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alex revision
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alex revision
Default Vikings “Saved” Europe – Not Charlemagne

Vikings “Saved” Europe – Not Charlemagne

History teaches that the Norse Vikings were brutal, thieving invaders, but much of that history was written by Viking victims, the European monks who had the monopoly on writing.

New evidence says otherwise! The image we have today of the marauding Vikings is wildly off the mark, and it ignores the major contributions they made in shaping and “saving” Europe during the Middle Ages.

The Vikings weren’t picky about their raiding targets, but the short-term gains in booty and ransom achieved by attacking monasteries resulted in the Vikings being relegated to the “vicious barbarian” category of history. The monks in those monasteries were the only historians around at that time.
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both did it but in different ways, linking mixed their race and charle magne took christianity to Northern Europe, both in some way saved europe but also destroyed part of the culture, they are our ancestors so we can learn


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