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Default Advice needed on a long term project and a brief intro about myself.

New to the site, not going to go on too long with the pleasantries as I've never been good at that sort of thing. Very basic info about me is that I'm 22, from the Western United States, grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh when I was around my grandfather, probably was five or six when I first remember hearing the program, in junior high I moved onto Fox News and Republican falk radio, during my brief stint at college for an automotive certification I moved on to anti-SJW videos and Alex Jones, moved further around the 2015 when Trump ran for President, around the time of Charlottesville I went full White Nationalist, only been relatively recently that I became a Fascist and even more so that I became a religious White Supremacist. Anyway, I need advice on a founding document I've been working on for around a year now, I know there are some things I need to refine and add altogether such as the tenants and core of the racial religion, some natalist policies, etc. Yes I know it'd probably never get adopted if America was ever in the position to create a new government. I'm open to any ideas and suggestions. Here's the current version as of this post.!CmRxmQIL!MsWl1-7Sy...66P4cSJDIsbvV0
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Hugh Akston
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I was unable to view it without downloading it. And I didn't want to do that.
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Okay, once I get home I'll copy and paste the text in a response for those who don't want to download it
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Default Text of the "New Constitution"

Before I post the text I will say the name is a hold over from a time when I wasn't as far along as I am now.

Form of Governance

We will enact a new dictatorial government where one man who is of unquestionable moral foundation, free of a criminal conviction, and a wife and no fewer than two children. We will organize industry-wide syndicates uniting worker and manager, through unanimous vote elect the leader or the local, state, regional, and finally national syndicates. The panel of advisors from which the successor of the Dictator shall choose his replacement from will be the leaders of the syndicates, top military generals, and two representatives of the Aryan church. One will be eligible for succession if they are a man, no younger than 35 years of age, has shown themselves to be of unquestionable moral foundation, has a wife and no fewer than two children, or is the firstborn son of the Dictator, however, if they are the firstborn son if they
encounter an affirmative vote of no confidence that family is no longer eligible for the Position and due to the expectations involved with them being the second in line they will be executed by method of crucifixion on live broadcast, which will be required viewing. Should this occur the family will be required to give them a burial equivalent to that of an average citizen. However to prevent the rise of a Monarchy by the transfer of power from father to son for every three generations of this occurring power must be ceded to another person for five generations, if they transfer power from father to son again they can only occur twice before having to cede power for ten generations, if this occurs for a third time they cannot transfer power from father to son and this cannot happen for fifteen generations. In this situation after the fifteen generations comes the ten generations and then the five generations.

Powers and Responsibilities


During transition:
Issuing the beginning of a process to determine United States citizenship among the current residents therein. Anyone who is 75% White or more will be granted citizenship in the new Nation, anyone with Jewish blood shall be executed on-site if the results are over two percent, anyone with up to two percent Jewish blood (DNA) and at least 75% White blood (DNA) shall be sent to internment camps while new technology and methods are created that reduce that margin of error from two percent down to zero or as close as can be had within five years
Issuance of pardons for Saint Dylann Roof, Saint Robert Bowers, Saint John Earnest; issuing United States citizenship to Saint Brenton Tarrant, Saint Anders Brevik, Saint Stephen Ernst, Saint Luca Traini, and to be transported to United States custody. After such time that all Saints are in United States custody, they will be awarded United States Medals of Freedom for their actions
A total and permanent ban on all types of usury and speculation; nullification of all debt in the nation, its territories foreign and domestic, and jurisdictions over which the State levels a clear and valid claim of sovereignty over; the nationalization of all major banks, the seizure of the assets of the banks and their owners, and the execution of their boards for crimes against The People
A permanent ban on the export of firearms; nullification of any and all laws and court precedents restricting the types of small arms and accessories that an individual can own, how those small arms can be carried, and where they can be carried; the abolition of concealed carry permits and the need therefor
Issuance of a declaration recognizing the current ZOG in Palestine is illegitimate and sovereignty must be returned to the historical inhabitants of Palestine. If the illegitimate government refuses to cede power they will be forced out of power at the tip of a nuclear missile.

