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Old January 22nd, 2020 #21
James Radov
Junior Member
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James Radov

Wow . . .

He was a close associate of mine for about 11 years.

What to make of this?

this reminds me of something Linder posted several years ago that is always relevant.. being that jews do not betray each other over goyim, even if they disagree among themselves..they always keep the common enemy in sight.

but as per Linders post, he mentions some old actor Ed Asner was friends with another actor 30 years and Eddy found out other guy [goyim?]does not support Israel..!! that instant ended the relationship and they are enemies..

As Linder said its "awesomely impressive" , and it is!
since jews do not tolerate anything against their interests..

something shabaz-goyim will learn when jews no longer need to use them..
Old January 22nd, 2020 #22
Ray Allan
Senior Member
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Ray Allan

Speaking of jew Ed Asinine...

"They got together with the jews and the catholics."
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
Old January 26th, 2020 #23
Furor Hibernica
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Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post
most ironic that you post a picture of darth vader because vader also changed sides in the star wars movies.
Old February 23rd, 2020 #24
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Location: Bremen ,Germany
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Originally Posted by Ireland14 View Post
most ironic that you post a picture of darth vader because vader also changed sides in the star wars movies.

. . but Vader did bring "balance in the force" in the end though . .

. . .

Last edited by ColdFire; February 29th, 2020 at 03:08 AM.
Old March 12th, 2020 #25
Oma Temmer
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Oma Temmer

Originally Posted by ColdFire View Post

I am the second in charge of a well , let's say , "National Socialist resitance cell" where I live . . . . . .

I spent the last half hour on the phone with a "friend".

The two of us were probably the closest associates of the business leader of that cell ( who manages all the script stuff )

Guess what ? He blatantly told me that he was about to throw in the towel . .

He used to be a full-blown Communist in his younger days and said that he would strive to pursuit that direction once more . .

I asked "Why ? Why ? ?"

He said that in face of the difficult financial times we live in currently ( inflation , €uro instability . .) he would strive to pursuit his old ways again.

He even went so far as to call our organisation "chauvinist" , as a response to which I angrily slammed the earphone down. .
Polizei knock on your door yet? That guy is going to sing like a bird, give up identities and personal info and everything else. That's why you don't form groups.
Old March 12th, 2020 #26
Fico's Avatar
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Location: Alpine central european area
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This is reason why I do not want to be part of any organization especially on place where I live where you can with just lower cost pay hooker within movement because of low standard. I know situation where some member who was part of one pro-white organization,high educated guy gave pirson and secret services checked pro-white users in my state including me however I did not have any kind of crime in my personal life and I respect our laws,if they want something,let them to give me internet cenzorship what they gave to me on other pro-white forum becaue my posts had been respectful but members warned me that are pro-white organizations infiltrated in my area and that the government blackmail them for work with them. Because I know that,this is reason why they block me on such webside and gave me full of cenzorship with serious threats.

Do not have any kind of friends in your personal life with pro-white views,just distribute some kind of literature to the random people who you find first and last time in your life. How many organizations you know whose members pass psihotest as police and military have?
One pro-white activist in my state were victim of gaslighting (what used secret services for opponents) what is special kind of aggresion on your mental health (such type of gaslighting I had in one big multicultural corporation because of my controversial pro-white character,they mobilizing their dogs with all force does not matter about consequences in your personal life) and he barely out himself from psychiatry after forced treatment.

I somewhere read that NS have special extreme trainings in organization of their doctors for selection of people how you can survive in extreme situations. You know,guys who follow our people are specialized for that and lot of us did not know how to make successful organization ruling by white elite who would gave same tests and trainings as opposite organizations have. It is really sad to see that you can on stupid way risk your personal life just for posting on that forum. I had also a lot of problems in my job by communists with extreme mobbing with guys who are members of criminal gangs who organizing transport immigrants in Europe for big corporations what is organizing criminal act so this is reason why I left the job. Be pro-white oriented guy means lot of risks even if you are not dangerous person. Same situation is worldwide however I strongly belive that will Whites survive even if we exist in the number of 20 million but such low number on the globe will be succesful than other races.

The problem is when you have pro-white views,whole of anti-white cohort (liberals,christians and communists in my case) are comming agains you who is alone. Our case mean reject all anti-white friends in your personal life it is really hard way when you look destruction of our civilization over you with self-destructive brain manipulated White degenerates as warriors of anti-white order. You know,I pass one test from psychology and I see in script that if some person have opposite oppinion in the system,then he must accept an offical oppinion with all costs,it is like process of denazifization in Germany after they were killed whole elite and start to establish new psihological brainwashing what is reason why Germany have such problems as today. The best case of infiltration is how one swedish student (thanks for their nordic gene pool who he used against himself) infiltrated himself into London forum group,find,somewhere an article about that,so this is an example how is our movement weak when some self-proclaimed white elite club (wannabe seroious organization) can not have secret meeting without infiltrators. Is it possible in one american or british freemasonry? Of course not.

Last edited by Fico; March 12th, 2020 at 12:58 PM.


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