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Old September 3rd, 2014 #21
fine young casuals
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Calais should seek funding from its own government the cheeky cunts seeing as its its own government who are allowing the asylum seekers to reach Calais instead of deporting them back to Italy
Old September 20th, 2014 #22
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Post British Government Fight the Enemy Invasion from Calais by Throwing Tiny Amount of Money at It

Sven Longshanks

Daily Stormer

September 21, 2014

The British government has agreed to spend a paltry £4m a year on combatting the enemy invasion from Calais.

How they are actually going to tackle the problem is not clear, apart from making a declaration to work closer with the French Police.

They seem more concerned about the welfare of the savage hordes than they do about defending the British people from them.

In fact ,they have promised to “respond to health emergencies and protect vulnerable people,” which is code for “feed them, clothe them, medicate them, house them and educate them, while they are waiting for a way to break into Britain.”

All they care about is deterring the beasts from congregating in herds around Calais. Oh, and they are going to put some more fences up and pay for some more security.

All the while this is going on, our army, who we have for the precise purpose of defending our country from invasion, are out in Afghanistan protecting the poppy fields and in Syria and Iraq instructing the Jihadis on how to use the new weapons Obama has just given them.

What more evidence do we need that we have been taken over by a hostile foreign force, masquerading as White people?

The UK is investing £12m over three years to tackle the growing problem of illegal immigrants at Calais hoping to gain entry to Britain.

The joint initiative between the UK and France will see security at the port improved and raise awareness.

Home Secretary Theresa May and her French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve have reached a deal to tackle the issue.

It comes as police warned they are struggling to contain violence and crime by illegal immigrants encamped in and around the French port who are desperate to cross the Channel.

Security and Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said: “Their declaration reaffirms their commitment to closer working by UK and French law enforcement agencies to target organised crime gangs behind people trafficking and smuggling.

“And the two countries will continue to push for action at European and international level to address the wider problem of illegal migration, of which Calais is just one very visible sign.

“The priority now is to implement the practical solutions that have been agreed.”

The savages are demanding to be housed and fed – like we don’t have our own people in our own countries who need housing and feeding. Those charities that feed them out in Africa have a lot to answer for. You should never feed dangerous animals because they will just grow to expect it and get angry if you stop.

They also promised to “respond to health emergencies and protect vulnerable people”, particularly victims of human trafficking, but insisted that the measures would not encourage immigrants to gather in Calais.

The statement said they would “ensure that all measures taken will deter illegal migrants from congregating in and around Calais”.

The UK will contribute £4m a year for three years to a joint intervention fund.

Some of the money will be used to construct robust fences and increase security in the parking area at the port.

Officials from both countries will work to improve the quality of border controls, possibly including the installation of new technology to address the dangers of migrants hiding in tankers and refrigerated lorries.

The statement added: “At the same time, efforts will be made to strengthen operational co-operation by establishing permanent joint mechanisms to deliver promptly the comprehensive action plan and enhance co-operation between British and French law enforcement agencies at the border.

read full article at source:
Old October 15th, 2014 #23
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Post Chaos at Calais as hundreds of striking French police block road in protest over lack of manpower to deal with tide of refugees desperate to reach Britain

Strike caused long delays for cars trying to board ferries to Britain

There are not enough officers to deal with the 2,000 migrants near the port

Police union says it cannot cope with violence between rival refugee gangs

| Updated: 11:34 EST, 13 October 2014

Police in Calais have staged a protest at insufficient funds needed to cope with the estimated 2,000 British-bound migrants massed in their town.

Up to 500 officers blocked a road near the port, triggering long delays for cars and lorries trying to board ferries to Britain.

The police union is complaining they do not have the manpower to handle the frequent outbursts of violence between rival gangs of refugees in the northern French port.

Scroll down for video

They were joined by farmers and landlords also angered at their property being occupied by migrants waiting to sneak aboard lorries and ferries to the UK.

A statement from the police union Syndicat General de la Police said: 'In the space of a few months, the migrant numbers have quadrupled in Calais.

'The police have had no choice but to abandon their public service mission, as a result of the lack of resources and above all staff.

