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Old January 28th, 2020 #1
Mike in Denver
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Mike in Denver
Default SEN Scam

I just got my first ssn scam. "Your social security account has been canceled. Call the number we have provided." Two phone calls, which I did not answer, then a voice message.

Man! It's scary to be on this shot-hole of a planet. These people should be hung upside down, disemboweled, and forced to eat their intestines as they die.

I'm guessing silly courts barely punish them, if at all.

Hunter S. Thompson, "Big dark, coming soon"
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Dan Hadaway
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Dan Hadaway

First thing would be to determine who you gave your number to which in turn, gave it to them.

Crooks got my cc number by uploading a virtual skimmer onto When I bought something, there was a page that wasn't normally there. I thought it strange, but the transaction went through, and it was only until I saw thousands of dollars of transactions that I knew I'd been defrauded. My cc company had insurance or something, and zero'd them out.

So, sometimes it's not even your fault.


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