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Jimmy Dean
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Jimmy Dean
Default LATIN LAUGHER: Fernando Rodriguez

Police: Arrested teacher,
undocumented student had vague plan
of life together in Mexico

November 3, 2007
International Herald Tribune Americas

MEXICO CITY: A female teacher and a 13-year-old student planned some sort of life together in Mexico after fleeing Nebraska together,...

As an undocumented migrant, Rodriguez apparently will not be allowed to return to the United States. But police here have told him to stay in touch in case he is needed to testify in any possible criminal case.

Full Story

(I can see it coming. "FREE FERNANDO" or "RESCUE RODRIGUEZ" rallys. Hundreds of thousands in donations to the little beaners family.)
Kelsey and Rodriguez

Nov 2, 2007
The National Ledger (AZ)

At thirteen police usually won't name the boy, but the fears are that they are now in Mexico and authorities want to act and get as much help as possible and that is why they have named the teenager in the case*

*Right here is where this thread is no longer funny. The authorities and the press would not name the child if he/she were white. Public would be left in dark except for coverage by small local papers. Look at coverage this case has received:
Search MEXICO teacher "Kelsey Peterson"
Kelsey Peterson Nov 5


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