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Robert Kendall
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Robert Kendall
Default The Northwest Imperative, the Oregonian View and Some History

There were fair warnings to all: America was walking toward a Black Hole, the same type South African White Society disappeared in. This march was clearly initiated at the end of the “Civil War” that was actually a War of Secession or the War of the States, more properly described. This War was avoidable, as there were two possible solutions to “free” the black population. A removal of the slaves to Liberia or to a Western territory as the U.S. had huge unpopulated areas available in the West throughout the 19th century. Also, at the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848 the U.S. could have cut out a large country from Mexico for American blacks and presented it to them as a gift. The newly shaping deep state structure under Lincoln has chosen to use blacks as an instrument of population control in the South.

Today, White People are being beaten and murdered, attacked on their own property, disarmed, carried to jail for defending themselves, often. Although the decay is present everywhere, still the Northwest area is the best choice for the future. In the Northwest quarter of the U.S. the dozen states there have large areas with strong White majority present. The State of Oregon is the ninth largest state in the U.S. with 98,378 square miles of territory and has around 4.2 million people. The Libtard majority is concentrated in Eugene and Portland and the cities between in the northwest area of the state and so is the colored population. It is not a smart idea to repeat stats from official sources because they are usually twisted. Doing a recent research I really went into the U.S. population questions in details and I am confident that we Whites are already a minority in America. I carried out complex calculations and found that the six million extra jews (above the six million with “religious affiliations”) are counted as whites. Similarly, stats on the “hispanic”, mixed race population are also falsified where the census bureau allows people to define their own racial identity, resulting in huge numbers of individuals who shift and change their identity like chameleons, back and forth.

In the rural counties of Oregon you will usually see 90%+ White population. Medford and the closest coastal areas are an exception. The riff-raff has already moved into Medford from California and it is often the worst kind. Just south of the state border on the Californian side is Pelican Bay State Prison and the corruption and decay from that focal point is projected in all directions.

The Oregon coastline is fairly segregated from the rest of the state as there are no freeways running to the Pacific. Highway 101 runs along the coastline and it usually takes 60 to 120 minutes to reach the I-5 freeway inland from there. The rural economy is wasted, just like all over in America. It reflects a situation similar to what the Doomsday Book described after the Norman conquest of England in 1066. The feds own 46.4% of the land area in the 11 contiguous Western states, 53% in Oregon and to add insult to injury some more is owned by the State. Presently this is a major factor causing economic issues BUT if a substantial political realignment takes place and the fed will be unable to control and guard the land they own, the locals will likely move in and they will do it fast. A likely future act from the government is the introduction of disaster elements into South California and other areas in the Southwest like earthquakes, water shortage, and/or epidemics. An event like this could set off a “justified movement” of a wave of colored “refugees” who will colonize the Northwest with government aid within days. Conditions and weather in the Northwest Coastal areas are favorable to sustain ten million people or more, even in the winter. An act like this, if unopposed, could finalize the colonization of America by the unwanted population of the third world under the management of our political opponents.

In addition an examination of development and investment policies by endless government agencies show a systematic long-term policy of arrested development toward the U.S. rural environment as a whole. Preferential treatment and unlimited flow of money by the fed is also directed toward urban areas with constantly increasing colored population. (For simplicity, the jewish population of America is discussed in this article as part of the colored population as they are NOT a European group by any means, their voting patterns are clearly positioning them in a camp with the coloreds and the overwhelming majority of them are racially mixed.)

Oregon has a major asset, the Willamette Valley. This Valley is about 150 miles long and 20 to 40 miles wide, stretching from Eugene to Portland and 70% of the State’s population lives there with a good reason. The Valley was flooded occasionally from Montana during the ice-age. The floods deposited top soil in the Valley 300 to 400 feet deep, turning it into a superior agricultural area for settlers who arrived starting with the early 19th century. This single Valley could supply food with present technology for ten to twenty million people. Of course, it could be helpful if the regular chemtrail flights spreading poisons like lithium and who knows what else would be discontinued by the fed. In case if a future competition develops the Libtards must be convinced to share this tremendous resource with normal Americans. The climate in the Valley and generally in Western Oregon is temperate, oceanic and predictable. Winters are mild, it is rare to see temperatures below freezing in the West of Oregon and very rare on the coast. The summers are cool. In the coastal areas 72 to 75F in the summer counts as a hot day, global warming could be a great blessing for us. Rain varies from 35 to 80 inches a year, on the coast always more than inland and mostly concentrated in the winter months.

