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Old November 26th, 2016 #421
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Post Lily Allen refuses to say whether she's welcomed migrant into home

The popstar’s representatives remain tightlipped over over whether Ms Allen had offered sanctuary to a young asylum seeker or had in fact had any plans to do so when approached by

Their silence comes more than a month after the 31-year-old singer said that she would “of course” take a displaced refugee in to her London home after crying at the sprawling Jungle camp.

She said: “If these children are being displaced, of course, there’s room for people in my house I’m going to take them in.

“I think anyone would. If you’re a parent – the idea of my children wandering around aimlessly without anywhere to go.

“It’s a real situation, it’s happening closer to us than Glasgow.”

The musician was speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire show after being asked why “supercilious celebrities like Lily Allen and Bob Geldof do not take in refugees”.

Ms Allen’s offer, which aired on October 12, came after she was heavily criticised for apologising on behalf of the UK for putting child refugees at risk in Calais.

While visiting the Calais migrant camp, she told a 13-year-old Afghan boy “I apologise on behalf of my country, I’m sorry for what we’ve put you through”, before bursting in to tears.

She then told the teenager he has a “legal right” to be in the UK and asked whether he had started the process of applying to enter the UK legally.

The boy then replied the legal process is “very slow” and that the way – presumably illegally – he is trying to enter Britain “works better”.

A tearful Ms Allen replied: “We’ve bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban and now putting you at risk, risking your life to get into our country.

Enraged viewers took to social media to have their say on Lily Allen's apology on behalf of British people.

One Twitter user wrote: “Lily Allen has no right to speak for the UK. Her sense of self-importance is what I’ve always disliked. Regularly rude and disrespectful.”

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Old December 1st, 2016 #422
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Post Number of migrants flooding into Britain hits all time high

The number of EU migrants coming to the UK in the year before Brexit broke records

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics came out today showing the number of people arriving in the UK was the same as the population of Nottingham, before the referendum.

Net long-term migration to the UK has remained around record levels at a third of a million as the inflow of EU citizens hit a historic high, the official figures show.

The headline measure - the overall difference between the numbers arriving and leaving the country - was estimated at 335,000 in the year to June.

This was just below the previous peak of 336,000 in the previous year.

Immigration, which covers the numbers of people coming into Britain only, was at 650,000 - the highest estimate recorded, the Office for National Statistics said.

An unprecedented 284,000 EU citizens are estimated to have arrived in the UK in the year to June, which covers a period up to and just after the referendum.

In the year ending in June, 189,000 EU citizens arrived for work - the highest estimate recorded.

In the year before Brexit as many people arrived from the EU as the population of Nottingham

Despite complaints and assertions from the Remain side of the Britain/EU argument, ONS statisticians said it is “too early” to say whether the vote has effected immigration long-term.

Nicola White, head of international migration statistics at the ONS, said: "Net migration remains around record levels, but it is stable compared with recent years. Immigration levels are now among the highest estimates recorded - the inflow of EU citizens is also at historically high levels and similar to the inflow of non-EU citizens; there were also increases in the number of asylum seekers and refugees.

"Immigration of Bulgarian and Romanian citizens continues the upward trend seen over the last few years and in 2015 Romania was the most common country of previous residence.

"The main reason people are coming to the UK is for work, and there has been a significant increase in people looking for work, particularly from the EU.

"These long-term international migration figures run to the end of June, so it is too early to say what effect, if any, the EU referendum has had on long-term international migration.

"There does not however appear to have been any significant impact during the run-up to the vote."

The jump in EU arrivals includes a rise in the number of citizens arriving to seek employment from the EU15 group of nations consisting of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain and Sweden.

The Tory Government had pledged to slash net migration to below 100,000 but the figures show they face a mammoth task.

But the Government has claimed it is committed to sticking to the promise.

Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill said: "The British people have sent a very clear message that they want more control of im

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Old December 2nd, 2016 #423
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Post Non-EU Immigrants on Welfare

Of the 650,000 “immigrants” who entered Britain in the first six months of 2016, at least 289,000 came from outside Europe—and only 284,000 from inside the European Union, new data from the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown.

The data also showed that the vast majority of “non-EU nationals” are not working, but are living off welfare.

According to the new ONS data, of the “EU nationals” coming to the U.K., Romania was the most common country of last residence, making up 10 percent of all immigrants. Most of these are Gypsies.

The data also showed that coming to work in the U.K. remained the most common reason for long-term immigration, with 311,000 (the highest estimate recorded), compared with 294,000 in the year ended June 2015.

Of this number, 182,000 had a definite job to go to and 130,000 arrived looking for work (a statistically significant increase from 107,000 the previous year).

At the same time, there were 629,000 National Insurance number (NINo) registrations by EU nationals and 195,000 by non-EU nationals in the year ended September 2016.

NINo are the U.K.’s partial equivalent of a U.S. Social Security Number, which means that people applying for a NINo will either be working or intend to seek work.

The ONS data sheet went on to state that employment statistics from the “Labour Force Survey” showed there was an increase of 454,000 in the employed U.K. labor force in July to September 2016, compared with the same quarter for the previous year.

