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Jim Harting
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Jim Harting
Default Nordic Resistance Movement Takes Overpass Demo to the Next Level

Swedish National Socialists of the Nordic Resistance Movement take the humble overpass demonstration pioneered by Jimmy Marr to the next level.


This is a great example of "applying the principles of Otto Skorzeny to political warfare," as urged by Colin Jordan.
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Lighting up the night with the message ...I like it.
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Stewart Meadows
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Stewart Meadows

Here are two posts I wrote about the Nordic Resistance Movement (and the political situation in Sweden) in my thread Jewish academic says that jews will lead the new, multicultural Europe:

Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post

The Sweden Democrats are often portrayed as a "far-right", patriotic, nationalist party with "Nazi" roots, but the sad truth is that it has been infiltrated by despicable jews whose purpose is to water down the party's pro-Swedish stance and make sure that it supports the racist, genocidal bandit state of Pissrael. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Of course, it's not an "antisemitic conspiracy theory", it's the truth; most of Sweden's major newspapers are owned by one jewish family, Bonnier, and they constantly pump out aggressive anti-Swedish, pro-rapeugee, pro-homosexual propaganda. But SD's members are apparently not allowed to point that out.

So who are the jewish infiltrators in this pseudo-patriotic Swedish party? The evil zionist Kent Ekeroth a.k.a. Cunt Ekeroth is one of the most prominent ones, but there are obviously others too, like Cunt's brother Ted Ekeroth, Paula Bieler, etc.

Cunt Ekeroth. "Trust me."

Paula Bieler. "Trust me."

Swedes who want to see their country governed by real nationalists – and who still believe that they can vote their way out of this jew-created mess – should vote for the Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska motståndsrörelsen, NMR):

Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
Then there's the influential media jew Jan Scherman, who used to be the CEO of Sweden's biggest TV channel, and who has always used his position to spread pro-jewish, anti-white propaganda in his host country:

Here's an Israeli newspaper article about how the anti-Swedish jew Scherman gets called a "filthy jew" by a member of the Swedish nationalist party known as the Nordic Resistance Movement:

The following part of the article is ridiculous:

Of course, there is no free speech in today's jew-controlled Sweden. Swedes who criticize third-world rapists are sent to prison, and the authorities can easily deny nationalist parties/movements the right to hold demonstrations, and police officers (read: jew-controlled thugs) are allowed to savagely beat peaceful right-wing marchers in the head with batons.

Jan Scherman. "Trust me."



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