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drinking tea
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Post #1 Calais/Channel Tunnel/Asylum Seeker thread

Jump off here for the UK: Looking like Casper the Ghost, migrants smuggled here inside a flour tanker... only to be set free by border officials and told how to claim asylum

Nine suspected illegal immigrants emerge from their hiding place - from lorry on the M26
Four are seeking asylum - and are expected to begin to claim benefits
The German lorry had entered from France

Covered in flour, they clamber from a foreign lorry – to the amazement of other motorists on a busy motorway.

This is the moment that at least nine suspected illegal immigrants emerged from their hiding place after smuggling themselves into the UK.

The gang brazenly strolled off into the English countryside. And although all were caught within minutes, almost half were immediately set free. They were even taken to a hostel, given free accommodation and told how to apply for asylum and benefits.

Any lengths: One man, watched on by his accomplice, emerges from the lorry covered in flour

The graphic illustration of how Britain remains a soft touch for migrants occurred on the M26 in Kent this week. And it seems it was not a rare event. Kent Police say that for the past two years they have received on average one report a day relating to clandestine immigration.

The incident happened near the junction with the M25, as rush-hour traffic slowed to a crawl, and was photographed by a Daily Mail reader. The immigrants opened the hatch in the top of the German food tanker, which had apparently just arrived from France via the Channel Tunnel and was parked on the hard shoulder of the motorway.

They emerged one by one, then jumped down on to the ground in a shower of dust. Several witnesses called police, while the tanker driver was also apparently on the phone to the authorities as his stowaway passengers fled.

One caller told officers the flour-covered Middle Eastern fugitives would be easy to spot as they all ‘looked like Casper the Friendly Ghost’. They were picked up within the hour at the nearby village of Otford. But after Kent Police handed the nine men over to the Border Agency, four were allowed to go free.

Emerging: The immigrants emerging from the top of a German registered tanker in a layby on the M20

The other five remain in detention ‘pending removal from the UK’ but may yet wage legal bids to stay.
It is believed the group had sneaked into the tanker – assumed to have been used previously for transporting flour or other foodstuffs – somewhere in France before being brought to England without the knowledge of the driver.

Lorry drivers face heavy fines for bringing illegals into the country, and the Border Agency – under fire for its failure to tackle unauthorised immigration – claims to have tightened security checks for stowaways, with specialist equipment to detect body heat or breath.

But it seems the flow of people sneaking in continues regardless.

The Daily Mail reader who photographed the gang said: ‘I was just near the M25 when I saw this German lorry on the hard shoulder. The driver was talking on his mobile. Maybe he heard something inside his tanker, so stopped.

‘As I went past the tanker, I saw these people start coming out of the hatch on top. They were all covered in this white stuff that looked like flour, but seemed to be from the Middle East. They were a bit unshaven and shaggy.

‘They were not running across the fields, just walking slowly and smiling. I think they were happy because they managed to cross the border.’

Last night Kent Police said: ‘We were called at around 8.15am on Tuesday by several members of the public who reported seeing a group of men getting off a lorry on the westbound M26, near to where it joins the M25. The men were on foot, described as being covered in a white, flour-like powder.

‘Officers, assisted by sightings by members of the public, arrested nine men in the Sevenoaks area on suspicion of entering the country illegally. They have been taken to Dover and handed over to the UK Border Agency.’

The Border Agency said: ‘Immigration Enforcement officials were contacted by Kent Police after they attended an incident on the M26 on Tuesday.

‘Nine men – four Syrians, two Iranians, an Egyptian, an Iraqi and a Palestinian – were arrested at the scene on suspicion of immigration offences.’ But it admitted: ‘Four of the men – two Syrians, an Egyptian and an Iranian – have since been released on immigration bail while their cases are considered by the Home Office.

‘If they are found to have no right to remain in the UK they will face removal. The other men remain in immigration detention pending their removal from the UK.’

The Home Office said: ‘When suspected illegal immigrants found on lorries are arrested by police, we respond quickly.

‘We work closely with police to tackle illegal immigration. Where someone is found to have no legal right to remain in the UK we will take action to remove them.’

Last night a Home Office spokesman refused to discuss the nine arrivals in detail but suggested that the four who were set free would have been given transport to a hostel where they would be housed rent-free. They would be given information on how to apply for benefits for asylum seekers, which would start with cash payments of £36 a week, and be told to check in regularly to dissuade them from absconding again.

The Home Office spokesman claimed to have no figures for the number of clandestine arrivals caught in Kent – saying immigration control centres were in France and Belgium, not England.
Read more:
Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.
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EDLIE Stampton
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"Nine men – four Syrians, two Iranians, an Egyptian, an Iraqi and a Palestinian"

No apparent danger to the nation then.
They used to give them the money to get to Croydon.
I thought that was bad.
How would the poor fellows know how to get there when they had only just arrived from countrys that have a totally alien culture to our own.
At least now they are sorting them out somewhere to stay and making sure they get some cash.
After all.No man likes to have to walk around without a bit of money in their pocket.
Dog save the queen.
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Gerry Fable
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Gerry Fable

What do we think of the EDL?

The rank-and-file are great; the leadership are Zionist puppets, explains Nick Griffin MEP.

With so much focus by the controlled media on the English Defence League, many newcomers to this site ask us how the BNP views the EDL.

The answer is simple: We have a great deal of time for the rank-and-file followers of the EDL.

We are not afraid to state the obvious - that all aspects of the indigenous resistance to Islamism and the multi-cult destruction of traditional Britain need to exhibit discipline, self-restraint and higher standards of behaviour than are now common in the ruins of this once great nation. The EDL, plainly, often falls below those standards.

But we refuse to join in the snobbish ´mainstream´ condemnation of EDL supporters for often being rough round the edges and having been let down by the UK´s broken egalitarian education system that condemns working class lads to the scrapheap.

The words of Kipling´s poem about Tommy Atkins are as true today as they ever were. These lads are spat on and sneered at until they´re wanted in uniform, then they´re all "saviour of his country, when the guns begin to shoot."

