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William Burcker
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William Burcker
Woodpecker The All-Time Greatest Writings of [Brutus]

Polite Society
by: brutus
December 8th, 2003

Years ago our White Culture they had a thing that they called "polite society".

For example; Men wouldn't swear or curse around a woman. If a woman were to walk into a room, all of the men who were sitting down would rise to their feet and remove their hats. And would even open doors for women and allow them to go through the door first out of respect for their womanhood.

There were many other gentlemanly and gallant manners that White Men were taught to have......such as.....never to strike a woman, under any circumstances and to help any White Women for any reason whatsoever.......the courtesy was genuine and heartfelt and universal.

And White Women were taught to obey their husbands without question or reservation. The men, in turn would put his wife up on a pedestal and be kind and love her in return for her complete loyalty to him.

But all of that gentlemanly softness toward our women is down the crapper thanks to feminism.

The feminists want women to act like will respond naturally to this change in feminine behavior and they will beat the snot out of women.....because, men have been beating the snot out of other men since the dawn of time......whether it’s a fistfight in a bar or an all-out World War......this is what men's as simple as that.

The jew has rewritten history because he has had complete control of the media.......movies, TV, newspapers, etc. to make women believe that the vast majority of men have always been violent and abusive towards women. This is simply untrue and a grand have always been abusive and violent towards other men........but seldom to women or children within their own culture, until after the advent of feminism.

How many battered women's shelters are there out there? Thousands and thousands of them. Battered women's shelters didn't exist in America until after 1975, because there was no need for them, contrary to what the jew tells us.

This kind of thing happened once before........Remember? In the Garden of Eden, when the serpent (the jew?) gave the woman the apple of enlightenment. (so she would know the difference between good and evil, and she could therefore be, just like the Father = man) The women is ever the sucker for a smooth liar and that’s certainly nothing new.

After many panties have been removed with the truth?

So these feminists sit there with their bloody noses and black eyes, clutching onto the restraining-order against their men and wonder why life is giving them such a nasty corn holing?


You've come a long way baby!

And when the jew says to you........

You go girl !!!!

That's right...........You go to the battered women's shelter and cry me a river.

You Sound Like a Bunch of Weak Sissies
by: brutus
December 12th, 2003

You all sound like a bunch of weak sissys.

You are buying into the jew's psycho-babble.

Let me tell you the truth.

Sure.........we all have is full of what!

The jew will make you think that you have some sort of mental illness......and he says that this is the reason why people join so-called anti-social hate groups.

This is pure bullshit.

We are a White Racist Website Forum..........not because we have paranoid personalities........we are here because we are living in "insane times".

And we are feeling the "natural anger and stress" from living in a fucked-up world.

The niggers are getting away with murder...........our women are fucking the beasts and spitting-out halfbreed mulattoes by the millions......and the jew abortionists are killing 3 million White babies every year........the mexicans are giving us the finger as they walk across the Rio Grande River, while they take our jobs and suck the blood out of our welfare system........the priests are corn holing little boys and the scoutmasters are cocksuckers........and the TV is telling us that "it's OK to be gay"........when we know in our hearts that faggots are simply perverted butt fucking queers........and the feminists are telling White women that White men aren't worth-a-shit and that they need to be independent instead of loyal to men.

You tell me if that doesn't sound insane???

Don't tell me about jew bastard.........I'll kick your teeth down your throat if you continue to put this psycho-crap into the minds of my White Brothers.

To my White Brothers:

Was George Washington paranoid? The King of England was stealing from the colonists and putting them in jail and even killing them. Washington would have been considered "paranoid" if he took that stupid test, too.

How about the rest of the Founding Fathers of America?

They pledged their lives...........their fortunes...........and their sacred honor for their cause. They did that because.......they too.......were living in insane times. I bet that the jew psychologists would have called that anti-social behavior, too.

In other words.......they were out-spoken and they defied the King and his huge army and they said that they weren't going to take that shit anymore.

Those men were not "mentally ill"............they were "brave".

What part of brave don't you understand?

The jew is sly and cunning............he will make you second-guess yourself. He will spin you around and put crap into your head, until you don't even know your own name.

Go back and re-read that test..........this time knowing that it was created by a jew to undermine your self-confidence and resolve. It will take on a whole new meaning.

We are in a fight to the death..........the jew "really" wants to destroy the White Race.

He will do it by making our women fuck niggers instead of us.

He will do it while you're lying on a couch in a psychologists office crying the blues about how fucked-up your life is..........while he takes your money for that precious counseling that is nothing more then a pity party circle jerk.

Don't let the jew turn you into a mental basket-case.

Be Strong White Men............Be brave.

I’m Tired of This Shit
by: Brutus
August 11th, 2004

I'm tired of this shit.
The jew has worked his collective ass off for at least the last 50 years undermining American White culture. Will the jew give-up everything that he’s worked so hard and so long for........WITHOUT A FIGHT?

What you all know:

The jew has infected all branches and levels of federal and state governments and by the jew’s control of government, they also control the America’s mighty military and all city and state police agencies including the federal CIA and FBI and all other criminal justice agencies.

The jews also dominate America’s justice department and the all superior and lower courts.

The public schools from kindergarten all the way through the state university system are under the jew‘s control assuring total mind control of most White youth.

The jew has complete and utter control of all commercial and public media outlets, and as we all know, this is his strongest mental straight jacket over the mind of the White man.

We are in a White man.

We are in the bottom of the box yelling at the top of our lungs via the internet to anyone who will listen.

Every once and a while the jew will kick the box in an attempt to shut us up. And the jew is now working on applying the tape on the top of the box.

Incidentally, didn’t you know (according to the jew) that the internet is full of lying con men, sex-stalkers, disgusting pornography, pedophiles and dreaded spam..............but be assured that when the jew finally figures-out a way to silence White Nationals on the internet, that same perverted internet will instantly become the place where all the beautiful people hang.

This is our last gasp.

David Duke, the SF crowd, the BNP and others are trying to play cards at the same table with the jew, who has all of the aces, and with plenty more up his sleeve. We are not jews, why should we play their game? What is the matter with these guys? An idiot can see that they’re going to lose.

Do I dare say, ”let’s think outside the box”, and risk turning-off all of you “thinking WNs” with a trite cliche’?

I know..............You’ve all heard this before.

The point that I’m trying to make, is that we must do more.

We must not only be internet warriors..............we must spread the word...........belly to belly. With other White people, we must share our vision of the 14 words.

We have something worth fighting for. We all know that. We all know that the jew is literally killing us and our race and yet we sit on our fat asses and peck at a keyboard like a chicken scratching around in a barnyard, while the nigger fucks our mothers, our daughters, and our sisters and he laughs at the same time while he spits in our eye.

If you are painfully introverted and you are afraid to talk to other people...........I say fuck are no better then a pathetic lemming and you should not be here, you should be watching NFL football with a can of beer up shoved up your ass.

Yes, dickhead, this is a pep-rally, for White men who have balls. This is my way of saying to you, fuck-you and your mother’s fat ass, because you did nothing this week to save the White race. I’m calling you on it.

If you feel that your communication skills are not polished enough to convince anyone.........I say that you are a pathetic piece of trash. Get the marbles out of your mouth and say something........anything Pro-White to another White person. I don’t give a fuck if you sound like porky pig. White people need to hear what we all know in here.

Tell them to explore the White Nationist websites. Make them do it.

Is it that damn hard?

For those of you who feel like telling me to go fuck myself............I say to it for someone who cares, because everyone of us who are real WNs know that I speak the truth.
I do my share............I walk my talk..............if may cost me making some new friends, but I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about those who I offend. Neither does my loyal wife...........she’s probably tougher then any of you spineless turds anyway.

Speaking-out.........DIRECTLY to other White is the only way the we will gain the numbers that we will need to crush the jew. This will take time and dedication. But it must be done. NOW.

If you are so thin-skinned that my words hurt your delicate ears..........just think of how you will feel when your daughter has niggers sticking their dicks up her ass in Mr. Patel‘s Motel...............and she says, “Thank you daddy for letting me watch jewish MTV, because they told me that it was OK to have a big black dick shoved up my ass.”

Maybe you will like hearing that why you’re doing nothing?

We Just Grew Apart
by: brutus
August 28th, 2004

“We just grew apart.”

“I don’t know what happened, we just seemed to drift away from one another.”

“After 14 years of marriage, I found that I was living with a stranger.”

Hundreds of times, we’ve all heard these reasons why people have divorced from one another. We simply give a sympathetic nod of understanding and move on to the next topic. We buy these shallow and lame excuses because we don’t want to pry or to open-up old wounds.

“We just grew apart” a crock of shit.

This excuse goes against all logic and understanding of human nature. When two young people fall in love and decide to make a life together, most always, they have all the right and good intentions. With few and rare exceptions, people enter into matrimony because they want to stay together until they die.

The fact is...........when two people are together, they will bond. The longer that they live together, the closer that they will bond to one another. Haven’t you ever noticed that people who have been married for more then 30 or 40 years seem to look and act exactly alike? This is nature’s design. Anything other then this is unnatural.

Let’s explore.

Let’s put the jew brainwash aside and speak the truth about people and relationships. Human beings are designed to be a monogamous biological life form. There are many other examples in nature. Yes, we have the capacity to have sex outside the marital bond. But this is because nature always imbeds a “safety-net” into all specie’s behavior to guarantee survival in those times of environmental stress on that species. Bio 101

There is obvious weakness in any family that is divided. There is no argument here.

Nature does not want any weakness in a structure that is principally designed to nurture the next generation. Universal axiom.

But the facts are that 75-80% of America marriages are being divided by divorce.

What is causing the division?.................You guessed it.............the evil jew.

People, who are in love and growing together in a marriage, are not only lovers and life partners, are also many other things. And one of the major things that all people are.....they are all “consumers.”

We are not only consumers of food and material things, we are also consumers of “information.”

And friends.............where do we get our information from?

We, as White Nationals, know who gives 90% of most Americas their daily intake of information. We know that there is a TV inside of almost every home in America.......and it’s on all the time. And it is putting jew ideas into peoples heads. For example, ideas like, “women need to be independent instead of loyal to their husbands.”

And we know that this information that is consumed is poisonous to relationships.

We, again as White Nationals, realize that the zog media does nothing to promote healthy White relationships, quite the contrary........they push homosexuality and multiculturalism and White male bashing.

What does this do?

Unbeknownst to them, we have millions of White people whose relationships are being slowly poisoned and insidiously destroyed, unbeknownst to them.

Therefore, what do we hear people say, when it’s over?

“We just grew apart.”

Little Billy Answers the Question
By: brutus
September 14, 2004

Teacher: Can anyone please tell me exactly how the jews took over America?

Teacher: Yes had your hand up first.............can you tell the class how the jews took over America?

Billy: The jews, a tribe of people, took over America and did not need to fire one gun. They did it by compelling and teaching their children to become dominators in the fields of law, medicine, finance, government and politics, business, journalism, education and the sciences of the mind, psychiatry, psychology and sociology.

Teacher: That’s very good Billy, could you please give some specific examples of why these fields or occupations are important to the jew?

Billy: Yes. Knowledge of the law and the understanding the political process of legislating laws gives a huge advantage to those involved over those who are not. The jew, by infiltrating the judicial and legislative branches of the American government has simply made or enacted laws that benefit only jews. As insiders to the process for decades, the jews are expert manipulators of the law. It is the pride of every jewish family to have a lawyer in the family.

And in the business world, jews are notorious for their conniving tactics and their greed. But on the other hand, they do go to great lengths to “set-up” and train their children to eventually take-over the family business. This strategy has given the jew an enormous advantage over Whites who must “re-invent the wheel” when trying to build a business from scratch. Typically, upon the death of a White family patriarch who built a business, most White families are too busy fighting over the money in the will to carry-on the management of the business.....and because they have no business training, they squander the money. By the jews being successful at business, this has enabled them to build great wealth, which in turn opened-up many over paths to gaining power and influence.

Teacher: That’s very good you have anymore examples?

