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Old September 7th, 2017 #301
Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

One of the things that I despise most about modern culture and social media especially is that while people seem to exhibit an incredible amount of self-importance at the same time will have a break down about negative comments or start bitching about 'sexism' if a man happens to write something commendable about their pictures clearly accentuating their tits or ass.

Just a mentality I don't get at all.
Old September 8th, 2017 #302
Wednesday Owens
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Originally Posted by Genus Max View Post
Only men should be allowed to raise children, women commit the vast majority of abuse & violence against children

Then theres the millions of children women kill through abortion every year

Studies & facts prove single fathers, are 10x better at raising children, then single mothers

Then theres the fact, women are emotional & illogical making them a danger to children
You, Sir, stand as a REAL fucking idiot among all the other idiots, and there are a boatload.

I don't need studies and facts because I understand nature. Who has the ability to whip out the teat at 3am to feed a hungry infant, chump?

Last I GD checked hate/rage is an emotion, cretin. Are not all Pro-White sites based on emotion? Get a fucking grip, POS. Is it logical to attack and abhor the all seeing Jew?????? You gonna tell me it is by any stretch of the imagination 'logical'to attack {{{Jews}}}?

Trust me, defending your race is not simple logic, it is EMOTION. SPIRIT. SOUL.

Fuck. Off. Jack. Ass.

It infuriates me that men who impregnated worthless whores want to cast this cloud of sewage over the rest of us, clean up your GD act and you can start by looking in the mirror.

Last edited by Wednesday Owens; September 8th, 2017 at 12:57 AM.
Old 4 Weeks Ago #303
Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

Haven't listened to it yet, but Eric Striker is back with a new podcast. Sounds intriguing.

Fascism Now!

Episode 1: The First Amendment (Means Nothing to Jews)

MP3: Download
RSS: Here

01:00 Fritz Kuhn addresses Jewish attacks on German-American Bund. (Madison Square Garden, 2/20/1939)

10:42 The Bund, Father Coughlin and how the Jews destroyed dissident movements in 1930s America just like they’re trying to do today.

1:20:03 Interview with radical cartoonist Emily Youcis on her “meme heard around the world.” You can commission her for projects at: [email protected]

2:02:44 Interview with free speech activist Brandon of Rootbocks. Despite his platform being apolitical and open to all, Silicon Valley cartels are boycotting him for allowing members of the Alt-Right to use his site to crowdfund for hospital bills and nature trips.

alex linder,


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