After transition:
Issuance of a declaration hereby treating the drug war the same as the war on terror as it is a chemical war waged by irregular, oftentimes multinational, troops.
Issuance of a declaration to build a fifty-foot high wall on the border with a mile-long exclusion zone into Mexico with land mines and large-caliber machine guns littered throughout
Keeping the nation safe from enemies foreign and domestic and defending states from invasion by foreign countries and/or irregular actors
To give an annual State of the Union address that will be televised nationally
To convene Congress and the Council on matters of national importance
To issue pardons based on unjust or otherwise inappropriate sentences. This cannot be used, however, to pardon the Dictator, current or former, should he be found incompetent by Supreme Court vote
Dispatching military assets as needed to protect the safety of Whites worldwide
Hear cases brought to the federal level dealing with matters of Morality, the National Spirit, and/or the National Health
Establishment of national unions among the industries by the nationalization of every company, merging companies in the same industry and ending the production of multiples of the same product where the only difference between the two is the brand name so that products can compete on their own merits instead of on brand loyalty. Employees cannot be terminated for any reason if there has not been any law broken, if there has been a law broken a police report must be filed out and appropriate charges pursued, if there has not been clear and demonstrable damage to equipment, in which case a form must be filed showing what happened, how much the damaged equipment has cost the Union, if an employee, their significant other, or an immediate family member is going into labor and/or has a medical and/or familial emergency they are granted enough time off to deal with the situation, if they are dealing with a child birth they are granted maternity and paternity leave sufficient to accommodate the changes that come with childbirth, namely the motherly transition between the workplace and the home to raise their child. During this time they are given per diem pay, which will be assessed based on the wages that would be lost during the period they are absent from work, the reported expenses they experience in their day to day life, and their reported savings. Profits will be state-managed with a lower cap and an upper cap on worker pay and product cost, any income left over after investments have been made in increasing worker satisfaction, product line efficiency, and business upkeep, will be sent to the government which will put them into HISAs and other essential functions so as to keep any needed taxation to an absolute minimum so as to avoid deficit spending and national debt. Unions will be managed and run by the workers with annual votes to elect the head of the Union on each level, the local, county, state, regional, and national with Union members only being able to vote for the head of that level, eg, local members can only vote for the head of the local Union who then becomes the representative for the local on the County level, County-level members are thus eligible to vote for the State level Union head who is, in turn, the representative for the County, and so on.
Initiation of a nationwide infrastructure project to bring the backbone of this nation into the modern age, including the swift yet measured switch over from fossil fuel-powered electricity generation plants to nuclear, geothermal, and hydroelectric electricity generation plants, any and all nuclear power plants will be required to have an on-site method of disposal for any and all nuclear waste; modernization of the power grid so that regional blackouts, should they happen, cannot take out the whole of the grid; stationing soldiers at all power plants with orders to shoot trespassers on sight if said trespasser refuses to identify themselves; repairing the roads and bridges in the United States, including laying steam pipes in regions prone to harsh winter conditions under the roads and sidewalks for use in keeping them clear of snow and usable, at least to some degree; the establishment of an investigatory panel tasked with combating the effects of natural disasters, eg pumping floodwaters from the Midwestern states to Western states that often suffer from wildfires and droughts, reducing the human cost associated with wildfires, and so on
Establishment of the Council of Advisors
Issuance of an order withdrawing military troops from across the globe and closure of said global military bases
Instituting wide-sweeping tort and malpractice reform, price controls, and establishing national Health Insurance Savings Accounts for every man, woman, and child, funded with pre-existing Medicare and Medicaid taxes, the assets and profits of seized companies, and revenue generated from fines for being deemed overweight or obese at an annual physical exam should there be no underlying medical condition found to exist, with each child account having no less than $50,000 of funding by their 18th birthday, at which time they can access it; the establishment of a way for people to add to the HISA should they want to; the establishment of national minimum standards for physical fitness which shall be assessed at an annual check-up. If an individual is found to not meet these minimum standards they are sent to a, for the want of a better way of phrasing, camp to get into a condition where they can meet these minimum standards should they not have a physical and/or mental abnormality
The reopening of mental asylums for those who cannot take care of themselves for one reason or another and have no one who can reasonably take care of them
Making military service mandatory after graduation from high school unless a physical and/or mental abnormality is found that disqualifies them from service. Placement into the military will be determined by the issuance of an aptitude test after basic training is over, during which they will be issued a rifle and a pistol, the rifle to be kept with them when on duty and the pistol to be kept with them at all times unless expressly otherwise stated by a public official; after a two year term of service the individual will be given the choice to renew their commitment to the military or to not and return to civilian life. If they return to civilian life they will be expected to keep the rifle at their place of residence and their pistol with them at all times in a safe and concealed method
