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alex revision
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alex revision

Flemish leader sparks Belgian row over Nazi collaboration

The leader of the Flemish nationalist party opened a wartime wound on Wednesday, accusing Belgium's French-speaking region of historical amnesia over its collaboration with Nazis.

Smack in the middle of tense coalition talks with French-speaking parties, Bart De Wever sparked a row by charging in a Flemish newspaper column that research on francophone collaboration during World War II was "particularly brief."

The head of the N-VA party pointed to the lack of attention given to what he described as the anti-Semitism and fascist leanings of legendary comic book writer Herge, the creator of Tintin, during the 1940s.

Contrary to French-speaking Wallonia, De Wever wrote, Flanders had owned up to its collaborationist past, making it impossible for the Flemish region to "sweep under the rug the 'New Order' temptation as if it had just been a fling.

"It is better to shed light on a society's past without hiding reality," he wrote in a column in De Standaard daily entitled "Flemish Nazis."

He accused Walloons of "judging by virtue of a moral superiority that is out of place and based on collective ignorance."

The leading francophone daily, Le Soir, condemned De Wever's column in its own editorial on Wednesday, under the headline: "The Unhealthy Game of the Most Collaborationist Belgian."

De Wever's grandfather was a member of a collaborationist party during World War II. The Flemish leader has himself been accused by francophones of having fascist sympathies.

Many people in Flanders believe that the purge that followed the liberation of Belgium mainly targeted Flemish collaborators while prosecutions were more rare in Wallonia.

Belgium has been without a new government since the June legislative elections when De Wever's party came out on top in Flanders.

Marathon seven-party negotiations have so far failed to produce an agreement on Flemish demands for greater autonomy.
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Freya von Asgard
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Freya von Asgard

Nemo me impune lacessit: sanctificetur nomen meum, adveniat regnum meum, et fiat voluntas mea in terra

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Default Belgian Firefighters Turn Their Fire Hoses on the Police in Protest

Hose streets? Our streets! Belgian firefighters soak police in protest
Hundreds of Belgian firefighters hose down the prime minister's office as part of a protest against retirement plans

Associated Press in Brussels, Friday 10 February 2012 07.40 EST

Link to video:

Firefighters hose down the prime minister's office Link to this video
Several hundred Belgian firefighters have broken through police lines in Brussels and hosed down the prime minister's office in protest at the government's tougher retirement plans.

The firefighters want to keep their early retirement age at 58, arguing their arduous job does not allow them to work into their 60s.

Belgian police get wet as they guard the entrance to the cabinet office from protesting firefighters. Photograph: KeystoneUSA-ZUMA/Rex Features

Such demands run counter to government plans to have the overwhelming majority of people work two years beyond 65 so it can afford an ever-increasing pension bill as Belgium's population ages.

Firefighters aim a hose at the feet of Belgian riot police. Photograph: KeystoneUSA-ZUMA/Rex Features

The deputy prime minister, Didier Reynders, said caving in to the firefighters' demands would "send the wrong signal" to everyone. Belgium has 17,000 firefighters.
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Vlaams Belang, a political party, has started a Web site that is opposed to illegal immigration.

Meldpunt illegaliteit - Een initiatief van het Vlaams Belang

"De overheid wil de problemen en de overlast veroorzaakt door illegalen minimaliseren en onder de mat vegen. Daarom wil het Vlaams Belang via het zoveel mogelijk feitenmateriaal verzamelen."

"Alle feiten van misbruik van sociale zekerheid, zwartwerk, criminaliteit (inbraken, drugdealen/handel, overvallen…) maar ook feiten van huisjesmelkerij en misbruik door werkgevers van illegalen zijn welkom en zullen gebundeld worden in een 'Zwartboek illegaliteit' en overgemaakt worden aan de bevoegde politie- en veiligheidsdiensten."

"Illegaliteit mag nooit beloond worden. Illegalen moeten actief opgespoord en daarna teruggestuurd worden naar hun thuislanden."
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Default Belgian Train Announcement: “Welcome to This Train for Auschwitz. All Jews Get Off at Buchenwald”


Passengers traveling from Brussels to Namur on Thursday via Belgium’s national railway company SNCB were shocked when they heard the following over the train’s loudspeaker: “Welcome to the train to Auschwitz. All Jews are asked to get off in Buchenwald.”