The rules of the “tyranny of the majority” fully apply in rural Oregon, just like in North California. The political life of Oregon is dominated by the Libtard population of the Northwest because of their larger numbers that is inflated by coloreds sucked in from the third world. Together they easily outvote the rural population on most issues. In the 2016 presidential election Hillary took the majority of the votes and Trump took most of the real-estate (see map below). This was pretty much a duplication of the general U.S. voting patterns, a result of decades long political polarization and population movements, processes that are already speeding up in post-virus America. It has to be pointed out that first time in the 2016 presidential election every single colored group in America voted in majority with the democrats with the very small and politically insignificant exception of the mixed race White/Native American group. Even the generally conservative Oriental voters prior, turned into democratic majority voters. The jewish groups ALL went to the dems and black women voted for Hillarious in 98%. This last one was partially a pro-welfare vote. Basically, the U.S. public separated along racial lines in 2016, a very important development projecting the future.

America used to be a family oriented dog & pony show and starting with 1913 was turned into a freak-show. 1913 was the year when ADL, federal reserve and IRS were created and thirteen year old Mary Phagan was murdered by a bloodthirsty, perverted jew freak, Leo Frank in Atlanta. From there on we went from one organized freak-show to the next: WWI, Great Depression (the greater the better), the murder of Huey Long, WWII, North Korea, the Kennedy murders, the 1965 Immigration Act, Vietnam, the shooting of George Wallace, the economic buildup of China, the attempted murder of Ronald Reagan, the Arab Wars, 9/11, often managed domestic terror events and finally the virus crisis. Every one of these acts has served the deepening control of the deep state structure.

One underlying problems is that once the freak-show operators take control of a state apparatus and related resources they use their positions to deepen the destruction to preserve their own rule. This is a simple self-preservation process, a twisted result of what they call “democracy”. In the Classic Greek Democracy a 501 Men jury walking into an amphitheatre in the morning would have finished the whole show before sunset but our “democracy” successfully walled off the grand jury system, corrupted the judiciary and the whole state structure to the point where a modern system of subjugation was created and it presently aims for the full dissolution of the White population. Yes, the Masters of this Universe decided to recreate the slave state formula and this is what will eventually break them. Rural Oregon and North California did not take long to wake up. Their answer was the State of Jefferson, a “51st State” for the U.S. The idea was to unify a number of counties suffering from the same issue on the two sides of the Oregon/California border. It all started on November 27, 1941 when American media focused in on a group of men with rifles who stopped road traffic on Route 99 in Siskiyou County, CA and handed the drivers a copy of their “Proclamation of Independence”. The movement is still alive in the 21st century but it is going no places because of the totalitarian, absolutist control factors. The economically deprived rural White population is a modern slave class in America.

Still, Oregon cannot be classified as a completely lost cause politically. On May 1, 2013 the Oregon legislature passed a bill gifting illegal aliens in the state with drivers’ licenses and ID cards. A citizens veto referendum was filed and Oregon Ballot Measure 88 was created (No, I am not making the name up, the freaks did.). The majority (66%, I did not make up this number either) voted against handing out licenses in 35 out of 36 Oregonian counties! In many counties over 80% voted against the state legislatures in November of 2014. Did they vote to support the illegals the state would have been flooded with a million of them within a year or two. The obama fbi was unable to exercise anger management after the event and took swift revenge on the democratic governor John Kitzhaber, he was forced out of office by February 18, 2015. They realized (the fbi) that Kitzhaber was a criminal, he was living with a woman in a straight relationship by the name of Cylvia Johnson. The woman was running around, calling herself “The First Lady of Oregon” promoting her insignificant private consulting business to make a few dollars. Kitzhaber was given a choice: Walk away from your office or you will be prosecuted. The (((media))) attack on the Kitzhaber couple was started right before Oregon Ballot Measure 88 went to the voters. Kitzhaber was supposed to throw his aging body on the pavement to be driven over by the public and stop the act as it was easy to see where the whole thing was going. He refused to do his patriotic duty; therefore his choice was resignation or prosecution. His immediate successor (without election) was openly lesbian Kate Brown who shifted Oregon’s degeneration process into high gear. Hard and soft drugs were legalized and economic enslavement of the White rural population was further increased.

When we search for a sustainable social order many of things have to be considered. The Free State Project of New Hampshire ( ) was and maybe still is a promising initiation. At least they are trying to do something and as we all know the problem is with those who do nothing. Since their founding in 2001 they went through many modifications. Although the overwhelming majority who joined is White, they still decided to censor any pro-White arguments. Fear runs already deep in America! I can see the signs of submission on the faces of people and in their guarded behavior just as I had seen it in the communist nation where I was a child. The possible outcomes for the present, absurdly polarized, racially divided nation are limited. The extreme growth of the American deep state structure exactly parallels the growth of the communist party structures inside the Soviet Bloc. Edward Snowden provided us with an exceptionally clear image of the size and activities of part of the deep state and there are hundreds of more dissidents out there from various members of the alphabet soup who are already talking. The total numbers of people entangled in deep state operations are reaching into the many tens of millions. Mushrooming overlapping law enforcement organizations, the military-industrial complex, large segments of whole industries, government paid and trained armies of gang stalkers, millions of unjustified welfare recipients, the corrupted to the bone judiciary, the lgbtqp+ gangs, the tens of millions of drug addicts and sex offenders, the so called special interest groups, the jew controlled federal reserve, they ALL have one thing in common: They are ALL supported by a shrinking productive segments of American society. We are into a century of nightmares, a struggle for the excess productivity we created with various industrial and agricultural revolutions during the last hundred years. By focusing on two important issues we can start taking care of business: 1, Total transparency and public control over the creation and spending of money. 2, Unchallengeable rights for racial segregation. Looking at the over seven century long history of the Swiss social order, the canton system presently functioning there is a good model to create strong sovereignty for White Americans.