'The continued flow of migrants traps the local economy in an unprecedented crisis, and businesses are threatened.'

French authorities estimate that there are around 2,000 illegal migrants, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea, waiting in Calais to seek asylum in Britain.

Tensions have been mounting in recent months as hundreds more refugees fleeing war zones in the Middle East and poverty in Africa flood into the town.

Mass brawls between rival gangs have left more than 70 people injured during July and August.

Two weeks ago, Home Secretary Theresa May promised to give France £12million tighten security in Calais after 250 illegal immigrants stormed the ferry terminal hoping to make it across the Channel.

French truckers have also threatened to blockade the port of Calais in protest at steep fines imposed for migrants found hiding in their lorries.

Haulage firms are fined £2,000 for each illegal immigrant they bring across the Channel from France.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart also recently threatened to block the ferry port to all traffic unless Britain did more to help her town tackle the crisis.

Ms Bouchart wants the UK border to be moved from Calais to Britain, and for British Prime Minister David Cameron to visit her town.

She recently blamed the UK's 'generous' state benefits for refugees for the squalid migrant camps in her town.

She said: 'Calais is a hostage to the British. That's enough. It's no longer tenable. It's necessary to renegotiate these accords. We're not here to do their job.'

Police union chief Gilles Debove said of yesterday's police protest on RMC radio today: 'Our message is clear, it's a pacifist and republican demonstration, because the situation is changing.

'The number of migrants is increasing, but we are still working with the same number of staff.

'We have on average 20 or 22 police on duty. But at certain times, such as Saturday and Sunday mornings, there are only four, and four is not enough.'

One unnamed officer phoned the station to add: 'These are not the conditions in which we can best provide security for the town.

'When I am called to intervene, sometimes I'm scared because there are 200 people in front of us, and we're only four or five - what can we do?'

read full article at source:
Old October 15th, 2014 #24
News Bot
Post Get to England Or Die Trying': The Desperate Pledge of France's Illegal Immigrants

The thousands of asylum seekers camped in filthy shanty towns in the port City of Calais are willing to risk their lives for the chance to get across the English Channel into the United Kingdom, because the "racism" of the French has turned them away, a report suggests.

Many of the migrants who wait in Calais while making daily attempts to board vehicles heading to Britain are from Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, reports, a European news site that interviewed many of those waiting this week.

One of those interviewed cited the keen efficiency of the British government to process asylum applications as a reason for wanting to get out of France: “They don’t want us to stay. France doesn’t like immigrants... If you ask for asylum they will say to us come back in three, four months. What am I supposed to do until then?”. Remarkably these attitudes prevail despite the £267 they each receive a month from the French government in support.

Another criticises France for the lack of opportunities it presents to newly arrived migrants from North Africa and the Near East, citing its high rate of unemployment compared to the UK. Many of the migrants can't speak French, and find the natives contemptuous: “Even if they know English they don’t want to speak it... They understand what I am asking but they prefer to answer in French. At least the Italians try to speak to you".

To one man, the racism was much more overt: “I don’t think they like to see black people... A man was shouting at me to go home. He said ‘We don’t want you".

The prospect of asylum in the UK is such an enticing prospect, one man said "Get to England or die trying". The growing camps of migrants in the Calais area has been an area for growing concern, with encampments existing in one form or another for many years. The presence of the migrants has caused significant tensions between the British and French governments, and even with citizen activist groups. The deputy mayor of Calais has called for all of the migrants to be shipped to the UK, a suggestion that was met with anger in some quarters.

More recently, British nationalist groups including the National Front, the British National Party (BNP) and the East Kent English Patriots have gathered in Dover to protest, citing the undue stress and risk it was subjecting cross channel lorry-drivers to. Concern that the French authorities are not doing enough to contain the problem has led the British government offering, as a gift to Calais, the use of the NATO 'ring of steel' fence which protected world leaders at the recent Cardiff conference.