According to a statement from SNCB, the man who made the announcement was not an employee of the company, saying “SNCB harshly condemns the act”.

The European Jewish Parliament (EJP) and European Jewish Union (EJU) have come out strongly against the remark, noting that just two weeks ago the world commemorated the murders of millions of European Jews.

“Two weeks ago we marched in Auschwitz where thousands of Jews were murdered on a daily basis,” said Tomer Orni, head of the EJU and leader of the United Kingdom’s EJP delegation. We will NEVER accept such remarks, not in Europe nor anywhere else.”

In a statement sent to reporters, the European groups applauded the swift action taken by SNCB following the announcement made over the train’s speaker system.

“EJP and EJU appreciate the immediate reaction of the National Railway Company of Belgium (SNCB) ‘strongly condemning these actions’ and note the transport company’s press secretary’s statement that the announcement was not made by a member of its staff.”
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Leyla de Aragón
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Default Un prof donnait de meilleures notes à ses élèves voilées!

Un professeur de religion musulmane de 58 ans, par ailleurs trésorier du Conseil supérieur des musulmans de Belgique. qui enseignait à l’athénée Verdi de Verviers, a perdu son recours devant le Conseil d’État, qui vient de le rejeter pour « manque de sérieux », car ... il donnait de meilleures notes à ses élèves voilées!!!

Déjà sanctionné de quatre mois de suspension (avec un salaire réduit de moitié) par la Communauté Française, il l'avait attaquée devant le Conseil d’État en demandant d’annuler la sanction ou la suspendre!

( source )
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John sholtes
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Did mossad pay a visit to belgium


This article also sheds lite on the Norway bomber and child killer. He for sure did not act alone since as in photos showed a bomb went off on the top floor af a buildiing over 100 yards away from the car bomb which did not even blow the car apart and even a cinderblock waoo right next to the car did not even crack. there was also a crator in back of the building from another underground bomb.
There is obviously a cover up going on.
This is from that article;
Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has claimed that Robert Spencer’s anti-Muslim writings had inspired him.

So Breivik was working for Mossad and our CIA is like always covering this up.
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Special security for Novak in Belgium

Ivan Đurđević | 31. 01. 2013. - 02:00h | Comments 0 .

The world’s best tennis player Novak Djokovic shall have a special private security during Davis Cup matches between Serbia and Denmark in the City of Charleroi this weekend, Blic learns at the local police. Although large number of Albanians is living there, the organizers claim that there is no chance that anything might happen to Novak. The only danger would be should he decide to have a walk in the downtown.

Novak Djokovic in Charleroi yesterday

A police inspector in charge of security of our tennis players said for Blic that the local police shall do everything that Novak feels safe in Belgium since it is known that large number of Albanians are living in this town and that they might cause incidents during the stay of Serbia Davis Cup team in that town.

‘We have undertaken all necessary measures that Serbian tennis players are safe and we got the information that a special private security coming with Novak will guard him, too. We shall deploy our special units as well as ordinary policemen’, the police inspector said.

We asked whether the problem might also be the fact that our tennis players are staying in a hotel at the airport.

‘It is of no importance where the Serbian tennis players shall be accommodated if they are strongly guarded. The hotel is absolutely safe and there shall be no problems’, the inspector insisted.

We got some very interesting data from colleagues of the local ‘Nuvelle Gazette’.
‘We all know that Djokovic is coming to Charleroi and the whole city is preparing for that. Certainly there is no unnecessary euphoria, but we are glad to host him. As regards security, Novak should not worry. The arena at which the matches are to take place the ‘Spirudom’ is in a very calm part of the city at the periphery and there have been no incidents ever. The same case is with the hotel. There might be problems should Djokovic decide to have a walk in the downtown since the Albanians usually gather there’, Gregory Jenko, a journalist of the ‘Nuveulle Gazette’ said.

