has. But the other day I saw a photograph of Jeffrey Ross. He’s twenty or thirty years older than I imagined him to be, has no beard, he’s not short, he’s putting on weight, and looks more or less like a small town college professor or businessman. He looks normal. These people can fool you.

I see too that ADL is still circulating the old story that Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) was “initially funded by William Curry,” a Nebraskan businessman. It’s not true. I’ve told them it’s not true, I’ve repeated on radio that it’s not true and reported in my newsletter (which Jeffery is very familiar with) that it’s not true, but they like the story so here it is again. William Curry had nothing to do with the initial funding of CODOH. In the first place, CODOH didn’t have any initial funding. CODOH was founded the day I typed up a letterhead that read Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), and had some copies made at my Iranian-Jewish copy shop on Highland Boulevard in Hollywood. I think I had fifty copies printed and the bill was about two dollars and fifty cents. And that was it.

It’s not really very important one way or the other – what difference would it make — but I have always wondered, why do the ADL folk keep repeating the statement when they know I deny it and they have no proof that it is true? What’s in their heads? I needed funding. I certainly would have accepted funding from Mr. Curry if he had offered it, but he didn’t. I had never met the man when I founded CODOH, never talked to him, never to my recollection received a note from him. Nothing. Yet here it is again. Why? I think I have finally realized what this is all about. Jeffery (I will take it as a given until I learn differently that Jeffrey is responsible for Extremism in America) has put something together which must have been on his mind all this time, something that just never occurred to me.

In Extremism is America Jeffrey writes that in 1986 Curry attempted to place a full-page ad in the Daily Nebraskan, the student newspaper at University of Nebraska. It was refused. Curry then offered $5,000 to the university to pay for a speaker who would debate revisionist theory at an academic conference. The offer was refused. He wrote letters to the editor of various newspapers, and disseminated his ideas through mass mailings.

These four tools – purchasing ad space in student newspapers, sponsoring debates, writing letters to the editor and sending direct mail – were all adopted by CODOH….

That’s it then! At last! It’s pure speculation, it’s all wrong, but there is in fact a clear logic of coincidence to it. I do remember talk about Curry’s full-page ad and how it was refused, though I don’t think I ever saw the text. I do remember talk about the $5,000 offer to debate revisionism being refused. I don’t know anything about Curry’s letter writing campaigns or the mass mailings. In 1986 I was doing radio. I had my hands full with it. But the story makes sense if you want it to. William Curry tried to publish a full-page ad in a campus newspaper so that’s what gave me the idea to do it. He offered money to get a debate going over revisionist theory, so I followed his lead. And why wouldn’t I? After all, William Curry “initially funded” CODOH. It’s all nonsense. But at last I see the “logic” in Jeffrey’s obsession with William Curry and CODOH.

As a matter of fact, in addition to William Curry not initially funding CODOH, I do not remember that he ever contributed any money whatever to CODOH or to me. Not a dime. Maybe he did. But I do remember one afternoon a few days before Christmas when we were still in Hollywood and I received a $400 check from a revisionist organization that Curry was affiliated with. It was about 1987. The check was a lifesaver. We didn’t have any money at all. I felt so grateful that I got Curry’s phone number from a mutual friend and rang him up. I had never spoken to him. I identified myself. It must have been about eight o’clock in the evening in Nebraska. I thanked him with some fervor for the check and started to go on about it when he interrupted me.

Curry said: “I didn’t send you any money. I don’t want your thanks.”

I was stopped in my tracks. I mumbled some apology and hung up. It turned out that my friend Fritz Berg, who was also affiliated with the same organization (I don’t remember now what it was called) had sent me the money.

A couple years later I did meet William Curry. I was invited through a mutual friend to spend the weekend at his winter home in Borrego Springs in the desert south of Palm Springs. Curry was probably in his seventies then, white haired, rather an invalid, and needed an oxygen tank at his side during dinner. His manner was what we used to call “crusty.” There were maybe eight of us at a lively supper table, including his charming wife. He asked me how I had gotten into revisionism and I told him the story about reading Faurisson’s paper on Auschwitz and the Rumor of the Gas Chambers, and how I had sensed immediately that something was wrong with the stories.

“That was short and clear,” Curry said. “ That’s what I like.”

I had the impression that he had asked that question of others and had gotten some long-winded answers. I asked him how he had gotten into revisionism and he related an anecdote about how after the war in Europe he had met a G.I. at a bar in England (maybe it was Germany) who told him that the stories about the Dachau gas chambers were not true. Curry said: “I looked into it and found out that the Dachau gas chamber was crap. Afterwards I looked into the other gas chamber stories and found out they were crap too. Sometimes I think the whole goddamned war was crap.”

Sometimes I think the same thing. No – that’s what I think about it every time I think about it. I would like to have gotten to know William Curry better, but I had to return to Hollywood that night, my mother was having a problem, and I never saw him again.

Meanwhile, I’m back in action with the dreaded Campus Project. Now that I have become aware (again) of how important my work is to the ADL, how closely its agents read everything I publish, I will report here only after the fact on the upcoming successes (and failures) of the new Campus Project for the 2001 – 2002 academic year. I’m looking forward to it.
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Source: MSANEWS, [email protected]

ADL – A History of Disinformation and Intimidation


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which describes itself as a civil rights organization, has been in the forefront of an ongoing attempt to label legitimate American-Arab and American-Muslim charitable, political, and informational organizations as fronts for terrorism. This attempt is part of a long-standing ADL policy of discrediting any individual or organization opposed to Israel or supportive of Palestinian rights. The ADL’s strong political loyalty to Israel as well as its acknowledged ties to Israel’s external intelligence agency in addition to its past practices of spreading disinformation and intimidating those who have spoken out against Israeli policies should however serve as a warning about the ADL and the nature of its claims.

When the ADL was founded in 1913 it defined its mission as opposing the defamation of the Jewish people. Over the years, the organization won respect for its active support of civil rights and its opposition to segregation and white supremacist groups. However after the founding of the State of Israel and the 1967 Middle East War, the ADL significantly altered the way it defined its mission. In a 1974 ADL publication entitled “The New Anti-Semitism,” then-ADL National Director Benjamin Epstein argued that any “criticism of Israel reflects insensitivity to American Jews and constitutes a form of anti-Semitism.” This change in the way it defined its mission meant that the ADL would no longer be engaged in merely civil rights work but would rather take on a very strong political stance in defense of Israel. The main goal of the ADL became to counteract any criticism of Israel and to promote Israel’s interests regardless of other considerations. Throughout the 1970′s and 1980′s, for example, the ADL was in the forefront of an effort to keep documents underscoring Israel’s sinking of an American naval ship confidential. Such efforts cannot be understood in the context of the ADL’s former civil rights agenda. Similarly, in November, 1994, ADL’s Executive Director Abraham Foxman personally appealed to President Bill Clinton to commute the prison sentence of Jonathan Pollard, an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy who sold what the New York Times described as “suitcases full of military intelligence” to Israel. Foxman’s appeal to President Clinton can only be understood in light of the ADL’s new mission of promoting Israeli interests.

The fact that the ADL has become a pro-Israel interest group is, of course, not in itself problematic. The entire United States political system is based on the freedom of interest groups to compete with others in promoting their often conflicting agendas. However the ADL has overstepped the bounds of legitimacy on a number of levels. The organization has engaged in illegal domestic spying activities, has worked with foreign intelligence agencies to undermine the rights and endanger the lives of American citizens, has undertaken disinformation campaigns slandering and intimidating numerous academicians, politicians, journalists, church officials, and Arab-Americans.

ADL’s transgressions were most notably exposed in January 1993 when San Francisco newspapers broke the story of ADL’s extensive domestic spying network. The San Francisco Police Department discovered that under the cover of fighting anti-Semitism, the ADL had gathered and sold to intelligence agents of the Israeli and South African governments information on thousands of American individuals and groups. In addition to nearly all Arab American organizations, those whom the ADL targeted included House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ron Dellums, former Congressman Pete McCloskey, Los Angeles Times correspondent Scott Kraft, the board of directors of public television station KQED, the Rainbow Coalition, a number of labor unions, Greenpeace, as well as numerous other journalists, professors, members of Congress, and activists who the ADL suspected had “anti-Israel” leanings. The information which the San Francisco police department confiscated from the ADL offices included illegally obtained confidential police material. The manner by which the ADL obtained such information as well as the fact that they sold it to foreign governments are both felonies.

The ADL’s ties to the Mossad, Israel’s external intelligence agency, had been known even before the scandal broke out in 1993. During the court proceedings concerning a 1970 lawsuit against the ADL, an internal letter was disclosed in which ADL’s Epstein bragged about the close intelligence relations between the ADL and Israel. Furthermore, in his 1988 autobiography, ADL general counsel Arnold Forster described the close connections between the ADL and the Mossad. The Mossad connection is especially disturbing because of the Israeli intelligence agency’s long record of engaging in political assassinations of opponents of Israel throughout the world.