British MP David Davies said this week: "The French authorities must get to grips with what's happening. If necessary, they need to call in the Army. In short, they need to do everything possible to maintain public order and the safety of passengers".

read full article at source:
Old October 15th, 2014 #25
fine young casuals
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Britain should just send back every single last asylum applicant straight to france without even hearing their bullshit
Old October 28th, 2014 #26
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Post Africans illegals in Calais "willing to die" to come to Britain, says French port's mayor

More than 2,500 migrants who are “willing to die” to come to Britain are currently in Calais, the mayor of the French port has told MPs.

Natacha Bouchart, the centre-right UMP mayor of Calais, told the Commons home affairs committee during a special evidence session that part of the problem was that the British government had done nothing to tell potential migrants that there was no ‘El Dorado’ for them in the UK.

Her claim that Britain had a far more favourable benefits regime was immediately challenged by Downing St, who said they were addressing such “pull factors”.

Bouchart said that the situation in the town was now far worse than 10 years ago when the Sangatte red cross camp was closed down because it was considered a magnet for migrants.

Bouchart said that the nature of the migrants, many of whom came from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria and Egypt, was changing. They were becoming more violent with more mafia-types and people traffickers among them.

She claimed that they were desperate to reach Britain because they had heard that asylum seekers received £36 a week subsistence in the UK.

The special evidence session was conducted through an interpreter but suffered communications difficulties, with British MPs showing little knowledge of French and the Calais mayor displaying little knowledge of English.

She appealed to British MPs to get the UK border control moved from Calais back to Dover and said the cause of the problem lay in the failure of European Union asylum and migration policies.

Asked by committee chairman Keith Vaz whether the transfer to Calais of fencing used to protect the last G8 meeting in Newport, south Wales, had helped the problem, she said: “Fences just make everybody laugh. They just push back the problem a few metres.”

The mayor of Calais alarmed British MPs when she said she welcomed on humanitarian grounds an initiative from François Hollande to establish a new reception centre in Calais which would ensure they were in one place rather than squatting throughout the urban areas of the city.

She said that currently the population of Calais faced crime and harassment from the migrants, with mothers afraid to let their children out into the streets.

But the prospect of a new Sangatte alarmed both Labour and Tory MPs who said it would provide a new “magnet for migrants” to go to Calais to try to get into Britain.

Conservative and Labour MPs both blamed the French authorities for failing to enforce their own internal borders. At one point Ian Austin, the Labour MP for Dudley North, accused the French mayor of taking the easy option by allowing them to come to Britain instead.

Conservative MP Michael Ellissuggested that Britain should take no responsibility for the problem of migrants in Calais because the British government had had no authority in the city since the French regained control in 1558.

But when Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert told Bouchart that studies had shown welfare benefits were no more generous in Britain than in France and suggested that the very slow asylum system in France might be the root cause, she replied: “Studies are one thing, reality is different.”

A Downing Street spokeswoman said: “Clearly, one of this government’s focuses in this area is to look at what are the pull factors around immigration and how we can address them.

“We have under this government introduced a three-month delay before EU jobseekers can access jobseeker’s allowance or child benefit or child tax credit. We are limiting jobseeker benefits to only six months, and we will shorten that to three months in the future. Entitlement to housing benefit (has been) removed from EU jobseekers.

“What we are seeing across the board with the measures we are taking on immigration is that non-EU net migration is close to its lowest level since 1998.

“We have also been working with the French. One of the things we’ve done is a 12 million investment by the UK to bolster security and infrastructure in Calais.”

read full article at source:
Old October 28th, 2014 #27
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“willing to die” to come to Britain
That honestly sounds like a fair compromise.
Old October 28th, 2014 #28
fine young casuals
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the French are a set of cunts for not deporting every single last one of them back to Italy or spain where they entered france from
Old October 29th, 2014 #29
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Post 50,000 Illegal Migrants Go Missing in Britain's Immigration Shambles

The scale of Britain’s immigration mess was laid bare yesterday as a report exposed that 50,000 illegal immigrants are at large in the country, and a further 175,000 are waiting to be deported. The revelation came as the Mayor of Calais called Britain an 'El Dorado' for immigrants due to its generous benefits system and unwillingness to deport illegals.