Charleroi not a peaceful town

According to the latest census the population of Charleroi numbers 204,000 people. A large percentage of them are Albanians, In Belgium there live about 200,000 Albanians. It is an industrial town 55 kilometers south of Brussels. Incidents especially ahead of sports events are quite usual.
Don Black's Stormfront ''Russians''
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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon
Default 10,000 workers protest EU austerity

Union members march during a demonstration outside of an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, March 14, 2013. Thousands of workers are converging on EU headquarters to demand an end to austerity measures in a demonstration coinciding with an EU summit aimed at boosting growth and reducing unemployment. Thursday's protest showed frustration of the European trade union movement claiming years of austerity imposed by EU leaders is only worsening the recession while driving ever more people toward unemployment and poverty.
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Default Riots in Meulenberg

Damaged police cars, dozens of minor injuries and a police officer in critical condition in hospital. That is the sad balance of multicultural riots in Houthalen (Limburg).

Turkish and Moroccan youth went there this weekend to attack with everything there was to pick up the police. The occasion was the planned arrest of a 18-year-old Turk who has sustained multiple convictions. Some 15 officers received subsequent success of family, neighbors and other rioters. After amplification was drummed up, the whole thing ran quickly out of hand. Combis police were pelted with stones. A police inspector sustained a severe skull fracture and rammed his car a house. The sequence of events was spun by the rioters on the Internet, accompanied by laughter and cheers. For the police, the last straw. "We are the empty promises about tackling aggression against agents fed up," sounds at the police union VSOA.

'No-go zone'

Remember the fairy tale that would Limburg in Flanders, where natives and immigrants may find it perfectly with each other and integrate a harmonious oasis - driven by the Socialists - would be successful. Not so. When the police they know better. There is the infamous Meulenberg district long to book as a 'no-go zone' where criminals are in charge and the police usually stay away. On orders from above to prevent riots or because they are afraid.


In 2010, the local police in Belgium up to 13,000 times the victim of aggression. The measure is full and the police one pointing a finger at the politicians. "The cabinets Turtelboom (Justice, Open VLD) and Milquet (Interior, CDH) have fallen asleep. Meulenberg is the result of a policy hugger. "Sharp words, but that's it. In order to maintain the myth of the multicultural enrichment politics too long to other side looked up. In Meulenberg - and many other multicultural neighborhoods in this country - now dominates the law of the jungle: hooligans and criminals. The lawlessness so. Restoring law and order will not go without a fight, but another solution is not. Therefore, the Vlaams Belang demands quite a while severe penalties for those who use violence against the police.


Talk riots Meulenberg must yield to Feast of Sacrifice, agent still critical

The planned consultation on the riots in Meulenberg has been postponed until after the Feast of Sacrifice. "This was done at the request of the Muslim community," said Mayor Alain Yzermans. The policeman who was seriously injured Friday when rioters are combined pelted with stones, it now not good. The man remains critical.

Last night was urgent meeting scheduled between the council, the police and representatives of the Turkish and Moroccan communities in Meulenberg on the Friday night of heavy riots in the district. "But the representatives of the communities prefer to rest until after the Feast of Sacrifice Tuesday the case," explains Yzermans out.

For Mario Ghijs (42), the Lummense police inspector involved in the riots a life-threatening head wound, remains anxiously wait. The condition of the man is still critical.

Through a video that troublemakers themselves posted on YouTube encourages police meanwhile the stone-throwers on the combination of Ghijs pelted police.
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Default Court shall decline jurisdiction in case of Jews against Pascal Smet

Monday, October 28th, 2013

The Antwerp judge the requirement of Jewish parents of 1,269 children to the court of Brussels sent. She is itself not competent. That they promised recently in a decision of 124 p.

The Hasidic Jews have children in private schools that are not subsidized by the government. That children receive a religious education and the parents gave the seat itself that their children do not meet the Belgian goals. On 27 August, however, the Official Gazette published a decree allowing children who get "home education" (and these private schools are there under) must take an exam for the Central Examination Board to determine whether they meet the goals. The government would thus gain more control over the home education.

The Jews wanted the decree that requires them to meet those goals was suspended. Their lawyer believed that the Antwerp court had jurisdiction because the consequences of the decree in Antwerp occur. But the Antwerp judge not. Follow that vision Because the examination, which must judge the attainment targets in Brussels , it is only the Brussels judge jurisdiction. They referred the matter whatsoever there. On the other discussion points (or a judge may suspend a decree at all, for example) they had therefore no longer speak.

On 16 September, the Council of State has refused to suspend it. Decree on home education The Council then promised that only the Constitutional Court had jurisdiction to do so. But the Jews have no case so far endeavored to the Constitutional Court.