So we´re delighted to see so many normal, decent working class youngsters identifying and getting involved with EDL events that get them out on the street and active in political activity, often for the first time in their lives.

On the road to real nationalism

Not least because, while they may be drawn in to the EDL to begin with, the serious ones will often move on and come to us as they learn more about the reality of politics in Britain. So good on them!

Our attitude to the EDL´s leadership - and especially to the shadowy string-pullers behind the leadership - however, is VERY different.

As genuine nationalists we have deep ideological differences with the EDL leaders who openly support the ethno-cultural genocide of the indigenous English through mass colonisation and multi-racialism.

As followers of the good old Labour traditions of social justice and a mixed economy, and advocates of radical restrictions on the power of internationalist banks and globalist corporations, we disagree radically with EDL website's advocacy of liberal internationalist economic policies.

The EDL's Ukip in Stone Island tops approach offers nothing whatsoever to a white working class that is being nailed to the floor by reactionary right-wing austerity on behalf of the banksters and big business.

Puppets dancing to an anti-British tune

These are fields to which we will return in a further article. For now, however, let us concentrate on the worst flaw of the EDL of all: The fact that it's run by Zionist/neo-con puppets with an agenda drastically against the true interests of the British people.

Zionist Jew Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch), Shabbos goy Kevin Carroll, rabid Zionist Jew Pamela Geller, (President), Shabbos goy Tommy Robinson at rally in Stockholm, last summer.

Yes, ´Tommy Robinson´ is without a doubt as brave as a lion, and fair play to him for that. But his personal courage, and our sympathy for the supporters who risk baton-charges by the police and bricks and bottles from the far-left and Muslim thugs, must not blind us to the fact that the EDL is a wholly controlled subsidiary of an operation intended to stampede the public to war like cattle to slaughter.

All on behalf of the most criminal and greedy warmongers on the planet.

This is not supposition or empty rhetoric. It is borne out by hard facts - lots of them. These are all in the vital study ´What Lies Behind the English Defence League?´

First published last year, this has now been slightly updated and is now being re-released on account of the media refocus on the EDL as a result of the Woolwich murder and subsequent coverage of the ´backlash´ by papers such as the Express.

"The only significant change," says author Nick Griffin, "is to take into account the denial by one individual, Peter Risdon, of any involvement with the EDL. Rather than argue over this and go into claims by others who definitely were involved, we have accepted Mr Risdon´s denial and apologise to him for any embarrassment caused.

"The fact that, more than a year on, every other statement in this highly detailed and heavily-referenced work still stands, with not a single fact contested by anyone else, is testament to the accuracy of this expose.

'Defence' for who?

"The puppet masters have withdrawn more into the background, but the continued support for the EDL of neo-con-funded operations such as Gates of Vienna, together with their continued promotion of documents clearly intended to create and incite new versions of Anders Breivik, shows all too clearly that the overall agenda behind the EDL is not the defence of Britain.

"Rather, the aim is to push us all even further down the road towards civil war between Muslims and the rest of us, in order to strengthen the case for the real goal of the warmongers: To manipulate public opinion in favour of continual involvement in highly profitable and totally immoral wars in the Middle East."

The British National Party yields to no-one in our determination to rid Britain not just of the Islamist menace, but of the entire nation-wrecking mass immigration policy imposed without democratic mandate by a criminal ruling elite. But we also stand as the only serious political force that has consistently argued for international peace and to keep Britain out of foreign wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan and (next up) Syria and Iran.

No to Surrender AND to War!

Such conflicts have nothing to do with Britain. The Clash of Civilisations created by the combination of Sunni expansionism, American corporate greed and Zionist extremism (and being promoted on our streets by the people using the good-hearted and sincere rank-and-file of the EDL) must be ended for good. That cannot be done either by the West surrendering to Islam or attempting to ´remake the Middle East´ by the effective extermination of Islam.

It can only be achieved by sensible negotiation and by massive financial assistance for phased, humanely conceived and carried out separation. Quite simply: The West must leave the lands of Islam, and Islam must leave the lands of the West. Good fences make good neighbours. "Peace be upon you".

Read the in-depth report on What Lies Behind the EDL? See for yourself - and pass it on!

Originally posted by WestHam.Loyal
You and silly bollocks lazy fable are a right win double.
I give this article 9/10! Griffin is almost as bad as that silly bollocks lazy Fable and Dawn Cannon.

Last edited by Gerry Fable; June 4th, 2013 at 10:23 AM.
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drinking tea
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What lies behind the EDL?

Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.
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drinking tea
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The leader of the English Defence League today admitted the far-right group has 'completely questionable' tactics in a controversial interview in which he called for a ban on the building of mosques in Britain.

Tommy Robinson also denied that his followers were responsible for a fire at an Islamic centre in London last week, suggesting that it may in fact have been the work of Muslims.

The BBC has been criticised for running the interview with Robinson on Radio 4's Today programme, with some listeners claiming that it gave a 'non-critical platform' for his extremist views.

A number of prominent journalists and politicians criticised the BBC's decision to interview Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Former Labour MP Denis McShane directed his anger at presenter Sarah Montague, tweeting: 'Now Today provides non-critical platform for EDL. Has she ever seen them close up? Heard their racist insults? Violence threats?'

Former Ed Miliband adviser and Labour parliamentary candidate Polly Billington also tweeted: 'Our communities will suffer the consequences of this legitimisation of the EDL. @BBCr4today -totally out of touch.'

Director of think tank British Future Sunder Katwala added: 'Big @BBCr4today #EDL flaw to take at face value false statements from man with both violence & fraud convictions'

The EDL leader has returned to prominence following the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, which has led to an increase in anti-Islamic sentiments in some quarters.

Mr Robinson, 30, tried to strike a conciliatory tone over some issues, saying he condemned attacks against Muslims and would not allow EDL members to make Nazi salutes.

However, he insisted that his group had nothing to do with a fire which partially destroyed an Islamic community centre in Muswell Hill last week, even though the building was daubed with the initials 'EDL'.

'If something was set fire and someone wrote "David Cameron" on the side of it, does it mean he did it?,' he said.