The Public Accounts Committee said the abolition of the UK Border Agency last year had led to an increased backlog of asylum claims. In the first three months of this year there was 16,273 asylum seekers who were still waiting for a first decision, a sharp increase on the 9,559 for the same period in 2013. In addition to that, the Home Office has no idea where 50,000 illegal immigrants are, raising questions about the standard of monitoring.

To add to the problems there are now huge numbers of Africans camped near the ferry port in Calais hoping to enter the UK illegally by jumping on board trucks bound for Dover. Despite the best efforts of French authorities, the camps keep springing up as immigrations believe they will have a better life in Britain than they would elsewhere in Europe.

This has led to the French suggesting that the border be moved to Dover, forcing the UK authorities to deal with the camps. The Mayor of Calais told the Home Affairs Select Committee the UK was a “soft touch” and the new fences erected by the British government in the French town “made everyone laugh”. Natacha Bouchart said: “These people are ready and prepared to die to come to England.”

Although the government has pledged action on immigration, it has so far been powerless to act because of European Union Treaties. This led Conservative MP Nick Boles to tell Total Politics magazine that although "some pretty draconian steps" might limit immigration from outside the EU the controls would be undermined because "there's another big chunk of it that we can't control”.

He claimed the lack of control “troubles” British people.

read full article at source:
Old October 30th, 2014 #30
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Post Human Traffickers Offered "A La Carte" Routes into UK for Illegal Immigrants

Human traffickers have offered "a la carte services" to help illegal immigrants enter Britain, a court has heard. The migrants could choose from a "classic package" which involves travelling in the back of a lorry for around £2,000, or a "VIP route" which involved being driven to Britain in a car with a complicit driver for £4,000.

The Telegraph reports that the details emerged in the trial of nine traffickers, eight of whom are Egyptian and one Tunisian, in a court in Boulogne-sur-Mer in France. The men were charged with, and later found guilty of, smuggling at least 2,500 migrants into Britain over an eight-month period last year. They received sentences ranging from 10 months to six years.

The traffickers were arrested in December last year as they met at a birthday party in block of flats in Calais. Police said that the gang were working as a team and had clearly defined roles, such opening lorry doors, keeping watch and finding willing drivers.

They found that one of men had helped up to 290 migrants attempt to cross into Britain within eight months, even though he admitted to only around half a dozen.

The traffickers would tell the immigrants to meet in an industrial zone five minutes from the ferry port. Many lorries bound for the UK would park nearby, allowing the traffickers to smuggle "dozens" of migrants at a time.

In their report, detectives described how the migrants paid only once they had reached the UK, with the money being handed to "guarantors" who sent the money to the traffickers via Western Union.

For the "VIP" route, the judge described it, one of the gang would arrange for a driver, often from the local Calais community, to smuggle a migrant in the boot of a car.

As well being sentenced to prison terms, most of the accused have also been banned from returning to France for periods of 18 months to five years once their sentences are finished. The judged said he hoped the strong sentences would "send a message to illegal immigration networks so that they stop making huge sums of money with impunity out of migrant distress".

However, investigators now warn that an Albanian trafficking group have already started operations in the vacuum left by the accused.

Yesterday, Breitbart London reported that the mayor of Calais told the British parliament that the UK was seen as a "soft touch" on immigration, and that migrants are literally "prepared to die" to enter Britain due to its generous benefits system.

"You have a much more favourable regime in Britain than in other countries. The second thing is the entitlement to benefits of £36 which are given to asylum seekers or migrants, which is a huge amount for people who have nothing in their lives," she said.

read full article at source:
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fine young casuals
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its a lot more than just 50,000. more like a few million
Old November 11th, 2014 #32
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Post Calais, France: Syrians demand entry into the UK

Syrians march for right to enter UK

This is an update on the Calais story we have followed for a few years (we have one post as long ago as 2009). Asylum seekers are holed-up near the port of Calais and demanding that the UK open its doors to them.

Never mind that they got into Europe through some other safe country and should have applied for asylum there, or at least they could apply in France.

But, no, they want the UK and are demanding it.

Dozens walked to the ferry terminals over the weekend, unsuccessfully attempting to deliver a letter to UK immigration authorities.

One of the group told the Express: “It was the fourth day of our peaceful protest to ask for safe and legal access to the UK to claim asylum.