Like the Mossad, the ADL has not been content with just gathering information on those who have spoken out against Israel or in favor of Palestinian rights. The ADL has also actively engaged in discrediting them through disinformation campaigns which are aimed at both distorting the records and intimidating those opposed to Israel. While in the 1970′s and 1980′s, the ADL often falsely labeled such individuals as being connected to the PLO or in the pay of Arab Gulf states, since the 1990′s, the ADL has begun labeling them as being connected to Islamic terrorist organizations. The ADL’s allegations, while couched in a matter-of-fact style, nearly always falls far short of providing any real evidence. However such allegations have had far-reaching effects. After the ADL accused seven Palestinians and a Kenyan woman in California with ties to a PLO terrorist group, for example, the eight individuals were arrested and deportation proceedings were begun. When it was later discovered that no real evidence existed against the eight individuals except for the fact that they had distributed anti-Israeli magazines, the media sharply criticized the government.

One of its first salvos in the disinformation war was its 1975 report entitled “Target U.S.A.: The Arab Propaganda Offensive,” in which the ADL distorted the images of nearly all mainstream Arab-American groups. The ADL followed up that report with its most controversial book of all: Pro-Arab Propaganda: Vehicles and Voices, an enemies list of 31 organizations and 34 individuals which was published in 1983 and was largely aimed at countering opposition to Israel from University professors and student organizations. The publication intentionally takes statements of those on the list out of context, accuses them of Anti-Semitism, and falsely accuses a number of academic scholars of being part of a PLO support network or of having been paid by Gulf Arab countries. The report calls upon Jewish leaders in Universities throughout the country to boycott and intimidate those appearing on the list. Those who appeared on the list later found themselves ostracized by the academic community with some losing their jobs or denied promotions. S.C. Whittaker, the former chairman of the Political Science Department at Rutgers University admitted, for example, that political reasons, rather than academic ones, prevented Dr. Eqbal Ahmad from obtaining a regular teaching appointment after his name appeared on the ADL list. Dr. Noam Chomsky, who also appeared on the list, says that since the book was published, protesters have appeared at every one of his speaking engagements and have distributed distorted ADL reports containing fabricated quotes that he was alleged to have made in an attempt to intimidate him and his listeners. On Nov. 30, 1984, the Middle East Studies Association passed a resolution protesting the “creation, storage, or dissemination of blacklists, enemy lists” or surveys that call for boycotting individuals or intimidating scholars. Similar intimidation campaigns have been waged by the ADL against reporters and journalists who have criticized Israel.

Throughout the 1980′s, the ADL also accused liberal church officials, church groups, and religious organizations which called for peace and justice for all in the Middle East as being connected to the PLO. The Reverend Don Wagner and the Presbyterian Church had especially been accused by the ADL of having connections to the PLO, though no evidence was ever presented backing up such contentions. On the other hand, after a 1994 report on the religious right, the ADL was accused by religious conservatives of going after people for their political views and of taking numerous quotes of religious leaders out of context. Also on May 25, 1994, the ADL’s Jerusalem office released a sensationalist story which appeared the next day in the New York Times and other newspapers which alleged that the Vatican had admitted to being responsible for the Holocaust. The Vatican later totally denied the story. The ADL’s blatant misrepresentation of facts was sharply criticized.

The ADL’s credibility has been severely shaken by its long record of disinformation. While the ADL has every right to continue advocating pro-Israel policies, its real agenda should be exposed and it must be made to end the illegal spying, harassment, and intimidation of political opponents. More importantly, U.S. law enforcement agencies, the media, and political circles need to see the ADL for what it is: a pro-Israel group more than ready to distort the truth to further the Israeli agenda. While in retrospect, it now seems very clear that the ADL’s wild allegations against alleged PLO support networks in the 1980′s were baseless, it must be remembered that at the time they were seen as credible and led many people to lose their jobs and others to be imprisoned. The ADL’s current crusade against alleged Islamic terrorist networks is almost identical to its earlier one against so-called ties to the PLO. Both campaigns are based on general stereotypes and fears and are devoid of evidence and fact. To repeat such allegations without further investigating them, as some in the media have done, is unprofessional and unethical. To act upon them, as some law-makers and law-enforcement agencies have done, is dangerous and threatens the freedoms and civil liberties Americans have grown to expect.

Al-Akhbar is news focused on Palestine and Middle East. Many editions may include news from the Arab and Islamic world. To subscribe to Al-Akhbar, e-mail to [email protected] with the body “sub akhbar your name”, to cancel “signoff akhbar”, or “help” for others.
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Date: Fri Sep 18 00:30:24 1998


CONSIDERABLE suspicion exists that the
Anti-Defamation League not only serves as an "unofficial"
propaganda arm of the Israeli government - a role its
National Director Abe Foxman unabashedly claims - but
that it also provides information on Palestinians and
Arab-Americans to the Israeli government and its
intelligence service, Mossad.

The suspicions increased when a Chicago resident,
Mohammed Jarad, whose named appeared in Roy Bullock's
files, was arrested and accused of being an agent for
Hamas, upon his arrival in Israel to visit relatives in
the occupied territories.

Also, as revealed in an interview with the FBI,
former ADL Los Angeles operative, David Gurvitz,
acknowledged that having "learned from a law enforcement
contact that a known member of the Democratic Front for
the Liberation of Palestine," was about to travel from
San Francisco to Haifa, he "called the Los Angeles
Israeli Consulate and advised the Deputy Consul General."
Later, a Hebrew-speaking individual from the Consulate
called back to confirm the information.

Both Bullock and Gurvitz, however, denied that there
is any direct link between the ADL and Mossad. However,
a letter written by then National Director of the ADL,
Benjamin Epstein on July 7, 1961, would indicate
otherwise. Epstein was writing to Saul Joftes who was, at
the time, the Executive Secretary of the International
Council of B'nai B'rith, the ADL's parent organization,
requesting additional funds.

"Our information," wrote Epstein, "in addition to
being essential for our own operations, has been of great
value and service to both the United States State
Department and the Israeli government. All data have been
made available to both countries with full knowledge that
we are the source."

Joftes, a 22-year veteran with B'nai B'rith did not
believe that this was the proper business of the ADL and
balked; at which point B'nai B'rith decided to fire him.
Joftes turned around and sued Rabbi Kaufman, the
responsible B'nai B'rith executive, and entered Epstein's
letter as an exhibit in his behalf.

In an affidavit filed in that action, Joftes stated:
"B'nai B'rithI has become an international organization
engaged, by Rabbi Kaufman's admission, in other things
besides charitable religious and educational activities.
It is no longer non-profit. It engages in international
politics and more often than not does the bidding of the
Government of Israel. Its leaders make frequent trips to
Israel for indoctrination and instructions. I had tried
to prevent this change. That is why Rabbi Kaufman tried
to fire me.

"He was making B'nai B'rith a servant of the Israeli

That was 1961. On May 6, 1993, the ADL's
representative in Jerusalem sent a memo to National
Director Abe Foxman informing him that he had attended "a
small, farewell luncheon that Shimon Peres gave for Bill
Harrop (the outgoing U.S. ambassador). According to Wall,
"There were no other American Jewish representatives
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Source: The ADL

ADL Applauds President for “All-out Assault on Hate Crimes”

New York, NY, June 7..The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed President Clinton’s recognition that it is time for an “all-out assault on hate crimes,” and his call for a special White House conference on this important subject this November.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

We welcome President Clinton’s call for an “all-out assault on hate crimes” and for his leadership in convening a special White House conference on the subject. As the organization which in 1981 pioneered and spearheaded the formulation, enactment and implementation of hate crimes laws across the country, ADL has long insisted crimes motivated by bigotry and prejudice warrant priority attention because they have an impact which extends beyond the individual victims. We as a nation have learned from experience the damage such crimes cause to entire communities, and the polarizing effect they can have on our broader society.

By mobilizing the vast resources of the Federal government to undertake a thorough review of existing laws and to develop a coordinated strategy to address the problem of hate crimes, President Clinton has demonstrated that he is prepared to go the extra mile to deter and counter such crimes, and we stand ready to contribute our resources and expertise to assist in this effort.

As the President has recognized, combating hate crimes requires more than a legal strategy. It requires effective law enforcement, education, and vigilance. In the long run, the best way to combat such crimes is to reach potential perpetrators early, before they are taught to hate and to act on their hate.

We urge President Clinton to continue using his bully pulpit to educate the American people about the evils of racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry. While not all bigots become criminals, the more we can do to combat bigotry, the fewer resources our criminal justice system will eventually need to expend fighting hate crimes.

Editor’s Note: ADL experts and materials, including 1997 Hate Crime Statutory Update, 1996 ADL Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents and the Law Enforcement Bulletin are available through the ADL Media Relations Department.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world’s leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.
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Alex Linder

Source: Page A01 of the Boston Globe on 10/12/2000

B’nai B’rith Award Now Under Review

A veteran’s story of WWII exploits raises questions

By Thomas Farragher and Walter V. Robinson, Globe Staff

B’nai B’rith International is questioning a prestigious award slated to be given to former Massachusetts education secretary Paul Parks for his role in liberating the Dachau concentration camp in 1945 after other veterans asserted that Parks was not there.
Moreover, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who has studied records of Parks’s military unit has said that Parks’s account of his harrowing experiences on a Normandy beach on D-Day is also false.

