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Default Aborticide: Virtues and Vices

Aborticide: Virtues and Vices:

Christian morality extends its universalistic umbrella of providential altruism over the vast masses on the presumption they are all 'children of god'(at least the schofield version does contra Christian identity). This propounds the notion that all life is sacrosanct as an emanation of the deity and thereby offers it protection and shelter from the storm of Natural life. In doing so it demonstrates its anti-natural quality and plucks out the eyes of its minions who would otherwise baulk at the equalization of the unequal so tangible in its obviousness.

This false light of beautitude bathes the teeming mixed multitude in the refulgent glory representing itself as the height of virtue and goodness while in reality serving to throw a persian rug over an infestation of cockroaches in the house of god. This specious fallacy of egalitarianism neglects the beams which project from this deity's purblind eyes and seeks to point out the merest mote in that of the desecrated heaten as a means of propping up its house of cards architecture.

The consequence of incubating the vermin of the earth who subsist in happy ignorance at the lowest tiers of what has charitably been called 'human' civilization has been to degrade the overall stock of humanity properly so-called and to transform a silk purse into a sow's ear in less than a century of what is touted as progress but is so only materialistically and is in realty spiritual regression and atavism to jungle savagery.

Hence the crippling nature of a doctrine of weakness as virtue which bites while it kisses and vampirizes the life's blood of the strong to feed the bloodless mass of leeches and fellow priestly caste vampires. With a whimper instead of a bang the world ends and a new dark age of complete bestial strife begins.

To endure such a time one must become atavized but to a higher octave of savagery, namely to become the noble savage and to sharpen claw and strengthen thew in the inevitable bellum omnia contra omnes wherein only the strong survive and the fittest will eventually become the best instead of those who adopt specious hypocrisy and false idols of out-group altruism as a means of getting along in life.

This was how the world decayed and entered into its late period and this is how a new world will begin. The symptoms of the coming future are already coming to the fore and the fact of abortion properly called 'aborticide' is a shining example of the transition form Christianity towards an ethic of a different kind.

The culling of the herd is a dsygenic means of the improvement of racial stock as those least conscientous of life and least equipped to support life are given the opportunity to avail themselves of that option to be discharged from their obligations as a conscientious and 'responsible' citizen. This "aborticide on demand" formality gives carte blanche to the degenerate type who then increases their base lustful pursuits without regard for the consequences. This of course amongst the better type is an undesirable thing which tends to devolve the stock and weaken the stability of the population which is a more auspicious fact amongst the less desirable types which further devastates and lays waste their excessive proliferation exceeding not only their but their caregivers means to support them let alone their meagre contribution to a better society, taking more than they deserve and giving much less than a proportional balance.

With the withering away of Christian values a new savagery is in the ascent, a more naturalistic ethos which pits group against group and smashes into irreversible fragments the crystal palace of God. Aborticide is in conjunction with the hypersexualization of society a dysgenic mechanism, a saturn scyth which mows down the tares in the garden of Gethsamane transplanting them to Golgotha where they will be burnt in ritual sacrifice to Moloch. Of course this assumes that the current version of Christianity continues to elicit this antithetical reaction, this opposition to the values of order and Reason that Christianity when understood in a real sense may serve as the gratest recipe for eugenics which entails a rigorous dysgenics.

The fact of the Scofield and King James Christianity being at labour under the delusion that "all men are brothers" and defining 'man' in a sense broader then perhaps intended supports the malgenics of human devolution and creates atavism towards barbarism through circumscribing with this term 'human' those more properly left outside of its conceptual bounds. Hence it sews the seeds of its own destrcution through its delusional nature as nature disprooves the lie of anti-nature morality.

Abortion stands as a combine harvester of the tares moving down countless millions of potential propagators of yet more children of the inferior 'races' or species. It is a jewel in the crown of human evolution, a pillar of support of the temple of the mysteries. The function of abortion if used to target the proper groups assists in the betterment of the human stock , if improperly used(ie. to target the desirable stock) it is a weapon of degeneration and genocide. Like all weapons it is in itself neutral, a brute object which simply performs an instrumental function and as such is merely a 'weapon' in the arsenal of progressive/regressive forces depending on how definitions are sculpted. The establishment of abortion clinics in the mud areas of the world would serve an already overburdened world.