'It just seems ridiculous to me and I think everyone can see through it that that's done to make it look like the English Defence League.

'If I'm honest, I'm completely sceptical that it is even non-Muslims that have done that.'

Mr Robinson added: 'Our tactics are completely questionable, yes, and I understand people who say you are going about it the wrong way, but what choice do we have as working-class people, who, as soon as you put your head above the parapet, you're called a racist or a fascist? Who wants to sit down and talk to us?'

He did not explain exactly what he meant by 'questionable tactics', but the EDL is known for holding large rallies near mosques and heavily Muslim areas, while adopting a confrontational attitude which has previously led to clashes with anti-fascist protesters and Muslim activists.

'The non-Muslim community working class don't have a voice,' he continued. 'Where will it end? It's not going to end pretty at the minute is it, when you look what's going on.'

The EDL leader went on to say that Muslims should not be allowed to construct new places of worship until they implement a wholesale reform of their religion.

'I'd stop the building of mosques in this country until Islam reforms and works in this country with Western democracy and freedom,' he said.

Asked if he would condemn attacks by his members on Muslims, he replied: 'Utterly condemn it, disgraceful.

'Every single speech I gave since Woolwich, in fact in the last four years, condemn any acts of violence. So the only way to solve this is through democratic process, through peacefully protesting.'

Asked if he condemned any EDL member who gave a Nazi salute, he said: 'Well, I think if I was standing next to them there'd be a violent act. If you look into our history, I was actually arrested for assaulting someone doing that at our demonstrations.

Mr Robinson said that, if the EDL were in power, all Islamist preachers would be automatically jailed, saying: 'When they're calling for the implementation of Sharia law and to overthrow our Queen and our democracy, we'd intern them.'

He added that he believed his mission was to 'wake the British public up' and alert people to the danger posed by Islamic extremism, claiming, 'There's 100 Sharia law courts operating in this country.'

While insisting that 'all face coverings should be banned in public', including Islamic burqas and masks worn during protests, Mr Robinson said he understood why some EDL members covered their faces while demonstrating.

'Do you blame any person who's got a job within a council, say, and lives near a Muslim area, who wants to cover their face?', he asked.

He also claimed that he had been personally targeted by Islamic radicals, saying: 'I myself have had four official Osman warnings, I've been dragged out of my car, my children have been threatened to be decapitated.'

But Daily Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire said of allowing the leader on the show: 'Woeful interview with convicted footie hoolie Stephen Lennon aka EDL's Tommy Robinson. He'll laugh all the way to next EDL brawl.'

The director of the British Future think tank, Sunder Katwala, added: 'Big @BBCr4today #EDL flaw to take at face value false statements from man with both violence & fraud convictions.'

And Al-Jazeera presenter and Huffington Post political director Mehdi Hasan posted a blog with a list of ten questions he felt Radio 4 presenter Sarah Montague could have asked but did not.

He added: 'Put to one side for a moment the vexed issue of whether 'preachers of hate' such as Robinson or Al Muhajiroun's Anjem Choudary should even be given such high-profile platforms by national broadcasters.

'The bigger issue with this particular interview was that there was very little probing of Robinson's background or views; his offensive and conspiratorial claims about British Muslims and Islam were left largely unchallenged; the tone of the questions was polite and - dare I say - soft, rather than tough, rigorous or challenging.'

Labour Party member James Mills tweeted: 'The @BBCr4today interview with EDL leader Tommy Robinson was shocking, poorly researched interview prep, didnt challenge his false claims...'

Earlier this year, Mr Robinson was briefly imprisoned after he was convicted of attempting to travel to the U.S. using someone else's passport.

A BBC spokesman said: 'Today's programme looked at the recent rise in Islamaphobic attacks, such as the recent arson attack on a London mosque.

'The BBC has a responsibility to both report on the story and to try to offer insight into why it is happening. The EDL are a key part of the story and we believe it is important to reflect the fact that opinions such as those of Tommy Robinson exist.

'His views were challenged and we spoke to guests with alternative opinions elsewhere in the programme.'

Read more:
Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.
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Cora McGuire
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Cora McGuire

Ah, at last, Pat Condell (fag, pro-jew/Israel, counter-jihadist', etc, ) on the EDL:

"White nationalism is real butter. Conservatism is that shitty vegetable spread made out of unhealthy industrial waste products."- Alex
"Our cause is a spiritual-religious thing, not a self-interest thing." -Alex
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H Jackson
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H Jackson
Default What Lies Behind The EDL - Update

Please read and pass it on.
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M.N. Dalvez
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M.N. Dalvez

Zionist Jew Robert Spencer
Yeah, the same Zionist jew who's behind similar 'movements' in Australia. Use the goyische golem to attack his race's greatest enemy - that's his strategy. Q Society, Rise Up Australia Party (led by non-white Sri Lankan Christian lunatic Daniel Nalliah) ...

'Melkite Christian' my arse. I don't claim to have an infallible jewdar but if ever there was a stone-obvious jew, Spencer is it.
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H Jackson
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H Jackson

Well, there you have it. He did prove to be a wrong'un after all.
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Default What Lies Behind the EDL? With the Scottish Defence League, Infidels and the majority of the counter-jihad street movement furious at Tommy Robinson over his latest slurs against genuine activist volunteers, questions are again being raised about exactly who pulls his strings.

In reality, there is no question about that: Self-confessed Zionist 'Tommy Robinson' is simply a puppet of a deeply sinister clique of warmongers from the most fanatical and ugly fringes of the US-based Jewish Supremacist movement.

All the shocking details, including the truth about his close connections with criminals who praise the murder of British soldiers, are in this stunning report on 'What Lies Behind the EDL?'

This is the completely updated Version 3, and supersedes the first versions.

