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Abzug Hoffman
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Abzug Hoffman
Default Who Wants to be a Superhero?

This show has the old-fashioned entertainment value of putting a bunch of frogs in a pan of water and then turning the heat up slowly degree by degree until the frogs are dead, never knowing to jump out of the pan.

For children it is good training for Orewellian society, with an arbitrary dictator observing every move and cooking up cockamamie standards, and exiling people at whim. The proper response to being punished is to thank and praise the dictator for his wisdom.

For adults it is good training to see once again that "reality"
as portrayed on TV JUST HAS TO BE A CROCK. But, the sight of adults willingly submitting to stunts that could apparently get them killed for the sake of a TV show is too weird and a bad sign of things to come in TV land.

If you liked the book The Magus, you might enjoy this show.


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