Hypersexualization and destruction of the nuclear family as well as the social acceptibility of culling the herds through aborticide are both tools and simultaneously weapons that serve to (at least when properly used) to uplift humanity from the dregs of Christian and liberal egalitarianism which levels the better stock to the level of human anmial hybrids.

Aborticide revisited:

A tool of genocide is aborticide and this tool though harmful, is and has been of utility to the social planners in their population reduction protocols. The end which they have in mind being desirable in their mind and their ethics consisting merely in a psychopathic rationality (a reptilian-brained consciousness elevated and refined through intellectualism – elevated to a higher degree of malignancy) the means is for them endowed with no moral content or sentimentality but merely the coldness of a scalpel or instrument of destruction.

The social planner (invariably one of the luciferian cabal whose credo is to be beyond good and evil, typically a freemason, Jew, or member of the Catholic orders) legislates with a similar cold rationality and brings into play his minions through incentives of power and money to orchestrate his will in the population reduction plan.

Aborticide is the means as it is specific and facilitates the further plan of creating a chaotic environment socially wherein no disincentive (i.e. parental responsibility) exists and the incentive of the primordial urge (sex) motivates those who avail themselves of the abortion on demand to continue heedless of the consequences as there are none in their mind save the time and effort spent in arranging an appointment at the abortion clinic.

Thus for the crude and callous female (the female murderer, aborticidist) it is merely ‘water off a duck’s back’ for them…at least, so they are indoctrinated to think by the feminist mind control of the Jew World Order.

However in consequence of such an act and complicity therewith there are indeed consequences but only those which can be intuitively known by the Aryan woman whose higher consciousness enable her to understand the error of her ways. The non-whites, being of a lower consciousness and having an inability thereby to sense the wrong of aborticide simply undergoes the procedure as a matter of course. In fact the animalistic tendencies of the non-whites incline them towards such a practice as nothing foreign to their interests having predispositions towards similar barbarities from genital mutilation to cannibalism all of which are a praxiological emanation so to speak of their innate constitution.

This of course holds for all non-whites including those typically instantiated as the pinnacle of their hierarchy, namely the Chinese and other far-eastern Orientals (cannibalism and the consumption of fetal tissue being in no way taboo within their traditional society).

The debate around aborticide as what has been called an ‘ethical issue’ centers around the notion that to negate life is wrong/bad/untoward, etc. and that there are certain degrees of life and non-life that qualify on a sliding scale the permissibility of ‘abortion’ as the negation of life. I disagree with this given that it overlooks distinctions between types of life, the being itself in its substance which is being subject to ‘aborticide’.

To fail to make such a distinction is to imply that life per se has inherent worth which is a fallacy given that it would not have existed in the first place if it were not enabled to exist and even if it had an in spite of being enabled or disabled by the larger society (e.g. foreign aid, birth control pills, etc.) it would not have inherent value save as ‘what it is’ and this implies no equality (blacks, whites, retards, race-mixed hybrids, etc.) therefore no equal worth. For a negroes to have an ‘abortion’ as discussed above it is in a way the same as a white Aryan woman.

Thus we derive the conclusion that aborticide for some is permissible whereas for others prohibited. This is no double standard as each standard is different and biologically based, a black being a separate type having a separate standard applied to them. Of course de natura and de jure that standard is applied by someone and that someone is subject to their own standard based upon their essence and can only view the world through a finite lens.

However the absolute within this relativism lies in the nature of natural and the ‘inequality of human races’ that the Aryan partakes of the divine spark and the others have an absence of this same being at best (worst) hybridized with whites (Jews, Arabs, Japanese, Indians, etc.). Thus the standards differ and accordingly aborticide is a possibility for some while still remaining within the scope of natural law and ‘morality’ in this absolutist sense.

The occult credo of ‘do no harm’ is to be applied in a wider sense than merely avoiding injury a fly which carries a noxious bacilli that might devastate whole populations. Thus aborticide is acceptable within the natural law for those who would create a larger harm. That the evidence suggests that non-whites equal crime and proportionally the more of one implies the more of the other it follows that they inherently represent a threat to a stable and functional society.

Therefore they should be culled from the society. Perhaps certain portions of them could be kept as zoo exhibits in protected reserves in their own ancestral territory to replicate the conditions of their ancestors as a research population and tourist exhibit for the education of white youth. Much progress in the field of science could be attained and with minimal problem given a sustainable population

abortion, feminism, jew, natality


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