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Old September 24th, 2012 #1
Charlie Wade
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Default Indiana doing mass round-up of wetbacks.

Indiana State Excise Police officers are currently serving search warrants at 13 businesses and four residences in eight cities across Indiana in connection with the use of fraudulent and stolen Social Security numbers.

Police said more than 100 arrest warrants are being served following an 18-month investigation. Monday, officers searched the businesses for evidence of corrupt business influence, money laundering, forgery, perjury, identity deception and theft.


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Mitt Romney & BainFixing Companies & Saving Jobs. Get The Facts About Obama’s Attacks Acapulco Mexican restaurants, the offices of a Greenwood tax-preparation service company, two Lafayette banks and five other banks in southeast Indiana were searched in connection with the investigation.

The following businesses are included in the investigation

- Acapulco #6 Mexican Restaurant, 1044 State Road 229 North, Batesville, Ind.
- Acapulco #3 Mexican Restaurant, 301 Margaret Street, Lawrenceburg, Ind.
- Acapulco #5 Mexican Restaurant, 147-149 Main Street, Rising Sun, Ind.
- Acapulco #8 Mexican Restaurant, 301 North 2nd Street, Aurora, Ind.
- Acapulco #11 Mexican Restaurant, 1006 South Adams Street, Versailles, Ind.
- Two undisclosed residences in Lawrenceburg, Ind.
- An undisclosed residence in Lafayette, Ind.
- An undisclosed residence in Batesville, Ind.

The Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit, Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office, Lawrenceburg Police Department and the Indiana Department of Revenue assisted excise police in the investigation.

Gov. Daniels is not up for election...
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Clyde Crandel
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Clyde Crandel

Identity theft and forgery are a way of life for these filthy Mexicans.

How convenient the laws on the books mean something when law enforcement wants to shake down Jose.

The motivating factor=Law Enforcement sized more than 1.6 million dollars.

After the piggy bank is cleaned out these illegals will be right back at it, just like the Zionist blueprint calls for.

How many of the 108 Illegal aliens being sought was armpit deep in welfare programs?

Cockroaches make life miserable!


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