So if you want to know the truth and to help ensure that the British-based struggle against radical Wahhabi Islam, terrorism, grooming gangs, halal and kosher ritual slaughter and other imported evils, is fought in the interests of Britain - read it and pass it on!
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Default Who Are The English Defence League? With the English Defence League’s leader Stephen Lennon languishing in a Norfolk prison, having been sentenced in January to 10 months (five in jail, five on license) for using a friend’s passport to enter the US, now is a very good time to ask: who exactly are the EDL? Where did they come from? Are they really an organic, grassroots street movement dedicated, as they continually claim, to peaceful opposition to extremist Islam in Britain? Is Lennon calling all the shots, or is he taking orders from elsewhere?
Lennon and the Zionists

The question of image and reality is especially relevant following information that came to light at the end of Lennon’s recent court case. During sentencing Judge Alastair McCreath intriguingly revealed that the name on Lennon’s passport is actually “Paul Harris” [1]. Lennon appears to be a man of many names – he is also known as “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon”, as well as using the pseudonym “Tommy Robinson”. If we cannot be sure of his real name, we do at least know that he has some very interesting connections.

Pamela Geller and Robert SpencerLennon’s arrest followed his illegal entry into the US last September to attend a conference organised by notorious Islam-hating Zionists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, whose “anti-Jihadist” organisation Stop Islamization of Our Nation –SION! – he is a board member.

Lennon’s attendance at a Zionist-organised conference should come as no surprise, because the English Defence League have openly pledged loyalty to Israel. In an article posted on the EDL website and published on Geller’s ‘Atlas Shrugs’ blog in June 2011 [2], Lennon made his devotion to the Jewish state perfectly clear:

“One of the fundamental beliefs that this movement was built on was its support for Israel’s right to defend itself. In our first demonstrations, we went to Birmingham, and we flew the flag of Israel, the Star of David. In the first public speech I ever gave, I wore the Star of David in Leeds. The reason for this is because Israel is a shining star of democracy. If Israel falls, we all fall.”
A ‘politically correct’ nationalist movement

EDL Israeli flagThe EDL coalesced out of small groups connected to Luton’s football gangs, and Lennon’s peculiar statement seemed highly incongruous. The ignorant football thugs amongst the EDL’s rank and file had quite likely never given Israel a second thought – defending England from “Muslamic” terrorists was their primary concern. Why was a foreign flag being flown alongside St. George’s cross at rallies?

Since when had defending England meant championing diversity and multiculturalism? The EDL website hosted images of a multiracial organisation, its leaders made a point of stressing the movement’s diversity and support for minorities who were not Muslim, and the group has at various times operated a Pakistani Christian Division, Jewish Division, Sikh Division, Disabled Division, and even a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Division [3]. This image of a liberal, open-minded EDL jarred with reality, as many of its members were actually hostile towards ethnic minorities.

It seemed almost as if the EDL had an astute public relations department, working hard to make the movement seem less offensive in the eyes of the public.
Alan Lake, wealthy mastermind behind the EDL

Alan Lake EDLThe man responsible for the direction of the EDL was “Alan Lake” – real name, Alan Ayling. Ayling, a wealthy businessman and rabid anti-Muslim with close links to SION’s Geller and Spencer, formed the EDL with the express intention of using them as a puppet army, to physically confront Muslims on the streets.

Ayling spelt out his agenda during a speech at a seminar on Islamisation in Malmö, Sweden, on September 6th 2009, where he openly admitted to using “the physical groups”, the football lads, to bulk up – in terms of both size and muscle – anti-Muslim protests [4].

He made his intentions equally clear in a Guardian article that same month:

“We are catching a baby at the start of gestation…We have a problem with numbers. We have an army of bloggers [in the far-right] but that’s not going to get things done…Football fans…are a hoi polloi that gets off their backsides and travels to a city and they are available before and after matches.”

The founding meeting of the EDL even took place in Ayling’s expensive London flat; he is accurately described when called the group’s financier and strategist.
Words of violence, and defence of terror

The EDL claim to support peaceful opposition to Islam, yet Ayling’s language has been anything but peaceful. Writing on his 4Freedoms website in May 2010, he casually talked about the torture and execution of alleged pro-Muslim British political and religious leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg. Referring to the Islamic enclaves that he believes will exist in Britain in 20 or 30 years time, Ayling wrote that by [5]:

“forcing these liberal twits into those enclaves, we will be sending them to their death at worst, and at best they and their families will be subjected to all the depredations, persecution and abuse that non-Muslims worldwide currently ‘enjoy’ in countries like Pakistan… It will be great to see them executed or tortured to death.”

Anders Breivik EDLAnders Behring Breivik, the nationalist terrorist who murdered 77 in Norway on July 22nd 2011, was a keen follower of the anti-Jihadist bloggers featured on Ayling’s website. Breivik praised the EDL in his manifesto and posted on forums linked to the group [6]. Following the Norwegian terror attack Ayling was actually questioned by police, keen to establish whether he might be the English mentor “Richard The Lionhearted” – of whom Breivik speaks admiringly in his sprawling manifesto.

Whilst Ayling was released without charge by police, some continue to allege that he is indeed “Richard The Lionhearted”. Most prominent amongst them is Paul Ray, a disgruntled former EDL member who had been present at the group’s founding meeting in Ayling’s flat. Ray had the misfortune to blog using the name “Lionheart”, and so naturally became a person of interest to the authorities in the aftermath of Oslo and Utoya. He flew voluntarily to Norway from his home on Malta to be interviewed by police, and continues to claim that he was set up by Alan Ayling, who he believes to be the real “Richard” – though his evidence seems entirely circumstantial.

Ayling made sure to publically condemn Breivik’s attack but also described it as “chickens come home to roost” [7]. He wasn’t the only member of the EDL to exploit the Norwegian’s murderous attack.
Ayling’s associates

Roberta Moore edlAyling’s friend Roberta Moore headed the EDL’s Jewish Division, until she became a little too outspoken about her extremist anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist beliefs. A Brazilian-born Jew, Moore is believed to have been responsible for Stephen Lennon’s appearance at a September 2011 EDL demonstration, from which he’d been banned by police but which he managed to sneak into by absurdly disguising himself as a Rabbi.

