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Gotta admit this book has a provocative title. Anyone read it?

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I got this book (version I have was written in 1973-it appears it's been updated) from a freecycling library system they have set up in DC. I'm on the Twenties chapter.

The writer says she's a feminist. Also a film critic, which she states is her primary role. Keep in mind that a feminist 46 years ago is cat years away from what they are today. She is actually quite critical about some feminists who hate men.

It's an interesting read so far and I actually want to brush up on old movies from what I have read so far.
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Alex Him
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Alex Him

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Science of Logic

"A plastic discourse requires a plasticity of sense also in hearing and understanding; but youths and men of such a temper who would calmly suppress their own reflections and opinions in which original thought is so impatient to manifest itself, such listeners attentive to the facts as Plato portrayed them, could hardly be imagined in a modern dialogue; and even less could one count on readers of similar disposition. On the contrary, all too often and all too vehemently have I been confronted by opponents incapable of the simple consideration that their opinions and objections imply categories which are presuppositions and themselves in need of being criticized first before they are put to use. Lack of selfawareness in this matter is incredibly profound; it is responsible for the misunderstanding which is the cause of all others, the nasty and uneducated practice of taking for a category under consideration something other than this category itself."

The text was taken from Preface to the second edition.
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Talking Two on my list

Der totale Widerstand (Total Resistance) by Hans von Dach (German 1957) I'm still inspired reading this timeless classic on irregular warfare written by a Swiss Army officer to educate the citizens of Switzerland on how to resist what was considered possible at that time ...invasion and occupation by Warsaw Pact forces. A must read, available from sources in English.

Resistance To Tyranny by J.P. Martino (English 2010)
Insurgents primer on armed revolt, is not as in depth on the subject as Total Resistance but xstian Martino covers quite a bit of ground in the book. Very well organized so itz easy breezy to quickly refer to info when needed, recommended for every white revolutionary who wishes to get an overview on how to wage a successful insurgency.

Even the score, six million more!
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Jimmy Marr
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Jimmy Marr
Default Bronze Age Mindset

by Twitter account Bronze Age Pervert.

I really enjoyed reading this small, easy to read, but profound book. Great stuff, for instance, about the effects of women on society throughout history.


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