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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager
Default What are your thoughts on Miguel Serrano?

Referring specifically to esoteric Hitlerism. Savitri Devi would be the other obvious example.
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I do not have good oppinion about that. We can live our lifes without myths and especially without bad myths like Serrano religion. There are anti-Christian authors who are better than he like: Israrhov,Radbread,Pierce and Klassen who is top WN author who I ever read because he was an atheist,former conservative and pro-white christian. Better is beliving in old neopagan cult with pro-white views like Black Sun,Nordic mythology WOTANISM (Will of The Aryan Nations) than in Serrano story even I think that both of that myths are stupid however we can preserve cultural hertiage on that without spiritual look for me is interesting how Germans in Third Reich have burned bornfied on winter 25. december when you can see flame in night what is also custom in southern Slavic Europe on spring.

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