Also read 1,269 Jews sue Minister Smet
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Default 50% of Vlamingen out of their mind

Fleming would rather not migrant in his neighborhood

26 Nov 2013

According to 47 percent of the Flemish many migrants to benefit from social security. That's the conclusion of a study by the Flemish government. The study also found that 45 percent of Flemish people in his immediate environment rather not want people of foreign origin. Another 38 percent admit to having a residential district with a majority of Belgian enjoyed. Preferred Additionally, gave 40 percent to be that Muslims are a threat to the Flemish culture and customs. Believes It also showed that 51 percent never has contact with residents of foreign origin. Less than 30 percent have contact with residents of foreign origin. Least once a month However, says half of the Flemings to consider. Presence of different cultures and enriches society The figures as Jozef De Witte, Director of the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism, that integration has failed. (MH)
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alex revision
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alex revision

Is anti-racism app violating our privacy?

Kif Kif, a Flemish intercultural organisation fighting inequality and racism, has launched a new app that allows users to make a screenshot of racist language on the internet. Belgium's Privacy Commission has however warned that the application throws up privacy issues.

The app called 'The Wiper' can be added to your favourites.

People who see what they believe is racist language on the internet can with the click of their mouse use the app to send a screenshot to

Kif Kif staff will then examine the reports together with a team of legal experts to see whether any action can be taken in the courts.

Kif Kif hopes to establish a databank to allow further research and help in the fight against racism.

In a press release the organisation says: "We hope that people who use such language will be made conscious of the nature of what they are doing and will stop. Sites too that allow the spreading of hate should realise that they need to update their website."

Kif Kif does not believe that the privacy of internet users is being infringed because all the information is available in public spaces, websites and blogs.

The Privacy Commission notes that if the writer's name is used and the information is published on another website, then personal data is being processed and in principle that isn't allowed unless the writer has given permission.

A spokeswoman for the commission suggests that Belgium's Anti-racism Centre is better placed to receive and process such reports of alleged racism.
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Default Members' Blood, Soil, Honour and Loyalty "prosecuted for terrorism

"BBET wanted to attack entire legal upset"

By: admin - 02/07/14, 16u59 - Source: Belga

The judgment against the terror group Blood, Soil, Honour and Fidelity (BBET) the court "very serious offenses" where the objectives were clear, says among other destabilizing the national order. In addition to the four leaders are convicted of membership in a terrorist group. Eight members

Meetings was "a geweldverheerlijkende, extremist ideology espoused and preached members were affected and made ready ideologically," it says in an extract of the judgment. According to the court, the objectives were clear: "destabilizing the national order and purpose confrontation between different enemies provoke - that fear in the population would occur, and they were able to build on the public status - financial base and network expansion, armament fitted and train staff and prepare a limited extent even take action against enemies of the people ".

The court lifted a heavy propaganda against "blacks", where a signed head was used as target practice. Furthermore, the court emphasized that the group was clearly structured, there was a great loyalty among members and was gone jointly to combat and shooting.

The combination of ideological pamphlets, spreading of the ideas, the propaganda, the armory and the exercises with militancy, the terrorist leaders aim for four and eight members was proved. The court is convinced that the members and leaders had the intent "to hit in her heart" democracy and hunt by plotting attacks the population "serious fear of - that many people can claim the lives - and actions to spread terror so that the time would be to the entire legal system to throw. "mature

The judge took into account that expected operations were relatively short term, given the arsenal, though they also acknowledged that "some acts amateurish did to."

*The organization Blood and Honour Wedding Soil wanted to carry out attacks and thereby achieve that Belgium would get. National-socialist regime

.....The hard core of BBET, a splinter group Blood & Honour, had plans to commit to destabilize the country. Attacks Targets were Filip Dewinter, Abou Jahjah and the National Bank.....

Filip Dewinter with Nick Griffin

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Stall with Nazi stuff shut down

Stall with Nazi stuff shut down

The mayor of Tessenderlo, Fons Verwimp (Socialist Party), has covered the Black Market in Tessenderlo a maternity leave Sunday closing and seizure carried out by Nazi stuff, which were offered for sale. This confirms Mayor Verwimp Sunday. Jewish News made the seizure on its website.