Ultimately, we have to arrive to a social order where young White people are able to create families by leaving the wife home to raise and even educate three, four or even five or more children. If we produced enough resources to bring in tens of millions of undesirables from the third world and support giant parasitical classes, we can surely use the same resources to support our own families. The problem goes back all the way to a person who was memorized with a 30 feet tall white marble statue in D.C. (statue is in seated position). Once people learn that he spent four years in the bed of Joshua Fry Speed, another adult man, maybe they will evaluate him differently. There are numerous clues in Lincoln’s life showing that he was sexually disoriented, therefore, easy to control by the banker class once he was helped into high office. There are even reports that he kept inviting a popular actor by the name of John Wilkes Booth to the (Formerly) White House. Booth was not interested to be friends, never answered and proposed a meeting on his own terms in the theatre where he was an actor. By all means Honest Abe was the first major, controlled deep state actor in America, unless we count the Masonic agents of the 18th century as such. In 1860 at the Chicago Republican convention Lincoln was elected by a bunch of screaming maniacs who told him that they will be “right behind him” when he goes to war for black people. By 1864 he made attempts to find a solution, too late. Congress denied him lands in the West to send the negroes there. In 1862 Lincoln met five negro delegates and he told them: "you and we are different races" and it was "better for us both ... to be separated." By 1865 somebody told him to opt for full emancipation inside America and he did so. Abe was an exposed lawyer, he certainly did not behave like a White Man and out of 15 million White males of all age groups in America a million were killed or maimed as a result of his acts.

America is now into an irreversible process that is just about to go into a tailspin. Even the black population is turning away from the CDC and their endless, out of control immunization programs. The logical conclusion of this process can be only social collapse just like it was in the Soviet Union in 1991. What will happen after? An all out racial war is certainly a strong possibility. Those who are running around on the streets promoting violence like antifa and their soros/adl backers are usually dreaming about a new world order where they will be in full control. The left is presently better organized and more active than the White population as a result of a century and a half of pressure on us. However, this does not mean that 400 pound lesbians with AK-47s will end up running our world. It is not going to work out for them.

Results of the 2016 election.
An examination of the 2016 electorate, based on validated voters. If we remove the total jewish and hispanic population mixed in with Whites below, the net result is that Whites voted for Trump in the majority, both men and women.

2010, already twisted census data:

Voting results, Measure 88, a single, small Oregonian county sided with state legislatures.

The outcome of the 2016 presidential election in Oregon. Red counties in majority voted for Trump.

The U.S. outcome by counties in 2016.

The flag of the State of Jefferson. “The two Xs are known as the "Double Cross" symbol and signify the two regions' "sense of abandonment" by the central state governments, in both Southern Oregon and Northern California.

The counties of North California and South Oregon to make up the State of Jefferson voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016. (A total of 7 counties in South Oregon and 23 in North California)

California counties:

Couple protecting their property after gate broken down by BLM.
Their rifle was confiscated and warrant was served on them by negro circuit lawyer for assault, no shots were fired:
From above link:
“Missouri is a Castle Doctrine state, permitted among the broadest latitudes of any state in using even deadly force to protect yourself or your property. This couple used NO force, despite the imminent threat from a trespassing mob. The seizure of weapons is government overreach.

Mark McCloskey, who guarded his private property with an AR-15, told a local news station following the incident, “We were threatened with our lives, threatened with the house being burned down, my office building being burned down, even our dog’s life being threatened. It was about as bad as you can get. You know, I really thought it was the storming of Bastille, that we would be dead and the house would be burned and there was nothing we could do about it. It was a huge and frightening crowd and they broke in the gate and they were coming at us.”

negro circuit lawyer who went after the White couple to punish self-defense

What Libtards can do to America?
Texas, Florida and California provides about half of the population growth in the nation. That is the unwanted population multiplying in America. This is (((their))) democracy in action – a process that needs to be stopped and reversed.

Musi kid vs. Danish kid…. I think youtube deleted this one. It was drastic for (((their))) delicate minds.

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