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Old September 2nd, 2019 #1
James Radov
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James Radov
Cool ArnoldClasssic Strong Man events

Some of the strongest men on the Planet, lifting massive weight.. absolutely Awesome!

More important, they are all WHITE!

Which means the jewmedia will ignore it, downplay it or make it anything other than an obvious racial characteristic..
a nigger sprints in a line for a few seconds..? jews go apeshit, promote that thing in every media outlet possible, get the white sluts to apper in every ad with it.. make it all about race.. never mind every nigger sucks at swimming.. never mind Europeans and Asians always do better overall in international events.. if a nigger does something make it racial..
when these Amazing White athletes are doing things comicbook nerds red about..ignore it..

Race Realty on display in these events..

theres links to more events, very cool stuff..


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