Billy: Well yes............I guess the most obvious coup by the jews has been their domination of the media and journalism. By controlling public opinion via the media and journalism the jew has controlled the voter who in turn controls the politician who in turn controls the government.
And this goes hand in hand with their domination to the sciences of the mind, psychiatry, psychology and sociology, because this has to do with understand how the mind works and what tactics can be employed to control the mind. What better power-position to be in, then to be able to call your opposition “mentally unbalanced and psychotic with a marginal personally” and people will believe you because you’re a board certified psychiatrist who has been extensively published in well respected jewish medical periodicals on the pathological personally profiles of White racists. It is the pride of every jewish family to have a son or daughter in the medical field, especially in the sciences of the mind.

Teacher: Why that is excellent Billy, I see that you’ve been paying attention in class. Do you have anything else to add.

Billy: Yes. You see, all of these things tied together have given the jew an iron-grip around the throat of America and I didn't even mention their grip on the financial markets and the public education system........and incidentally most other Western countries are victims of these same jew manipulations. England and Australia are almost chocked to death and are nothing more then shadows of their former selves.

It is important to note, that the jews assure their dominance by cultural imperatives, that will not allow them interbreed with other races, thus guaranteeing a bloodline and a posterity who will maintain control and have even greater power then the preceding generations..........while at the same time they use their power to breed-out of existence the only real challenger to their grand scheme of global domination..............the White Man.

Teacher: Billy, that was excellent. Now for the tough question. What would you do to turn things around?

Billy: That’s an easy one Teach!..............I would immediately start to educate my White race to start using the same tactics that the jew has been using against White people. I would tell White people about the value of education, and how it’s been used against us. I would tell them just what I said to the class today, about how the jew has used these different occupations to take over America.

I fully realize that this is a monumental challenge and not a simple thing to do and that it may require a long time and perseverance. But, there are many more of us, and now we are on to their schemes and we can let all other White in on what we know. We should be thinking “exponential”......You tell two and they tell two and they tell two........until we hit critical mass.

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do right now, I’m going to write an essay on the internet to tell my fellow Whites all about the jew and his evil ways and I’m going to tell them to visit the VNN website and get wise.

Teacher: That’s wonderful, Billy............You may sit down now. (she marks an A+ by Billy’s name in her daily student grade book)

The White Nationalist..An Army Of One
By: brutus
September 29th, 2004

The White Nationalist.......AN ARMY OF ONE

You are the General and you are the Grunt and you are all other ranks in between.

You take orders from no one. And you give orders to no one.

Your direction comes from within your own noble heart and by virtue of nature's authoritative imperative that demands, survival of the White Race.

You devise your own strategy and plan your own battles to fight the enemy.

You trust no one..........For there is no one to be trusted...........Save one. And that is he who has already sacrificed his life for the cause. There are no Benedict Arnolds in The Army of One.

You respect........But verify..........What another White Brother has to say and your criticism is only intended to correct and not turn him away from fighting for the cause. But you have no room for the traitor.......Who is to be considered persona non grata.

White solidarity comes from the hidden recesses of your genes. And your keen sense of what is right. This allows you to innately understand and act upon the unspoken mandates of your ancient White ancestors, that have come down to you through the ages.

And when you read or hear the words of another “True White Brother“, you will also innately understand him as well, with no need to communicate to him that you do indeed understand him and that you are with him......You shall continue to make yourself known to one another by way of the old modes of understanding, unique to our White race.

The synapses of the great collective White brain are reconnecting and the jew anesthesia is wearing-off. The jew lie can no longer stand as you alert and educate other Whites as they witness your individual battles and they see the righteousness of your cause.....and they in-turn form their own Army of One.

The Giant is awakening from a long slumber.........woe be to those who have stolen from him.

White Women Who Want Retarded Babies.....On Purpose!
By: brutus
October 4th, 2004

There are literally millions of White women in America who are having a retarded child on purpose.

It is those White women who choose to bear the offspring of a nigger.

There is sufficient scientific evidence, relating to “I.Q. and race” that should cause concern to White women, that niggers, on average have a lower I.Q. then the average White by 15-20 points. There are those people who would scoff at this notion...........but it is only those who have done absolutely zero research into this topic or those who have put their faith in the pseudo science of the politically correct. I’m sure that these same irresponsible mothers are the same people who “demand that no child be left behind”.

Simply stated, a White woman is “putting at risk” all children that she produces with a nigger by giving her child a higher probability of having a lower I.Q. then if she were to have children with a White father.

The potential hardships and tragedy of denying any child the fullest functioning brain possible is incalculable to that child. It is the human brain that differentiates us from the animals and it is nature’s only real defense mechanism given to the homo sapiens. Nature never purposely reduces a species ability to survive, but to the contrary, nature always demands survival of the fittest. A more intelligent brain is a fitter brain........that is a no-brainer. Only a perversion of nature would reduce a species’ survival viability in it’s environment.

There would be no difference, for a White woman, who purposely puts dissolved lead into her child’s baby bottle........or a White woman who bears a mulatto child. The child would be relatively retarded, by the direct actions of the mother. In contrast, if a mother gave her child the correct untainted formula in the baby bottle or had a 100% White child with a White man, that child will have been given the best opportunity, not only to survive, but thrive.

A few sentences ago I called these mothers “irresponsible”, but the fact is that they are criminals, in every sense of the word. If it weren’t for the jew’s iron-like control of public opinion via the media and the jew’s perversion of our criminal justice, any mother who would purposely diminish a child’s potential intellect would be thrown in jail.

Hitler’s "BIGGEST" mistake?
By: Brutus
October 31st, 2004

It’s so much easier to see things in retrospect and this thread is not to be misconstrued that Hitler was a man who made “big mistakes”.

I toss this idea out for discussion because we can learn from the past and gain an advantage by what we have learned.

Hitler understood the power of the media and knew that the jew controlled it in Germany.

One of the first major acts of legislation of the NS’s was the nationalization of the media. Hitler installed genius, Joseph Geobbels, who took the reigns of the media out of the hands of the jew and did a superb job in implementing the NS message to the German people.

But Hitler only went half way.

If Hitler knew what we know today..............he would have not only taken over the German media, but he would have devised ways to destroy the jew-controlled media in America.

If Hitler had sent spies and assassins to America to infiltrate and take-out the key brains of the American jew media.................he may have won the war. After all, it was the jew media that convinced America to enter into the war.

By disabling the American jew media, Hitler would have effectively eliminated America as an enemy and may have even gained America as an ally.

Think of the possibilities.

How the Jew Uses Laughter to Rule the World
By: brutus
January 7th, 2005

We all know that the the jew controls all aspects of entertainment coming from hollywood and television. This thread gives information and insight into one of the most powerful tools ever devised used soley for the manipulation of the human mind. All of the entertainment mentioned below was produced and directed by jews.

First, about the engineer, Charlie Douglass. (from various sources)

Charles (Charlie) Rolland Douglass, the sound engineer who perfected the laugh track, for without him we would not have known "The Love Boat" was a comedy.

Douglass died of pneumonia April 8, 2003 in Laguna Beach, Calif., he was 93.
Honoring the man who gave us canned laughter is easier than you think, for the simple reason that the sound of those strangers laughing out there, somewhere, made you feel less alone as you sat in front of your TV. The laugh track guided you through Jack Tripper's double entendres and Archie Bunker's lunk-headed bigotry.

Laugh at this. Groan here. This is a poignant moment, so be silent.

The laugh track was socialization through TV. It also provided the punch for humor that had its origins in front of live vaudeville audiences.

What seems far funnier than the laugh track is how it has come to be reviled.

"A lot of people think the laugh track is the scourge of TV, that it's an insult to our intelligence to be told when to laugh," said Professor Robert Thompson, director of the Center for Popular Television at Syracuse University.

"But you needed it. Most of the early TV comedy was done in an old kind of style — 1-2-3 laugh. The laughter was key to the timing."

Thompson admits the laugh tracks could at times get weird. "I always loved the one on 'The Love Boat,' '' he says. "Where was the laughing audience — around the ship in lifeboats?"

Douglass didn't talk to the media much, preferring to let his laugh tapes speak for him. According to obituaries, he got his start at television's dawn in the 1950s as a technical director for several live shows at the fledgling CBS TV network.

Daily Variety reported that his family fled Guadalajara to escape unrest caused by Pancho Villa. Around 1953, the Mexican-born Douglass built the Laff Box, a machine that could mix several tape loops of laughter into a single laugh track that sounded real — at least to 1950s ears.

The remarkable thing was that Douglass could use his Laff Box to tailor the laughs to fit any mood: he could give you titters, male laughs, female laughs, gasps. He could even throw in a lone "wacky laugh" here and there to make it sound spontaneous.

Douglass' Laff Box worked so well, he was able to start his own company, Northridge Electronics, that has provided laugh tracks to the networks for a half century.
For the first part of that run, Charlie Douglass had no competitors; his taped laughter ruled the networks from "The Dick Van Dyke Show" to "The Brady Bunch." It was Douglass' laughter you heard when Ellie Mae walked out with a monkey hanging from her hip on "The Beverly Hillbillies."

Where did the laughs come from? TV history is fuzzy on that point, but it is believed Douglass recorded his laugh tapes at Red Skelton mime sketches so no dialogue would interfere with the laughter.

Douglass used those same tapes for decades (until the advent of stereo TV forced him to re-record his canned laughter.) By the 1970s, laugh tracks had come to be reviled by a TV audience (and TV producers) who thought canned laughter was hokey.

"TV got more ambitious," Thompson says. "You had shows like 'M*A*S*H' and 'All in the Family' that aspired to be more than just sitcoms." At the height of the laugh track backlash, two 1980s sitcoms, "The Slap Maxwell Story" and "United States" aired without taped mirth, Thompson says. "Both failed, largely due to the lack of a laugh track," he adds. " 'United States' was dead in two months."

The development of shows like "Malcolm in the Middle" and "The Wonder Years," which didn't rely on the bada-bing rhythm of humor, has gotten rid of the need for laugh tracks in some cases. And technology has made it cheaper to film shows in front of live, laughing studio audiences, Thompson says. That doesn't mean the laugh track has gone the way of Esso commercials and TVs with big picture tubes poking out of the back.

There are still jokes that fall flat on shows like "Friends." When laughs aren't as loud as a producer likes, they "sweeten" the response later with laughs from a laptop computer, the modern incarnation of Charlie Douglass' Laff Box.

Sweetening. That's the industry term (jew speak) for sprinkling a little digitized laughter on a live audience response.

Learn about the powerful psychology of laughter here:

TV....The Ultimate Betrayal
By: brutus
January 25th, 2005

In our personal lives, we’ve all had our hearts broken. Most of us have felt the anger, the sorrow and the rest of the painful emotional dynamics associated with breaking-up with a love interest. Especially if we’ve been done dirty.

One aspect of the breakup phase of a relationship, is the “denial” to recognize that, “it’s over”.

People will put themselves into all sorts of contorted emotional positions to turn from reality and continue to live within the fantasy of something that is no more. So the old song goes, “Everybody plays the fool.” Everyone else can see it, except them.

This denial helps escape the pain.

And so it goes with many White lemmings and their “love affair with the TV.”

The lemming and the TV have been together a long time. By the time that they’re 18 years old, the typical lemming will have spent over 33,000 hours in front of the TV as opposed to only 13,000 hours in school learning in front of their teachers.

While with the TV, the lemmings have experienced many "bonding moments". Hallmark-like moments of joyful laugher and sorrowful grief and deep heartfelt sadness. They have grownup together, elected presidents together. The lemming's closest friends are the TV sitcom characters who they mimic and have learned how to socially interact with other people. The older lemmings have relived their childhood, vicariously through their own children while watching cartoons with them on Saturday mornings. And the pull of nostalgia is strong and sweetens the old memories as they watch reruns of shows from their own childhood. The lemming and the TV are lovers. But it is a one-way street of unrequited love.

The TV hates the lemming, and the lemmings don’t have a clue. The TV lies to them everyday. And yet the lemming forgives. The TV has hurt the lemming time after time and on so many different levels, that it boggles the mind.......And just as the battered women who continually take back the abusive drunk husband, all is forgiven and no charges are filed.

The TV has convinced the lemming that their babies are worthless things to be selfishly aborted at a mere whim. The TV has told the lemming that all Catholic Priests are pedophiles and that only White men between the ages of 30-40 years old are the nation’s serial killers. The TV has persuaded the lemming that niggers are gentle lovable Huxtibles and that it’s hateful to think of them as rampaging murderers and rapists. The TV has swayed the lemming into believing that the jews are a sinless people who God has ordained a higher station and that it is blasphemous to even think of criticizing them.

