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Thumbs down nigger hacks up human couple at Nashville TN Public Storage

A homeless man repeatedly slashed a married couple in Nashville with a machete because he was angry about shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, authorities said.

Kelvin D. Edwards, 35, hacked at Kevin Craft, 55, and his wife, Leanne Craft, 50, on Sunday afternoon in the office of a Public Storage center, the Metro Nashville Police Department said in a statement.

Edwards grabbed the machete from his bin at the storage facility and allegedly struck the couple continuing even after they were bleeding on the floor, police said.

Kevin and Leanne Craft

nigger Kelvin Edwards

Even the score, six million more!
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Joe from OH
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Joe from OH

I just posted this on fagbook. Just like the nigger who beat the old white man's post that went up yesterday, there will be no shares or comments.

Most whites have been reduced to jewish-trained seals.
A jew, a pedophile and a politician walks into a bar

He orders a drink.
Old 1 Day Ago #3
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Garrett, Eric had actually posted this in This Just In four days ago BUT these crimes need to be posted here too.

These are all Hush Crimes and people who come here can readily see all the vicious nigger on White crimes that they never hear about.

So...thanks for posting this here.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.
Old 1 Day Ago #4
Garrick Fenstad
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Garrick Fenstad

why the fuck didn't they have a gun? or did their employer forbid that? what kinda jew shit is this anyway?
Old 1 Day Ago #5
James Radov
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James Radov

What about fooking M State?

did they attend that marxist indoctrination center? Then they very well could be leftist liberals, or kosher -conservatives who do not.. "see color"

And the lowest point, do they like "College Sports"?
Do they cheer for the "Bulldogs" whatever the fuck team that is?

Thats the kike scam of allowing illiterate, low IQ niggers to be "students" because they do sports-ball and white losers actually pay and waste life watching..


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