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Default Vocational training.

I was thinking that in public school systems, kids aren't getting exposed to vocational training early enough. For example: It wasn't until 10th grade that you were eligible to take shop classes at my HS.

On a case by case basis, if you got the ability to give vocational training to your kids at a much earlier age, etc 10-12 then by the time they're of legal adulthood they'll be far better equipped skill wise. You don't necessarily need a professional level of skill in a vocation to teach the basics or fundamentals to a kid. It could be as simple as "lets go build something today". Like maybe get them involved in building a bird house, or a dog house or something like that.

The ancient Greeks started teaching kids trades not much after they learned how to walk. Because the average lifespan wasn't much past 30 years old. And look at what they built with a young workforce by modern standards. People were likely master craftsmen by the time they were 18-20. Find me a 20 year old master craftsman today. You might agree or disagree, but I personally value learning trade skills as important as reading/writing/arithmetic. The current public school system disagrees.

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