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Default The Science of Propaganda & Traditional Workers Party


The Science of Propaganda & Traditional Workers Party

by Eric Striker

The spirit of the age and the lingering specter of sterile conservatism has led to the habit of humorless, soulless dry-facting. National dissidents have taken to Power Point presentations, academic postulation, the suit and the tie, the fancy $200 a plate venues. In America, Anglo-Saxon intellectual culture frowns upon popular means of morale mobilization, and despises agitating the emotions when seeking to battle lies. The assumption is that the cold hard facts are enough to neutralize monstrous Jewish libels and deceit, and while deeper ideological and scientific work is needed as a reference point, this will never be enough.

Did you know importing thousands of Somalians to Lewiston Maine will make it unlivable? Did you know blacks blow away all other races on gun crime, despite residing in cities with the strongest gun laws?

You probably did. But what man is roused to rebellion through looking at IQ by nation charts? What man puts himself and his loved ones in jeopardy by standing up against injustice when looking at de-personalized FBI crime statistics? Who responds to leadership from tepid personalities that allow opponents to disrespect and abuse them publicly in the name of “maintaining credibility”, or refuse to say what they really mean out of requisite politeness?

Is the sophisticated language of professional diplomacy appropriate for the 21st century national struggle? These personalities are playing badminton when the game is Russian Roulette. It is a war of audacity that inspires more audacity from others.

Politics, Culture and Mass Appeal

It is no coincidence that the points in Western history which yielded the most superhuman heroics were the richest in poets, philosophers, authors, artists and musicians. Unfortunately, America has traditionally been poor in these fields–the capitalist land of great skyscrapers and airplanes lost Sergei Prokofiev to Stalin and the Soviet Union all because it allowed “the free market” to overwhelm the spirit-stirring Romeo and Juliet with the short-lived, formless, directionless banal ecstasy of “swing”. The lack of subsidization for authentic culture, in conjunction with the Jewish overrepresented in the few fields that enjoy such support, means that political discourse between gentlemen on a croquet course is simply not enough. Culture by nationalists, thus , must be built from the ground up, which is what Bob Dylan and other urban Jews-pretending-to-be-Okies did with Appalachian folk music–taking cues from the success of Woody Guthrie–in the service of the anti-white Neo-Left.

The 1975 hit “The Hurricane” by Dylan, which turned an almost certainly guilty negro murderer into an iconic victim of white racism, is a telltale example of the facts alone never being enough. In our current vacuum of culture, those who spin with the most beautiful sounds, words and sensations will always defeat mountains of folders filled with damning evidence.

Currently the Traditionalist Workers Party is engaging in the cultivation of culture. This culture will not be for coffee shop intellectuals, but it also expects the ability to learn for the unitiated. It avoids the traps intelligent leaders usually make: overestimating or underestimating the intelligence of their audience.

There is currently a project by Paddy Tarleton for the TWP that takes the sounds and heart of Appalachia, and applies this soul to the service of the struggle for Western civilization. Another project affiliated to our party, 14 Sacred Words, redirects the anti-social messages of many metal bands back home to the side of Good. Through protest music, the powerless are given a voice to denounce the powerful, through the weaving of words and sounds that are intelligent and soulful but fall just short of being pretentious and bourgeois, a PH balance that neutralizes the acid of Jewish anti-culture. This is Propaganda, which contrary to popular belief, isn’t about telling lies–instead it is a way to destroy lies when disadvantaged in the power of media and money to expose our dissident message to the masses.

Words of Agitation

There are some words that stir and others which fail to. Words that push buttons: FOLK, BLOOD, JEW, GENOCIDE, LIBERATION, MURDER, LIAR, TERRORISM, CUCKSERVATIVE, CRUSH, POVERTY, RAPE, NATIONALISM, etc. These are words of initial assertion; words of revolution or hitherto related to such, words that prejudice recipients against the target of your discourse. There are words that don’t move anything; impotent words of reaction: SAFETY, REVERSE RACISM, TAXES, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, LIBERAL, etc. The latter concepts may move certain people cerebrally, but nobody is going to fight to the bitter end over crime, political correctness or taxes and nothing else.