Moore’s comments during Breivik’s trial were highly disturbing. In April 2012 she wrote an article published on the Jewish Defence League UK’s blog, in which she described Breivik’s trial as a “kangaroo court” and defended him against charges of child murder by repeating his defence that the victims had actually been young adults attending an “indoctrination camp”, who were “not innocent”. She then stated:

“I hold the same amount of sympathy for…those on Utoya as I would if somebody committed this act on a Hitler Youth camp in the 1940′s, or were they just ‘children’ as well?”

The EDL did not distance themselves from Moore’s outrageous comments, and for some time she continued to run their official Jewish Division Facebook page to spread anti-Muslim hate speech.

Lennon himself appeared on BBC2’s Newsnight to discuss Breivik’s attack, and at the end of the interview Jeremy Paxman did a startled double take when Lennon appeared to make a veiled threat about a similar future attack “on British soil” [8].
Rabbi Nachum Shifren

Rabbi Nachum ShifrenRabbi Nachum Shifren is another Zionist with connections to the EDL. Shifren has attended and given speeches at EDL demonstrations [9], once served in the Israeli Defence forces, fitness trained Israeli paratroopers, and was reportedly Rabbi Meir Kahane’s driver [10]. Kahane was the founder of the extremist US-based Jewish Defence League, and he was once described as preaching “a radical form of Jewish nationalism which reflected racism, violence and political extremism” – ironically by the notorious pro-Jewish pressure group the Anti-Defamation League!
The EDL’s puppetmasters and the Neocon agenda

Whilst this article can only scratch the surface of the EDL’s story, it should by now be apparent that the movement is not what it claims to be. Powerful and wealthy strategists, working to realise the goals of Zionist extremists in the US, were fundamental in the development of the organisation.

The rowdy working class men on the streets were brought together, funded and organised to add a physical street-level presence to a war that had previously only been fought by non-working class Zionist keyboard warriors in the anti-Muslim bloggersphere.

It was never an organic, grassroots movement – and it does not represent the best interests of the English or British people.

No doubt many who joined the EDL believed that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” – but the people pulling the strings of the EDL are anything but friends of the British people. Ayling, Geller, Spencer and co. are responsible for enabling an utterly ruthless, immoral and destructive agenda for global domination – a Neocon plan to “secure the realm”, and the world’s resources, at the expense of whoever might be unfortunate enough to get in their way.


The warmongering American-Israeli Neocons and their associates and successors – the people behind the imperial Project For A New American Century – maintain a powerful influence on US and UK foreign policy. Motivated by the acquisition of even more wealth and power and an unwavering support for Israel, this powerful shadow elite, aided and abetted by their public puppets in government, has over the last decade waged a series of criminal and catastrophic wars.

The invasion of Afghanistan was launched on the premise that it would catch Bin Laden and stop “Al Qaeda” – despite the fact that the US had two decades earlier funded, trained, and armed the very militants that became Al Qaeda under Operation Cyclone.

al qaeda operation cycloneIt’s not within the scope of this article to detail the innumerable ways in which the Anglo-American-Israeli criminal elite has in recent years exploited the threat of Islamic extremism, to advance its imperial agenda. From supporting Jihadists and Osama Bin Laden in 1980s Afghanistan, through 9/11 and the questions of foreknowledge and stand-downs, to contrived underwear bomber patsies and provocateured dupes, to the backing of Islamic terrorists in Libya and Syria; when it comes to Muslim extremists the US and British governments have a long history of manipulation and deceit. Radical Muslims are appointed the enemy so that foreign interventions and invasions can be justified. The EDL perpetuates the myth of the Islamic terrorist threat, without ever mentioning Western Governments’ own ties to those very terrorists. On another level they do not even consider how our aggressive foreign policy of invading Muslim lands and backing ruthless Israel helps feed the extremist mindset in the first place.

In addition to the untold numbers of innocent civilians killed in Afghanistan, many British soldiers have lost their lives. The cost to the British taxpayer, obliged to fund the immoral, baseless and frankly illegal war, has been huge.

The invasion of Iraq was based entirely on lies about weapons of mass destruction. As in Afghanistan strategic control of territory and resources was one of the imperialists’ primary goals, and the removal of strongman Saddam Hussein, a regional threat to Israel, another. The Iraq war has not only murdered countless numbers of innocent civilians, it has killed hundreds of British servicemen and women. And the British people have paid for it all through taxation, compounding the national debt crisis that was brewing and is now here in full force. Today public services are being slashed and the poor and vulnerable are cold and hungry, yet we still manage to find funds for bombing campaigns and covert operations in lands far away from our own.

Gaddafi deathThe attack on Libya and removal of Colonel Gaddafi was similarly manufactured, and entirely without justification. Yet another sovereign nation, once peaceful and stable lies in ruins after our “humanitarian intervention”. The imperial Neocon agenda marched on.

The criminals in power, and the criminals behind those in power, are currently attempting to overthrow the leader of yet another sovereign and formerly stable country – Syria, by hijacking a peaceful protest movement against the Assad regime by backing Islamic terrorists within their ranks and mercenaries from further afield, the kind of extremists we claim to be fighting elsewhere in the world. More taxes to fund more death, to make the already fantastically wealthy and powerful even wealthier and more powerful.

One of their ultimate goals is the removal of the Iranian leadership, and the installing of a pliant puppet government in a country which just happens to be hostile to Israel’s Zionist regime and allied with the former super power of Russia and emerging world power China; this without mentioning their massive reserves of oil and other natural resources.

How many British people will die in World War 3 against Iran’s nuclear-armed and vastly populated allies?

More war is exactly what those pulling the EDL’s strings are enabling – and there’s nothing remotely patriotic about supporting psychopathic imperialism!

Brit Dee MistrBritBrit Dee is a freelance political commentator from the UK, with an interest in the deeper causes of terrorism, and the danger of consolidation of power through globalization. He is now a regular contributor to
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Default 20 years post Tunnel opening, the BBC tells us how silly we were to be worried.

When the Channel Tunnel was under construction, there were some bold predictions about what the consequences might be. Two decades on, how many of them came to pass?

From the start, the project was mired in delays, disputes and soaring costs. But it was able to open in 1994.

"To deliver the Channel Tunnel was actually remarkable," says Ben Roscrow, co-author of The Channel Tunnel Story. "We can't imagine not having it now."