“We decided to walk to the port to deliver our letter directly to UK immigration authorities.

I wonder, if there were no “journalists” or “others with cameras” egging them on, would their protest even happen?

“As we were accompanied by journalists and others with cameras we were given no problems by police on our walk to the port.

They were turned away by security guards.

“We are very disappointed to not be able to talk with UK authorities in a peaceful and civil manner.

“We will continue our protest tomorrow and thereafter until the UK government listens to our demands.”

See our ‘invasion of Europe’ series by clicking here.

read full article at source: http://refugeeresettlementwatch.word...y-into-the-uk/
Old December 4th, 2014 #33
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Post UK Concerns over Immigration Are Bulls*** Says UN Investigator

A UN Official has attacked Britain's concerns over uncontrolled immigration ahead of a "fact finding" mission to Italy and said its attitudes are "bulls**t". In an interview with The Independent, François Crépeau, who is the special rapporteur for migrants' rights, said that it was "not cool" if UKIP influenced policy or formed part of the government.

The Italian island of Lampedusa has been the target destination for thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East who are crammed onto unseaworthy vessels, often run by Mafia groups and other people traffickers.

They head there as the closest part of the European Union and, according to reports given to Breitbart London by migrants in Calais, many are told by Italian officials that they can go wherever they want within the continent.

M. Crépeau criticised the Home Office for only sending one official to take part in a European Search and Rescue mission to prevent deaths in the Mediterranean even though the UK is not part of the Schengen Area which has removed internal borders between countries and facilitated both legal and illegal immigration.

There had been a policy of patrolling the waterways between Africa and Southern Europe to pick up asylum seekers and migrants en route, known as Mare Nostrum, following an accident when 366 immigrants were killed after a fire broke out on board the run-down fishing boat they were being transported in.

But it is the view of the British government that these missions only encourage illegal migration and stopping them would deter migrants. The mission has now been replaced with a patrol costing only a third of the search and rescue watch which will be run by the EU agency Frontex.

The official said politicians should dispel ‘myths’ about immigration and ‘stand up’ to the public who have repeatedly shown they want the government to take a much tougher approach.

And he said that by stopping the search and rescue missions, the UK government was “letting them [migrants] die”.

“This is what happens, if you don’t search and rescue them; they die,” he said.

“The fantasy is that there is a core British culture that was created probably 2,000 years ago and carried on, and now it’s being threatened by all those barbarians that are coming to our gate,” he said.

After years of concerns about immigration being ignored by politicians and batted away as ‘racist’, the Canadian further insulted the British public by saying it was “utter bulls**t”.

“That is why I think we have a problem with political conversations that we can’t have” he added.

And he appeared to praise Tony Blair by saying he instilled a "multicultural, diverse, open society" in Britain (when in fact it was before the EU enlargement to Eastern Europe in 2004, defeating his whole argument) when people were talking about "Cool Britannia".

"If Britannia is ruled by the Ukip, or with Ukip-type policies, it is not going to be cool," he said.

His outburst was condemned by UKIP leader Nigel Farage who accused the Canadian of "talking utter baloney".

"More people came to Britain in 2013 than came between 1066 and 1950." He added that M. Crépeau was "just not living in the real world" and said "Britain is one of the most relaxed countries in the whole of Europe on immigration, but not with numbers like this."

And Tory MP Dominic Raab said the official's view was very prejudiced, saying: "To claim the British public sees immigrants as ‘barbarians’ because it is ‘gripped’ by a 2,000 year old cultural ‘fantasy’ is offensive bigotry.

"Monsieur Crépeau is aping the very prejudice he is supposed to be fighting," he added.

David Coburn, a Ukip MEP added that M. Crépeau "knows nothing of our country" and said, "it's not for him to decide what we feel."

read full article at source:
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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon
Thumbs up Sudanese crushed on M25 after hiding under lorry

A negro who hid under a lorry travelling from France has been killed trying to get out while the vehicle stopped on the M25.

The man was one of two Sudanese men thought to have climbed under the lorry at Calais on Friday, police said.

But one of the men is believed to have fallen beneath the rear wheels when it started to move off again, police said.