Often, the bourgeois intellectual looks down on words that shake men at their very core. The problem with movement elitists is that they believe, consciously or subconsciously, that every day people should not have a say in their political surroundings, either for pseudo-Darwinian reasons, or simply because they think people are too dumb to engage with politics. They are wrong. The basic racial instinct of the vast majority of people is what we represent politically, the role of propaganda is to make the political world accessible to people of all varieties and capacities so that they will fight by our side. This is a working class movement for dignity and survival, and while pro-white elements of the bourgeoisie are certainly welcome in our ranks, they must not assume they will be deferred to just for their class status. IF you don’t like that, go build a time machine and stop the French revolution, because the masses are what make history (under appropriate guidance) whether you like it or not. Those who fail to live in this reality will render themselves irrelevant bloggers (irony not intended) or coffee shop brain wankers.

Demoralization of The Enemy

Demoralization and discrediting of our enemies is a substantial part of any propaganda program, as it takes the winds out of their sails and forces them to take a defensive posture.

There is plenty of well-substantiated low-hanging fruit in which to engage the Neo-Left, to take an example. It is an air-tight fact , for example, that Leftist radicals and global capitalists not only share the exact values of homosexuality, mass immigration and feminism–but actively collaborate to impose this on an unwilling majority. Rather than trying to have a debate with those who don’t want debate, use their own words and theories to embarrass and confuse them. Most non-Jewish Leftists are propelled by feelings of moral righteousness and social consciousness–attack them on this plane rather than cold logic. Show them specific examples of rape and murder by immigrants, the impact of globalization on working class communities, and their very own (often) bourgeois lifestyles. Show them what their heroes and martyrs really thought about these Cultural Marxist politics. Question them as to why they get suppressed when they try to boycott Israel, but are featured in the press as freedom fighters when they beat up elderly Germans protesting immigration? Here you will provoke three reactions: 1) contemplative silence, 2) Attempts to justify the horrific outcome of policies they want (with the veneer of “social justice” melting away in the eyes of neutral observers) 3) Recruitment to our cause.

Some examples: “Did you know a Left-Wing Anarchist was the first racial anti-Semite?(Wilhelm Marr) Have you heard what Che Guevara thought about blacks, women’s role and queers? If you were around during the First International, you would be protesting Marx and Proudhon for their homophobia and racism too.”

When looking to win over others, speak to them in familiar ideological terms. When standing off against a group, always use aggressive, prejudicing language (against Leftists, Jews, etc)–for their guilt is obvious! Believe in what you say, say what you believe. Polarization is important when material is geared towards a mixed demographic.

The biggest advantage we have in this regard is that our enemies don’t respect us and expect little of us, for a variety of reasons, including the baffling and clownish failure that has been much of the post-war Western nationalist movements. On the flipside, always respect your foe, and keep an objective eye out for weaknesses to exploit. Developing a keen sense for this works wonders.

The Role of Humor and Hyperbole

Using humor to mock and satirize the enemy is a vital instrument for exposing them in a self-confident and accessible format. If someone has more credentials, higher status or some other system “credibility” christening, neutralize this by mocking them or their masculinity. Politeness or fear of being coarse should never dampen your creativity. “Cuckservative” has worked wonders in this field, but we need a lot more words like this to bully and denounce those establishment hacks competing with us for hearts and minds. The internet culture that has formed around the Alt-Right has done an excellent job of cultivating humor, but on the flipside, also in some cases tends to rely too much on repetitive “inside jokes” meant to appeal specifically to people with some level of autism. Keeping humor fresh and up to date is not easy to be certain, but should be prioritized over a large portion of the familiar “memes”. Offensiveness or not should never factor into your jokes or propaganda , but if the sole purpose is to offend others, then it doesn’t do anything outside of provide some entertainment value. Now, if the “triggering” causes a leftist event to be cancelled or for communist campuses to waste money on “trauma counseling” over seeing a racist cartoon, by all means, pull that trigger.

Portraying the common democrat or open borders activist as a murderer, a liar, a charlatan ought to be the rule, for their behavior shows this is what they are no matter how they seek to portray themselves. The golden rule does NOT belong in the realm of life or death struggles like this one. Treat them as mercilessly, as they wish to censor and suppress you–including and especially most conservatives.

Propaganda is a tight rope to walk, but when done right, can be the way to not just “move the overton window”–but to shatter it and replace it with our own pane of glass.
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
― Benito Mussolini after the Communist capitulation in Barcelona


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