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steven clark
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steven clark
Default Murdoch Mysteries

A TV series I've discovered and like is Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian show based on the murder mystery series. Murdoch is a detective in 1900 era Toronto, and uses deduction, 'new' technology, to solve crimes. Yassick Bisson plays Murdoch, Thomas Craig is Brackenreid, his supervisor and ex-British army RSM. Johnny Harris is constable Crabtree, Murdoch's man Friday, and Helene Joy is Dr. Julia Ogden, the coroner and Murdoch's love interest.

Murdoch deals with an array of 1900 era trendsetters, such as Tesla, Edison, and there's an episode with Winston Churchill, where Churchill is a murder suspect. Interestingly enough, Churchill comes off as a drunk, snobbish, sarcastic, but has some great put-downs, and he's seen as kind of an upper class loser cashing in on his celebrity. There's also an intriguing episode on spiritualism with Arthur Conan Doyle.
Murdoch uses a lot of inventions...a kind of Victorian video cam, extensive use of fingermarks, and rides around on a bike. He's Catholic, a mark against him in protestant Toronto, educated by Jesuits, and is pretty open to new ideas and technologies.

The show is a lot of fun in that the writing is good, and I like that everyone is's funny how Canadian series tend to have fewer blacks and other minorities, and in Murdoch. it really looks like the world of 1900. For that matter, the people even speak as I remember adults speak when I grew up.
Julia is a doctor, and she and Murdoch have a courtship that's pretty dignified.
It's a remarkably non-violent show. In the tradition of old-fashioned whodunits, the guilty gives up and never runs away.
When there are blacks, guess what? They usually commit the crimes they're accused of. In one case, Brackenreid even decks a black guy in a bar. How often do you see that on TV?
Also, unlike a lot of US TV, there aren't a lot of Jews. One episode had Murdoch investigate a murder in a synagogue, and the murderer? Another Jew who ran a sweatshop, squeezing his employees dry.
I don't watch TV, so I get the DVDs and pig out. It's also fun because you don't have all those crappy, breathless commercials. it's been on for eight seasons, and is very popular in Canada.
Murdoch is probably one of the best series I've seen on TV in a while. Maybe you might see it as a Victorian version of Murder, She Wrote, but give it a try.


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