Of this number, only 47 percent can be accounted for by growth in employment for British nationals, 49 percent by growth in employment for EU nationals, with the remaining 4 percent accounted for by non-EU nationals.

These employment figures and NINo registration rates show conclusively that although non-EU immigration is the single largest source of incomers into the U.K., these non-Europeans are overwhelmingly not going into employment once they arrive in Britain.

The ONS data did not say how these non-EU nationals are “earning a living,” but it is obvious that they are going onto welfare in order to survive.

According to figures released earlier by the U.K.’s Department of Welfare and Pensions, the proportion of people who live in low-income households is: 20 percent for whites, 30 percent for Indians and Black Caribbeans, 50 percent for Africans, 60 percent for Pakistanis, and 70 percent for Bangladeshis.

In addition, the ONS figures showed that there were 41,280 asylum applications (including dependents) in the year ended September 2016, the sixth successive annual increase.

This figure has remained almost constant each year since the 2002 high when 103,081 invaders pretending to be asylum seekers arrived in Britain.

Some 4,162 fake refugees were granted humanitarian protection under the “Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme” in the year ended September 2016, with a total of 4,414 having been “resettled” in the U.K. since the scheme began in January

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Old December 10th, 2016 #424
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Post Migrants housed by taxpayers have 'burnt down homes, attacked staff and grown drugs'

Asylum seekers have been accused of burning down taxpayer-funded homes.

G4S, one of three companies hired by the Home Office under the COMPASS contract to house asylum seekers across the UK, has told of an increased number of attacks on its staff by refugees in 2016 - a year that also saw the number of refugees it has housed rise by 13 per cent due to increased immigration and more arrivals from Syria.

G4S is currently housing 18,639 asylum seekers and says only a minority are causing the serious problems.

The news comes as the Home Office announced last night it has ordered asylum accommodation providers to improve and increase their stock to meet an increase in demand, with record numbers expected to arrive next year.

Ministers want those who arrive in the UK, many illegally, put up in more “suitable properties” while their claims are processed.

The move could see Britain’s asylum bill, currently costing taxpayers £546.8million a year – or £1.5million a day – rocket.

G4S revealed the arson and assault problem in written evidence to an ongoing Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry into the standard of asylum seeker accommodation funded by taxpayers.

The report said: "A minority of asylum seekers display violent and destructive tendencies.

"That behaviour at times manifests itself in attacks on our staff and damage to properties.

"Assaults on G4S welfare staff or another service have increased and stand at 73 so far this year.

"So far in 2016, 14 properties have been seriously damaged by service users - usually through fire damage - rendering the property unusable and increasing the use of hotels.

"There were 162 cases of anti-social behaviour so far in 2016."

G4S also claimed that despite reporting incidents to the authorities, in the main the perpetrators were getting away with it.

The report added: "G4S reports each incident to the Home Office and or to the local police. In most cases no sanction is applied."

But, refugee support charities and organisations have given evidence to the inquiry saying the standard of accommodation offered by G4S is often so poor that it is the cause of friction between the firm and the people it is supposed to be helping.

Sandwell Women's Aid (SWA) said in its report to the inquiry it was inundated with complaints about the standard of housing.

The SWA report said: "The majority of the properties provided under the COMPASS contract have been of very poor quality.

"We have repeatedly raised concerns/issues of rats or mice infestations.

"In addition to this, we have had several issues around repairs, we have had stairs falls through, a ceiling fall in whereby there was a near miss - the client and a baby were in the lounge.

So far in 2016, 14 properties have been seriously damaged by service users - usually through fire damage - rendering the property unusable and increasing the use of hotels.

"We have experienced severe damp issues, boilers not working and housing

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Old December 13th, 2016 #425
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Post Calais 2m anti-migrant wall was recently completed but now Calais Mayor is calling for its demolition

What a waste of money! £2million 'anti-migrant wall' funded by British taxpayer is completed in Calais - only for French to immediately call for it to be demolished

It was built near a busy motorway to stop people climbing onto UK-bound lorries
6,000 migrants in the 'Jungle' were sent to other parts of France in October
French politican Natacha Bouchart said the wall was made redundant following the clearance

A £2million 'anti-migrant' wall funded by the British taxpayer has finally been built in Calais – as the French port's mayor called for it to be torn down.

Natacha Bouchart said the 14ft structure was a ludicrous white elephant that was made redundant following the clearance of the so-called 'Jungle' shantytown.

Some 6,000 UK-bound migrants living there were sent to other parts of France at the end of October, as their tents and huts were burnt and bulldozed to the ground.

The wall – which was backed by Prime Minister Theresa May when she was Home Secretary – was built next to the site of the camp.

It was originally meant to stop residents getting on to a busy motorway so as to climb aboard lorries heading for the UK.

But Mrs Bouchart said Calais was now effectively a migrant-free zone, and told an administrative court in nearby Lille that it would stay that way.