Establishment of national trade courts in parallel to the criminal courts
Establishment of a breeding program to create a dedicated warrior class. Involuntary participants will be prostitutes, porn actresses both professional and amateur, camwhores, single mothers, women who have had no less than three divorces in their life, female anti-Fascist Action members, female left-wing political pundits, lesbians, bisexual females, and other females who are self-professed LGBT+, feminists, online female celebrities who have used their female charm to exploit others for a clear and determinable gain. Involuntary participants will be screened for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases if a disease that has no detrimental effect to the offspring they will be cured to the best degree that medicine allows if a disease that is either terminal or would prove detrimental to the offspring they will be executed as swiftly as possible. They will then be put into a medically induced coma, will have all limbs surgically amputated, and be put on life support for the remainder of their ability to conceive and produce healthy children. If IPs produce more than (TBD) children who fail to meet the military standard they will be taken off of life support. Once they are beyond this age they will be removed from life support while being kept in the coma and cremated once declared dead. Female involuntary participants will be artificially inseminated, male involuntary participants will have their semen collected for the artificial insemination. If the male offspring do not meet the minimum requirements for military acceptance they will be put into low skilled work positions, their only pay being a basic stipend for toiletries and other basic items, housing and food will be provided as a function of their position in life. If the female offspring meet the minimum standard for military acceptance they will be put into support-level positions such as nurses, cooks, maids, etc; if they do not meet the minimum standards they will be sent to work at the asylums with the same stipend for toiletries and other basic items, housing and food will be provided as a part of their position. At age (TBD) the men and women in the military that have been born into these positions will be encouraged to form families together and repeat the cycle again ad infinitum.
Establishment of the new secular religion and issuing a ban on all other religions in public office and requiring that all public officials who hold any measure of power sign an affidavit declaring their fealty to the Church with a punishment equivalent to the amount of power invested in their position, eg, a lower-level public official if they violate the oath of fealty will be barred from ever holding public office again, if a member of the Council violates their Oath they will be summarily executed on live broadcast
The nomination of new Supreme Court justices
Abolition of the old schooling system and establishment of a new system. Under this system, children will be homeschooled by their mother or another close relative up until the age of 15, at what they will take a placement exam, should they pass at that time men will be sent to a military-style school to prepare them for life as a soldier, having strict physical, mental, and emotional fitness standards, combined with a somewhat deep education in history, philosophy, theology, along with basic survival and navigational skills, teenage women will be sent to schools to prepare them for their role as wives, mothers, and caregivers, where they will be taught history, philosophy, theology, plus skills they will need as a wife and mother, while still having physical, mental, and emotional health standards, albeit relaxed as compared to the men's standards. The curriculum will be state provided for homeschooling and there will be standardized testing online. If a family cannot reasonably access a computer or a device that will allow access to the online portion of the test when it is time for the test they will be afforded the chance to visit a testing center in the area where they live so that the child has the best possible chance to succeed.
Establishment of interest-free home loans for newly married couples, land grants to families that have more than three children, two in the case of twins, with the condition that the land must be passed down from the father to the firstborn son, in the case of tragedy it will be transferred to the oldest male relative, if there is no such person then it will be transferred to the wife, in case of tragedy that takes the life of the wife the land will be transferred back to the government, and medals honoring families that have more than five children
Establishment of grants for research into automotive powertrain systems that lower overall pollution output and retrofitting vehicles on the road for use with either hydrogen fueled engines, natural gas fueled engines, and/or electric motors, along with the necessary supporting systems in the vehicle. The choice on what will be retrofitted with what will be determined on the owner's choice, gross vehicle weight, application and intended usage, and hours/mileage seen during normal operation; mandating the production of new vehicles be powered by one or more of the previous fuel sources and the gradual switchover of existing fueling centers throughout the United States to support the new automotive industry, which ideally is to be completed before the complete automotive switchover
Complete military rearmament and research into weapon systems that are less technologically dependent; building up the United States nuclear missile stockpile to levels higher than the previous record with the latest generation of warhead and rocket
Implementation of a system of eugenics to improve the quality of the Race and to undo the damage done to the Race by the past centuries of Jew control
A total ban on production, possession, and distribution of hormones for uses other than hormone deficiency treatment; a total ban on the use of hormones in raising of livestock; a total ban on factory farming; a total ban on the usage of packaging materials, preservatives, and other substances that are shown to leach into food products and personal care products that cause negative hormonal changes in people, for example, lowering testosterone levels in men, raising testosterone levels in women; encouraging through policy and other means of locally sourced fruits and vegetables


