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Old December 6th, 2005 #17
Matthaus Hetzenauer
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Matthaus Hetzenauer

Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
You think so? Most real world "gunfights" occur in about that much space and reality is hardly as decisive as that. I'm not the expert, but I've read them for years. I also shoot regularly in timed competition and you'd be amazed how often people miss even up close when under pressure. Especially me!
Actually, most gunfights occur within 7'-10' -- at least according to the FBI stats I read years back. Kinda narrows the odds a bit.

Also, I know you shoot competition (I plan on getting into that myself at a range in Leesburg, Fl.) and I know somewhat of the pressure matches can bring to bear on shooters (I shot a 16 competitively in the military for a brief time). But, you're under pressure that's been instilled by the anticipation of competing -- you work yourself into it. I seriously doubt a potentially lethal run-in with a nigger is going to involve the shitskin getting all "nuvvus an' shit" about hitting his target in the kill zone -- there's simply not enough time.


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