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Old September 29th, 2011 #1
Senior Member
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Location: Proud Republican
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Thumbs down Susana Pelayo-Woodward: Racist mud smears conservative organization as "white supremacist"

Interview with an ungrateful parasite:

If Western civilization is so "bad" for you, will you please leave?
Smash jewish supremacy. Smash globalism. Smash ZOG. Use ad blockers at all times to starve off the (((beast))).
Old October 1st, 2011 #2
John in Woodbridge
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John in Woodbridge

Quit babbling and get back to the fields nigger.
Itís time to stop being Americans. Itís time to start being White Men again. - Gregory Hood

black panther, cultural marxist, parasite, racist, susana pelayo-woodward


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