After transition:
Hear and rule on appeals that have been passed on up from lower courts
Hear and rule on trade and labor disputes that have been passed up from the lower courts
Hear and rule on the Vote of No Confidence against the Dictator should one arise, Issuance of the specific charge against him

Panel of Advisors

After Transition:
Call a vote of no confidence in the governance of the Dictator. If this vote results in a supermajority approval vote it is sent to the State legislatures and the Syndicates and the general populace for a vote. If the vote returns a 3/5ths affirmative vote the case is sent to the Supreme Court, the Attorney General presenting the case, the Dictator free to chose his representation or go without. If the Court returns a vote in the affirmative with no more than two dissenters he will be removed from office if the returned verdict is something along the lines of simple incompetence he will be sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of his natural life with no means to influence the People towards revolt or revolution. If, however, the returned verdict is something along the lines of willful subversion or treason he will be summarily executed at the foot of the staircase to the Supreme Court and the senior member of the Council will take the role of Dictator. Seniority will be determined by age, experience, length of time on the Council, among other factors. If the vote of no confidence is found to be organized out of an attempted coup d'etat the guilty parties will be executed on a live broadcast, which will be required viewing by the People, by means of crucifixion


All White men, women, and children around the world are henceforth granted automatic United States citizenship and a Right of Return so long as their DNA test meets the citizenship requirements, if in any country they face any kind of systematic oppression, repression, and/or genocide as defined by the United Nations Convention on the prevention of genocide, the Dictator shall summarily dispatch an aircraft carrier group to the region with troops with specific orders to enter the country with our without permission and extract any and all Whites who voice a sentiment to flee said country. If this should occur Whites who wish to flee the said country are advised to retreat to the closest United
No company operating in the United States shall censor anyone using their platform based on arbitrary grounds. No company as well will be allowed to push racially or sexually degenerate content or they will be nationalized. If they censor a dissenting voice they will initially be fined one penny on day one and will double every day henceforth until the censorship is ended, if the company would go bankrupt they will be nationalized and new operating managers assigned. No non-state actor can collect and/or distribute information gathered from the citizens of the United States. If there is a non-state actor caught collecting and/or distributing information gathered from citizens of the United States they will summarily be nationalized, the information destroyed, and the company closed if necessary.
If a company is pushing objectively damaging content or products it will be nationalized, the assets seized, the harmful products and/or content recalled and destroyed, and then the company closed.
Sexual degeneracy and obscenity are banned. Anyone caught with sexually degenerate material will be sentenced to public service, which will last six months. Anyone caught producing and/or distributing this material will be sentenced to ten years of hard labor.
The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Any and all laws restricting the type of small arms that a citizen can own are overturned. All legal precedent that limits small arms ownership is nullified. All citizens in the nation will be required to own at least one firearm aside from their service weapons and keep it in their residence.
All citizens after graduation from high school shall serve a two-year term in the Military, starting with basic training, further service will be determined by the issuance of an aptitude test. After completion of basic training citizens will keep their rifle and pistol that were issued at basic training.
(insert the fourth amendment from the Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers here)
(insert fifth)
(insert sixth)
(insert seventh)
(insert eighth)
(insert ninth)
(insert tenth)
Permanent withdrawal from any and all military and political engagements abroad. No international law shall supersede national law; if international law and/or an international pact would pose claim to superseding national law it is not recognized by this government or any state government. Permanent closure of all military bases overseas. To declare war there must be a 3/5ths majority vote in the affirmative from the States and the Congress and the Leader must sign off before even one troop is deployed. However, if this conflict is not in reaction to a clear and direct attack on the United States or to preserve the Monroe Doctrine, no war can be declared.
From henceforth all student debt among White citizens is forgiven. All colleges and universities are henceforth nationalized as well, all Jew propaganda will be removed and banned as it is seditious and subversive.
The nationalization of all domestic media companies and subsequent closures and the establishment of a state-run media organization

