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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default #1 Yahoo Thread

[just tracking a large company many people use]

I don't know that a 'law' is needed when to engage in 'hate speech' in public where your identity is known will result in career death. In fact, Yahoo caused me a great deal of harm by cancelling my e-mail account after someone complained that I had said "Bill Cosby used to appear on the Playboy TV show where he could be seen mugging and leering like an Organ Grinder's Monkey".

As I could no longer access my e-mail under the old address I had to contact my bank, brokerage accounts, insurance companies, utilities, credit card issuers and, most vexing Turbo Tax. In fact, I was unable to resolve the issue with Turbo Tax as your user ID is tied to an e-mail address and thus the continuity of my returns is lost. This will necessitate me attempting to contact the IRS to get AGI and Taxpayer PIN tomorrow as I cannot access my prior years returns at Turbo Tax nor file my return this year electronically without that info. Thanks a lot Yahoo!


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