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Originally Posted by birdman77 View Post
with my original thoughts about benoit being wrong, i guess nobody knows what a man is capable of until he does it.
i still think nancy daus was a non-white. she had too many aisian features.

Hey there! Purdy Bird..

I guess the dude was in hope that modern day quackery would fool/or conceal Mother Natures Way..."By
pumping the defective kid full of HGH & other meds"

.."To cull the weak & diseased/defective.."Much like a bird kicking its babies out of the nest!

Like I said, what took him so long?

I am sure the family visited many the jew doctor for both mental & physical maladies

At least he told people in his Text Messages that the dogs were Locked up..
and the garage was open.. to prevent damage or death to the house & animals.. Pussy cops, with the battering rams & quick to shoot & destroy...

Again the truth hurts.....

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Default Last pic

Here is the last known pic of Benoit, taken by a fan just hours before he lost his mind and killed his family.

Blood, Honor, Conviction & Principle.


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