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Default The Myth Of The Beneficial Influence Of Immigration

The nonsense of mixing different races is too self-evident to even discuss it. So much so that, historical record proves that such mixtures unavoidably end up in one of the following, or a mixture of them:
  1. [1]stratification of the society into a caste system (India, United States, Brazil) with ubiquitous ghettos and no-go zones;
    [2]miscegenation that changes the host nation beyond recognition (present-day Egypt as opposed to ancient Egypt; the Ottoman in place of the Byzantine Empire; present-day Mexico and pre-Columbian Mexico);
    [3]civil unrest and civil war with mass butchering (Polish-Ukrainian or Armenian–Turkish borderlands; Tutsi and Hutu in Africa).
The above post is as always my opinion

Chase them into the swamps
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Hugo Böse
Jeunesse Dorée
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Hugo Böse

Why then does an (((invisible hand))) want to let immigrants in? Obviously, the purpose is other than the one that we are fed with by the media, academicians and politicians.
I´m amazed that ZeroHedge hasn't been marked as a hate site yet.
Political correctness is an intellectual gulag.
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Sean Gruber
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Sean Gruber

Someone explained it this way: What do you think will happen if you take all the animals in the pet store and put them in one cage? That's what jews effect in our nations, using lying propaganda that we're all the same except in superficial ways like food preferences.
No jews, just right

Less talk, more action

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