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Old April 1st, 2021 #1
Dale Jensen
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Join Date: Oct 2020
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Dale Jensen
Default BEST Holocaust Debunker Site, Holocaust De-Programming Course Recommended Holocaust Hoax Buster Site

Just got recommended to me again today from a comrade in Canada
Old May 4th, 2021 #2
Proud White Guy
Hates Jews,and Non-Whites
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Proud White Guy

Logically the holocaust was not possible. The Germans were too busy making bullets bombs,tanks and planes, and fighting wars to focus on the jews.

They have proven time and time again the ovens were too small, and there was too much work that needed to be done making war supplies.

Besides I don't even think there were that many jews on planet earth back then. % million they are a small percentage of the countries of europe.

They were called work camps and the prisoners were Russian, Eastern European and anyone else they captured.

Most of the deaths were from dysentary, flus, and thing that people catch from each other living in close quarters, and poor nutrition. I believe a lot of people were worked to death. Jews don't work, they all fled to Jew York Shitty, and it has never been the same since.

The holocaust was bullshit, manipulated by jews to get you to feel sorry for them.

One more thing there were over 55 million people that died in World War 2, and that was all of the european people lost a lot in that war, not just the jews. In fact, I'm tired of hearing the crybabies whine and whine.

Next time anyone says anything to you about the holocaust just mention Jew York, they all left Germany for Wall Street, and the country has never been the same since.
Why were there more jews after World War 2 then before if they lost 5 million, its bullshit.

If your dumb enough to believe the holocaust, then there really is a Santa Claus, and an Easter Bunny.
Niggers aren't human. Humans don't behave that way.

God Bless Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and America, and God Damn the anti-white, anti-christian, and anti-American jewish controlled media.

hoax, holocaust, shoah


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