Fatal injuries

The men are believed to have climbed underneath the lorry - a "foreign HGV" - at the French port of Calais on Friday morning.

The vehicle went through the Channel Tunnel to England, then headed towards London and joined the M25.

http ://
The Bloodbath is Coming
7.6 billion savages multiplying and running wild over the earth, devouring everything in sight, trampling over every other lifeform without mercy or compassion.

Last edited by Dawn Cannon; December 13th, 2014 at 06:27 AM.
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Post Migrants making '100 illegal attempts a day' to enter UK

"The growing British economy means thousands more will do whatever they can to reach our shores", reports political correspondent Carole Walker

Migrants made about 100 attempts a day to get into the UK illegally this summer, official figures suggest.

Between April and July 2014, 11,920 so-called "clandestines" were caught trying to enter the UK illegally by the British and French authorities.

This compared with 11,731 for the whole of 2012/13 and 9,632 in 2011/12.

The Home Office said it was contributing funds towards French efforts to boost security at Calais and other ports in northern France.

The UK's chief inspector of borders, John Vine, said more resources were needed to tackle the problem at French ports.

Campaigners for reduced levels of immigration said the figures showed the scale of the problem the UK was facing.

The figures, showing a sharp rise in the number of people trying to get into the UK illegally since 2010, were published following a freedom of information request by campaign group Migration Watch.

The UK recently offered £12m to build extra fences and other security measures at Calais

The French authorities have warned that the situation is likely to get worse

In 2013/14, 19,003 people were detected and prevented from entering the UK illegally by the British and French authorities, a 60% increase on the year before.

The figure was more than 7,000 higher than in any year since 2010/11, when the equivalent total was 10,916.

The 11,920 figure for April-July 2014 implies about 100 attempts were being made every day, on average, during that period.

However, that does not mean 100 migrants were seeking to enter the UK every day, as individuals could have been making multiple attempts and the numbers could vary considerably from day to day.


The French authorities say about 2,500 migrants are camped out in Calais trying to reach the UK.

The mayor of Calais has said the problem is a European one rather than a French one and has suggested that the British benefits system is acting as a "magnet" for migrants.

Keith Vaz, home affairs select committee: "By the time they get to Calais it's actually too late"

Migration Watch, which campaigns for much tighter restrictions on legal immigration to the UK, said the figures highlighted the fact that the UK was a "very attractive destination" for illegal migrants.

"The sharp rise in the number of clandestines might reflect more effective detention but an increase on this scale is more likely to be due to increased pressure on our borders," its chairman Lord Green told the Daily Telegraph.

"Part of that may be due to deteriorating conditions in the Middle East and Africa but there is little doubt that the freedom of our society, the existence of a black market in labour and the presence of relatives and friends add up to making the UK a very attractive destination.

"The government is seeking to make it more difficult to live in Britain illegally but it will take some time for recent measures to take effect."

'Growing crisis'

Mr Vine said the UK and French authorities were working "very well together" to combat the problem but more needed to be done.

"Clearly the authorities are under tremendous pressure at the border in relation to this issue," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "There's obviously great pressure on that part of the border. The only thing I can suggest that perhaps is required is more resources.

"We found that people found in lorries were being released to the French authorities but no record was being kept of who they were. And of course when they try again and very often succeed in getting into the UK as irregular migrants, the authorities in Britain have no record of who they are."

Home Office minister James Brokenshire said the UK had made "significant investment" in strengthening security and infrastructure at Calais and other French ports.

"Using some of the best technology in the world, our officers prevented more than 18,000 attempts to cross the Channel illegally in the year to April 2014, a rise of more than 60% on the previous year.

"We have also committed £12m to further bolstering security at Calais and driven down the cost of back-office functions, allowing us to invest in front-line operations."

David Hanson, shadow immigration minister, said: "The government has ignored repeated warnings from Labour and hauliers about the growing crisis at Calais. David Cameron needs to realise how serious this problem is and take urgent steps to work with our allies in Europe to sort it out.