So what did people think might happen after the tunnel opened?

Such was the British concern about rabies-infected animals passing through the tunnel, that it made headlines in the US and elsewhere.

The New York Times, for example, felt the British were "uniquely, stubbornly obsessed by the disease".

So concerned were the British public, that in 1990 the then-government minister Baroness Trumpington addressed the House of Lords about what anti-rabies measures were being taken.

She told the House: "Eurotunnel has implemented measures agreed with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to prevent the possible entry of rabies-susceptible animals while the tunnel is being built.

"Those include fencing, staged security zones, visual observation at openings in fencing and a system to ensure that any animals which are seen in the tunnel are reported."

The electric anti-rabies fences - which proved susceptible to salt erosion - are no longer operational (and have not been for a while).

In spite of this, the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) says not a single case of animal-to-human rabies had been recorded in the UK since the opening of the tunnel. Iin fact, the last case where someone was infected in the UK occurred in 1922.

Although Public Health England said it could not comment on whether those initial fears were justified, more recent concerns have centred not on how animals arrive in the UK but how their documents stack up.

Last October, senior veterinary figures warned a relaxation of the Pet Travel Scheme (which included a 21-day rather than six-month wait after a rabies vaccination) had increased the risk of rabies in the UK. Defra maintains the risk of a rabid dog coming into the UK remains very low - once every 211 years, it suggests, with the possibility of a person dying from rabies obtained from a pet once in every 21,000 years.

"Oh yes," says Roscrow, now the publishing director of Housebuilder magazine, "the 'Chunnel'. I'd forgotten about that one.

"I guess when you think about it, 'Channel Tunnel' is not that difficult to say."

But who came up with the word?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, that honour goes to a K Howard who wrote in a publication called the Sketch in February 1914: "Another word that will be stolen from me is 'Chunnel'. This, naturally, will be the pet name for the Channel Tunnel when we get it."

And for a while, he was right.

"Are you as dreaded as the Chunnel?" asked Scotland on Sunday in 1994, while the Times in 1998 warned how "Chunnel pay strikes may hit shoppers". A survey of published material shows the word Chunnel reached its apogee in 1992, but then fell out of favour.

But outside of the print media - where Chunnel may have been popular among headline writers for its brevity - the word never really caught on at all.

Certainly, the French didn't opt for Le Chunnel, instead settling on Tunnel Sous La Manche.

Dr Wyn Johnson, senior lecturer in linguistics at the University of Essex, says: "I knew of the word but I don't think I've ever used it. Perhaps we just didn't need it."


From Napoleon's army to the stormtroopers of Hitler's Germany, the British have long feared a sneaky tunnel invasion.

A report by the War Office General Staff in 1942 acknowledged some remained worried that the "enemy might endeavour to effect surprise... by the construction of a new tunnel". But the fears were baseless. "Even with the most modern equipment," the General Staff told the war cabinet, it would take the enemy "some years" to bore their way across the channel.

Yet despite being dismissed in the 1940s, there were concerns by some in the 1980s that Britain's defensible island status was being challenged by the construction of the tunnel.

The Times in 1987 told how Alan Clark, then junior trade minister, feared the "Channel tunnel would lead to job losses and the risk of foreign invasion".

To most, concerns of an armed invasion through the tunnel now seem absurd. Instead, fears of invasion were replaced with concerns over illegal immigration and terrorism.

Worries over illegal immigration reached a peak in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 1999, the French Red Cross opened a camp at Sangatte to house refugees who were trying to enter the UK through the tunnel, typically by way of a freight train.

In one incident in 2001, about 550 asylum seekers tried to storm the fences and enter the tunnel area. After pressure from the UK, the camp was closed at the end of 2002 and security fencing much improved.

In recent years, the number of people stopped while illegally trying to enter the UK through the Channel Tunnel has varied from about 3,500 in 2011 to nearly 30,000 in 2009, according to the UK Border Agency.
Lunch in Paris?

With journey times from London to Paris taking a soupcon over two hours, the Channel Tunnel opened up the possibility of day trips to the French capital. Perhaps even just for a bite to eat.

Eurostar admits it has no idea of the numbers who make the journey from the UK just to have lunch in Paris.

But there is anecdotal evidence. "I know a few people who have been to Paris for lunch," says Roscrow. "It is an amazing idea still, I think, that you get a train from London and go to Paris.
Parisian cafe

Before the Channel Tunnel, we never had the destination 'Paris' up there on the timetable board. This is something the rest of Europe is used to - you can board a train in say, Milan, and go to Moscow. But in Britain, this was all new."

Roscrow has himself lunched in Paris, but says people tend to make slightly more of their day trips, usually leaving as early as possible and coming back as late as possible. "If you're going to Paris," he said, "there's a tendency to spend a little longer."
The UK would become more Francophone

There were some who felt a physical link between the UK and France might make Britons feel more European and more enthused about speaking a foreign language.

Has this happened?

Englishman William Greenhouse and Frenchwoman Carine Joubert met as students at Oxford Brookes University shortly after the Channel Tunnel opened.

On completing her degree Joubert returned to Paris. But the romantic flame was fanned by their journeys beneath the channel.

"I was popping back and forth to Paris to see Carine for years," says Greenhouse. "And she was coming over to see me. Now that I think about it, I guess it did play a pretty important role."

Now married, with their first child about to be born, they have settled together on the south coast of England.

Carine Greenhouse's late father had invested a sum of money in the Channel Tunnel project.

"It was very popular in France at the beginning, we all believed in the dream. It now seems a bit more expensive. For my father, it turned out not to be a very good investment. He didn't find a financial reward from the Channel Tunnel, but William and I found love."

No. Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the number of pupils learning GCSE French has fallen from 324,000 in 1994 to 318,000 in 2004 and to 177,288 last year.

This is despite the opportunities for learning French never having been greater, says Prof Charles Forsdick, chairman of the Society for French Studies.

Not only is there the tunnel, he says, but also a string of low-cost airlines offering cheap flights across Europe as well as access to multilingual media from the internet.