Parks, who at 77 has been a major civil rights figure in Massachusetts for four decades, insisted last night that he was indeed at Dachau, and said he intends to collect the Raoul Wallenberg award from the B’nai B’rith chapter in Berlin later this month.
But Eric Rozenman, a spokesman for B’nai B’rith International, said in the face of questions from veterans who contend that Parks was not at the Dachau concentration camp in the spring of 1945, Parks’s selection is under review.

”We’re trying to ascertain exactly what the facts are,” Rozenman said. ”We’re trying to find out how this particular person came to [the Berlin chapter's] attention and what criteria they use for this award.”

Since 1987, Parks’s public claims about his presence at Dachau have made him a sought-after speaker by Jewish groups, including Holocaust survivors. For the same reason, he was also co-chairman of the Cornerstone Project of the New England Holocaust Memorial, the six glass towers honoring Holocaust victims that are located in a small park behind Boston City Hall.

In a letter to B’nai B’rith, a copy of which was sent to the Globe, retired Army lieutenant colonel Hugh F. Foster III said that Parks’s longtime claim to have been a liberator of the Dachau death camp is contradicted by military records.

And in an interview yesterday, retired brigadier general Felix L. Sparks, who as a 27-year-old lieutenant colonel led the liberation of the main camp at Dachau, said flatly that Parks was not there when the camp fell to American forces in April 1945. To buttress his assertion, Sparks said there were no black soldiers at Dachau at all.

”He’s been claiming that for years,” Sparks said of Parks. ”It did not happen.”

Parks, a member of the 365th Engineer Regiment from 1943 to 1945, said his military records were lost in a 1973 fire. But he acknowledged that his regiment was not near Dachau for its liberation.

”My outfit was never at Dachau, but I was,” Parks said. ”I was there by sheer accident.” Parks said he was trained and ordered to activate and deactivate land mines throughout France, a special detail that led him to the concentration camp.

”I don’t have the slighest idea where I was. All I know is that we went to Dachau,” said Parks. ”… I was a foot soldier who did what I was told.”

Veterans, including Sparks, Foster, and Cranston Rogers, a 75-year-old veteran from Medway, who were among the liberators of Dachau, said they have followed for years newspaper stories about Parks’s military service.

”I don’t have a vendetta against him,” Rogers said. ”I just don’t like people claiming things that are not true.”

Parks said yesterday that he has never exaggerated his military record. When asked to review the discrepancies his fellow veterans cite in published accounts of his service in Normandy and, later, at Dachau, Parks declined.

”This is crazy,” he said. ”I’m not going to deal with it anymore.”

In the letter sent to B’nai B’rith, Foster calls Parks’s accounts of battlefield derring-do ”outrageously false.”

Critics like Foster and records obtained by the Globe raise questions about Parks’ oft-told vivid accounts of his frightening experience as a black GI on Omaha Beach on D-Day, 1944.

Records at the National Personnel Records Center, which survived the 1973 fire, show that Parks’s engineering unit was still in England as the allies stormed the Normandy beaches on D-Day. Parks acknowledged that his unit was in England during the invasion – although in one published interview he said his unit was part of the invasion force and suffered 60 percent casualties. Last night, Parks said he was at Normandy on D-Day after volunteering for mine detection duty.

But Parks’s critics say the detail he has provided over the years cannot survive close scrutiny.

For example, in June 1994, Parks told the Globe that when he ran ashore on June 6, 1944, he could feel the breeze as bullets zipped past his head. He said he and a buddy, Robert Orr, took cover behind a concrete barrier as a German machine gun peppered them with fire. Orr, Parks said, fell over dead, a bullet in his forehead. Another comrade also died in the gunfire.
”Like anybody else who made it off that beach that day, I ask why,” Parks said then. ”I mean, two guys, shoulder to shoulder with me. They die and I don’t. I don’t have an answer.”

But Foster, the retired lieutenant colonel, said the master list of World War II deaths contains the names of seven men named Robert Orr who were killed or died overseas during the war.

The only Robert Orr assigned to the 365th Engineer Regiment died in England three months before D-Day and is buried in a US military cemetery there, according to Foster’s letter to the B’nai B’rith.

Yesterday, Parks said the Globe’s 1994 account of Orr’s death was in error. ”I didn’t say he was killed on D-Day. Never did,” Parks said. ”I said he was killed in Normandy and he was killed in Normandy.”

The Globe has been aware of questions about Parks’s military record for some time. Foster wrote to the newspaper’s editorial page in September 1998 questioning an opinion piece by William H. Smith that criticized the film ”Saving Private Ryan” for ignoring the role that Smith said black veterans like Parks had played at Normandy. Foster said in the letter that according to military records, Parks’s regiment was not on the beaches at Normandy.

William Ketter, then interim editor of the opposite-editorial page and now chairman of the Boston University Journalism Department, said yesterday that he and H.D.S. Greenway, then editor of the editorial page, questioned Parks about the allegations. But they deemed the evidence insufficent to publish in the face of his claims that he was detached from his unit. Greenway, now retired, could not be reached for comment.

Parks’s military records show that he was on active service from April 2, 1943, until he was discharged on Jan. 5, 1946. He was assigned to Company E, 365th Engineer Regiment, from Sept. 30, 1943, until June 25, 1945.
His engineering unit arrived at Utah Beach, France, on June 30, 1944.

B’nai B’rith International said its inquiries into Parks’s service record had just begun. It is not clear how, or whether, that review would affect the Wallenberg award that Parks is scheduled to receive later this month in Berlin, along with two British soldiers, two Russians and another American. Wallenberg was the Swedish diplomat who saved some 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the Nazi gas chambers.

”It’s the B’nai B’rith Lodge in Berlin that’s giving the award,” said Rozenman, the B’nai B’rith International spokesman in Washington. ”I’m not sure what criteria they used to select the nominee. Those are things that have to be checked.”

Over the last four decades, Parks has been among the most prominent black leaders in Boston and Massachusetts. He was vice president of the Boston branch of the NAACP during the 1960s, Boston’s first Model Cities director under Mayor Kevin H. White, state education secretary under former Governor Michael S. Dukakis, and one of the founders of the METCO program, which for 34 years has bused black children from Boston to schools in predominantly white suburbs.

Under mayors Raymond L. Flynn and Thomas M. Menino in the early 1990s, Parks was also the chairman of the appointed Boston School Committee.

Over time, Parks has sometimes told conflicting tales to reporters about his wartime experiences in Europe. In 1984, for instance, he claimed in a Globe interview that he had been wounded on D-Day, an assertion that was not reported in subsequent accounts of his service there. His military records include no Purple Heart. Parks has variously described himself as a private when he arrived at Dachau, but as a platoon sergeant when he was in England two years earlier.

Despite his twin claims about his presence at two of the war’s most significant events – the D-Day landing and the liberation of a major concentration camp – a half dozen newspaper profiles of Parks during the 1960s and 1970s barely mentioned that he was a World War II veteran.

The first apparent public mention of his Dachau experience came when Parks, then state education secretary, spoke at a 1978 rally outside the German consulate demanding an extension on statutes of limitations for Nazi war criminals.
At that rally, Parks recalled helping to liberate Dachau, and said he remembered being shocked at the mountains of gold teeth piled up inside Dachau, and the stacks of bodies of victims of the death camp.

In a 1996 Globe interview, Parks said when he helped liberate the camp, and saw the survivors, ”It was unbelieveable. … Understanding slavery in my country, I related to these people.”

2000 Globe Newspaper Company.

Source: page A01 of the Boston Globe on 10/19/2000. Copyright 2000 Globe Newspaper Company.

Despite Questions, Parks to Get Award

By Thomas Farragher, Globe Staff, 10/19/2000

B’nai B’rith leaders in Europe said yesterday that Boston civil rights leader Paul Parks will receive a prestigious award for taking part in liberating the Dachau concentration camp despite evidence that Parks was not there when the death camp was taken from the Nazis.

”They’ve made their inquiries and they’re satisfied that there’s no reason not to give [Parks] the award,” said Seymour G. Saideman, president of B’nai B’rith Europe.

Parks, a former state education secretary and Boston School Committee chairman, has claimed that special volunteer mine-clearing duties put him on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and at the concentration camp outside Munich in 1945.

But senior US military historians say no black soldiers were present when Dachau was liberated. And a Globe review of Parks’s military record shows that his unit was hundreds of miles from Dachau the day the camp was freed on April 29, 1945.

There is no evidence in the detailed daily reports from Parks’s Army company that he was detached for mine duty in the days before the camp’s liberation.

Saideman said B’nai B’rith conducted no independent review of Parks’s military record.

Andras Kain, president of the B’nai B’rith Raoul Wallenberg Lodge in Berlin, which is hosting Sunday’s awards ceremony, said his chapter relied in part on the 1998 Steven Spielberg Holocaust documentary, ”The Last Days,” and its companion book as evidence that Parks was a Dachau liberator.

In the book, Parks says he was at Dachau ”by sheer accident” and says he never considered himself a hero.

