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Gerry Fable

Originally Posted by John Trent View Post
Sorry for my delayed response. I wanted a break, and I wanted time to formulate a response.

After reading the posts from after my last input, I am still not heavily convinced that the Nazis did all they possibly could to avoid a war situation. The regime was certainly brutal, with its leaders greatly desiring territorial expansion.

Honestly, I do not care even if the Nazis did make every effort to prevent an outbreak of war. The Nazis and their ideology are irrelevant to the British and their current predicament. The Second World War is a very depressing period to dwell on. I am much more focused on the present.

The fact the Nazis did not recognise the exceptional racial desirability of the British racial demographic angers me too.

Hitler wanted to create a socialism of nations with National-Socialist Germany as the sole protector and guarantor of free and independent socialist nations in the world.

The Socialism of nations could only have come about two ways:

1. All nations voluntarily submit and join the socialism of nations through internal National-Socialist revolution in each nation.

2. A war of liberation against Capitalism and Communism by a National-Socialist nation in order to bring into existence, guarantee and then secure the socialism of all free and independent nations.

Otto Wagener: Socialism Of The Nations: p. 165-174

“There also exists a constructive international socialist idea. But it is altogether different. For, look here, once nations have begun to carry out a socialist and socio-economic reorganization within their own borders, the time is ripe for the totality of nations — that is, all the peoples and states — to give up fighting each other for power and supremacy, enslavement and exploitation, according to liberal principles (CAPITALIST IMPERIALISM) — that is, acting according to imperialist principles. Then, even among them the time has come for giving consideration to pride of place, communal spirit, even ‘socialism.’ What first occurred on a small scale within the individual nations will then take place among the worldwide community of nations. Even the smallest of them will enjoy equal rights… That is socialism of the nations! But it is quite different from the international socialism of a Marx or a Lenin!"

“If, for example, acting out of a higher discernment, industrial plants decide not to compete with each other, establishing instead a community of interests, each enterprise remains independent in itself. The only change is that each will be integrated into the totality according to a higher plan, taking into account considerations of production and market conditions and according to principles of reason and profitability. So each must give up something of its sovereignty, in the interest of the whole — but consequently also in its own best interest. It is equally true within a nation that each individual citizen must surrender something of his own sovereignty — what is colloquially spoken of as ‘personal liberty’ –to the organization of self-administration, the state. All rights originate primarily with the people… The Volk, each separate person, however, yields as much as necessary — but not more than necessary — to the state it has created or the government it has established according to its constitution.

“The same thing will happen with the socialism of nations. Each nation remains independent. It yields to the community, to the organization of self-administration, to the world state only as much of its sovereignty as is necessary to enable the execution of the tasks that are in the interest of all and each separately.”

So each must give up something of its sovereignty, in the interest of the whole — but consequently also in its own best interest.

The international powers that are at work to penetrate the unanimity of the national bodies, the states, the nations, to dissolve and undermine them, are therefore contrary to Nature and hostile to the divine order.
“But here, too, I carry within me the conviction — and I see myself as a trailblazer — that humanity will find the right way. For the peoples and their states are natural creations, divinely ordained, they are associations of men, all of whom are created by God and therefore stand side by side, with equal rights, judged only for the totality, each according to his abilities and achievements for the totality. The international powers that are at work to penetrate the unanimity of the national bodies, the states, the nations, to dissolve and undermine them, are therefore contrary to Nature and hostile to the divine order. Among them are primarily Jews, but next in line are the Catholic church, the internationally oriented trade unions, international communism, the major international trusts [corporations and banking], and many more. Such organizations can, at times, be stronger than the states! And herein lies their danger! Not only for the individual state, but especially for the possibility of creating the great socialist community of nations.

“So, if we pursue the goal of such a community of nations — and it must, as I said, be pursued, and it will be the final goal of human politics on this earth — then we must first reconstruct the independence and autonomy of the nations, even the smallest, and drive the large international organizations back to their purely technical sphere of operations, eliminating every last possibility of their influence on governments and governmental organizations. This is a further basic perception.

“Furthermore, the principle in power politics of always oppressing smaller nations, annexing them, occupying them, dissolving their statehood, divesting them of their autonomy, their divinely ordained sovereignty — this is a useless and foolish undertaking, a sin against Nature… Yes, one can say that the suppression of a people, the forced incorporation in artificial borders, or military occupation of a particular country only heighten the will to freedom and the urge to liberation of the people in question!

“Even if one expels the members of a Volk from a country or scatters them all over the world, the Volk does not cease to exist. Even after generations, it continues to harbor the longing for the native soil from which it was driven or the yearning for reunification…

“The application of this realization is a further great task of the future. Here lie the roots of true religion, the link to divinity! There are those poor creatures, bending their knees and wringing their praying hands before carved wooden figures, and those great hypocrites hoodwink them into believing that, thanks to this behavior, their souls will sizzle a few days less in the fires of hell. But the true link to God, the elevated consciousness of being a divine creature — that is driven out of them and forbidden them! Here is where I see the A6yo£ of St. John, which Luther unfortunately translated as ‘word.’ Goethe tried to rectify the error with the critical lines: ‘I cannot possibly place such a high value on the word, I must translate it differently,’ and he said: ‘In the beginning was the deed.’ But I say: ‘In the beginning was the urge!’ And the urge existed from eternity! And the urge was a creation of God, and God himself was this urge. And the urge was the spark of life, which resides in us as well."

The pacifist-humanitarian idea may indeed become an excellent one when the most superior type of manhood will have succeeded in subjugating the world to such an extent that this type is then sole master of the earth. This idea could have an injurious effect only in the measure in which its application became difficult and finally impossible.