"However, this does not seem to have had the impact one might have hoped on the appetite for learning French [and other languages].

"Numbers of undergraduates on specialist French programmes continue to decline, as the recent Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) figures make clear, and this is true also at A-level."

Forsdick, professor of French at the University of Liverpool, would like professional language teachers in primary schools and "an improved public understanding of languages".

"So many people in the UK are anxious because they feel that languages acquired at school do not equip them well for the challenges of travel abroad. This is a fallacy - it is never too late to learn, or re-learn, a language, and French remains an excellent starting point. French is the language of our closest continental neighbour."

The numbers of British people visiting and living in France have never been greater. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, there are about 17 million visits to France by British nationals each year.

Some of those will include trips by the estimated 400,000 British nationals living and working in France.

The flow works both ways. Although claims London was France's sixth largest city now appear exaggerated, the UK is home to a sizeable number of French people.

But the motives for the population exchange are usually very different. Powered by a growing network of low cost flights to airports beyond the main cities, Britons moving to France are most often seeking a quieter life in the French countryside.

The bulk of French people in the UK, meanwhile, come to London for work.

Different motives, different countries.

But with sales of stilton, real ale and chicken tikka masala on the rise in France, perhaps the two nations are getting just a little closer
ht tp://ww

Oh well - at least nobody's got rabies. Everyone's panicking about ebola, we've had TB and all manner of exotic 'flu epidemics but at least we've not had rabies.

Not even going to comment on the British fearing invasions and all the rest of it and especially not on how it finishes with the insinuation that the British are responsible for booming French sales of those good old traditional British dishes of Stilton, real ale and chicken tikka masala.
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Neocons offered BNP bribe *IN 2007* to keep quiet - Nick Griffin in 2013

Short extract from BNP video (Jan 2013) in which Nick Griffin says the BNP was offered, and refused, a lot of money by US 'Neocons' (presumably Jews) on condition they:

[1] Criticized Islam only,
[2] Did not criticize bank policies

He also said the 'Policy Exchange', the 'Centre for Policy Studies', 'Nothing British' website (by the non-British Jews!!), the EDL, the 'British Freedom Party' were also funded by 'a section of the elite', presumably Jews.

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Default Fears of refugee influx as Afghan immigrants attempt to enter UK in rubber dinghy

A ROMANIAN man was charged with attempting to smuggle eight Afghan immigrants illegally into Britain on an inflatable boat.

The motorised craft was spotted by the crew of a passing P&O ferry, around five miles from the port of Dover in Kent at 6.40am on Saturday.

There were eight Afghans and one Romanian on board.

They were rescued from choppy seas by Dover Lifeboat and Border Force officers, after their boat’s engine failed.

The Romanian national, Marian Badea, 29, has been charged with attempted facilitation.

He is remanded in custody to appear at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

The eight Afghan nationals who were detained following the rescue are to be deported, according to a spokesman for the Border Force.

The boat was seen drifting in the sea after suffering engine problems, possibly caused by running out fuel.

It had to be towed into Dover because it was feared the lives of those on board might be at risk as it entered some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

The RNLI rescued the men from this boat [FERRARI]

They were lucky. They were drifting in an incredibly busy stretch of water with the wind picking up

Tony Hawkins, RNLI Dover Lifeboat spokesman

The Dover Lifeboat and a Border Force boat were immediately dispatched to rescue the inflatable which was powered by a 50HP engine.

The suspected immigrants, all men, were handed over to Border Force officers.

It is thought they were heading from France to Dover so those on board could either claim asylum or reach shore and disappear.

It is not known how or where they got the boat.

RNLI Dover Lifeboat spokesman Tony Hawkins said: “The vessel had suffered engine failure and its occupants were drifting in choppy seas with a force four wind blowing.

“They were spotted by passing vessels concerned for their safety which called the Coastguard. The occupants were cold but didn’t need medical attention.

“They were lucky. They were drifting in an incredibly busy stretch of water with the wind picking up. We’re glad everyone is safe and well.” He said when they arrived the crew set up a tow to the immigrants’ boat and waited for a Border Force vessel to arrive.

The Border Force cutter vessel then took over the tow and took the boat and its nine occupants to Dover lifeboat station, with the RNLI crew providing an escort.
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Default Eurostar evacuated - "hit a power line"

A power fault brought a France-bound service to a halt about a quarter of the way through the tunnel and meant that those on board had to walk to another train.

One passenger described hearing the train hit a power line as it travelled through the tunnel.

"We heard this crashing sound and scraping and it had obviously crashed into an object of some sort. The train gradually came to a halt and then there was a moment where we were thinking 'what happens'," said Richard Byrom.

He said that staff told the passengers that the train had hit a power line and was immobilised. They were made to wait in a service tunnel, before being transferred to another train to travel to the French side of the tunnel.

"When they evacuated the train, we were all taken to a central point in the carriage, then one of the service tunnels, at which point you had lots of people taking selfies. There was probably a sense of relief that we were moving into a tunnel.

"It was incredibly calm, I was expecting to see people upset. Once we got into the service tunnels, I think people were just relieved," he added.

And Byrom said that those affected - 382 passengers and four dogs - were held for around four hours, before facing further delays to their onward journeys once they finally arrived in France.

The incident happened at around 7.30am on Monday about 7.5 miles into the 30-mile long tunnel and caused queues at the London terminal in St Pancras station.

"The evacuated passengers are now at the French terminal and are waiting for the affected train to arrive so they can get their cars," a Eurotunnel spokesman said.

He added: "We are advising people who don't need to travel today to travel on another day. There are queues building up and travellers should expect delays throughout the day."

Channel Tunnel high-speed train company Eurostar said it had had to cancel four services today and warned passengers to expect delays to ones that are able to run.

Eurostar told customers: "If travel today is non-essential you can exchange your ticket, free of charge, to another available service within the next four months."

A spokesman later said he expected services would not return to normal until Tuesday because work would need to be carried out overnight to repair the damage.
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Default Number of migrants arrested in France trying to enter UK doubles The number of migrants seeking to enter Britain illegally through France has more than doubled to 10,500 in the first half of 2014 compared to the same period last year, officials said Friday.