”Several people have called me already saying that Paul Parks was never in Dachau,” Kain said in a telephone interview from Berlin yesterday. ”So what can I do with these? He will get the prize because I don’t think we have time enough to prove, to check.”

Kain said if he receives conclusive proof that Parks was not a Dachau liberator, his chapter would consider revoking the award retroactively, drawing a parallel to a triumphant Olympian later disqualified for illegal drug use.

”That’s what we would do if we have positive things to show he was never in Dachau,” said Kain. ”But we don’t have anything.”

Kain said Parks left Boston last night and was to arrive in Berlin today for the Sunday night ceremony, where some of the 400 guests will be Dachau survivors.

The other American who will receive the award, William P. Donahue of Racine, Wis., disputes Parks’s claims to being at Dachau and said he is considering snubbing Parks at the ceremony.

”If this man wants to accept the award, it’s his problem,” said Donahue, who was a 19-year-old private when he was among the first US soldiers inside Dachau.

Indeed, yesterday’s B’nai B’rith announcement that Parks will receive the award named for Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who worked to save an estimated 100,000 lives during the Holocaust, enraged some of the soldiers who were there when Dachau was liberated.

”He claims to have just wandered into the liberation of Dachau,” said Russel R. Weiskircher, a retired brigadier general who was with the 157th Infantry when Dachau fell. ”Those assertions demean those who were there and those who died there.”

Weiskircher, a member of the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust, called Parks ”an enterprising opportunist.”

”I feel sorry for him,” Weiskircher said. ”Unfortunately, we have found a significant number of people like Paul Parks.”

Cranston Rogers, 75, of Medway, who was patrolling outside the camp’s east wall when it was liberated, called the B’nai B’rith decision ”preposterous.”

”It ignores the actual persons who were there and participated in the liberation,” said Rogers. ”He clearly was not even present, much less had anything to do with the liberation of the camp. It really is an insult to the veterans who where there.”

But Nancy K. Kaufman, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, said she does not disagree with the B’nai B’rith decision.

”I think he deserves [the award],” Kaufman said. ”Paul Parks has been a friend of the Jewish community. He’s been an outspoken, passionate witness to the events of World War II. I really think he has been someone who has stood up and spoken to the horrors.”

Eric Rozenman, a spokesman for B’nai B’rith International in Washington, said yesterday’s decision is not the end of the organization’s review into how award nominees are selected.

”Serious issues were raised and they just can’t be put aside because the local unit [in Berlin] goes ahead and carries out a program that was already planned,” said Rozenman.

He said if Parks’s claim to be a Dachau liberator is proven false, ”we’ll have to make sure that the process by which local units make these selections is upgraded.”

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, who presided for 25 years at Temple Beth El in Sudbury and is now rabbi-in-residence at Hebrew Union College in New York, said it is important to determine whether Parks has manufactured parts of his military record.

”If the allegations were to be proven true, it would be more than just a swindle,” Kushner said. ”It would be a defamation of the extraordinary and often life-risking courageous efforts of those who did put their lives on the line to save Jews during the war.

”That’s what makes it so potentially disturbing.”
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Arrow Leftists Unhappy with ADL's Top 10 Anti- Israel Groups
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The rest of you are nothing more than a livestock you were created for us: to serve in that or the other way.
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Really interesting stuff. Thanks for psting.
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Default The EXECUTION of Leo Frank

Leo Frank had a fair trial. At the time it was the longest and most expensive trial in the history of the state of Georgia. He was defended by the best lawyers jew money could buy. The jury found him guilty and recommended sentencing "without mercy", which meant they recommended a death sentence.

The jews took Frank's case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. They could find absolutely no grounds for a new trial. The jews finally bought off the Governor of Georgia and he commuted the death sentence to life in prison. It was a blatant miscarriage of justice and was probably illegal due to Governor Slaton's ties to the law firm that defended Frank, he was a full partner and part owner of the firm.

There was no "lynching". The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines lynching as "to put to death (as by hanging) by mob action without legal sanction". The citizens of Georgia who carried out Frank's hanging were not a mob, they were some of the leading men of their time, including a former governor, a judge, lawyers, politicians, and business men. And they had "legal sanction", plenty of it, Frank's death sentence had been sanctioned all the way to the SCOTUS. When it became obvious that the laws of Georgia were being subverted the citizens of the state acted and carried out the sentence. The degenerate and perverted jew child rapist and murderer was hanged as called for by the laws of the State of Georgia.
Originally Posted by For Understanding
I even agree with some of your points, Fred. God did regret making mankind (Genesis 6). You just kicked both God's and my ass. Congratulations.
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Un-American Subversive Theatre: 'Parade,' the Leo Frank Broadway Musical, Becomes International Cult Sensation

Name:  uhry.jpg
Views: 237
Size:  76.9 KB
Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry: The Men Behind the Musical Celebrating Jew Pedophile and Murderer Leo Frank

If you asked one of your friends, acquaintances, or family members whether or not they've heard of the musical called 'Parade,' chances are most would say no. Yet among theater fans around the world, 'Parade' is a cult classic. In fact, 'Parade' has been a major thespian feature in nearly every Western nation across the world, including even far off Australia and New Zealand, even if many or most people in the USA have never heard of it. Moreover, what's most striking is that even though this musical is about 15 years old, it continues playing in new theaters across the United States, Canada and Europe to much fanfare and rave reviews. If you don't feel like wasting $$ on a ticket to see this show, you can watch it for free on most major video sharing web sites, but before you do, read up about the real facts of this case from the original primary sources listed at the end.

The Leo Frank Case Refuse to Gather Dust: The Celebrated Double Strangulation.

Click image for larger version

Name:	phagan.jpg
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Size:	32.9 KB
ID:	9030
The Gentile Victim

Click image for larger version

Name:	leofrank.jpg
Views:	23
Size:	158.5 KB
ID:	9032
Leo Frank: Jew, Pedophile, Murderer

‘Parade’ the Broadway Musical, first launched in December, 1998, by Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry, uses a raped Christan teenage girl, who was strangled to death and mutilated, as a cheap plot device, to humanize, lionize and rehabilitate a sadistic sexual predator and convicted child-killer, because of his ethnoreligion: Judaism.

Newspapers, Magazines and Internet: Media Reports Summarize the Affair.

The repeated theme of advertisements and reviews about this Musical makes the racial subtext clear and contentious, centering around the premise that Leo Frank was suspected, indicted, convicted and hanged, because of widespread anti-Semitism, not the facts, evidence or testimony presented at his trial. It wasn't until the 21st century the primary sources about the murder were first published online revealing what really happened and exposing generations of perpetuated lies about the case.

In the Wider Social Context: Jewish-Gentile American Culture War Born in 1913

For more than 100 years, the Frank-Phagan affair has been a fanatical cause celebre for the well organized Jewish community, who believe the case should be perpetually retold in the mainstream media and popular culture as an anti-racist morality tale, to remind Jews and Gentiles alike that "not too long ago", hate filled anti-Semitic European-Americans and African-Americans from the "Old South" destroyed an innocent and nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn, because of newspaper frenzies, police corruption, political ambition and bigotry.

Since 1913, more than a dozen books have been written about the Murder of Mary Phagan and Lynching of Leo Frank, including several Hollywood movies, a made-for-TV miniseries (1988), docudramas and treatments of the affair in every modern media format, with the expressed purpose of shaming European-Americans for their once prevailing cultural ethnic solidarity -- and oddly enough -- this message is being pushed aggressively by the most ethnocentric people in the history of the human race, who have a history of instigating racial strife between different ethnic groups and causing financial problems in the countries they choose to reside.

Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, 1913: Southern State Holiday During the Jewish Sabbath

On Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, inside a dingy shuttered factory at the heart of Atlanta’s industrial sector, an infatuated serial rapist-pedophile, viciously assaulted one of his teenage employees. The victim had rejected her boss’s creepy sexual advances for the last time and paid the price with her life.

In 1913, there were no clearly defined and established mainstream words for: acts of sexual harassment, sex offenders, sexual assault, sadistic predatory child molesters or serial pedophiles, other than some of the commonly used contemporary terms such as: libertine, lustful, lecherous, rake, satyr, pervert and lascivious.

Little Mary Anne Phagan: Earned her nickname "Little" because she was less than 5 ft tall.

13-year-old child laborer, Little Mary Phagan (Born June 1, 1899), had been temporarily laid off because the brass sheet metal had fully depleted on Monday morning, April 21, 1913, and a new shipment had been late in arriving. Without this essential production material, there could be no brass bands created for attaching at the ends of pencils, and therefore Phagan couldn’t use the knurling machine at her work station to insert rubber erasers into them.

A Throw Away Detail? Monteen "Iola" Stover

An important detail rarely mentioned in nearly every retelling of this case is that not only Mary Phagan, but four other girls had been furloughed until the delivery of materials was slated to replenish supplies the week following the Confederate Memorial Parade. One of those girls was a critical witness at the grand jury hearings and Leo Frank trial, named Monteen Stover, who is represented as the naughty Iola Stover in this theatrical play.