"Labour has put forward funded plans for 1,000 more border staff to help sort the problems out."

read full article at source:
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drinking tea
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Default Romanian Marion Badea jailed for five years after trying to smuggle illegal immigrants into UK via English Channel

A man who attempted to smuggle a group of illegal immigrants into the country on an inflatable boat has been jailed for five years.

Romanian Marion Badea, 30, was discovered on board the inflatable motor boat in the English Channel, off the coast near Dover, just before 10am on June 28 this year after a lifeboat was sent to rescue it following engine failure.

With him were a group of eight Afghan nationals who were trying to enter the country illegally. They included seven men, aged between 20 and 35, and a 16-year-old boy.

The vessel was towed into Dover harbour by a Border Force Cutter after which Badea was arrested and subsequently charged with assisting unlawful entry into the UK.

Badea denied the charge but was convicted and sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday, December 19 following a two-day trial which started on December 17.

Badea has previously been convicted and served nine months for a similar offence in a French prison in 2013.

The vessel was towed into Dover harbour by a Border Force cutter

All those found on board the boat were removed from the UK apart from the teenager who was transferred into the care of social services.

Assistant director David Fairclough, from the Home Office Immigration Enforcement Criminal Investigations team, said: “This was an unsophisticated and brazen attempt to smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK.

“Thanks to the excellent interception made by the cutter patrol boat, and the subsequent investigation by our specialist criminal investigations team, Badea is now behind bars.

“Anyone thinking of doing the same should be warned that our specialist teams have the capability and resources to catch you and bring you to justice.”

The Home Office’s Immigration Enforcement Criminal Investigations team is a specialist unit of seconded police officers working alongside warranted Home Office immigration enforcement officers to investigate organised immigration crime.
h ttp://ww

Was he here legally and if so, was his conviction known to the authorities?
Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.
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Is the use of the term "banksters" some sort of system piss take ? I have notice this term used over and over again by the insincere and posturing radicals and I am not impressed. The term "Banker" is perfectly adequate and has the obvious advantage of being recognised by the general public. Whereas "bankster" usage comes across as "rick type radical" and makes the user look a right toby
The above post is as always my opinion

Chase them into the swamps
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The hook-nosed kike lies behind the Eunuch Defence League
Old January 17th, 2015 #39
News Bot
Post France: New Holiday Camp Opens for Hordes Waiting to Invade Britain

Sven Longshanks

Daily Stormer

January 17, 2015

A new holiday camp has been provided for the pestilential hordes festering at Calais, which provides three-course meals cooked by a Michelin restaurant chef, The Daily Mail reports.

The pampered savages have been provided with running water, beds, showers, toilets, laundry services and medical facilities at the huge 12 acre center.

On top of that, there are also 128 power points for them to charge their devices up, so they can continue sending spam begging emails and fake dating accounts hoping to snare gullible rich White women.

The three-course meals have been designed especially to make them feel like they are back in Africa, although bush meat and human heads are not on the menu. As usual the primitives are being treated better than the indigenous Whites and each individual meal costs three times more than the Cameron regime spend on primary school meals.

Immigration experts are on hand to fill all the forms out for the illiterates, to ensure that they are able to claim benefits as soon as they get to the promised land.

The camp has been specially built to be as close to the best points for hijacking British lorries as possible, just a ten minute walk for your average rape-monkey once he has collected his asylum seeking forms from the free advisors.

Half the bill for this is being paid by the EU, money the British tax payer has paid in, and the other £3 million is being paid by the French.

Camp director Stephane Duval is quoted as saying: “It will be a more complete service than Sangatte, which only offered accommodation. Here we will also offer food, medical care, laundry and washing facilities and social care.”

Not surprisingly, last night there were hundreds of savages with gaping jaws hanging around outside, waiting to be fed with their first 3 course meal and asking where the White wimminz were.

read full article at source:
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Dawn Cannon

Earlier this month, around two hundred immigrants fought running battles against one another in Calais, with Africans pitched against Afghans.

More than a hundred French riot police were sent in to stop the violence, which left seven men slightly injured after the immigrants attacked each other with sticks and stones.
The Bloodbath is Coming
7.6 billion savages multiplying and running wild over the earth, devouring everything in sight, trampling over every other lifeform without mercy or compassion.


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