She is now 'asking the

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Old December 16th, 2016 #426
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Post Trafficker filmed offering to smuggle migrants into Britain in the back of Lidl lorries for 5,000 as gangs move into Paris after the Jungle was closed

Trafficker filmed offering to smuggle migrants into Britain in the back of Lidl lorries for £5,000 as gangs move into Paris after the Jungle was closed

Footage reveals a Paris-based agent offering to smuggle migrants to Britain
He says it will cost Iranians more than £5,000 but Afghans will pay £3,000
The man, called Sultan, said they will 'place' migrants inside the Lidl lorries
Damning new reports also reveals that smugglers are now working with NGOs

Migrants are being offered illegal passage across the Channel in the back of Lidl lorries for a fee of several thousand pounds.

People smugglers who previously operated in the Calais migrant camp are targeting vehicles transporting goods to the UK.

Undercover reporters found trafficking gangs who had been booted out of the Jungle, which was closed in October, have moved their operations to Paris.

It came as refugee charities operating in the Mediterranean were accused by the EU's border agency of colluding with smugglers to transport migrants to Europe.

An agent for one of the Paris smuggling gangs boasted that they were able to make sure the migrants went undetected, adding: 'You will be in London 100 per cent.'

Describing the process – and the enormous fees he demands – the man, called Sultan, told BBC South East: 'For an Iranian it will not be less than £5,000, but for Afghans it is £3,000.

'They don't tear the tarpaulin off the vehicles. They open it and place you in. They will fit you in a way that

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Old December 29th, 2016 #427
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Post Calais refugee "children" sue UK govt. for neglect

Amber Rudd faces legal action from the children, aged 14 to 17, after allegedly neglecting her responsibility to provide a safe haven for minors fleeing conflict and destitution, as enshrined under section 67 of the Immigration Act.

Twenty-eight of the youngsters bringing the case have had their asylum applications refused, while the rest are still awaiting a decision from the Home Office.

The Calais camp, on the northern French coast, was flattened by local authorities on October 31 and its inhabitants dispersed to reception centers across France.

“The government has rendered these children, including some as young as 13, to effectively be without any legal remedy until well into the new year, which is the earliest that the relevant Home Office officials have agreed to give reasons for refusing some of these children,” said Duncan Lewis Solicitors public law director Toufique Hossain.

“The way that this has all been handled by both the UK and French authorities is nothing short of shameful. It is morally reprehensible and, we argue, simply unlawful that these children have not been given written reasons as to why their applications were refused and that these children were told about the refusals in group meetings without a proper procedure in place.”

According to the child refugees’ legal team, the British government, and the Home Office in particular, failed to allow the relocation of most of Calais’ vulnerable children to the UK.

Rudd and the Home Office also stand accused of failing to use the powers included in the Dubs amendment, giving the government a discretionary allowance to opening the borders for children in extreme need.

The case of a 14-year-old Afghan boy is being used as an example in court. The child’s father had been assisting NATO on the ground and became a target to the Taliban. The boy was shot in the neck by members of the terrorist group and had crossed eight countries after fleeing his home. He was then stuck in France awaiting entry in Britain, four times attempting to take his own life after suffering physical and sexual abuse at the hand of people traffickers.

Duncan Lewis Solicitors wrote to the Home Office on November 2 and December 5 about his case and to alert for the child’s critical condition, but on neither occasion received a response. Between December 15 and 16, the Afghan boy was one of many to be told his asylum application had been unsuccessful.

Two hundred children have come to Britain from the French refugee camp. No more are expected to be moved across the Channel.

The Guardian reported that some of the children refused asylum had sent the newspaper SOS messages. A 16-year-old Sudanese boy now living in Biscarrosse in South East France, was said to have sent a string of WhatsApp messages on Tuesday saying he was “just tired” of life.

“Even I don’t know when or how I can sleep. All I know I just wanna do anything right now to forget,” he said.

Talking about the staff at the reception center h

----- snip -----

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Old December 30th, 2016 #428
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Post Portuguese invader is handed 10,000 by the English government for a 'bizarre project' which saw her dance with rapeugees in Jungle at Calais

An artist was given £9,931 by the Government for a ‘bizarre’ project which involved dancing with migrants in the Calais Jungle camp.

The generous grant was given to Rita Marcalo, a Portuguese migrant who has lived in England for 20 years, by the taxpayer-funded Arts Council England.

Miss Marcalo, who calls herself Instant Dissidence, used the cash to travel to Calais in May, where she set up a dancing workshop and filmed herself dancing with migrants.

It is not the first time Miss Marcalo has received controversial funding from Arts Council England.

In 2008, the department handed her £13,889 to put on a stage show entitled Involuntary Dances in which she attempted to induce an epileptic seizure.

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Old December 31st, 2016 #429
Bread and Circuses
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I dont know this woman but it gives me some leftist dyke vibes which automatically means easy access to government funding to produce degenerate art.
It is the first time I see a portuguese with this Marcalo surname to me it sounded like Italian because the most common portuguese surname resembling it would be Marçal.
But it looks you can find this Marcalo surname among portuguese immigrants living in the US.
It wouldn't surprise me if this is a sephardic new-christian/crypto-jew bastardization of the Marçal surname
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