National Pencil Company: The Machine Department AKA "Metal Room" on the 2nd Floor

Mary’s job was a business critical dependency in the factory’s manufacturing operations, because securing erasers into the base of pencils was the last production stage, before they were placed as neat bunches in waxy tissue paper, packaged inside rectangular monogrammed boxes, before being loaded and shipped off for distribution nationwide in large crates.

During an average week in 1913, the National Pencil Company (NPCo) was grossing between $2500 and $5400, which was rather impressive for a company born only five years prior. The NPCo factory’s official founding date was: April 8th, 1908 (Atlanta Constitution Newspaper, April 8, 1908, The Internet Archive).

Major shareholders in this industrial venture were: Jewish stationary magnate, Sigmund Montag, treasurer of the NPCo, and Leo's wealthy uncle Moses, a shrewd cotton-oil speculator, who entrusted his young Cornell educated nephew to manage the factory's business critical operations and accounting. Leo Frank began formally working at the National Pencil Company on Monday morning, August 10, 1908, after spending nine months in Germany, doing a pencil manufacturing apprenticeship for Eberhard Faber. On Monday, September 7th, 1908, Leo Frank was promoted to the rank of Superintendent at the National Pencil Company.

Saturday, April 26, 1913, Noontime: Five Years After the NPCo was Founded

At the National Pencil Company headquarters, located on 37-41 South Forsyth Street, where the newer Sam Nunn building stands today, Phagan entered the anteroom of Leo Frank’s second floor window front office at just minutes after highnoon. Standing in the door frame, Little Mary Phagan said, “Mr. Frank?” and Leo’s lion-heart began thumping quickly as he recognized the voice and gazed up, especially because now he was all alone with the attractive child laborer who was dressed gaily in lavender dress trimmed with white lace, one whom he had a crush on for so long and she had blossomed far beyond her tender age.

Most Violent Crimes of Passion are Over Jealousy: Beauty vs the Beast

Leo had fired the 6’4” tall and strikingly handsome payroll manager, James Milton Gantt, about two weeks earlier, because of a $2 shortage in the petty cash payroll box, but it was nothing more than a ruse. Leo knew Mary was very much into James, as she looked up dreamily into his sky blue eyes, like he was her Knight in shining armor, and James looked after Mary as well. Gantt had known the Phagan family very well for several years and kept an eye out for Mary, since swetshop factories that employed child laborers were notorious for being places where sometimes young girls and boys were targets of predatory older men.

So the superintendent got the prince out of the way, so the jealous dragon could play!

An Infatuated Pedophile: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Mary was the one employee Frank was infatuated with, and couldn’t have because of Gantt, she had spurned lecherous Leo’s obnoxious pesterings and subtle innuendos since the Spring of 1912, humiliating his arrogant ego and making him ever more determined. For an upstart like Leo Frank, who rose to the heights of leadership in Atlanta's Jewish community in such a relatively short amount of time -- becoming Atlanta B'nai B'rith president -- he was a man who didn't like taking no for an answer, so now he would finally get even!

Frank said “Hello Mary” in a nebish voice with a Brooklyn-Yiddish accent. Phagan immediately requested her pay envelope of $1.20 and inquired if the ordered metal supplies had arrived yet. She was naturally concerned, because she came from a poor family with five siblings and depended on the money. She curiously wanted to know if, whether or not, she should return to work on Monday morning April 28, 1913. Leo Frank said inquisitively, “No, I don’t know” as he pushed back his wooden chair screeching against the floorboards and stood up briskly. While walking together into the machine room, located just down the hall, opposite from Frank’s office, they made small talk about wondering if, Mr. Darley, had received the brass shipment yet in a timely fashion, and stocked the closet next to the lady’s dressing room where these supplies were normally stored, located just diagonal to the wall where the lathe work station was situated in the metal room.

Although Leo Frank initially said “No, I don’t know”, in truth his requisition papers indicated otherwise. Leo’s hand written business ledgers indicated the ordered shipment wasn’t to be delivered until early in the following week. Saturday was Confederate Memorial Day, an important Georgia State holiday, most of Atlanta was shut down and no deliveries would be made because of the Parade. Outside the factory, the streets were filled with lively revelers, walking to and fro. Most people were dressed in their "Sunday's Best" and despite the somber mood this holiday represented, there was excitement in the air under chilly overcast skies.

Most Jewish-American accounts of the Mary Phagan murder case leave out the facts and details about what happened next…

After the 5’8” tall and 155lbs., Leo M. Frank, lured 4’11” tall and 107lbs., Mary A. Phagan, into the metal room on the pretext of determining whether or not she would need to report to work on Monday morning, April 28, 1913 at 6:30 o’clock a.m., however "upon realizing” the metal hadn’t yet arrived, he used her temporary laid off status as a species of sexual coercion, but something went very wrong, and took a violent turn.

Inside the metal room, Frank’s heart began to throb as he said to Phagan — while his effeminate hand gently caressed her shoulder — “Mary, If you still want to work here, I want you to be with me”. Phagan became grotesquely horrified and said, “NO!” while she tried to swiftly pass by Frank at his left side and run out of the metal room, but he checked her like he was playing basketball for his class team at Cornell, as he had done so many time before during all four years of college (1902 – 1906) — blocking her escape attempt, and closing ranks, this time there was no where to run, and there was no where to hide. She was cornered and there would be no escape.

Flustered, Frank seized her with both hands, but Phagan jerked her torso, yanking away and told him “I’m not that kind of girl, take your hands off me!”

At this point the incident had crossed the line and could no longer be played off as a joke, as it had been in the past with so many other female child laborers (19 girls would later come forward to provide affidavits and testify to his lascivious character).

It was then at that exact moment, when she spurned the ultimatum of her lecherous and bug-eyed superintendent for the last time, denying the desires of an ambitious boss, who had earned himself a bad reputation as a libertine, amongst the child laborers at the factory.

Terror Unfolded!

In an explosion of rage, like a bucket of bricks falling out of the sky, Leo Frank clenched his left fist as his gold wedding band tinkled in the dim gray light falling from the grimy factory windows, and then he pivoted, growling like a lion, swiveling, pitching a fist curve ball into Mary Phagan’s right temple as she reeled back screaming in absolute horror. In a precipitous storm of fury, his angry knuckles began hailing down in a flurry against her delicate feminine cheek bones like sledge hammers on the chain gang.

Jim Conley who was idly seated on an old wooden box next to the staircase at the factory’s first floor lobby, while the assault was occurring upstairs in the metal room, eerily described to Police, weeks later, the sound of Phagan’s bone chilling echoing cry of mortified agony: As a stuttering laugh that broke off into a shriek and then absolute silence.

Leo Frank kept pounding Mary Phagan’s face in, blow after blow, while the back of her head slammed against the the lathe workstation belonging to machinist Robert Barret, leaving behind bloody tresses of her dark strawberry-blond hair tangled around its solid iron handle that was shaped like an “L”. Why it was never cleaned up after the murder tends to sustain the bespectacled Leo Frank’s irrational state of mind and short-sightedness.

Phagan crumpled to the floor, passing out at the feet of Leo Frank towering above, whose heaving chest was rapidly breathing in gulps of stale air, as he looked down upon her with vengeance. Frank’s face was flushed with blood and shivering with tantalizing sexual intensity as his bulging black dilated eyes were exaggerated outward from underneath his wirerim glasses. Frank immediately dragged Phagan by the shoulders to the doorway of the bathroom in the metal room, tossing her over on the old waxy wooden floorboards like a sack of potatoes.

Kneeling down, Frank then ripped off a 3 inch wide strip of Phagan’s petty coat midsagitally, tearing upward vertically at first from the hem of her dress up to her crotch and then turning across horizontally, followed by tearing down to the hem again, he put the bunched cotton material behind her head like a sponge, to soak up the slowly leaking blood from the lathe wound on the back and side of her head.

Next Frank frantically hiked up and pealed open her torn dress, spread her tender baby fat thighs, ripped and carved open her knitted underwear across the vagina with a small pocket knife, all the way to the right seam, unbuttoned his pants, pushed his dirty underwear down, and hocked a thick disgusting loogey of coffee and tobacco phlegm into his left palm, right onto his wedding band, and moving the thick snot-like spittle around in circles with his thumb, before massaging it all around the tip of his rock hard, STD infected, 4” erect penis.

Then the Vicious Psychopath Raped Mary Phagan.

Her innocence was torn away, bleeding. Phagan woke up disoriented in dizzying pain from unconsciousness, putting her arms and hands over her black and blue eyes, sobbing and crying out repeatedly, “No, No, No”, with tears showering from her swollen face, trying to roll away under Leo Frank was impossible.