"I was contacted Sunday morning by a man who told me all sorts of things were sold, including t-shirts with prints racist," said Verwimp. "I have the police on the spot sent to do, to make a pv and take the goods to complete the necessary findings because it does not belong in such a market. Hasselt The prosecutor has also been informed. Monday We will look at how we are going to address. "the matter further

According to Jewish News lighters with swastikas, SS badges, flags and swastikas were sold. In the booth There were also portraits of Adolf Hitler.
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Cora McGuire
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Cora McGuire

Belgium bans a wide range of sexist speech


March 21 at 11:56 am

Rik Torfs, rector of the University of Leuven, and Jogchum Vrielink, coordinator of the Centre for Discrimination Law at the University of Leuven, pass along a guest post — quoted below — about a new Belgian law that provides (Vrielink’s translation):

Penalization of Sexism

For the purposes of this Act, the concept of sexism will be understood to mean any gesture or act that, in the circumstances of Article 444 of the Penal Code,* is evidently intended to express contempt for a person because of his gender, or that regards them as inferior, or reduces them to their sexual dimension, and which has the effect of violating someone’s dignity.
Anyone found guilty of [such conduct] will be punished with a prison sentence of one month to one year, and a fine …, or one of these penalties alone….

* The relevant part of Article 444 Belgian Penal Code refers to the following circumstances/contexts in which the speech/conduct is required to take place:
“Either in public meetings or places;
Or in the presence of several people, in a place that is not public but accessible to a number of people who are entitled to meet or visit there;
Or in any place in the presence of the offended person and in front of witnesses;
Or through documents, printed or otherwise, illustrations or symbols that have been displayed, distributed, sold, offered for sale, or publicly exhibited;
Or finally by documents that have not been made public but which have been sent or communicated to several people.”

Vrielink reports that the law will indeed cover not just face-to-face insults, but also things said about people in print or in other forms of mass communications. Thus, I infer, it would be a crime to publish newspaper articles or blog posts that say a politician, journalist, criminal, or whoever else is inferior because of his or her gender, or intentionally show contempt for the person because of his or her gender, or “reduce them to their sexual dimension,” and which has the effect of violating someone’s dignity.

Moreover, this might apply not just to statements about particular people, but also to statements about men or women generally — e.g., that men or women are biologically (or even just as a matter of current cultural reality) inferior to the other sex in some ways — or about particular subgroups of men or women. Vrielink writes (paragraph break added):

[T]he government is now claiming that the bill does not intend to ban such abstract, impersonal expressions. However, the text is highly ambiguous in this regard, and moreover the problem is that traditionally, in Belgian criminal law, if speech is meant to be illegal only if it targets specific individuals, the legislator makes it into a type of crime that can only be prosecuted in case there is a complaint by the individual victim that was targeted (this is the case for stalking; insults; and slander, for instance). Here, the government has explicitly refused to do this (despite requests to do so by the opposition).

More importantly, what we see with similarly worded criminal provisions is that Belgian courts tend to apply these to ‘generic’ comments about entire groups as well, as long as there potentially is a ‘person’ that might feel insulted, demeaned, etc. by such speech (which, of course, will virtually always be the case), even if he or she is not at all personally targeted by that speech.

This strikes me as a very bad idea, whether limited to public commentary about a particular person or applied to cover commentary about an entire sex, as well. (One-to-one insults are a more complicated matter; I’ve argued before that certain more viewpoint-neutral restrictions on unwanted one-to-one speech should be constitutional even under American law. But this law is not at all limited to such one-to-one insults.)

In any event, here’s the Torfs & Vrielink guest post, setting forth the problem in their own words:

Belgium Bans Sexism: The Return of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Soon, it could be a criminal matter to call someone a ‘sexist’ in Belgium. Even if someone may in fact be one. Why, you ask? Because the country’s political majority is determined to enact a new law. In what is believed to be the first legislation of its type, anywhere, the concept of sexism will be rendered punishable.

A logical side effect of making sexism illegal is that the simple act of accusing someone of being sexist, may amount to criminal defamation. Under Belgian law, as in many other legal systems, it is an offense to accuse someone of having committed crimes that they were not actually convicted for. Law is often a double-edged sword.

In addition to this, the bill is superfluous and it poses major risks to free speech.

