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Gordon Green
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Default Kanye West: “I control the media”

Originally Posted by Prachi Gupta

Judging by the fact that his rant in Las Vegas is getting major press coverage, rapper Kanye West had a point when he yelled out, “I control the media” to a crowd of concert-goers on Saturday night.

Five days into a tour that has already creating controversy, Yeezus, donning a face mask, launched into a nearly 10-minute speech about fashion, racism and empowerment with his characteristic bravado. “I crash that motherf–cking Internet when I feel like it!” he exclaimed. “This ain’t no joke! You don’t see no black people at the end of the runway in Paris! This ain’t no joke! These n—as is classist down here. F–k racism!”

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no you don't kayne the jews do
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M.N. Dalvez
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M.N. Dalvez

Is there any issue that A. Wyatt Mann can't adequately cover in cartoon form?
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Fino all'ultimo
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Only thing he controls is his penis, nothing else. He is just a egocentric rapper that jewish media made popular. Now because he is famous and have a illusion of power he is claming that "control the media". Bullshit
Anarchist & Racist
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Petrinos Frouros
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Petrinos Frouros

No, dumb negro, the people who control the media are the ones who control you too, you being just a small part of the media.

Your smugness is only tolerated by them, cause combined with your hatred of the white man, is a banner symbolizing their domination over us.

PS It's the kikes


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