I could go on and on recounting the “slaps in the face” that the TV has wantonly given the lemming, but you get the point. We as WNs can see the “raw deal” that the lemming is getting from the TV. We see the denial that the lemming has in the face of the bloody facts. We also witness the obsessive love that the lemmings have for the TV and we wonder how much more they can take before they see the light and give the lout the boot.

Too bad, that there aren’t battered-lemming shelters where they might get-out from under this relentless abuse.

Maybe it’s just that the lemming needs to find another lover.

“It’s a bad area!"
by: brutus
March 16th, 2005

"This neighborhood has not gotten any better as far as I can see," Rivera said. "It may be cleaner, but it's not better."

“Yet he says the streets are still too tough for his 9-year-old daughter to venture out alone.”

“The other day, walking home from a neighborhood bakery, her 7-year-old son picked up a syringe off the street.”

Quotes from an article entitled : Safe at home, girl relives nightmare

It tells of a young mud girl who is grabbed off of the sidewalk by a nigger at knifepoint, dragged into the bushes, but luckily she gets away to tell her mother. Police arrested the nigger on Monday.

See rest of article here:

I picked this particular article to highlight the psychological trick used by the jew media to offset where the real blame lies when a location is considered dangerous.

The jew will routinely use words to describe high crime districts as follows. “Bad Area”, “dangerous neighborhood” “mean streets” or just, “the streets”, but the fact of the matter is that there are “no bad areas”......................Just bad people who live in those areas.

A dangerous area to live might be Antarctica, where one could freeze to death because of the dangerously low temperatures. Or the Sahara desert might be considered “bad to live in” because of the scarcity of water could cause one to die of thirst.

But the jew will never directly name the real cause of the danger that is the mean streets of almost every city in America. But we here at VNN will!

It’s the “bad people“, duh!...............And they are always brown colored people.

The jew uses the same technique with gun control issues, where they demonize inanimate objects (guns) as evil. And there are millions upon millions of people who are too stupid to know the difference. Is there any reason not to believe that the jew has great contempt for White people, when so many of us fall for such lame and transparent lies?

This is why VNN’s correct assertion that to name the jew is so vitally important. The people must be told “what to think“ about everything, otherwise they will believe any lie that the jew can contrive and present to them on TV.

Just keep in mind, the commercial pitch: “AS SEEN ON TV” carries the weight of the gospel with most people. It is carved in stone, imbedded into their psyche, never to be challenged, emblazoned upon their hearts and souls and woe be to those who challenge what deep wisdom that their TV god delivers unto them.

Let us pray.......In the name of The jew, The son of the jew and to The unholy spirit of the jew. Amen.

Where Does a Beehive Really Come From?
By Brutus
March 26th, 2005

Where does a beehive really come from?

One way how to look at it is, a bee hive actually comes from the genes within the bee.

The bee has no architectural plans, nor any need of them. As soon as he comes out of his pupa stage, he starts to build, instinctively. And he will build the perfect beehive every time, just like all of his hive-mates. One might say that a beehive is a manifestation of the bee or that it came out of the bee. Can we see a parallel with White people and White culture?

It’s impossible to get a bee to build anything but the beehive that he's been genetically programmed to build. However, different types of bee will build different types of hives. But, a bee cannot survive for long in the hive of another bee for a million different reasons. And I can’t think of any good reason why someone would want to put a bee into a different type of hive.

Unless, the beekeeper is experimenting with ways to increase the honey-yield.

Why Aren’t We Looking For the Jews?
By: brutus
July 7th 2005

Excuse me everyone! Why aren’t we looking for the jews?

We all know that the jews who control the jew agenda are sneaky little bastards, but where are they. Where are they hiding? I mean where do they live and work? What are their names? Do they have any kids? An inquiring mind wants to know!

Don’t we have a right to know who’s killing our race? Have you ever asked yourself, “Is it possible that I might live right next door to a jew who is in the upper echelon of the jew cabal?”

Shouldn't we start a concerted effort to figure-out where these pathological dirtbags are hiding so when the time comes we can.................Well, you know.

This thread will most likely die after one or two posts if that, and that would be a shame because doesn’t it make sense, if you’re going to fight a war, you’d at least want to have some idea where the enemy is?

I can’t think of any other investigation process that would be more upsetting to the jew, then him becoming aware of the fact that we’re actively looking for him and documenting his where-a-bouts on a public forum on the internet.

I know that we have a listing of those jews who are in charge of the various media organizations, but that doesn’t go far enough. What about their home addresses and where they send their kids to school? I’d sure like to know who is at the head of the AP wire and it’s affiliates, not the straw boss puppets, but the jew in charge, wouldn’t you? These fuckers know everything about us. I think it’s about time we started to talk about where those rocks are located that they’re hiding under.

We could make a game out of it, like hunting for Easter Eggs!

God Hates Diversity
By: brutus
July 22nd, 2005

Jesus said, “Follow me and do as I“.

Jesus didn’t pick any niggers, fags or women to be members of his closest group, the exalted Twelve Disciples. Jesus discriminated constantly and chose only men from his own nation to be his most intimate companions. Yes, he did walk among many people, but he always went back to be with his own kind. And surely, he felt sublime comfort and the warmth of brotherly camaraderie with those of his own ilk, and it's just the same as with all people. We feel the same way because we were all created in his own image.

Jesus could have very easily chosen a token nigger for the sake of being inclusive, as there were plenty of niggers in Judea at that time. But he didn’t. Why didn’t he choose any niggers? Maybe for the same reasons why we hate niggers today. Remember, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

And any fag will tell you that homosexuality has been with mankind since the dawn of time, and yet Jesus turned his homophobic-back on the sissies and didn’t invite any to join his devoted group. Maybe it had to do with that abominating disgust he had for fudge-packers?

And he was obviously a hardcore male chauvinist sexist because he didn’t allow for any women to hang around, except for a working girl. He surely didn’t like hen-pecking and that’s why he didn’t get married. He saw the damage done to the other poor saps who tied the knot, and he said, “No way, Jose‘!”

And finally, the Disciples that were jews, Jesus forced them change their names because obviously he couldn’t stand the sound of kike-names. A clear indication that he hated filthy jews to the core. When we think about it, what would it take for you, yourself, to forsake your family name and thereby spit on your heritage? Well that’s exactly what Jesus demanded the kikes should do. I can imagine Jesus saying the following..... “Verily I say unto thee, you jews, go and piss on thy family tree and flush thy foul jewishness into the toilet. Only then, thou will be cleansed and blessed to walk at my side.”

Jesus was the quintessential racist.

How Did Hitler Entice So Many to Follow Him?
By: brutus
September 9th, 2005

How did Hitler entice so many to follow him?

Are we to believe that he was simply a charismatic speaker who beguiled and enthralled with brilliant oration and that alone caused an entire nation to drop everything that they were doing to follow him?

If we believe this, then we also believe that Arabs hate us because they hate our freedom.

Surely Hitler was an eloquent and passionate speaker par excellent. A man for the times and all of that. But there is something else that the jew doesn’t want us to know about Hitler. And I’m betting that if I tell you what it is, the jews and the blowhards will attack me sure as there will be a tomorrow.

Here at VNN we are trying to “sell” our cause to other Whites. We are trying to wake them up and we want them to join us and help us cast out the jew. We write verbose essays, we have spirited debate, we have those brave souls who would stand-up and run head-long at the jew only to find no one running along with him to fight the battle. And we watch him get skewered by the jew and thrown in jail. And then we take-up a collection for his wife and kids and send her $150.00 and pat ourselves on the back for that effort.

The FBI tracks down the lone wolves with unlimited taxpayer-funded resources and with trumped-up charges, incarcerates them as a warning to the rest of us. Better stay legal and neutered or else. And the newspapers and TV nullifies our earnest efforts to “enlighten” fellow Whites with our tabloids and flyers and websites.

Do you think that Hitler faced the same uphill battle as we do? Sure we can nitpick the differences, but that’s not the point. And that’s exactly what the jew wants us to do. So I won’t get out on that dance floor.

I declare that our opposition is virtually no different then that of Hitler’s!

This is the difference:

Hitler, understood that people would not join him unless he had something to offer them. I’m not talking about lofty ideals or noble aspirations or 14 words, I’m talking about jobs! Employment. The ability to bring home the bacon. How many of us in here will not get on the front lines and fight the jew because we will have to face a wife who will say, “Don’t do it or you’ll lose your job, then what’ll we do?”

Hitler worked out a plan that would enable him to take over the economy and thereby offer jobs to those who would follow him. It is this portion of history that the jew has worked very hard to cull from the history books. The jew doesn’t want us to know the specifics and logistics of how Hitler went about convincing the various industries that they, too, would profit from a National Socialist government, and we know nothing of the guarantees that he offered them for that seamless transition that would enable them to continue earning profits unabated. Hitler really didn’t have any jobs. Hitler had the various industry’s leader’s ears and he enticed them with even greater profit potentials. Currently most of America’s largest corporations are headed by White men. And they might be open to hearing a well delivered and sound proposal for another way of doing business. Of course the jew is well aware of this potential threat and he is working very hard to make sure that there are the appropriate amount of minorities and women at high corporate levels to counter this possible means of attack. The jew is ever one step ahead of us. But at this point in time, White man are still on top in the majority of business enterprises.

We should begin to tailor our pitch to the CEOs and presidents of companies. One corporate leader is worth 10,000 workers because he can offer them jobs! Sure we continue pitching to everyone else on all levels, but we have been missing the big fish by only going after the small fry.

Hitler worked for years to hone his pitch to perfection. When he spoke, his speeches were designed to talk to the common man on one level and also to talk to the power brokers on another.

We are looking for leaders and they are right under our noses. We need to work on our approach. This is the way.

The Jew Directly Caused Your Family Unimaginable Pain
By: brutus
September 11th, 2005

If you are under the age of 40 and the product of divorced parents, I’m here to tell you that you have the jew to blame for your folk’s break-up and all of the problems that happened as a consequence of their marital woes. All of those horrendous arguments, the name-calling, the tears, the fears, the pain, it’s all because of the jew.

When your Mom and Dad were very young and newly weds, they were starry-eyed optimists who were in love with each other. They had prospects and high hopes and wonderful dreams of making a life together. They said words of promise to one another and swore that until their death that they would endure any hardship as long as they lived for the sake of their great love for each other. Their vows were said with every good intention and with their hearts in their hands and through the misty eyes of sincerity.

Something happened to your parents, those young and beautiful people, so full of hope and promise.

The jew Happened!

Every single solitary “excuse” for your parent’s breakup is due to the jew’s instigation of that very excuse. I will purposely use the superlative descriptor “every” because the other percentage of possibilities is so miniscule as to be negligible and not worth mentioning.

Just as the jew uses “front men” like George Bush to do their bidding and just like the jew uses fake “stage names” in show business, the jew hides his nefarious machinations and manipulations behind scape-goats and one dimensional superficial excuses, the jew has hidden his evil hand as the primary explanation of why your folks divorced.

The reasons of Dad’s alcoholism or abusive behavior or Mom’s infidelity or neglect were “cover stories” for the crimes of the jew committed against your parents. Yes Dad did behave poorly as well as Mom had her problems, but what caused those problems? The jew caused them as certainly as any other dirty deed that the jew has wrought against the people of the White race.

But you say it was so easy to see, Dad yelling and verbally abusing Mom. But what your young mind couldn’t see was the unendurable pressures that primarily your father was suffering under because of circumstances created by the jew. Whether it was failure at his job that caused financial stress or any other reason.........if we dig deep enough, your father was crushed under the invisible thumb of the jew. Was he passed over for promotion because a woman or nigger got that job? Was he marginalized because he was too masculine? Did the jew make it real easy for him to slide into alcoholism or drug addiction? There are countless traps that the jew has set-up to guarantee a failed marriage. And once the marriage was on the skids the jew facilitated the breakup with jew marriage counselors who were all too ready to hand-out jew divorce attorney business cards as part of their service.

And the jew brought his destruction into our family, of course with the help of the mind distorting TV and motion pictures that created an environment that would not allow for honest conflict resolution. To the contrary, all of the media has been geared for “promoting the battle of the sexes.” Your Mother and Father didn’t stand a chance. They had no idea what was happening to them or how they were taken advantage of by the jew. Just like that blind boxer in ring getting beaten to a pulp and crying-out to his corner-man for help, but unbeknownst to him, his corner man is a jew giving him all of the wrong advice.

