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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default #1 Mudshark Reality Thread

Wow! White Woman Exposes Black Men That Date Them
Posted by Lena On March 24, 2014 49 Comments
white woman

A white women from Georgia says the black men who approach her are uneducated losers. She also says the women in her area are so desperate to have a black man, they put up with anything. She said the men donít work and the white women literally take care of their every need, all for the sake of having a black man on their arm. YouTuber MsArchDuchess says this white womanís video proves that her ď18 Reasons White Women Date Black MenĒ are right and exact. This is a continuation from the post titled ďIs This True? 18 Reasons White Women Date Black Menď. After you read that post, you will understand how the two tie together.

Hereís a brief preview of what the white woman says in her video:

ďRace is a big issue here is Georgia. Iím going to be talking to the white women here. Not in a judgmental standpoint, but from a lot of things that Iíve seen.

I dated black guy all of my life. Iíve never been with a white guy. I wouldnít say itís buy choice. From having a black boyfriend in high school, I was called a whore. White men looked at me differently. It scared me away from white guys. Iím never approached by white guys.

Iím approached by black men everyday. Itís a different type of caliber of black men because I know there are great black men out there, educated, professional, but I donít get approached by those ones.

One thing that hurts me is that there are a lot of white women that are putting up with anything just to say they have a black man. I hate to see that.

If this is you, itís probably going to piss you off that Iím going to say it. But the truth hurtsÖ

There are so many white women out here that are so eager to date a black men that they will let these men drive their car, live in their house for free, swipe their credit card, treat them like crap, just to say they have a fine black man. I would much rather be single than to have to pay for a man. If youíre going to spend your money on a man, I wouldnít do it on a loser.

They go on these dating websites, they find white girls that are mostly fat with low self esteem. The black man will call them thick. Thatís the new word. If youíre fat youíre fat. Iím fat, but Iím fine ass hell.

A lot of them have beautiful mixed babies, but theyíre seeing this man that hangs around the house, smokes weed all day, is probably selling drugs out of the house, heís dropping YOU off at work. Heís driving around all day. You HAD a full tank of gas. He comes to pick you up and hes winking at your girlfriends. You get in the car thinking you got something. You think these girls are envious of you and your fine black man but weíre shaking our heads laughing. We know he just picked you up on empty. Youíre about to go to the gas station, swipe your credit card, pump your own gas. At the most, heís giving you d*** at the end of the day and probably some else too, in your house while youíve been at work.

ÖI used to think I had to act a certain way to fit in with black people back in high school. What you think is ďblackĒ is not. They [black people] think your mimicking them. They donít like that shit.

I canít go to Walmart without getting approached by at least 5 black men. I see some beautiful black women, Latina, Asian, banging bodies, cuter faces and they donít get approached. But I get approached.

Just because a white girl has a big ass doesnít mean she wants to take car of you or that she wants to sleep with you. There are a lot of white women that are allowing this. Stop doing that sh*t.

Youíre never going to amount to anything in a relationship taking care of a man. Youíre never going to be happy. The minute you lose money, heís gonna be on to the next. And please believe heís not being faithful to you.

Everyone knows a woman like this in any race.Ē

For years itís been a stereotype that only dysfunctional, lazy, insecure black men date white women. There are many other white women with the same complaints.

Should black women beware of men who date interracially? Or is the issue with the women that allow this type of treatment?


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