At the three Channel crossings – Calais, Dunkirk and the Channel Tunnel – 10,500 migrants were arrested in the first half of 2014, up from 5,133 a year earlier.

In Calais alone, more than 7,414 people have been arrested between January and June of this year compared to 3,129 a year earlier, the prefecture said on Friday.

"We have noted that there are considerably more illegal migrants, and during our checks we find more," a source at Calais port told AFP.

In the first two weeks of July some 1,200 people were arrested in Calais, but most were quickly released because France's detention centres are already overcrowded.

French police have been trying for years to dislodge the migrant camps that have sprung up in and around the port of Calais.

But the flow of would-be immigrants has been constant, with many hoping to hide in trucks or other vehicles crossing into Britain – where they believe conditions for refugees are better than in France.

Most of the immigrants come from the Horn of Africa – especially from Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea – a source close to the issue said.

"They arrive in Lampedusa (an island on Italy's southernmost tip) and come to France by train or bus and get to Calais," the source said.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)
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Post #1 Calais/Channel Tunnel/Asylum Seeker thread

ILLEGAL immigrants in Calais scramble desperately to get aboard a moving lorry as it heads for a ferry bound for England.

The scene was captured on video by motorist Ben Irwin, 34, from Derby, who used his vehicle to try to stop them as he queued behind.

For his pains he was attacked by the gang of Africans, Arabs and Asians.

Courier driver Ben said: “There were around 300 immigrants crowding around the lorries, trying to get in.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s so dangerous. It was terrifying.”

Knowing the risk of a fine the lorry driver faced, Mr Irwin drove up close to the truck’s back bumper to stop the migrants getting aboard. But he was shocked by their response.

“When I refused to back up, they became very aggressive and started battering and pushing my vehicle to try and get in,” he said.

read full article at source:
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Post Africans Violently Enriching France as They Attempt to Get to the UK

Daily Stormer

August 6, 2014

The glorious vibrancy of diversity has been hard on France, threatening to rip the country apart. The devastation wrought by this beautiful program of multicultural enrichment is no more clear than in Calais, where the vibrant and diverse hordes of savages gather to attempt to invade the British Isles.

Much of the chaos is caused by the different groups of enrichers fighting one another, as African civil war carries over into Europe.

Migrants flowing into Europe in unprecedented numbers are causing a tense summer in France, as clashes break out among asylum-seekers in overcrowded camps and police fire tear gas to quell the chaos.

Sudanese and Eritreans battled in the heat in France’s port city of Calais, frustrations rising as the Africans jockey for space while trying to sneak into Britain – the dream destination some 30 kilometers (20 miles) away.

British police were on site in Calais trying to make sure they don’t cross over. Their French counterparts fired tear gas Tuesday to break up the latest of three battles that left 51 injured, one seriously, the Calais prefecture said.

Their numbers in the city at the edge of the English Channel have swelled to up to 1,300, overwhelming the city, aid agencies and police.

Up to 40 extra riot police were brought into Calais to start duty Tuesday night, bringing the number of police officers to 600, the city said.

“There are migrants who arrive each day and each day some who succeed in getting to Britain,” said Deputy Mayor Philippe Mignonet, in charge of security. He refused to say how many migrants outsmart the scanners, CO2 detectors and other technology used on trucks and planted through the Channel Tunnel.

“Calais has been taken hostage,” Mignonet said, blaming in part a Franco-British cooperation accord that he says puts the brunt of the burden on Calais. Like other officials, the deputy mayor complains that the British police presence effectively extends Britain’s border to France.

Most migrants in Calais start the European portion of their treacherous Mediterranean journeys in Italy, arriving on boats in the island of Lampedusa. Last year, total arrivals in Italy tallied 42,000 – which was already surpassed by spring. With the year far from over, over 60,000 migrants have arrived on Italian shores.

Overwhelmed, Italy is increasingly waiving European rules to fingerprint migrants, allowing them to move on. Those looking to go to Britain often end up in Calais.

We should all take a moment to thank the Jews who have given us the opportunity to experience the vibrant enrichment of this hellish and diversely colorful new multicultural Europe, where no one is safe and everyone gets to taste in the joys of ethnic foods.

read full article at source:
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Default Calais mayor threatens to block port over immigration row with Britain

'It would be illegal,' Natacha Bouchart says, 'but today I want to make a strong gesture towards the UK'

The mayor of Calais has threatened to blockade the northern French ferry port if Britain fails to provide more financial support to tackle thousands of migrants seeking to reach the UK illegally.

Nathalie Bouchart, the centre-Right Calais mayor, said she may order such “illegal” action unless Britain makes a “strong response” to help deal with a rising tide of migrants from war-torn countries including Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan who sleep rough and try nightly to stow away in lorries and ferries. These still view Britain as an “Eldorado”, she insisted.

The migrant issue costs Calais 10 million euros per year, the mayor claimed.

“I can take the decision to block the port. I have ways of exerting pressure,” Miss Bouchart said after a meeting with Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister on Tuesday night in which both agreed to open a new day centre for all migrants and a night shelter for migrant women and children.

“(A blockade) would be illegal, but I want a strong response today from the British,” said Miss Bouchart, who accused the Conservative Government of demanding tough security in the port while washing its hands financially.

“For the past ten years, there has been zero response from the British Government. Today, it’s an emergency, so we expect at the very least them to say they have received the message, that they are coming to see for themselves and that they will at least offer compensation,” she said.

Mr Cazenueve, who met Teresa May, the Home Secretary last Friday, in London, also asked her to “participate financially to secure the port”.

The Calais mayor said that Mr Cazeneuve had agreed to a night shelter for women and children migrants, as well as a day centre, probably in a children's summer camp three miles from Calais.

But he refused to consider her plea for an overnight unit for 400 adults, which he said would act as a “magnet” – an accusation leveled against the notorious Sangatte centre, shut in 2002.

Around 1,300 Asians and Africans are squatting and sleeping rough around the port, with the numbers rising weekly, particularly from Eritrea.
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