In a moment of shame and humiliation, Leo Frank was unable to ejaculate, and seeing his whole life pass before his own eyes in Phagans tear-drenched face. Knowing his reputation in the widely assimilated German-Jewish community of the South would be irreparably harmed if she told anyone about what happened. Knowing his wife from a prominent Jewish family would surely seek divorce in the aftermath of this unforgivable incident. Acknowledging the certainty his family in Brooklyn would without a shadow of a doubt disown him for his unspeakable crime... In a flash of frightened clarity and fear, Leo Frank knew he would be disgraced if anyone ever found out, and that he would likely be living out his life breaking rocks on the chain gang or worse, strangled at the end of a hangman's noose, so there was no other way out, but to permanently silence Phagan, so she couldn’t tell; and that’s just what he did…

Frank stood up quickly looking around the room, he frenetically pulled himself together in a moment and grabbed a nearby 7 foot long jute cord hanging off a nail on the adjacent wall. With white knuckle fists flexing, he strangled Mary Phagan to death, burying the cord 1/8th inches deep into her tender throat. He got up and stepped backward from the scene, looking upon what he had done as Phagan’s unseeing eyes stared hideously into the dusty emptiness. His mind racing, he stood there transfixed to assess the situation and later called his Negro Janitor, James “Jim” Conley, to help him remove the body from the metal room and dispose off the cadaver in the oversized basement incinerator.

Leo Frank’s Deliciously Conspiratorial Racist Anti-Black Sub Plot:

However Conley refused the final step of stuffing Mary Phagan into the furnace and instead agreed to ghostwrite death notes on behalf of Leo Frank, framing the newly hired Negro nightwatchman that nobody really knew, named Newton “Newt” Lee of Afro-Caribbean descent.

Newt Lee in his trademark faded blue overalls, was an old, honest, married, dark complected, balding, tall and slim African-American man with no criminal record to speakof, who had spent most of his life as a lanky graveyard shift security guard, doing his rounds, shuffling his feet in slow motion with a smoky lantern, seemingly bobbing in the inky darkness.

Leo's gambit was secure after he promised Jim $200, if he kept his mouth shut. Because of the White segregationist culture of the South, Leo Frank thought that in the prevailing racial separatist South, even if Conley ever blabbed, no one would ever believe the word of a Negro employee over a Whiteman who managed a prominent factory. Conley would surely hang or likely get lynched if there was even a shadow of a doubt he participated in the rape and murder of a teenage White girl!

The Shocking Discovery in the Cellar by the "Night Witch":

On Sunday morning, Newt Lee — who the racist Leo Frank tried to frame for the murder — punched the time clock at 3:01 o’clock a.m. at Frank’s second floor office, as he was required to do every half hour during his rounds. Lee feeling the call of nature, went down to the basement to use the racially segregated “colored toilet” for “dropping the kids off at the pool” and upon completing his “bidness”, he went to check the backdoor service ramp. It was then in the gloom at 3:20 o’clock a.m., he discovered the mauled body of an unknown child, dumped in the rear corner of the basement, at the location where garbage was normally placed, before being burned in the cellar’s massive furnace-incinerator, regularly used for heating the drafty four-floor building.

Lee climbed two floors, went into Leo Frank's office and used the wall telephone to contact police.

First Responders

When the police arrived, they followed Lee into the lobby and down the 14 ft ladder below into the 80 foot wide, 200 feet long, stygian catacomb tunnel. With primitive flashlights, immediately found tracks indicating Mary Phagan had been dragged 140 feet from the elevator shaft, across the hard dirt cinders of the basement floor, before being finally dumped diagonal to the incinerator.

The body was removed by a wicker basket to P.J. Bloomfield’s mortuary just before 4 am. Upon examination by the mortician, astonishingly, the deep pocks and scratches on her face from being dragged in the basement, didn’t show any signs of bleeding! This curious medical detail, forensically suggested to the Coroner, and undertaker that she might have already been dead before being taken to the basement. Physicians had known for centuries that when the heart stops beating, the bleeding-scabbing cascade in the healing process on the epidermis (skin) no longer occurs. It was an unfortunate detail the murderer had never anticipated, when trying to make the basement look like the initial crime scene.

The Fiendish Pervert

Phagan’s underwear that was still attached around her hips, was soaked in dried blood and discharge. Her dress was moist from top to bottom in urine, suggesting that someone had pissed all over her entire body. Wrapped around her neck was the strip of her blood soaked petty coat, hiding what was underneath, the 7 foot jute cord cinched in a loop around her neck, snuggly buried 1/8 inches deep into the throat.

The knot was found on the front right side of Phagan's neck, suggesting a left handed man had strangled her. Only a fraction of the population is left handed, narrowing down the suspects, it was later determined that Leo Frank was left handed and Jim Conley was right handed.

Phagan’s face appeared purple and contorted, and her tongue stuck out from her mouth through her teeth one inch. There were wounds on the side and back of her head, and two below the knees. The upper side of her shirt at the chest level had be torn open revealing her left breast. Her hair and entire front part of the body were caked with coal cinders, dirt and debris, presumably from being dragged while faced down across the hard earthen floor of the basement. Oddly, her arms were reverently crossed over her bosom.

Phagan's pocketbook made from German silver was missing and the red flowers attached to the front of her pale cobalt blue hat were also missing. Her parasol was found at the bottom of the garbage strewn elevator shaft tray, a few feet away from a coil of human excrement, laid by 27-year-old Jim the sweeper. Members of the Jewish community would crassly claim for more than a century that the feces at the bottom of the elevator shaft is what indisputably exonerates Leo Frank, this BS theory (pun intended) is now commonly referred as the, ‘Shit in the Shaft’ (Steve Oney, 2003, 2004).

Police tried all night long to contact the sleeping Frank, but he didn’t answer the phone, even though the telephone was located and ringing obnoxiously just under the wooden floor boards of his second floor bedroom, in the dining room, located directly below him on the first floor.

Finally the police were able to reach Leo Frank on the phone in the early dawn hours of Sunday, April 27, 1913, letting him know they would be at his home shortly. When the police first arrived at the Frank-Selig residence located on 68 east Georgia avenue, Leo was acting very nervous, shivering, struggling to put on his collar and tie. The half dressed Frank kept delaying leaving his home, asking repeatedly for a cup of coffee, but the police insisted he come with them immediately.

Inside the squad car, Leo Frank nervously claimed he didn’t know his employee Mary Phagan or any of the other girls at the factory who worked for him, and denied knowing Phagan’s name when he saw her mutilated corpse on a cooling table at P.J. Bloomfield’s mortuary.

When did Mary Phagan collect her pay?

On Sunday, April 27, 1913 at 8:26 a.m., after police and detectives took Leo Frank to his second floor office at front section of the Pencil factory, he opened his four foot tall safe, removed the payroll ledger, and told the accompanying officers he paid off Mary Phagan at about 12:03pm on Saturday, April 26, 1913.

The next day (Monday morning, April 28, 1913) in the presence of his elite lawyers (Luther Rosser and Herbert Haas), Leo Frank made a stenographed deposition to detectives and police at the Atlanta station-house that Mary Phagan came into his office between “12:05pm and 12:10pm, maybe 12:07pm” on Saturday, April 26, 1913 (State’s Exhibit B, Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence, 1913).

What Leo Frank did not know at the time of the sadistic rape-murder is that the 5’2″ tall and 14-year-old Monteen Stover (Iola Stover), another little girl who had been laid off early in the week for the same reason as Mary — because the brass sheet metal had run out — was waiting inside his office all by her lonesome. According to Monteen "Iola" Stover, she waited in Leo Frank’s business office from 12:05 pm to 12:10 pm based on his wall clock, hoping to collect her pay envelope, but she left after waiting for 5 full minutes, because she thought the building might have been deserted due to the state holiday.

Leo Frank's Alibi From Sunday, April 27, 1913 to Monday August 18 1913

For 3.5 months, Leo Frank swore to the murder alibi that he never left his office when Phagan arrived, until 12:45pm that fateful day, to go upstairs to the fourth floor, but then on the witness stand at his trial on Monday afternoon, August 18, 1913, he —- Reversed himself —- making a newfangled and never before heard, ineluctable admission to explain why Monteen Stover had found his office empty during the exact same time Leo Frank had told the police Mary Phagan was with him in his office (State’s Exhibit B, Monday, April 28, 1913; Monteen Stover Testimony, Brief of Evidence, 1913).

Taking the Stand During his Month Long Trial: Leo Frank Changed His Alibi

Frank seated comfortably on the stand, said, “NOW GENTLEMEN”, looked the jurors in their eyes and announced to a packed courtroom, that he might have gone to the bathroom in the metal room to use the toilet or urinate — at that critical time (12:05pm to 12:10pm) — and that those were things that a man does “unconsciously”. (He would re-assert this incriminating admission in a jailhouse interview published in the March 9, 1914 edition of the Atlanta Constitution).

Click image for larger version

Name:	atlcon.jpg
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It was deliciously ironic for unbiased observers who simply wanted to arrive at the truth, but for Leo Frank's detractors, it was the equivalent of an inescapable murder trial confession, because Frank had contradicted and entrapped himself beyond escape in the metal room, where all the forensic evidence (hair and blood) indicated a murder had occurred.