For those of you who say that I am using the jew as an all encompassing scape-goat, and that White people are masters of their own destiny, and that I put too much power in the hands of the jew, I say fuck you and I spit in your eye and I call you a filthy swine for denying these obvious truths. These egregious crimes against White folk are not talked about anywhere else, and I’m talking about them here, if you don’t like it, fuck off!

Now, back to where is was, before that filthy kike interruption........

Before the jew had total control of the mass media, divorce was almost unheard of in White culture. The jew came along and destroyed the institution of marriage, by mocking it, by de-emphasizing it’s importance to the children and by pushing the absurdity of gay marriage.

I can’t prove a negative and show you how your life would be if the jew hadn’t interfered with your parent's relationship. But the wicked jew did taunt and mock White people decades ago with a motion picture called “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In the film, George Bailey, a good man, who was down on his luck and contemplating suicide was given a supernatural glimpse into a parallel world of his own, where he didn’t exist. All of his family and friends were there, but he wasn’t. And because he wasn’t there, the influence of his goodness wasn’t there either, and his family and friends and the entire town suffered because of his absence from their lives.

Now, imagine a movie, in where the jew didn’t exist in our world!

It would be the photo-negative of the jew’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and that would truly be “A Wonderful Life.”

The jew has stolen so much from all of us.

A Little Question Concerning Feminists
By: brutus
September 30, 2005

If feminists claim to be “for all the pertains toward the betterment of women’s lives“, why are they silent on the topic of the current social phenomenon of mass miscegenation? There is a self evident and enormous increase in black male and White female coupling being seen everywhere throughout the United States and there is also the dramatic increase in domestic violence against women who are involved in these mixed relationships. The criminal justice records are there for examination and it is plainly evident that the statistics prove beyond any doubt that a White female is at much greater risk for her life and limb when she takes on a black male lover over a White male lover.

If the feminists say they care so much for their sisters, why do they not warn them of the greatest possible danger that they might ever have to face in the real world? There is a greater possibility that a White woman will be killed at the hands of a black lover, then for her to die of a drug overdose should she become a heroin addict.

The silence of the feminists speaks loudly and condemns them for their blatant hypocrisy. And it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that feminists care much more about promoting the jewish agenda of increased race-mixing over the genuine concern for their own gender's well being.

All outspoken feminists in America should consider themselves on, “The List“!

A Little Story (Negro’s White-Envy)
by brutus.
February 20th, 2006

There is not one black on earth, who deep down inside hasn’t wished that they were White. They ache with the desire to be White, with an ever present and gnawing pain that no amount of self-esteem black pride reinforcing can relieve. They strut with false bravado and swagger in a weak attempt to mask their hidden and shameful yen to be White. They construct their little gibberish ebonics language as a way to commiserate with their fellow blacks and to differentiate themselves and as a form of self-denial of the fact that they lust to be White.

They have all dreamed about being White and then have had to face the repeated disappointment of waking-up and looking at their hands and seeing, yet once again, that dreaded Mark of Cain that soils their skin. And they all know, that the darker the skin, the deeper the sin. And so the blue-gum is jealous of the mulatto and the mulatto hates and envies those lighter red-bones. And it’s their craving for fair skin that drives their thoughts upward toward that heavenly angelic White skin. And there at the apex of their desire sits the freakish albino negro. White and yet black. A cruel joke and nightmare of nature, there to remind him of his inner loathing of that suffocating blanket of black skin that imprisons him.

Knowing that he can never have what he so desperately wants breeds intense hate. So he lashes out. He incessantly gnashes his teeth and thinks of nothing but revenge for that which God denies him. He hurts and he kills and rapes those who possess the only thing in the world he cherishes. Yes, he is cursed. And I have just told you the nature of that curse.

The black is living a life of torment that can only be called hell.

I do not hate the black, I understand the nature of the beast. He cannot change what was a chance of birth. I understand his hate for me. So does the jew. The jew knew beforehand of the natural enmity between the races and he purposely mixed the two with malice of forethought. I hate the jew. And I only wish for the black to be able to find solace in his own land.

Has the Lemming Been Manufactured by the jew’s TV?
By: brutus
April 7th, 2006

Has the lemming been manufactured by the jew's TV?
Many of us are stymied and perplexed at the lemming’s inability to grasp the magnitude of the White race’s dire situation. Especially as we witness their lack of concern over the mexican invasion. Some of us are wondering what it will take for them to see the light? How can so many people be so self-loathing and so myopic as to embrace diversity with full knowledge that that ultimately means extinction of the White race, the builders of all Western civilization? Can they be thinking that the browns will miraculously become industrious builders and benevolent people who will take care of an aging White population in our golden years? If I’m not mistaken, brown people aren’t noted as the most considerate people on the planet. They have been weaned on “taking” they are not trained in “giving” by any stretch of the imagination.

The lemmings selfishly condemn future White generations to minority status with undeniable evidence that when the brown race is the majority, Whites are always imperiled. Ex; Why are most Whites apprehensive about being caught in a black area at night? Obviously because they are dangerous. Do these lemmings think that they will somehow escape the wrath of the niggers and muds in the future because they were so tolerant toward them today? Can any of us truly expect a majority population of niggers to be charitable toward us when we are elderly and in our 70s and 80s?

The lemming is gullible and stupid when he buys the jew’s excuses that brown neighborhoods look like that because of poverty. What has made the White lemming so gullible, stupid, selfish and suicidal with regard to his race?

I believe, what we’re seeing is the convergence of three generations of White people who have succumbed to the jew because of the TV. The TV is the tool and the lynch pin for the jew’s dominance over White people. And nothing good for White people has ever come out of it. The character of our people has been distorted by the jew’s TV and the distortion is reflected in the neurotic and illogical behavior of the lemming.

The following is a very brief outline to be used for discussion and to build upon.

1950 TV introduced to the masses

I. Baby Boomers (1946-1964)
Hallmarks: selfishness, greed, naiveté

First generation of total TV immersion. However, jew’s programming was not too sophisticated and the earliest programming was not all propaganda. Some show were very close to being pro-White. (Father Knows Best, etc)

II. Gen Xers - A - early children of Boomers - (1970-1985)
Hallmarks: depression, apathy, cynicism

First generation of sophisticated jew TV brainwashing. The coupling of advertising and programming (cartoons to sell toys)

III. Gen Xers - B - children of Boomers second marriages (1986-present)
Hallmarks: anger, sloth, obesity

First generation of ultra-sophisticated jew TV brainwashing. Minorities injected into all programming for the purpose of desensitizing and acceptance.
"So many have defiled my realm, So many foreign tongues and unknown words, So many blether and blether and blether..."
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William Burcker

Are You Smart Enough to Solve the Riddle?
By: brutus
April 11th, 2006

It’s quite evident to me that we must pull the plug on the jew’s media.

Anything that we try to do in order to save ourselves will be thwarted by the media. How many times do we have to see another valiant White effort go down in flames? Or another White man thrown unjustly into jail? I am surprised that more can’t see this. I believe that the failure to take into account the full scope of the devastating effects of the jew’s media has taken down all of the great “White Hopes” that have preceded us .

Our stupidity lies in fact that we keep trying to do variations of the same things that ultimately get crushed under the weight of the media attacks and we don’t go after the jew media itself. We go after the bat that’s hitting us on the head instead of the jew who is swinging it. The jew has an unlimited amount of bats.

This is why everyday, there is one more outrageous travesty committed against White people and why we have never been able to reverse one iota of the jew’s agenda.

Yes, most of the other White Nationalist luminaries and leaders have touched upon the power of the jew’s media, but they haven’t gone far enough. Just writing a couple of sentences about “Yes, it’s the jew’s media” and then forgetting about that and then trying to organize a pro-White rally or distribute a pro-White newspaper or starting a pro-White organization has gotten us where? It’s gotten us trashed by the jew’s media every time and then we pat ourselves on the back because we got the jew to pile more shit on us. I guess that we desperately need something to crow about.

I am not being pessimistic here, after all it took Edison 10,000 ways “how not” to make a light bulb before he actually made one. Everything that has come before has been an invaluable lesson. The crime is to continue to do the same things that have proven themselves ineffectual. Of course, we must consider the educational aspect of prior strategies that have been and are still worth while. Therefore, I am not saying to stop those things, only that we should prioritize the jew media as the number one enemy of our people and that all White Nationalist propaganda efforts, henceforth should include attacks on the jew media. We must be as vicious and quick to attack the jew’s media as they are to call us a racist. We must discredit them, utterly, if we wish to have a glimmer of hope.

Here’s the simple formula:

#1) Kill jew media

#2) Replace jew media with all White media

Yes, that's real easy to say. Certainly, there are a great many details that have to be thought through in order to accomplish this task. However, anything less will not work.

I beseech and implore the brightest here to bring your mind to bear on this. Coming up with the solution to the jew media problem is the greatest challenge to the White race, and he who solves this riddle will go down in history as the greatest White person who has ever lived.

The Devil’s Spawn, Revealed!
By: brutus
May 1st, 2006

In the Bible, does Jesus always tell the truth?

The faithful will say yes! If there is any source of the ultimate truth, it came straight out of the mouth of Jesus!

The following is a passage right out of the King James version of the Bible. Many people are unaware of the following verse of the Bible because it tells the ultimate truth of all truths. It is an unfortunate fact, that most priests, ministers and pastors are charlatans and they're under the spell of the jew and they will lie about what these plainly spoken words of Jesus really mean. But even the dullest wit can easily see what Jesus meant when he said that the jews are the children of Satan!

John 8:44 Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.


As we can easily see, that Jesus was calling the jews the devil’s children. Jesus also said that when the devil spoke, he spoke lies and “his own” (children) where liars as well. Go to the link above for context of the preceding and succeeding verses for additional clarity.

Let’s try to understand here exactly what Jesus meant. He said that jews are the children, or in other words, the descendants of the devil, therefore they have direct lineage to the Prince of Darkness. And if we believe that Jesus wasn't a liar, that this would mean that all jews would carry the genetic heritage of Satan within the very core of their DNA. Throughout the Bible, descendants and their blood is stressed as being of vital importance. Could this be the reason? Because the DNA in the blood will ultimately reveal the truth?

Now we come to the point of this thread.

Modern DNA genetic forensics can verify parentage of a person. The genetic sciences have even advanced so far whereby it is possible to verify parentage several generations going backward in time. There are many organizations that specialize in genetic genealogy, and for a fee they will search for one’s genetic lineage and create a family tree authenticated by scientifically accurate DNA analysis methodologies.

See DNA Heritage HERE

As genetic science continues to make advances, it will eventually be possible to go back further and further in time to trace our ultimate genetic ancestors. And therefore it is only a matter of time before science will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the jews are the children of Beelzebub the prince of the devils. It’s in their blood!

The Inconsiderate Mexican
By: Brutus
May 10th, 2006

And to say that they are "grossly inconsiderate" would be an understatement!

Would any of us walk into another person’s home, uninvited, and open the refrigerator and just take their food? Or would we demand that those people pay for our medical expenses? How many of us would just walk into a home uninvited, where we know that we are hated, and just sit our asses down on the sofa and ignore the hateful stares of the homeowner?

The mexicans do just that when they barge into our country illegally, and they do it without giving it a second thought

The mexicans do it because they are animals, they are not like us. They are devoid of the simple courtesies that we take for granted, and they take from us because we let them do it and we let them get away with this wanton thievery without so much as a peep.

Yes, they are animals. If a dog is roaming around outside and it sees a bowl of dogfood on another property, it doesn’t bother to think to ask the owner if it can have it, it just eats, with no regard whatsoever, other then for it’s own satisfaction. There is no difference in the mexican’s attitude toward us then that of a dog.

It’s the misguided Christian who perpetuates the jew’s lies that mexicans are like us. They are the ones who do the jew’s work and help bring the mexicans here. And they are the ones responsible for allowing the mexicans to suck us dry. In their distorted mentality they really think that they will go to heaven if they allow the mexicans to destroy us...........Notice I didn’t say them.

These deluded people must be stopped at all costs and they must be considered the ally of the jew. They profess love but they hate us because we resist being destroyed by their self-righteous stupidity.