Superfluous and vague

But first things first: what got the legislative ball rolling was a documentary called Femme de la Rue by (then) film student Sofie Peeters, focusing on the problem of sexual harassment in Brussels. The film, shot in part with hidden cameras, provided a shocking account of everyday sexism and sexual intimidation in the streets of the Belgian capital: continuous cat-calls and wolf-whistles, alternated with jeers of ‘whore!’ (pute), ‘slut!’ (salope) and ‘how much?!’ (Why won't he say that all the "cat-callers" were Muslim immigrants?)

Peeters’ film understandably struck a sensitive chord, triggering widespread public debate. Several politicians vowed to act on the issue.

The current bill should be seen against this background.

However, while no one disputes that sexist street harassment must be dealt with effectively, the existing legal means already offer the Belgian authorities the opportunity to do so. The prohibitions on insults, stalking, harassment, and public nuisance can all be employed to tackle this issue. In other words, the problem is not the legislation per se, but a failure to enforce it.

Investing in enforcement is costly though. Therefore, politicians, faced with public uproar, are more likely to seek a headlines-worthy ‘Miracle Law’, with the promise it alone can and will eradicate the problem once and for all.
Regrettably, the only thing the current bill will eradicate is free speech. (This hypocrite Torfs can't even admit "free speech" is already a memory in Europe, especially Belgium, where the impotent she-men in power (like him) cannot even say the truth about the muslim invasion in their capital city! How revolting!) Its text is drafted so vaguely that it makes the interpretative options of oracles appear limited by comparison.

The bill defines ‘sexism’ as any gesture or action “intended to express contempt” regarding someone because of their sex, or “to regard a person as inferior”, or to “reduce someone to his or her sexual dimension”. Additionally, a “violation of someone’s dignity” is required.
The explanatory memorandum to the bill states that this definition has “the advantage of including a range of facts that are not covered by pre-existing criminal provisions”. That is undoubtedly the case: the censoring capabilities of the proposed law are unprecedented.


To begin with, several religions will come within the crosshairs of the ban. Do many faiths not deny gender equality in the name of patriarchal authority and divine revelation?

The law also has the potential to decimate the shelves of bookstores and libraries: we are heading for a new Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Countless books could give rise to prosecution, and we need not only think of usual suspects like E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer. Virtually every romantic airport novel is essentially made up of sexist stereotypes.

And what about rappers whose lyrics routinely refer to women as ‘bitches’, and whose video-clips feature scantily clad women that are “reduced to their sexual dimension”? (Be sure, in any case, to remove Serge Gainsbourg from your party playlist before any of your friends has you reported.)

On the other side of the debate, it is important to point out that feminist action groups would be forbidden to depict men in an unfavorable, ‘reductionist’, light as well. Combined with the aforementioned fact that they will be prohibited from calling men ‘sexists’, their new motto will have to be ‘just sit there and look pretty’; backed up with the threat of criminal prosecution.

Arbitrary and discriminatory

Proponents will of course counter that it will not be as bad as this in practice, and that the bill was not designed to these ends. But that is precisely the problem: the current bill does render it possible to prosecute virtually anyone, whenever someone feels like it. Therefore, it will at the very least result in arbitrary rule and an unacceptable degree of legal uncertainty.

Matters of criminal law require legislators to define prohibitions as precisely as possible in order to both permit citizens to regulate their conduct with certainty, and to protect them from the abuse of state power. To say that the bill leaves something to be desired in this department is as much of an understatement as saying that Genghis Khan was involved in some minor mischief.

It is also striking that there is no similar protection in Belgian law for any other characteristic or ‘ism’. Even racism is not in itself punishable as a concept. Only specific manifestations of it are prohibited, such as incitement to racial hatred and violence. An identical provision already exists for sex and gender though.

As such, the new law will introduce a form of preferential protection against sexist speech only. Aside from this being discriminatory, this situation is unlikely to last for very long. No doubt, other groups will soon demand that their protection be raised to the same level.
The problem is that Belgian discrimination law covers no less than twenty criteria, effectively ruling out the ‘flight forward’ as an option. Or rather, in that case it would be much more practical if the government were simply to provide us with a short list of what we can still say to each other….
"White nationalism is real butter. Conservatism is that shitty vegetable spread made out of unhealthy industrial waste products."- Alex
"Our cause is a spiritual-religious thing, not a self-interest thing." -Alex

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Cora McGuire
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Cora McGuire

Full movie "Femme De La Rue", can be seen here:
"White nationalism is real butter. Conservatism is that shitty vegetable spread made out of unhealthy industrial waste products."- Alex
"Our cause is a spiritual-religious thing, not a self-interest thing." -Alex
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alex revision
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alex revision

Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo urges 'absolute necessity to teach about the Holocaust in our schools'

BRUSSELS --- Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo did not mention Israel in his address to the annual dinner of CCOJB, the umbrella group of Jewish organisations in Belgium, in response to the President of CCOJB Maurice Sosnowski who denounced ''unbalanced criticism of Israel'' and said he was ''proud to be a Zionist as it is the case for the overwhelming majority of Belgian Jews.''