So, first of all, the fight, and then pacifism. If it were otherwise, it would mean that mankind has already passed the zenith of its development, and accordingly, the end would not be the supremacy of some moral ideal, but degeneration into barbarism and consequent chaos.
Implicit in Hitler's comment in Mein Kampf is that he envisions a New World Order of development and cooperation between all nations without resorting to war over resources. This passage is fully congruent with the socialism of nations written by Hitler's former comrade Otto Wagener.


Germany was more densely populated than other nations such as Great Britain who could always rely on her colonies for basic commodities. Germany was not self-sufficient and strived for autarky without having to rely on international markets for their food supply. Markets controlled by international finance and powerful economic institutions such as Wall St and the City of London hostile to National-Socialism’s new economic model.

In a speech at the Reichstag in 1939 Hitler stated how Germany relied on manufacturing exports in order to buy essential food staples:

“We have to export in order to buy foodstuffs, and moreover, as these exports require raw materials, and of which we do not possess, we are forced to export still more in order to assure ourselves of these extra raw materials.…”

During WW1 the British navel blockade of Germany caused over 700,000 Germans to die from starvation and from a lack of medicines.

When Hitler came to power, Germany relied on food imports to feed one-third of the population, and did not have enough arable soil to produce enough food to meet all her needs. Germany needed to export manufacturing goods sold on the world markets in order to purchase much needed food imports.

“Conditions today make it quite impossible for Germany to withdraw from world trade.” The German nation, he declared, must export or die.”

When Hitler came to power on Jan. 30, 1933, an economic boycott of Germany was called for starting from April 1, 1933 because of 'anti-Semitism' by the NSDAP due to the regime’s expulsion of Jews from public office and the purging of Communists from the body politic.

As stated above, Germany relied on food imports to feed one-third of her population, paid for with German manufacturing exports. Thus it was calculated that if Germany was denied export business it would cause mass starvation in Germany resulting in the fall of the regime.

National-Socialist Germany managed to overcome the embargo but still suffered from food shortages. The threat of starvation was always there.

Lebensraum was the geopolitical answer to the threat of starvation, caused in part, but not entirely, from the loss of German territory in the Treaty of Versailles.

Operation Barbarossa

The reason why Hitler ordered the attack on the Soviet Union was because Hitler refused to remain neutral if the Soviet Union attacked Finland and Romania after Molotov failed at blackmail attempts with the Reich which left Hitler with the logical conclusion that Stalin was ready to invade after Molotov left Berlin in a huff resulting in a breakdown in relations between the Reich and the Soviet Union.

When the German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop formed the Non-Aggression Pact with Stalin over Germany’s plan to reclaim Danzig and the Polish corridor back to the Reich, Stalin blackmailed Hitler:

“When I went to see Marshal Stalin in Moscow in 1939, he did not discuss with me the possibility of a peaceful settlement of the German Polish conflict within the framework of the Kellogg-Briand Pact; but rather he hinted that if in addition to half of Poland and the Baltic countries he did not receive Lithuania and the harbour of Libau, I might as well return home.”

Final statement at the Nuremberg trial.

After that Stalin continued to blackmail Hitler to give him most of eastern Europe in exchange for staying neutral in the war. Each time Molotov and Hitler met, more demands were made, knowing full well Germany could not say no if they didn’t want to open a third front in the war.

Stalin continued with his scheming and had his General Zhukov draft a 15 page memo outlining a plan to attack Germany that was dated May 15, 1941. The plan was known as Operation Groza and made a speech before the graduating class of Red Army officers at the Kremlin on May 5, 1941 indicating that “war was coming, and Germany would be the enemy.” The Red Army abandoned their defensive line, the Stalin Line, and moved their forces up to the frontier with Germany. Stalin had amassed 3 million men, 35,000 tanks, 20,000 planes and 34,000 pieces of artillery lined up ready to strike. He wanted to attack in early June but postponed the attack after he learned of Rudolf Hess’ flight to England. He thought that the Germans and British were about to strike a deal and join forces against the Soviet Union. He postponed Operation Groza until July 10th. But Hitler attacked on June 22 and beat him to the punch.

So unprepared for war with Russia that Hitler conceded in the secretly recorded talks with Finland’s Mannerheim that Germany did not even have winter provisions and their weapons were fair weather machines only untested for winter warfare.

Stalin was scheming on invading Western Europe once Germany could no longer put up a strong enough resistance, and was an international Communist of course. World revolution by force, and that is why the US used nuclear weapons against Japan to send a not so subtle message to Uncle Joe not to invade Western Europe after the war.

Although it is clear Hitler had intended to attack Russia much earlier in the war circumstances mitigated against it. Stalin likewise was plotting and scheming on invading Western Europe. But Hitler’s hand was forced and he had no choice but to launch Operation Barbarossa.

Of course the history books say otherwise. And the following recording, primary source evidence, of Hitler’s meeting with Finland’s Mannerheim, reveals the background to Operation Barbarossa which has been omitted from the pages of history.

”Corrupt and venal historians blame Germany for starting World War II just as they blame Germany for starting World War I despite the undeniable fact that Germany was the last combatant to mobilize for WW I. Wars have never been started by the last country to mobilize.

Stalin militarized the Soviet economy years before Hitler militarized the German economy. Churchill’s plan to use war as his path to power was put into effect years prior to Hitler’s reunification of Germany. Historians who overlook these facts, are not historians. They are propagandists.”
Paul Craig Roberts

Gottgläubig: The Religion of the Blood

Socialist People's Community:

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