There is no reasoning with these people, just as there is no reasoning with any of our enemies. They all need to die before they kill us.

Will It Take the White Fanatical Religious Zealot to Defeat the jew?
By: brutus
May 21st, 2006

When up against insurmountable odds, what greater power can compel a man forward and to risk his life, but for the greater glory of God?

It’s interesting to me, to witness the jew’s systematic dismantling of the Christian faith. Could it be, that the jew is aware that the ardent Christian might become the most dangerous crusader zealot, willing to die for his cause? Just as the Islamic faith has their most dedicated believer, the suicide bomber, who dies for the glory of Allah. The jew seems hell-bent on destroying Christianity. White Nationalists need to understand why.

If Christianity is a contrivance manufactured by the jew as a control device, then why do they spend billions of dollars trying to discredit Christianity, something that they‘ve invented? Think deep on that one.

By the jew’s undermining of the belief systems of the world’s main stream religions, that are founded on a supreme being, they take away the potential for the deepest conviction and inspiration builder of those who would create the most difficult opposition. This is an undeniable fact that we must take heed and comprehend. We cannot win this war if we do not bring our sword of fire to the battle.

Sherlock Homes Investigates 9/11
By: brutus
August 19th 2006

Dr Watson: I say Holmes, we must guard ourselves against another Muslim terrorist attack, even if that means suspending some of our guaranteed civil rights.

Sherlock Holmes: My dear Dr. Watson, what makes you think that Muslims attacked us?

Dr. Watson: Oh my dear Holmes, it’s been all over TV and the newspapers for the past five years! Surely you’ve seen the video of the Twin Towers and all of that horrific carnage of 9/11! Of course we were attacked, every child in the country knows that to be a fact! If you think otherwise, I’d have to say that you’ve been snorting too much of that medicinal cocaine!

Sherlock Holmes: All is not what it appears to be, my gullible friend.

Dr. Watson: Just what is it, that you’re getting at Holmes!

Sherlock Holmes: My dear Watson, sometimes inaction speaks louder then action! Let me illustrate. If a building were said to be on fire, one would expect that all of the people in the building upon hearing the news that the building was on fire would make a hasty exit. Right? But let’s say that you were in the building and someone said that the building was on fire, and that none of the people in your immediate vicinity moved to vacate the building. Let’s go further then that and say that those people around you seemed oblivious to the fire warning and they did nothing to show that they were the least bit concerned. And they continued to go about their business as if nothing had happened. And indeed as you looked for yourself for signs of a fire, there was none. No smoke, no flames, no people running in a panic. Just that one person running around the building, yelling out loud that the building was on fire. What would you think of that situation Dr. Watson?

Dr. Watson: My goodness Holmes! Considering what you’ve just said, I’d have to conclude that the other people in the building must somehow realize that the fire alert coming from that individual was bogus. In other words a false alarm. Perhaps the person was a bit off and had called in many previous false alarms, you know, sort of like a resident Henny Penny saying that the sky is falling. That would explain the inaction of the other people in the building!

Sherlock Holmes: That’s right Watson! You’ve got it exactly right!

Dr. Watson: Why that wasn’t so difficult to figure out.

Sherlock Holmes: Using your same powers of deductive reasoning, Dr. Watson, let’s say that the President tells us that we must do everything to guard against another terrorist attack and then he does absolutely nothing to stop 11 million potential national security risks from entering the country. Security risks in the form of people entering the country illegally and any one of them having the potential of carrying a suitcase nuke or some other such device or scheme that could kill millions of our people. What would explain the President’s inaction to prevent 11 million people from entering the country, in spite of the obvious threat to national security that that would impose?

Dr. Watson: It’s not clear to me what you’re saying Holmes!

Sherlock Holmes: The President’s inaction to prevent 11 million illegals from entering the country tells us that the President is not even remotely concerned by the specter of another terrorist attack. And that leads us to believe that there was never a terrorist attack in the first place!

Dr. Watson: But Holmes, for the love of God, we all saw the Twin Towers go down!

Sherlock Holmes: Yes indeed, we did see the Twin Towers go down, and now we know that it wasn’t Muslim terrorists who did that terrible deed, even though the TV continues to spout that lie, otherwise the President would have never exposed the country to 11 million potential lethal national security risks. Now would he? And now, we are left with the real question.........Who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks if not Mulsim terrorists?

Dr. Watson: My God Holmes! We have the President lying to us and the TV is lying to us, who can we believe?

Sherlock Holmes: Yes Watson, they are all lying to the nation. And we know that the TV is the power that really elects the President and we also know that jews own all of the TV stations. And by virtue of that media power, it is the jew who controls the President and what he says about national security! Therefore, it is the jews who are ultimately lying. And furthermore, it stands to reason that they would blame the Twin Towers on their ancient and arch enemy, the Muslim! There is the motive Dr. Watson! And the motive points to the guilty party responsible for those tragic events on 9/11.........and the guilty party responsible for those despicable crimes is the jew! The jews are the hidden terrorists! Now it’s just a matter of figuring-out the minor details of how they pulled off the crime.

Dr. Watson: Brilliant deduction Holmes!

Untold Truth About Race Mixing
By: brutus
August 28th, 2006

Just came back from the mall with my wife. We were there for about an hour. We counted 8 young White women with mulatto children.

What does this really mean?

We were only there for one hour, I wonder how many would we have seen if we stayed there all day? What about all of the other malls and stores and parks and everywhere else throughout the country? How many of these race mixers are really out there? I could go through the motions of trying to reckon their actually number by deduction, but I won’t, because I think that we all realize the magnitude of the problem. Saying that we are facing a pandemic of Biblical proportions would be a gross understatement. Let’s just say that there are millions of them, possibly 10s of millions.

When we look at the race mixer, we feel the natural revulsion and disgust, but do we think any deeper then that? We’ve talked about this problem over and over again on these various forums, but I believe that we’re missing the most important aspect and negative consequence of race mixing. And that is the White man who has been denied a White woman as a result of the White women abandoning our race.

If there are millions of White woman who have opted to race mix, that means that there are millions of young White men who have their chances of finding a suitable White mate reduced accordingly. There is only a finite pool of White women of child-bearing age and I believe that the niggers have taken close to half of them, based upon what we’ve been seeing lately.

The next question is. What are the young White men in their late teens and early 20s doing when that undeniable and natural urge for a woman presents itself? Are they all turning into homos or beating their meats to a pulp while viewing internet porn? Possibly. Are these young White men going to be candid about their shame of having the niggers cock-block them from their women? Will they admit that they’re forced to jerk off in front of their computers? Probably not. I believe that there is a tremendous amount of embarrassment and humiliation that our younger Brothers are enduring. It can’t be healthy on any level.

This bring me to the next question. Why aren’t they doing anything about it?

The thought occurred to me today, when I saw all of those White women with their niglets. What would I do if I were a young man today and having to face the prospects of having so few White women to mate with? I'm an older man today, but Knowing myself when I was younger, I’d have to say that I would have done whatever it took to get a woman. If that meant going to extreme measures, I would have done that as well. For example, if I were a young White male today, my first inclination would be to kill the niggers, plain and simple. But after a period of deliberation I would probably come to the realization that there aren’t enough bullets to kill them all. And then I would most likely figure out why the niggers are allowed to take the White women. And then I would see that it’s the TV and media that plays a huge part in this. And ultimately I would come to the conclusion that it’s those in control of the TV who have allowed the niggers an environment that gives our woman to them. Knowing these things would put me on an unstoppable mission to destroy those responsible for creating this situation. I would go after the media and marketing people responsible and I would make them stop.......with extreme prejudice......I would make them stop. I would never allow for anyone to take my woman from me. I would kill them before that happened.

The Pushy Jew
By: brutus
September 10th, 2006


The jew pushes birth-control pills, who’s number one side effect is tit cancer. The jew pushes abortion because they are bloodthirsty murderers. The jew pushed the panic button and spread fear with the idea of a population explosive, with the intent to reduce births. The jew pushes homo-sexuality, the non-productive biological cul-de-sac. The jew pushes White fathers out of their homes and away from their children. The jew pushes drugs and booze upon us, to distract us from the normal healthy pursuits, like sex.

The jew pushes the day-after abortion pill. The jew pushes niggers on our women. The jew’s TV pushes programming that is geared to destroy White men. The jew is pushing women to be masculine and to get involved in sporting activities that harm their reproductive organs. The jew pushes perversion in every form imaginable.

The jew uses his media to push our politicians to do his beckoning. The jew pushes our army to fight their wars. The jew pushes unfair hate crimes laws upon us. The jew pushes niggers to hate White people. The jew pushes millions of mexicans into America. The jew pushes our schools into the ground whereby they can’t teach our children. The jew pushes nothing but lies. The jew pushes God out of our nation.

The jew needs to be pushed in an oven.

The Hand of God?
By: brutus
June 17th, 2007

For those who realize the deeper meaning, we must remember that the jews have always used surrogates when they crucify. In one case along time ago, it was Romans who killed Jesus Christ on behalf of the jews and in our time it was niggers who killed Channon and Chris on behalf of the jews. This dastardly trick of using surrogates has enabled the jews to murder people and get away with the crime for a very long time.

There is not one among us who doesn’t see the dire straights of the White race’s situation. To say that we are up against insurmountable odds would be an understatement. The forces of evil have never been at greater power than they are today. The greatest nation’s armies are against us, the wealth of the world is against us, the vast majority of our own people are against us. Even members of our own families hate our beliefs. And yet, we know in our heart of hearts, that we are the righteous people of the earth. We are the last vestige of decent people who are not under the spell of the evil jew. We are the last hope for humanity before it slips back into the stone-age, driven downward and backward by malevolent and wicked murderers who would be our despotic rulers.

Now in these bleakest of times we are given an undeniably divine message that blasts through the murkiness of these dark days. And with the statistical impossibility of Christ’s name boldly shining through, it’s as if God Almighty, himself, is pointing his heavenly finger directly at the guilty and declaring, “No more shall I let the jew lie and get away with it!”

The Inability to See the Crime
By: brutus
June 25th, 2007

Why can’t the lemmings see what the jew is doing to the White race?

The purpose of this short essay is to try to explain.

I think that a big part of the reason is the peripheral complexity implemented by the jew that surrounds the crime. Many here might disagree and say that the crime is straight forward and say that the jews are purposefully promoting the genocide of the White race. Of course we racialists know this to be correct, however to the lemming the inability to wrap their minds around the crime and understand it’s implications seems to be just beyond their intellectual reach. And yet we know that many lemmings are very smart and quite capable of comprehending a genocidal scheme when presented to them. So what’s preventing them from getting it?

There are a number of facets to a crime, and those perpetuated by the jews are carefully calculated to have enough layers of obfuscation that keep the vast majority of Whites from realizing that a crime against them has even occurred. This is the point. If the lemming is kept too busy at his job, too drunk on the weekends, and too preoccupied with artificially manufactured needs, than that lemming will not have enough brain power left over to absorb the idea that his descendant’s right to exist is being robbed from them. No matter how bright they are! The jew is ever throwing up smoke and increasing the speed of the treadmill to allow the lemming to come to the realization that niggers are wantonly raping and killing their daughters. We can only imagine how fast that treadmill must be going in order to utterly blunt a father’s proper emotional response to his daughter’s horrific sexual torture death.

When we combine these situations with the massive brainwashing that they’ve received in school and from the TV it’s no wonder why the lemming is monolithically blind and unable to mentally reach no more than a couple of inches beyond their tiny artificial bubble of reality. When we present them with an idea that requires considerable thought, their brain goes into overload.

This mindlock is as effective on the human brain as is an electrified fence that keeps the cattle penned and it hasn’t happened this way by accident. Each one of these schemes that keep the lemming from seeing that they're being harmed has been carefully honed over centuries to diabolical perfection by the jew. And that’s precisely what we’re talking about, diabolical schemes.

So many trite sayings are to heard, but do we really listen to them? For example - chasing the carrot at the end of a stick. This metaphorically describes the jew’s total control over the money. They have it nailed down right to the precise hourly rate of a busboy. I’ve come to have as much faith in the free market as I do in voting. And in a broader sense every single so-called investment opportunity is nothing more than a reconfiguration of the carrot and stick. The master juggler up on stage has all the balls spinning around in a blur. Those balls are inflation, recession, the stock market, interest and bond rates and all of the rest of the so-called economic indicators and all the slack-jawed audience can do is listen to other jew in the investment house telling him when to readjust his position, but he does so at his peril. The lemming audience knows nothing. Only their bravado and their lying when they take a bath has others convinced that they know what they’re talking about.

