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steven clark
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steven clark
Default Legend of the Seeker and Robinson Crusoe

Action adventure is back. Robinson Crusoe was a recent re-telling of the old story. It is made in S. Africa, and seemd modeled after Pirates of the Caribbean, since the 'island' has a hundred gizmos, pulleys, and traps. Crusoe is a decent guy, and Friday is his intellectually clever sidekick (played, as they say, 'by a distinguished Zimbabwean actor'), who is called Friday 'because Crusoe can't pronounce the man's original name.' Ha-ha.
I wasbn't impressed by it, and as always, we have super negro guiding his white friend. I think it's already off the air.

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER is based on Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind, where Richard Cypher is given the Sword of Truth to fight Dharken Rahl, an evil ruler. Rischard is assisted by Kahlen, A Confessor, a kind of female magician. Also helping is the wizard Zedd Zedicus. The style is quasi-middle ages, with magic, swordplay, and a mild romance between Richard and Kaheln. It's done by Sam Raimi and Robert Tappert, the same crew who did HERCULES and XENA. I read parts of Goodkind. I don't like his style; it's kind of longwinded, although I guy I work with adores the books. SEEKER is shot in New Zealand and is an okay fantasy series. The actors...Craig Horner as Richard and Bridget Regan as Kahlen, are engaging and the stories good. Nothing new, but I like it.
The cast is 99 percent white. In a strage reversal of Hollywood, in the book Darken Rahl was blonde and blue-eyed, and his guard made up of nordic types. In the TV show, Rahl is black-haired and looks slightly Jewy. How about that, guys? Also, Rahl lives in the People's Palace, and calls his army the People's Army...Goodkind is supposedly a big fan of Ayn Rand. Aside from one episode where I saw a black kid try to get it on with a white girl (the black wasn't negro...he looked weird, like an Abo/Indian mix), the stories have a LOTR feel to it. It's a good show for the kids to watch, and the struggle of a low-born hero against an evil ruler who wormed his way into power has a WN ring to it. It is more serious than XENA, and a lot of the old Xena cast is popping up. I think it's a good watch.
Horner is Australin and Regan American. She has a nice, wholesome appearance, but can fight when necessary, but also keeping her femininity.


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