Definition of Terns

Treason: allowing a Jew into this nation; acting directly in opposition to the powers set forth in Section Two of this document; failing to acquiesce to an affirmative vote of no confidence; allowing a non-white to become a citizen; allowing an enemy ideology to take root in the population; failure to push back against international law(s) that claim to supersede national law; involvement in a foreign war without a vote of allowance from the States, from the Council, and from the population

Enemy ideologies: Zionism, Communism, Islam, radical secularism, Anarchy, Libertarianism insofar as advocating for reduction of the State beyond Constitutionally dictated size

Sedition: talk of a state or region breaking away and declaring independence from the greater United States of America

Subversion: spreading of an enemy ideology amongst the People; baseless criticism of the State or the Church.

White: A man or woman descended from or currently living in any European country and Russia who is at least 7/8ths genetically White and has no Jewish genetics whatsoever

Sexual degeneracy: a sexual act, including the use of a device or product, that does not result in the production of a new life; the production and/or use of contraception such as condoms, birth control pills, the production and/or distribution of pornographic media

European: any country from as far South as Bulgaria, Greece, and others bordering the Mediterranean to as far north as Scandinavia, as far West as The United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal, and as far East as Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Estonia, and every country in between.
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Just post it, rather than make someone take a chance downloading a link from someone who posted here once.

The fact that you posted this as a download seems kinda shady.
Low-IQ bible scholars are legion, the big book o' bullshit is catnip to the underbrained. --ALEX LINDER
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I reported it.
One must either affirm or reject anti-Semitism. He who defends the Jews harms his own people. One can only be a Jewish lackey or a Jewish opponent. Opposing the Jews is a matter of personal hygiene.
-Joseph Goebbels
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James Radov
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James Radov

Originally Posted by Bruni View Post
.. when Trump ran for President, around the time of Charlottesville I went full White Nationalist, only been relatively recently that I became a Fascist and even more so that I became a religious White Supremacist.
When trolling, its best to do way more research..
Trump is in NO way pro-white,neither is Alex Jones;
Charlottsville was a pathetic joke, a clown show we all dismiss and want nothing to do with in any was only harmful to white interests;
We are White Nationalists, not "supremacists" and no one here or in WN has any interests in supreming over other races, that is in FACT what jews want,
so supremacism has nothing to do with us..
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Originally Posted by James Radov View Post
When trolling, its best to do way more research..
Trump is in NO way pro-white,neither is Alex Jones;
Charlottsville was a pathetic joke, a clown show we all dismiss and want nothing to do with in any was only harmful to white interests;
We are White Nationalists, not "supremacists" and no one here or in WN has any interests in supreming over other races, that is in FACT what jews want,
so supremacism has nothing to do with us..
I never said that CVille was a good thing, that the kike in office was good for Whites, or that Alex Jones was pro-White, I'm just saying it's where I came from politically. CVille pushed me over the edge of WN, ultimately it either the Kraut and Tea bullshit on YouTube (German sceptic YouTuber trying to deplatform WNs and dox them) or the Richard Spencer V. Sarg'n and Styx debate that made me realize it. I never said that anyone other than me was a White Supremacist, I operate on the basis that unless explicitly otherwise stated my views are only endorsed by myself and no one else


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