The manipulation of the availability of money and the tight control over the value of our labor has the lemming in servitude to the jew. And this financial bondage also is part of the clever scheme to keep the lemming blind to the jew’s criminal conspiracies against them. They never reach the carrot, the jew makes certain of that.

There we have it. The lemmings are too preoccupied with a world that keeps them running headlong pell mell at the behest of the jew. Meanwhile the jew stabs them in the back, but they never see the knife.

White Male Heroes In the Movies
By: brutus
July 1st, 2007

Oh where have they gone?

On this forum, we’ve talked about Hollywood’s deification of the nigger and the exaltation of the homosexual and the incessant promoting of the “I-am-woman-hear-me-roar-super-bitch“, therefore I won’t address them here.

I just want to say a few words about the non-existent White hero.

For at least the last decade Hollywood has forsaken the White Male hero. Instead, we have most White male characters relegated to playing one-dimensional villains.

Yes, there may still be a lead role here or there for the White male, but not without his black sidekick and his role will only be directed as a love interest for the sake of the female audience. That rare White male lead is never portrayed as a strong role model for other White males to emulate. He is quirky. He is a loser. He has gay friends. He is a jew pretending to be White. But he is only a key player in the movie principally because he is in love with the lead actress and never because he strives for a noble idea or heroic cause.

Sure there should be “chick flicks”. But has anyone noticed that all movies today are chick flicks?

Hollywood produces nothing of value for White males. As a matter of fact, the movie productions are cleverly designed to omit anything that would enhance the self esteem of a White male and everything to inflict guilt, shame and worthlessness. Decades of an all out jewish assault on the White male psyche has taken it’s toll. Our woman see the effects of this brainwashing. They see the emotionally crippled White male and they see the pumped bravado of the nigger and for many of them, the choice is clear. They want a self confident hero. They are programmed that way. It makes no difference to them if that air-of-authority is real or artificially produced. Remember, we’re talking about people who wear lipstick and eyeliner. And the jew has tailored their manufactured desirable male imagine to accommodate the woman’s superficial inclination.

Movies are now nothing but emasculating crap that need to be shoved down the throat of the kikes who’ve produced it. And I don’t mean gently shoved. I mean shoved with such violent force that their filthy jewish esophagus’ explode and they’re dead before they hit the floor.

Pass the popcorn.

The Subliminal Nigger
By: brutus
July 2nd, 2007

We’ve all noticed the over-representation of nigger actors in TV advertisements. And it’s not this obvious phenomenon that I want to talk about here. At least not the main actors in the ads.

Lately I’ve been paying particularly close attention to TV ads, analyzing them for propaganda content and psychological manipulation methodologies and I’ve noticed something in the commercials that I wanted to point out here and see if anyone else has noticed. And that is what I call the subliminal nigger.

In the typical TV commercial, regardless of the product being pitched, we will see the main actors, more than half of the time they'll be niggers as we all have come to realize. However, if we watch the commercial very closely, we will invariably see one/two-second glimpses of niggers in the background of the advertisement scenes. Sometimes it will be a nigger with it's back to the camera, sometimes it will be just a hand or arm that is seen. If a crowd of people are shown, front and center in that crowd will be a nigger, usually next to a White girl. Sometimes, the niggers will be casually strolling in the backdrop and sometimes they’ll be slightly out of focus or far away. But they’re always there. Like in a creepy science fiction movie.

At first, I thought that it was a fluke. Just coincidence. However, the closer I watched, the more that I’d see the nigger in the background and that made me think. Those commercial ads cost in the 100s of thousands of dollars to produce, and every picture cell/frame is closely scrutinized for content. Nothing escapes the attention of the ad agency and there is nothing in the ad that shouldn’t be there. As a matter of fact every single detail of the commercial is carefully considered and weighed, usually by a group or committee of ad executives and their editors and jew overseers.

The point is, that they know that the momentary flashes of background niggers are in all of these commercials and they’ve purposely put them there. We don’t hear too much about subliminal brainwashing anymore in the media. At least not as much as I remember hearing about it 30 years ago. Could it be that the jew doesn’t talk about it for fear of reminding the lemmings that they might be being victimized by it’s use in jewish produced TV commercials?


We are being immersed in nigger imagery 24 hours a day. The purpose is clear to us. But the White lemming will unquestioningly and unwittingly absorb the imagery directly into their subconscious, and thus they're made to become desensitized to the sight of niggers and thereby be more willing to turn their daughters over to the nigger beasts for impregnation and the daughters will go willingly.

We Are the Heckler
By: brutus
July 25th, 2007

Heckler - one who heckles

tr.v. heck•led, heck•ling, heck•les
1. To try to embarrass and annoy (someone speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections; badger


The jew derives it’s power from the grand stages that it creates.

Over a thousand years ago, since the days of the donkey-cart traveling shows of the kike gypsies and the vaudeville skits of a more recent hundred years ago, the jew has used the stage as a means of parting the goyem from their money and imposing their will upon the unwitting. The jew has had a very very long time to perfect their act.

Today, the theatre, the TV, the movies and a host of other venues is where the jew skillfully guides and influences our attention for the purpose of controlling us. Most of the time the jew will disguise it’s nefarious purpose in the guise of entertainment, but of course it’s not limited only to entertainment, as any form of imparting information to the public is used. And used together in harmony with other jewish controlled organs for an all-encompassing synergistic effect that has effectively put the jew at the top of the food chain.

Yes, there it is, right before our eyes. On it’s carefully constructed stage, paid for by the hard earned dollars of the audience who’ve been conditioned their entire life to believe that the master showman has their better interests at heart. But there are occasional grumblings to be heard from the crowd.

“Why, it’s only a show!” The jew will cry in response to the complaints about their filthy immoral presentations. “No one is forcing you to watch!” Says the condescending kike.

And that brings us to the heckler. Yes indeed, we as White Nationalists, are the jew’s hecklers. We are the tomato throwers and the scoffers. We disbelieve and we call out to others to show them the fraud.

Being the heckler is an effective way to undo the credibility of the stage magician, as we expose the tricks with our internet discussions, videos, news tabloids and rallies. Even someone putting a VNN business card in a library book or writing a web address on a bathroom wall is hurling a rotten egg at the kike on stage.

Having said this, we must keep in mind that we’re dealing the master showman, who’s been putting on shows since time immemorial, and as a consequence they’ve had plenty of hecklers and they’ve devised a few ways to deal with them. I’ve discovered one of them, and I hold it out for consideration and maybe some discussion.

When we go to YouTube and type in the word “heckler” and carefully read down the entries, something curious will leap out at us. And that is that the hecklers in almost all of those entries are not seen as successfully interrupting a show. To the contrary, the hecklers themselves are physically beaten and shouted down and made to look like fools. Most of us are aware of the fact the YouTube is jew-owned and heavily screened, therefore what inference can we deduce from the fact that YouTube doesn’t give us examples of hecklers, but rather examples of anti-hecklers?

To me it’s clear that the jew doesn’t want the herd to be aware of the effectiveness of the heckler and therefore will only show the heckler in a negative light. This runs different from what we know to be true historically, and that is that the heckler has been an important catalyst for political change since the dawn of time. Hecklers have helped bring down unworthy kings and induce the mobs to chase tyrannical despots from their positions of power. Hecklers can be seen as a positive and corrective force in human affairs. But apparently the jew doesn't want this fact brought to the herd's attention, lest they get ideas of their own, to become a heckler in the jew's audience.

Globally, there are relatively few of us White Nationalist jew hecklers. But as time goes on and our numbers increase, can we imagine 100 million tomatoes chucked at the filthy jew on stage. That’s a damn good way to get the audience to walk out on the show!

The White Truck
By: brutus
July 7th, 2007

First this:

White people have set up the infrastructure of commerce and industry in all White countries. Mud people are intellectually incapable of doing so and this is the simple reason why we see the one-way immigration flow from mud countries to White countries and never the other way around.


The White Truck

It’s like a truck that’s been built by White people, that’s been hijacked by a jew, who now steers the truck. The White people provide the labor that powers the engine and the mud people have been allowed to ride for free in the trailer who’s doors were opened to them by the jew. The jew pushes ever harder on the accelerator by telling the White people that “it takes two incomes to make ends meet now-a-days”.

As the trailer becomes a larger tandem trailer and packed with ever increasing numbers of muds, and as the jew stomps even harder on that accelerator in order to keep the truck up to speed in spite of the increasing weight of the load, we are starting to see smoke pour out from under the hood. The straining engine is now making all sorts of banging and hissing noises as the tires begin to come apart and shred steaming rubber all over the highway. The maniacal jew’s only answer to these problems is to increase the speed and lie to the Whites who power the engine. “Those people in the trailers are here only to do the jobs that White people won’t do, says the jew” The jew even hires men of the cloth to tell the White people that it’s God’s will that they provide transportation for those in the trailer.

They are told anything, just to keep them running pell mell on that tread mill. The jew will even place a TV in front of their eyes to continually reinforce the lies. And instead of appropriate rest to re-energize the White powered engine, the jew feeds them alcohol to anesthetize them to the pain and to make them oblivious their situation......Any desperate duck-tape solution is used so long as that truck keeps moving and thus affording the jew a luxurious lifestyle.

But the road is “out” ahead and the truck is running on fumes.


Is that an angry WN I see crawling out from under the hood with a knife clenched between his teeth and heading for the cab?

Let’s Put the Shoe On the Other Foot
By: brutus
August 16th, 2007

I was pondering the jew's methods for subverting our culture, especially focusing on the jew's main thrust of their brainwashing schemes aimed at our White women.....When the question popped into my mind, "What if the jew had focused their brainwashing schemes on men instead of women?"

Some examples of what I'm talking about:

If the jew portrayed black women as glamorous, desirable and sexy and swayed public opinion that it was wonderful for White men to impregnate black women.........How many of us would do so?

If the jew changed the law, eliminating criminal penalties for killing one's children, thereby allowing men to pursue selfish interests instead of having to deal with the burdensome task of child-rearing.............How many of us would kill our children?

If the jew told us that we needed to update our wardrobe every six months........How many of us would?

If the jew told us that hidden within every White woman was a lying, spiteful, criminally inclined maniac ready to do us harm at the drop of the hat.........How many of us would get a restraining order issued against our female associates because they dared raise their voice at us?

If the jew told us that our balls smelled funky...........How many of us would run out to the store and buy ball cologne?

If the jew gave us a promotion over a more qualified woman for an employment position simply because we were a man............How many of us would "not" have a guilty conscious about that?

Anyone care to expand on this train of thought?

Get In Touch With Your Inner Beast
By: brutus
September 11th, 2007

Much of our time is spent being appalled at the nigger's brutal savagery. What many here don't realize is that White men have hidden at our core, unrivaled and merciless barbarity. I call it our inner beast.

In relatively recent times, we've over-compensated for our ruthlessness by over-civilizing ourselves with pacifist religions in order to keep our inner beast in check. We have been trained to loath our inner beast. To turn our backs on it. To be ashamed of it.

For the sake of the survival of our race, it's time that we change. If we continue to follow along the jew's pathways of thinking conveniently laid out before us, we will die as a race. It's time to get back to our roots and unleash the inner beast that lies dormant within each of us. That is what has served us well for countless millenniums, and that is what will serve us today. The jews have attempted to geld and neuter us by brainwashing, but that sort of thing can never change our genetic composition. They have conditioned us to be afraid. But the fact is that they desperately fear us, because the jew knows what we are capable of doing.

Think primal. Think visceral.

Don't fear your inner beast. Our intellect can guide the enormous power that is our inner beast. It is something that we've possessed for a very long time and it's enabled us to survive the many ice ages and attacks from countless other tribes of peoples. Make it your friend once again, and it will feel as natural as the two hands affixed at the ends of your arms, ready to eagerly obey your command to pull a trigger or to plunge a knife.

This thing that we call our hatred is really our inner beast crying out for justice. And in years past our people immediately responded to those cries, and exacted immediate justice, as was our way and survival strategy for untold ages.