However, Di Rupo delivered to the Jewish community a message of ‘’vigilance and firmness ‘’of the state against anti-Semitism.

''Around schools and synagogues, on public roads in general, recklessness is not always the case. Caution is still too often the rule in your life, in your activities. Revealing its Jewishness is sometimes taking a risk. This is unacceptable,’’ he declared.

'' 70 years after the Holocaust we cannot ignore this unfortunate fact. We need toidentify the evil and take it to its root.''

'' We need to give strong responses out of our rule of law and our democratic values,’’ he said, stressing that the State and the law ‘’are there to guarantee our democratic values and protect you. We must remember that our laws prohibit and penalize anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination.''

The Prime Minister also reiterated the absolute necessity ''to teach about the Holocaust in our schools.''

'' This History is ours and we must assume it collectively . It is in Belgium, notably, that raids and deportations of Jews took place,Jews were forced to wear the yellow star, registers of Jews were opened and racial crimes were committed ,'' Di Rupo said.

In September 2012, the Prime Minister expressed the responsibility of the Belgian State in the deportation on Jews from Belgium to the death camps and present apologies from the Belgian authorities.

In his speech, CCOJB President Maurice Sosnowski regretted that many Belgian citizens, Holocaust survivors, are denied recognition of their disability caused by the persecution they suffered on the grounds that they were not Belgians in 1940.

He lamented that while the Prime Minister asked the Senate to consider the possibility of recognition of a status of racial deportee and orphan of the Holocaust for these people ‘’there has been no legsilative follow-up to the proposal.’’

He also noted that the latest polls show that our community‘’is very concerned”.

‘’A specter is haunting Europe, the specter of hate,'' Sosnowski said, noting the rise of far-right parties who seek to destroy Europe.''

" Mr. Prime Minister, do you find normal that Orthodox Jews in Antwerp are attacked, that in Brussels anyone who is wearing a distinctive mark such as a yarmulke or a Star of David dare not take the subway out of fear to be attacked ?,’’ he asked.
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Default Programme N-VA: tour de vis sur l'immigration et la justice

Sous le titre de "Renforcer la solidarité" pour rendre la Flandre plus sociale, les nationalistes flamands ont présenté leur programme électoral en matière de culture, de logement, de mobilité, d'enseignement, mais aussi d'immigration et de justice. Rien de nouveau, mais la N-VA plaide pour une immigration "active" et prône le rapatriement des illégaux criminels.

Et aussi
De Wever: 'Bruxelles est toujours un problème, la périphérie aussi'

La N-VA profite des vacances de Pâques pour annoncer son programme, et compte bien occuper tout le terrain : elle garde pour ce vendredi la présentation du volet socio-économique de son programme intitulé "récompenser le sens des responsabilités" avec comme sous-titre "gratuit, ça n'existe pas"...

Pour l'instant, donc place aux autres thèmes, pas secondaires mais presque. Le député Ben Weyts ouvre le bal en donnant le ton et en soulignant les différences entre son parti et le PS au niveau des soins de santé, appelés à "renforcer la Flandre".

Le modèle PS décrié, c'est le statu quo, les dépenses publiques en hausse constante comme les taxes, factures reportées sur le prochain gouvernement, la Flandre et même plus globalement les générations futures. Face à lui le modèle N-VA, du changement, du progrès, moins de bureaucratie, un accès facilité au logement, des travailleurs et des entreprises mieux récompensés et un mieux vivre ensemble renforcé. Le choix est là.

Ben Weyts est rejoint par le ministre flamand Geert Bourgeois pour vanter des soins de santé plus efficaces, des prix de l’énergie plus abordables, un enseignement pour tous, comme la culture, etc.

Programme N-VA


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