Alonzo "Lonnie" Mann (August 8, 1898 - March 19, 1985)

Leo Frank’s defenders would spend 100 years suppressing this testimony about an “unconscious” metalroom bathroom incident and claim that all the best evidence at the trial and modern analysis, indicates that Jim Conley assaulted Phagan in factory lobby on the first floor, where there was no evidence found after the murder discovery, except for seven decades later, when a senile octogenarian named Alonzo “Lonnie” Mann (August 8, 1898 – March 19, 1985) -- who was formerly Leo Frank’s office boy in 1913 for three weeks -- in 1982 came forward 69 years after the verdict, claiming he saw Conley carrying an unconscious Mary Phagan there toward the basement’s scuttle-hole, thus suggesting the disposal of the victim was by the stairs, instead of the elevator as Conley stated, contradicting Conley's testimony at the trial, where he admitted carrying the corpse of Phagan to the basement for Leo Frank by elevator. Alonzo Mann's revelations added no new evidence to the case other than only changing the removal path, and Mann lacked veracity, because he testified to leaving at 11:30 am in 1913, not Noon as he claimed in 1982. Alonzo Mann, also claimed Jim Conley threatened his life if he told anyone.

70 years after the murder, Alonzo Mann, told journalists at the Tennessean newspaper that he originally told his parents what he saw on that fateful day and they told him not to say anything. It left most people incredulous, what White family would tell their son, not to report a murder conducted by a Negro in the racial separatist South. And why would White parents allow their son to report to work the following Monday morning, if their child had his life threatened by a Negro. Why did Alonzo say nothing to police after Conley was arrested and there was no threat of Mann being harmed? We can only speculate, but common sense tells us that Mann is lying. It was claimed that Mann was given a lie detector test, but the video of it and the results from the machine's printer where never shown to the public and allegedly "lost", before they could be scrutinized by independent experts.

The Subversive ADL of B'nai B'rith and Alonzo Mann, 1986

However, The racist Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and powerful Jewish groups of American-Israeli Jewry used this questionable evidence given by Alonzo Mann, to secure a posthumous pardon for Leo Frank on a technicality, thus the pardon was *without exoneration for the crime* – a detail usually left out in most retellings of the Leo Frank Case.

The Prosecution’s Theory: The Metal Room.

The “unconscious” toilet revelation by Leo Frank on the witness stand was an earth shattering retort to Monteen Stover, because earlier in the trial, Jim Conley said he found Mary Phagan dead in the bathroom area of the metal room at the request of Leo Frank, who according to Conley, confessed to Jim about murdering her (Phagan) there, because she refused to "be with him" (have sex with Leo Frank).

Forensic Evidence: Blood on the Floor and Hair on the Lathe

Employee witnesses for the defense and prosecution had already testified to finding a 5 inch wide dried blood puddle diagonal to the bathroom door in the metal room and about a lock of Phagan's bloody hair tangled around the solid metal handle of the bench lathe in the same room.

So it all came together at the trial when Leo Frank testified for nearly four hours, rambling away and making numerous incriminating statements.

Had you been sitting in the Jury box or behind the judge’s Rostrum on August 18, 1913, listening to Leo Frank’s explanation for why his office might have been empty, when he claimed to the police he was in his office alone with Mary Phagan at that exact same time, you would have involuntarily shivered as cold chills spilled down your spine, but for more than 100 years, the Jewish community continues to wage an anti-White racist defamation campaign against Gentiles, claiming Southerners framed Leo Frank, indicted and convicted him because he was Jewish and later hanged him because he was Jewish. The narrative that anti-Semitism was behind it all, has been perpetuated aggressively in the mainstream now for more than 100 years and has become the popular culture dogma, but is the tide changing? Are the lies finally disintegrating?

The Leo Frank Case has evolved into the longest running anti-Semitic Hate crime hoax and anti-Gentile blood libel slander in the history of the United States of America.

The conviction of Leo Frank galvanized the formation of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith in October, 1913, after the 500 member strong Atlanta B’nai B’rith voted unanimously, (Atlanta Constitution, September 24, 1913), to re-elect their “wrongfully” convicted and death-row inmate President Leo Max Frank to a second term as their beloved leader.

Leo Frank ran the affairs of his B’nai B’rith chapter behind bars until September of 1914, when he was not re-elected again for a third presidential term and as his appeals were falling apart, primarily because of the criminal activity leaked publicly involving bribing and coercing witnesses to change their testimony (Georgia Supreme Court Records, 1,800 pages, 1913, 1914).

The Racist Anti-Gentile Hate Crime Hoax

Leonard Dinnerstein (PhD Dissertation to 2012), Abraham Foxman (Op Ed August 18, 2005) and ADL have been at the forefront of perpetuating the hate crime hoax that people were loudly chanting “hang the Jew” and “Kill the Jew” outside the Leo Frank trial courtroom that had all of its windows wide open during the proceedings, because of the hot summer days from July 28, to August 25, 1913. This is a viciously racist anti-Gentile Big Lie perpetuated by ADL and Abraham Foxman, Leonard Dinnerstein, and many other hatefilled Jewish domestic extremists, spreading bigoted racially tinged smears against European-American Southerners. (see the articles about Abraham Foxman's hatecrime hoax and Leonard Dinnerstein's pseudo-history)

The Last Taboo of the Jewish Community: Pedophilia

Name:  paradethemusical.jpg
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Why anyone would transform a fiendish child molester and convicted child killer into a martyr of anti-Semitism is incomprehensible, but Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry have made millions of dollars with their musical ‘Parade’ performing literally globewide, falsifying the official records of the Leo Frank Trial and rehabilitating a violent child molester, who would be a registered sex offender today and likely getting gang raped by HIV+ inmates in prison.

A dead little raped teenage girl, is used as a cheap plot device to wage a vicious racist culture war against Southerners. Many people are asking: Are these the treacherous people we want determining our popular culture? Are these the people we want determining the theatre curriculum in our public schools and colleges?

A broader question we might ask: Are these the kinds people we want as our politicians, judges, teachers, professors, media bosses, civil rights leaders?!

Jews calling the Leo Frank Case an American Dreyfus Affair, or comparing the Frank-Phagan affair to Menahem Mendel Beilis, for more than a century is more than unconscionable chutzpah, its an act of racist insolence. The Leo Frank trial is being relentlessly used as a morality tale for the purpose of shaming and deracinating European-Americans into denying their tradition of ethnic solidarity and wrongfully making Americans think they destroyed an innocent and noble man because he was Jewish. This is the old mask of anti-Gentile defamation that began in 1913, with a turn of the the 21st century face lift.

Lucille Selig

If you have even any doubts about Leo Frank’s innocence or guilt, then listen to the silent echo in time and space from the spirit of Lucille Selig Frank (February 29, 1888 – April 23, 1957).

If you ever get a chance, go to the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, New York City, visit Leo Frank’s grave, and look to the left of it and stare at the empty grave. The empty grave was reserved for Lucille Selig, so ask yourself, why is it still empty in 2013? If you have doubts that grave is still empty, go to the cemetery front office at the gate entry and ask them if it is indeed empty or not, because they will tell you it is absolutely empty. You can actually write an official letter to the cemetery requesting information about the Frank-Stern family grave site and they will respond on letterhead, this is if you want more than just verbal proof, but official proof about the emptiness of grave plot #1 located left of grave plot #2 where Leo Frank is interred.

You would think otherwise after reading all the insistent, shrill denials in mainstream massmedia for the last 100 years; books, made-for-TV movies, miniseries (Murder of Mary Phagan, Jan 24 and 26, 1988) and docudramas (2009), including heart-tugging plays (Knights of Mary Phagan by Jesse Waldinger) and even a Broadway stage musical (Parade by Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry) in New York that continues to spread globally like wildfire – that suggest Lucille’s love for her husband Leo Frank was eternal and lasted till the day she passed away and beyond her death.

So, once again, why did she specifically not want to be buried next to Leo Frank? (She requested an Atlanta Park according to her Nephew Alan and Harold Marcus, sons of Sarah Selig (sister of Lucille) and Charles Marcus). See Steve Oney, Features, Up Front, March 2004: Vol. 83, No. 2

Finally, why were Lucille’s ashes not spread or buried next to Leo Frank?

Because Lucille was no feather brained step-ford wife when all is said and done. If she really loved Leo Frank eternally, beyond the dog and pony show of appearances, she would have been buried in, or requested her ashes spread at, the empty grave next to him that was reserved for her at the Mount Carmel Cemetery, but she left her own verdict on the Leo Frank trial from the passing of her life, and the silence speaks deafening volumes ever since she died long ago on April 23, 1957 of heart disease (broken heart), just 3 short days before the 44th anniversary of the Mary Phagan murder.

If you want to learn what really happened at the Leo Frank trial, visit The American Mercury on the Internet and read their August,
September, and October, 2013, Leo Frank Case reports. The American Mercury is publishing an absolutely superb multi-part series on the centennial of the Leo Frank trial. It’s chock full of images and thoughtful analysis, you would never get from other sources, who erroneously and willfully go out of their way to intentionally distort what happened in the Fulton County court house 100 years ago (July 28, 1913 – August 26, 1913). Read the articles in the American Mercury about Steve Oney and Leonard Dinnerstein as well.

The Jewish Daily Forward and Abraham Foxman are rabidly foaming at the mouth about the American Mercury and Leo Frank research websites, because 100 years of lies that have aggressively been pushed into the orthodoxy of social history are slowly disintegrating. Some members of the Jewish community never dreamed the 1,800 page Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court archives would end up being published online at the centennial of the Mary Phagan murder, April 26, 2013, available for the whole world to read, but now there is no escape from the disturbing truth within these official records.