We all felt our inner beast, welling up inside us when we heard about Channon and Christian. We knew in our hearts what had to be done. Only a few generations ago our forefathers would have listened to the cries of their inner beast and they would've lynched those niggers quick. And that was O.K. It set things right. It gave the only righteous thing that one could give to a grieving family, and that was pure unadulterated justice. Today, the jew's system of justice does nothing more than continue to victimize our people. We innately sense the wrongness no matter how many clever lies the jew coats the truth.

These past few generations and with the aid of the mass media, the jew has sneakily put a muzzle on our inner beast. And everyday the jew draws the binding straps of the muzzle ever tighter. We need to rip the muzzle off so we can once again use the awesome weapon of the inner beast that nature has bestowed. We must allow the inner beast to do it's job, and that's to slaughter our enemy without mercy as it was designed to do. Once the muzzle is off, it will be second nature for us to do what needs to be done. Completely instinctual and gratifying. Like riding a bike, something that we are genetically incapable of forgetting.

The Secret of the Neural Pathway Exposed
By: brutus
September 20th, 2007

It has to do with biology and the brain and what constitutes a memory. A memory is created when we experience something. What allows for us to remember that experience is that the brain creates new neural pathways and these new neural pathways are what we perceive as the memory. When we experience something over and over again, those neural pathways are enlarged.

Reread that last sentence.

Now, think about the lemming's brainwashing. Think about the jew's repetitive messages. Think about how thick and dense those neural pathways must be that have to do with the jewish agenda in the brain structure of the lemming.

Thought is created by physical things. Chemicals and enzymes and proteins arranged in a mass of neural tissue called the brain. Thoughts are not disembodied phantoms floating around inside our head, they are the process of an organ of our body. The kidney excretes urine and the brain excretes thought. And the functions of the body's organs are determined largely in part by their shape. Neural pathways are physical things that shape the brain.

The jew understands biology and psychology and how they are connected. The jew has created a literal forest of enlarged neural pathways in the minds of the lemmings via the brainwashing. The larger the neural pathway, the easier the thought process. This is why it's hard to "learn and retain" something new.....and why it's easier to remember something heard many times before. It has everything to do with the "thickness" of the neural pathways relating to that topic. Thickness is created by repetitiveness.

We need to understand that the actual physical nature of a lemming's brain has been changed by the jew's programming.

As a gross comparison. When we tell a lemming that "niggers aren't like us", that lays down a neural pathway one micron in diameter in the lemming's brain. However, the existing neural pathway memories that tell the lemming "people are all the same" are 10,000 microns in diameter due to being enlarged by the jew's incessant brainwashing.

In the brain of a lemming, those neural pathways that have to do with multiculturalism and fear of certain words are probably as thick in diameter as your thumb.

Are we beginning to see why the lemming is so resistant to our message?

Now we know the physical obstacle. I would like this thread to be an exploration into ideas of how we cut down the forest of neural pathways created by the jew in the brains of the lemmings and how the best way of creating thick neural pathways of racist ideas in the minds of the lemmings.

Yarmulke – Tribal Hat of the jew
By: brutus
October 9th, 2007

As far as hats go, is it possible to have one more stupid than the yarmulke? It has no visor to keep the sun out of the eyes, it provides no warmth when it's cold outside, it must be clipped to the head in order to stop it from falling off and the wearer looks like a gay retard when wearing it. It would be difficult to come up with a more pathetically useless hat if we tried.

What is the purpose of a yarmulke? The jews who wear them can't seem to agree on the real reason why they stick those things on their heads other than to say that the yarmulke identifies them as jews. Well the Pope and a few of his henchmen wear a yarmulke, does that make them jews? I don't think so. I think that just makes them addled old men because they didn't get enough pussy when they were younger. Possibly they're wannabe jews. So what! I really don't give a rat's ass about them anyway. So why did you bring them up? We're here talking about jews and their dumb little hats!

Please don't try to tell me that there's spiritual significance to the yarmulke. If sucking Satan's dick is a spiritual creed, I might grant you that, but as far as having a lofty and Godly purpose, I think that we might find a better expression of that when the rabbi sucks the little kike's dick after hacking off it's foreskin with a rusty penknife.

When it comes to hats, can anyone think of a cheaper piece of shit? It's nothing but a mere piece of flimsy fabric, probably nothing more than remnant cloth from some jew's sweatshop who's trying to squeeze every last sheckle out of his waste material. It's without a doubt the poorest excuse for a hat in the entire world. And the jew rips-off other jews selling those ridiculous worthless scam-hats to each other! And they've been doing this for god knows how long. Boy O boy! Talk about fucking your own brother! The yarmulke salesman has got to be the lowest scumbag on the jew totem-pole.

As with anything else, we can ignore what the jew says and just call it for what it is. The hat of an asshole. Yes, that's right! Only an asshole would wear a yarmulke and parade around as if no one thought that he looked like an asshole. An asshole hat for an asshole people. Are any of us aware of a bigger asshole than a jew? Personally, I can't think of any. If the shoe fits, wear it! If the person is an asshole, put a yarmulke on it.

When we scrape all of the horseshit away from the yarmulke, what do we really have? We have the cheapest most worthless hat imaginable. So it stands to reason that the filthy jew would sell those useless hats to idiots stupid enough to buy them. Of course that means other jews!

Why Are We Really Here?
By: brutus
October 22, 2007

The masses are weak and spineless. They'll support whoever they're afraid of not supporting. That's why they suck up to the jews. The Powerful White sell-outs that is. When the White elite fear us, that's when things will start to change around here.

We're not here to chat for the sake of chatting. We're here to help organize a revolutionary army. The White Nationalist Freedom Fighter will not come from the soft bosom of the masses, but rather they'll come from the fringes of society. The disenfranchised and the marginalized young White man who can't find a decent job and who's having a tough time finding a respectable White girl because the jews have given them over to the niggers.....From these millions of angry young men will come a mighty force to be reckoned with. Some are called are skinheads among other names.

They are out there seething with hate. We don't have to create them. The jew has created this foul environment that produced their raging hate. They are a reactionary group to the jew's filth. And believe it or not, the jew knows that they're coming for them and in their kikish fables the jews call them the giant golem as a way to insult them. But in fact the jew dreads them. The jew is terrified. This is the historic cycle of the self-fulfilling prophesy come full turn. The jews can't help but to create a monster that will try to destroy all jews.

Our job is to assist our brave White Warriors in anyway we can. We will lend our expertise in very field imaginable in order to ensure their success. They know that we have their back. We will produce the intelligence-reports that they will need on the battlefield.

Our promise to our White soldiers, is that they won't be treated like dirt after the war, as ZOG has done to America's GIs for the past 100 years or more. Our WN soldiers will be honored and have a secure place in post-war White society where their noble and valiant efforts will be richly rewarded. They will receive the lion's share of the spoils taken from the vanquished enemy, as was done long ago by our most ancient White conquering armies. Not only will they receive untold wealth but they will be given the exulted laurel wreath, that of which is emblematical of the Supreme Champion of the White Race. They will also be accoladed in history books and their names will be inscribed in grand granite monuments in the towns from whence they came. They will be our heroes for the next millennium and beyond.

In turn, we ask nothing in return from our White freedom fighters, for they'll have given us the greatest sacrifice possible by putting their lives on the line so that the rest of us can live free of the jew's tyranny. They will be eye to eye with the beast on the battlefield. And for that bravery, it'll always be us who are eternally indebted to them.

The jew Wants Us to Hate Niggers?
By: brutus
November 3rd,2007

Is it possible that the jew wants us to show hatred for niggers?

Looking at various news stories today I came upon this one. It's a jew report telling us that the FBI knew in advance that OJ Simpson was going to be involved with confronting the dealer who had possession of some of his stolen NFL memorabilia. The gist of the story seems to give Simpson's lawyers some mitigating circumstances to enhance his defense and it clouds the water just enough to quite possibly win Simpson another acquittal. This "bombshell" comes months after the incident. This begs us to examine why the jew-controlled FBI and the jew-controlled media are going to extraordinary lengths to keep Simpson walking the streets a free man.

The daily news is always peppered with stories like this involving niggers that evoke outrage among Whites. Those stories are there for a reason. Not only because niggers behave outrageously and that's newsworthy, but because the jew purposely taunts us. When we react with the expected response, that enables the jew to point at us and call us haters.

The jew has on it's payroll people Like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Leonard Pitts. These people are paid race baiters. They would not have jobs if they weren't able to piss us off and to get us to say angry things and call them names such as nigger. When we do get pissed-off and say angry things this gives the jew the power to turn those words against us as they point an accusing finger at us. They know that all the lemmings will see is a carefully staged and choreographed news article where the poor little disenfranchised grandson of a slave is being brutalized by those evil haters. The effect is what we see right before our eyes everyday....And that is masses of lemmings who hate us. It doesn't matter that we can trot-out statistics from the DOJ. It doesn't matter that we can produce one savage nigger news article after another, right from the jewish AP Wire itself. Because the jew controls the grand stage. And that trumps anything that we have right now.

When we hold our rallies and have our radio shows and our other outreach programs, we only get a paltry response because the jew can count on their grand stage having more influence than what we do. And that's because their lie is sweeter than our bitter truth.

This is why the jew allows us to bash the shit out of the niggers here. It's not because we're protected by the first amendment, but rather because we're doing the work of the race baiter and that enables the jew to sit on a self-righteous throne and to point a finger of condemnation at us. From the audience's point of view (lemmings) they only see what the jew allows them to see. We look bad. And the nigger looks like the victim.

The Jena-6 controversy was this strategy taken to the nth degree. Almost as if the jew was trying to outdo itself and make the herd think night is day! And the jew did it! The lemmings sat spell bound and dumb-struck as savage niggers by the thousands paraded around in a bizarre contortion of fact where the victim of the crime was ignored and perpetrators were glamorized as heroes.

The jew waited for our predicted indignation and it dared anyone else to disagree with their insanity. Nary a peep was heard throughout the land save for our technically-troubled media that was heard by but a mere handful. Those lemmings that heard our cries of outrage were afterwards awash with the din of the electronic jew blasting their brains with guilt and a frig full of beer anesthetizing that last synapse capable of deductive reasoning.

I believe that if we stopped bashing niggers here at VNN and if we only were to attack jews, that the jew would shut us down completely. They would either jail us or kill us. Only by us bashing the nigger does the jew have this power over us. The jew blunts our attacks against jews by throwing the nigger in front of us.

Our solution is not to stop bashing niggers. But to make sure that we tie our nigger bashing to the jew. We should always mention that the nigger is the symptom, and that the jew is the cause. We shoot ourselves in the foot every time we bash the nigger and we don't mention the jew in connection with the savage nigger behavior.

If we do this, we bring our game to the level of the jew. The jew points a finger of blame at us. We point our finger back at the jew. The lemming will be more inclined to believe an accuser than a hater. They've been conditioned this way. Let's work with that.

I urge all of the posters here to keep this in mind.

Connecting Some Dots for The New Folk
By: brutus
November 20th, 2007

Here we'll discuss some ideas on the dynamics of the ongoing and epic race war between the White race and jews.

Universal truth: The jews win so often because they have their adversaries fight against proxies. The jew watches from afar unscathed as others do the fighting on their behalf.

History books are littered with the woeful tales of various groups of White men who've met their demise fighting the jew's proxies. Some are; the Romans, the Crusaders, the Inquisitors and the Nazis. Each one of these groups fought against proxies of the jew and they didn't attack the jew directly, and as a consequence they've been swept aside and utterly destroyed. And the most tragic aspect of their valiant attempts of ridding the world of the jew pestilence, is that the jew has always been the last one standing and it's been the jews who've written our history books filled with distortions of truth and outright lies of the causations of those wars.

How the jew gains a proxy nation and maintains control:

In every case the pattern is always the same. The jews infiltrate the upper echelon of a group using the moral weaknesses of the leadership to gain power over them. Inherent faults of greed, avarice, sexual lust/deviancy and vanity are all but mere tools manipulated with expert skill by the jew to influence the minds of the jew's target. The jew's proficiency at detecting and exploiting faults is unquestionably the jew's most powerful weapon. All of their advantage disseminates from this seemingly preternatural ability.

