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Old July 20th, 2016 #221
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Post Police attempt to ban Britain First from all mosques and certain areas of town

The party is known for its “Christian patrols,” mosque invasions and anti-Islam protests in Luton.

Bedfordshire Police have sought a High Court injunction against the group’s leader, Paul Golding, and his deputy, Jayda Fransen, following “harassment” of communities in Luton.

In a statement, chief superintendent David Boyle told the Luton Herald & Post that the force is attempting to get the injunction “due to concerns that their presence in these areas could increase the possibility of disorder and antisocial behavior.”

The application, to be heard next month, will ask that Golding and Fransen be banned for three years from “entering any mosque or Islamic cultural center or its private groups within England and Wales without any prior written invitation.”

It also seeks to ban the pair from entering Luton’s Bury Park without police permission, and that they give at least two weeks’ written warning should they wish to enter Luton town center.

They would not be allowed to enter Luton more than once every two months should any consent be given.

Britain First says if the measures are granted, it could lead to other police forces seeking similar bans, effectively preventing them from campaigning in town centers across the country.

“If we don’t win, we are finished,” Golding told IBT.

“What we are dealing with here is a direct challenge to our right to exist as a political party.

“If Luton police can achieve such an injunction against a legally registered political party, then what’s to stop every other town in the country applying similar injunctions?

“We could end up being bled dry with endless court appearances and injunctions that simply make it impossible for Britain First to continue operating.”

The move comes a year after Bedfordshire Police launched another High Court application against Golding and Fransen in an attempt to ban them from Luton prior

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