100 Years of Jewish Censorship Coming to an End

Soon the world is going to find out about another child laborer Leo Frank sadistically defiled, one year before Mary Phagan was raped and killed. After the Leo Frank trial ended another little girl came forward with descriptions of a harrowing incident… In 1912, Leo Frank raped another one of his child employees, and when he was done ravaging her, he slithered down between her legs and bit her so hard on the inner thigh adjacent to the vagina, that he permanently scarified her, but this didn’t come out until Leo Frank’s appeals, because the girl had gotten pregnant and was thereafter shipped off to a home for unwed mothers!

This is the story of a sadistic pedophile, who has been used as a seditious bludgeon for a century to attack, defame, smear, slander, blood libel, and hate hoax Americans! This is the man being held up as a holy religious martyr of anti-Semitism and Gentile injustice. This is the girl whose virgin blood and strangled corpse gave birth to the financially and politically powerful ADL, the racist anti-Gentile hate group masquerading as a civil rights organization, who honor Leo Frank as heroic and whose trial is a reminder that “not too long ago anti-Semitism, not the facts, convicted an innocent man”.

We Will Never Forget Mary Phagan and we will never stop fighting for her honor until our very last dying breath. We will never stop fighting against the century old culture defamation and race war waged by the Jewish community, ADL, Jewish Groups and SPLC, against the South, Southerners, European-Americans and all of Western Civilization.

Visit the American Mercury now and read the Leo Frank Trial Transcript

Source: (Warning Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion is Advised, Must be 21 or older to view)

From Wikipedia:

Parade is a musical with a book by Alfred Uhry and music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown. The musical was first produced on Broadway at the Vivian Beaumont Theater on December 17, 1998. The production was directed by Harold Prince and closed 28 February 1999 after only 39 previews and 84 regular performances. It starred Brent Carver as Leo Frank, Carolee Carmello as Lucille Frank, and Christy Carlson Romano as Mary Phagan.

The musical won Tony Awards for best book and best score (out of nine nominations) and six Drama Desk Awards. The show has enjoyed a U.S. national tour and numerous professional and amateur productions in both the U.S. and abroad.


The whole conspiratorial premise of Gentile anti-Semitism woven through the 21st century production of, ‘Parade’, is to mask the Jewish racism against African-Americans and against European-Americans inherent in the Leo Frank Case, which has become an agitation campaign to spread indignation, insecurity and fear amongst Jews.

For numerous generations now, Jews have manipulated the Leo Frank case into a fraudulent Jewish persecution themed fiction, meant to demoralize Gentiles, especially European-American Gentiles. Some Jews according to the Holy Talmud, don’t consider it a crime, if one of their own racial kinsmen pounds in the face of a little White Christian girl, before ripping her clothes open and savagely raping the child, moments before strangling her to death.

Parade is a Disgusting Mockery of Legal History

What this re-engineered Broadway play does NOT tell the audience is Leo Frank botched a most diabolically racist intrigue, a poorly orchestrated attempt to have the murder of Mary Phagan framed on two African-Americans. That’s the dirty truth about the Leo Frank Case that his defenders tried to suppress for 100 years. The other dirty little secret is that Leo Frank changed his alibi on the witness stand and placed himself at the scene of the crime, when the murder occurred.

Alan Dershowitz and other powerful members of the Jewish community, would arraign the Jury, accusing them of being blinded by prejudice.

The Ugly Jewish-American Culture Wars Continue...

More excellent sources on the Frank-Phagan Case include:

0. The Leo Frank Case (Mary Phagan) Inside Story of Georgia's Greatest Murder Mystery 1913 - The first neutral book written on the subject. Very interesting read.

1. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean (Available here on Written by Mary Phagan Kean, the great grand niece of Mary Phagan. A neutral account of the events surrounding the trial of Leo Frank. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan is well worth reading and it is a refreshing change from the endless number of Jewish and contemporary books turning the Leo Frank case into a neurotic race obsessed tabloid controversy.

2. American State Trials, volume X (1918) by John Lawson Tends to be biased in favor of Leo Frank and his legal defense team,
this document provides an abridged version of the Brief of Evidence, leaving out some important things said and details when it republishes parts of the trial testimony. Be sure to read the closing arguments of Luther Zeigler Rosser, Reuben Rose Arnold, Frank Arthur Hooper and Hugh Manson Dorsey. For a more complete version of the Leo M. Frank trial testimony, read the 1913 Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence.

3. Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey in the Trial of Leo Frank Some but not all of the 9 hours of arguments given to the Jury at the
end of the Leo Frank trial. Only 18 Libraries in the world have copies of this books. This is an excellent book and required reading to see how Dorsey in sales vernacular 'closed' the panel of 13 men, the trial jury of 12 men plus Judge Leonard Strickland Roan.

4. Leo M. Frank, Plaintiff in Error, vs. State of Georgia, Defendant in Error. In Error from Fulton Superior Court at the July Term 1913, Brief of Evidence. Extremely rare, only 1 copy exists, and it is at the Georgia State Archive.

Three Major Atlanta Dailies: The Atlanta Constitution, The Atlanta Journal, The Atlanta Georgian (Hearst's Tabloid Yellow Journalism), The most relevant issues center around April 28th to August 27th 1913.

5. Atlanta Constitution Newspaper: The Murder of Mary Phagan, Coroner's Inquest, Grand Jury, Investigation, Trail, Appeals, Shanking and Lynching of Leo Frank Case in the Atlanta Constitution Newspaper from 1913 to 1915.

6. Atlanta Georgian newspaper covering the Leo Frank Case from April though August, 1913.

7. Atlanta Journal Newspaper, April, 28, 1913, through till the end of August, 1913, pertaining to the Leo Frank Case:

Leo Frank confirms he might have been in the bathroom at the time Monteen Stover said his office was empty: See the Atlanta Constitution, Monday, March 9, 1914, Leo Frank Jailhouse Interview

Tom Watson

8. Tom Watson's Jeffersonian Newspaper (1914, 1915, 1916 and 1917) and Watson's Magazine(1915). Tom Watson's best work on the Leo M. Frank case was published in August and September 1915. Watson's five major magazine works written collectively on the Leo M. Frank topic, provide logical arguments confirming the guilt of Leo M. Frank with the superb reasoning of a genius criminal attorney.

These five 1915 works are absolutely required reading for anyone interested in the Leo M. Frank Case. Tom Watson's magazine publications surged from 30,000 to 100,000 copies, when it became known he would be writing on the Leo Frank case. Originals of these magazines are extremely rare and very difficult to find.

8.1. The Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (January 1915) Watson's Magazine Volume 20 No. 3. See page 139 for the Leo Frank Case. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.2. The Full Review of the Leo Frank Case By Tom Watson (March 1915) Volume 20. No. 5. See page 235 for 'A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case'. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.3. The Celebrated Case of The State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank By Tom Watson (August 1915) Volumne 21, No 4. See page 182 for 'The Celebrated Case of the State of Georgia vs. Leo Frank". Jeffersonian Publishing Company,
Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.4. The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert By Tom Watson (September 1915) Volume 21. No. 5. See page 251 for 'The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, Jew Pervert'. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source

8.5. The Rich Jews Indict a State! The Whole South Traduced in the Matter of Leo Frank By Tom Watson (October 1915) Volume 21. No. 6. See page 301. Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Thomson, Ga., Digital Source:

Tom Watson's Jeffersonian Newspaper

9. The Tom E. Watson Digital Papers Archive, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

There are Leo Frank cult members posing as neutral reviewers who do not want you to read Tom Watson's five 1915 magazine works on the Leo Frank trial, read them and find out why! They are the controversial forbidden fruit of truth in the Leo M. Frank case that have been censored for more than 100 years.

Tom Watson Brown, Grandson of Thomas Edward Watson

10. Notes on the Case of Leo M. Frank, By Tom W. Brown, Emery University, Atlanta, Georgia, 1982.

Leo Frank Trial Analysis and Review of Books About the Case:

11. The American Mercury

Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Archive:

12. Leo Frank Trial and Appeals Georgia Supreme Court File (1,800 pages).


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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Books about the ADL in pdf.

Anti-Defamation League and Fight to Save America by Jack Tenney
Conspiracy Against Freedom
Zionist Network
Zion's Fifth Column
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Being linked here because threads in the Vanguard News Network Forum > Opposition > Opposing Views forum cannot be tagged.

Leo Frank: Jew rapist got what he deserved
"I die in the faith of my people. May the German people be aware of its enemies!"
Paul Blobel, SS Officer, 1951, last words prior to being executed
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The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean (1987, 1989) has been transformed into an audiobook by Alex Linder for the VNN learning college on June 1st 2015, the 116th birthday of Little Mary Phagan (1899-1913).

The documentary about the ADL that keeps getting censored from YouTube thanks to Anti-Defamation League pressure.
Jews have aggressively dominated the false narrative of the Leo Frank Case since 1913, but as of 2013 you can finally learn everything the Jews have tried to censor & suppress at The Leo Frank Research Library:

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