Of course the jew uses other weaknesses against us, such as our innate gullibility and naiveté. Like a virus specifically designed to breach our natural defenses, the jew attacks our cultural infrastructure and injects sugar-coated lies into our collective awareness that actually amplify these weaknesses. For example, we're told in school that cynicism and skepticism are undesirable traits and that it's a good thing to seek consensus, rather than be disagreeable when we see that something is wrong. By inserting a benevolent-sounding falsehoods into our thought process, the jew negates our protective shield against all that is foreign and most likely potentially harmful to us.

Long ago, the jew co opted our spiritual leaders and the creeds that they taught, thus warping the codified systems of moral behavior that successfully guided our race for untold ages. Today, Christian churches instruct their flocks that they must have blind faith and that charlatans are always someplace else, telling other people wrong things. Our folk walk out of the church beaming with the glow of Jesus and they haven't a clue that they've just been programmed to do the exact opposite of Biblical teaching. By the way, has there ever been a preacher who's admitted to being a charlatan?

Finally, we must address fear, the jew's most despicable tool of mass manipulation. The jew is a maestro at instilling fear and the jew will ruin or slaughter any number of people in order to evoke the desired level of terror. To be able to instill fear is to be able to control. It is a fact, that most of our folk will not actively participate in the White Nationalist movement because they're in fear of losing their jobs. However, they'll enthusiastically join any number of jew-approved causes and forgo the most righteous cause of all because of jew-instilled fear. We know that this is true, otherwise our movement would be gigantic by now. Fear is what keeps our people from doing the right thing. White Nationalism is the only real cause, all others are bogus jew distraction.

The nail in the coffin is that our own conceit blinds us to our own susceptibility to the jew's tactics and traps and little boxes that we're put into. Cultivated for an entire lifetime, we're open to any self-destructive suggestion that the jew imposes upon us.

But wait! None of us here believes that the jew can pull the wool over our eyes! We're jew-wise for Pete's sake! No one can fool us!

Don't believe that for an instant! One can never be cynical or skeptical enough. The jew is incessantly spewing a kaleidoscope of fantastic falsehoods that bedazzle and befuddle. Unfortunately, most of the time the lies will come from those whom we trust the most. Even my words here should be put under the microscope and tested for their uprightness and correctness. We must sternly judge all information and use the litmus test of whether or not the jew wants us to hear these things, for that will help us to determine the truth.

Back to the jew's proxies. White people have been fighting the jew's proxies because of the realities outlined above. The proxies are us....all non-jews. We are gullible, fearful, prone to religious superstition used against us, and we're misled by our own people who've been successfully extorted and then made "sell-outs" of the jew.

As long as we continue to believe that our enemy is someone else and not the jew, we will always be dominated by the jew. If we think that it's ZOG or the Muslim or the nigger or the mexican or the feminist or the homosexual or the Meds or the Nordics or the North or the South, we'll always be a slave to the jew. We must also understand that where ever we gather the jew and it's minions will be right behind us. They cannot survive without us. They're compelled to suck us dry.Their survival depends wholly upon taking from us. We need to accept the painful fact that there's no place to hide. The jew controls billions of minions and they'll batter-down the walls of any sanctuary that we attempt to construct for ourselves. Until we fully realize that it's the "global jew" who's our enemy, we will be fighting the countless minions conjured-up by the jew and fighting them for the rest of eternity or until we're exterminated. Right now, we're losing and losing badly because we continue to fight only the proxies and not the jew.

Now, for the 64 thousand dollar question..........How do we fight the jew?

We name the jew. Very specifically we name the jew. We identify the jew. We expose the jew. We tell other where the jew lives. We tell others exactly what the jew is doing to hurt White people. We tell others where these jews work. Most importantly, we do this on a global level. In every White nation. We must give the jew no proxy to hide behind. Any division among White folk must be eradicated as we now recognize those divisions as the portals for the jew to enter the body White and then create their proxy monsters out of our own people. Unified we will survive.

We educate our folk everyday and we never let up. We list the jews right here on this website so that other Whites around the world can read about them and see their pictures and learn where their dirty money comes. We don't even need to suggest what should be done to these jews. That will come naturally to those White men as they begin to understand and see the truth that we present.

We get this information out to the world and in front of millions of White people via this website, our blogs, our videos, our radio shows, our print publications and of course word of mouth. We do this with the utmost zeal and purpose. There is nothing more important than this mission. And you, kind reader, are invited to join us in this noble struggle.

There will come a time, most likely in the near future when the information that we provide will be of great use. Yes, I'm talking about when the shit hits the fan. When the Western nations are involved in constant war and their military forces are maxed-out and marshal law prevails as all civilization begins to break down..........This will be the time when the lists that we've provided will be used to track down and find those powerful and influential enemies who've been involved in bringing about the genocide of the White race. By virtue of the fact that we are disseminating this information will put pressure to bare on the process and hasten the inevitable.

Those White men, out there, will have the wherewithal to ignore the temptation of attacking the proxies, will instead attack and kill our arch-enemy right in it's filthy lair. They'll have the Intel because we're doing the research and giving it to them. Our Brothers who've been reading and training and planning for the appointed time will suddenly spring from the shadows. Because they know all about their target, it'll be over quick. A rapid global assault and compromising of thousands of key targets in every major city of the civilized world will be the only solution to this problem and put it to rest for all time.

By my reckoning, less than ten thousand motivated White men and 24 hours could change everything.
"So many have defiled my realm, So many foreign tongues and unknown words, So many blether and blether and blether..."
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M. Kraus
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M. Kraus

Brutus' writings really deserve to be archived and given their own website. They are as good as anything on
An anti-semite is someone who knows what's going on.
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Brutus, can I post some of these at my blog?
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Oy Ze Hate
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Oy Ze Hate

Hail Brutus! Hail Brutus! Hail Brutus!
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RE: William Burcker

I appreciate the time and effort that you took to pull out those posts and to give me some recognition for my efforts to awaken our folk.

My posts are different than many others because I make my own declarations rather than to rely upon sourcing links. This is not to say that all of my posts are my novel thoughts. Of course I'm only standing upon the shoulders of giants who came before me. I put their genius in my own vernacular and hopefully that'll resonant with my peers and especially those younger folk who need to hear the truth in familiar words and contemporary sound bites.

When I write I speak from my heart and besides the grammatical and spelling mistakes, I wouldn't change a thing in any of my posts. It's the truth as I see it, that's all.

Note to Melcur: You're welcome to use anything that I've posted or drawn on your blog.

The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.
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Default white power

Brutus is a good man. His writings are always dead on. No matter the subject, he can clearly see the truth through all the lies, distortions, and other smokescreens the Jew throws up. He knows the Jew and the Jew's tricks well... and he informs his people about them using excellent analogies and faultless logic.

It's good that we have a comrade like Brutus in the trenches of reality with us. In this psychological war being waged against us by the kike, he has earned the Knights Cross!
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Brutus is usually a good read but one of my favorite things is he never seems to take the bait on the more divisive crap that gets deposited here. I can't remember the last time I saw him waste a word on it or get drawn into little personal conflicts.

Just one of those people whose attention stays focused forwards. Definitely someone to emulate.
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William Burcker
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William Burcker
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by brutus View Post
RE: William Burcker

I appreciate the time and effort that you took to pull out those posts and to give me some recognition for my efforts to awaken our folk.

My posts are different than many others because I make my own declarations rather than to rely upon sourcing links. This is not to say that all of my posts are my novel thoughts. Of course I'm only standing upon the shoulders of giants who came before me. I put their genius in my own vernacular and hopefully that'll resonant with my peers and especially those younger folk who need to hear the truth in familiar words and contemporary sound bites.

When I write I speak from my heart and besides the grammatical and spelling mistakes, I wouldn't change a thing in any of my posts. It's the truth as I see it, that's all.

Note to Melcur: You're welcome to use anything that I've posted or drawn on your blog.

There are a few things I really like about your writing...Your Tone, Your lack of unnecessary additives and fillers, and Your consistency over an extended period of time.

I like having all the original writings of yours, since 2003, here in one place. In my opinion, more than anything else, the pieces that you have written can easily serve as a standard of example for people to read and think....*this is the true spirit of the forum*. Furthermore, it is so clear that your writing creates a sense of comraderie among all of us. This is exactly the kind of writing we need much more of in order to weed out undesirables who subtlely twist our forum with their cunning (in the manner described in my signature). To this end, your words are solid. I look forward to your future perspective pieces and appreciate that you have put what you have into this over the past 5 years.
"So many have defiled my realm, So many foreign tongues and unknown words, So many blether and blether and blether..."
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Good shit Brutus, I blogged four here and will blog the rest later,
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Goddamn Brutus, this really is excellent material - I posted more today

I wish you'd contribute more often - you reveal a level of insight that superflous words cannot match - a typical essay ten times as long is less than 1/4 as good.

Blogged here >
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Are you collecting all your postings , here on VNN ?
Don't let them evaporate into cyberspace , that would be a sin !
Collect them all , put them into a file , etext . There's a lot of good insight in your postings, good for newbies and people in the future .

We're all blessed to live in the digital age , all of your posting will easily fit into a couple of megabytes . Take advantage of it . You MUST keep a collection of your essays/posting and distribute that file .
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Originally Posted by melcur View Post
Good shit Brutus, I blogged four here and will blog the rest later,
Thanks for putting up the good material . Tried to rep you , but couldn't

Nice blog
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Heather Blue
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Heather Blue

Brutus posts are absolutely great. I would love to hear him make a speech. If only he would on a video for YouTube. People need to hear things like this. Powerful stuff.
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"Segregation did not exist to hold back other races. It existed to protect us from them." D. Roof
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William Burcker
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William Burcker

I agree with everyone. Yes melcur, you are entirely correct about being able to say so much, so well, with such little words. I've been reading his posts alot and collecting them as molecular says we should do.

Thing is...I still have this disgusting way of writing that I had embedded into my mental framework in college. It basically consists of using as many archaic and pretentious words as possible to produce etymological glitz and glamour instead of writing potent and terse essays which engage the reader directly.

I have been criticized for this since I joined the forum, and have decided you were all correct in your criticism. Hence, brutus is an amazing example for me to refer to for style, directness, and most of all content.
"So many have defiled my realm, So many foreign tongues and unknown words, So many blether and blether and blether..."
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Last edited by William Burcker; June 7th, 2008 at 03:23 PM.
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Martin Horvath...
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Martin Horvath

In cyberspace Brutus is the deadliest, Jew-killing, head-ventilating machine on the planet. He has filled digital trenches with digital Jews by the millions. He has drenched his mighty digital fists in the digital blood of our enemies for years now. He is a digital warrior, a poet, a great digital lover of digital beautiful women and a natural born digital killer. Don't mess with Binary Brutus.

He can also commune with the "lone wolves" through this message board. God, I think Binary Brutus is the greatest digital WN alive! All hail Binary Brutus!
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RE: Martin Horvath

In cyberspace Brutus is the deadliest, Jew-killing, head-ventilating machine on the planet. He has filled digital trenches with digital Jews by the millions. He has drenched his mighty digital fists in the digital blood of our enemies for years now. He is a digital warrior, a poet, a great digital lover of digital beautiful women and a natural born digital killer. Don't mess with Binary Brutus.

He can also commune with the "lone wolves" through this message board. God, I think Binary Brutus is the greatest digital WN alive! All hail Binary Brutus!
Now that I have you so thoroughly awed and bowed before me.......why not give me a blowjob?

The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.
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Originally Posted by Martin Horvath View Post
In cyberspace Brutus is the deadliest, Jew-killing, head-ventilating machine on the planet. He has filled digital trenches with digital Jews by the millions. He has drenched his mighty digital fists in the digital blood of our enemies for years now. He is a digital warrior, a poet, a great digital lover of digital beautiful women and a natural born digital killer. Don't mess with Binary Brutus.

He can also commune with the "lone wolves" through this message board. God, I think Binary Brutus is the greatest digital WN alive! All hail Binary Brutus!
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Blogged more of your material here Brutus. Once again, great stuff. I've noticed that several websites have picked it up, including stormfront and Newsfromthewest.

BTW, for whatever reason, your article "God hates diversity" has been getting a lot of attention. Don't get me wrong, it's good, in fact it's great, but it's not even close to your best.

Last edited by melcur; June 10th, 2008 at 01:52 AM.
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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

It seems that (with Alex Linder) Brutus hates the Jew more than anyone else here. I'm not sure how he can possibly hate them more than I do; maybe he just expresses it better.


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