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Default Christ{insanity} identity: Kosher or pro-white psyop...or reality?



an investigation into the probably psyop of 'Christian Identity'


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Default text of the document


The creed of Christian Identity purports to be the Real and Genuine Christianity in contradistinction to
the version most people are acquainted with and which those espousing the former call 'judeo-christianity'.
Thus a distinction is made prima facie between that which is authentic and that which is inauthentic. The creed
differentiates itself from its rival on a fundamental basis making of the two apparently wholly distinct and thus
incompatible or irreconciliable. Whether this is merely an apparently insuperable division or no will be further
discussed and analysed in the following treatment of what Christian Identity purports to be and whether it
practices what it preaches, whether, in other words, it is what it is and is not something completely different.
The following treatment of the subject is necessarily semi-autobiographical, written from the
perspective of someone who had involved himself in this ideological facet of the white nationalist racialist
movement and who gravitated towards it it must be conceded out of an earnest hope that Christian Identity
might be the 'Real' christianity and eo ipso might offer a hope to white salvation such that the jewish tyranny
would be destroyed and the white race liberated from their iron grip. Whether he believed in the creed as an
objective reality he could only claim to be of an ambivalent and vacillatory mind, at times being a 'True believer'
and at others a completely cynical pragmatist merely placing his faith in Christian Identity as a tool or utilitarian
means to pry the jewish parasite form the host body through the conversion of the christian masses to the
'Truth'- if only they would believe it it would pound perhaps the final nail into the coffin of jewry.
The author discovered what will heretofore be referred to as 'Identity' through randomly stumbling
upon a podcast in 2015 that propounded the 'dual seedline' version of Identity (more on which to follow). The
slick presentation of the podcast and its emotional catharsis assisted him in enduring the confusion and
uncertainty of his life at that time and he thus formed an emotional attachment or bond with this creed and its
proponent who like all clever preachers genuine or mere rascals employed their rhetorical skills and
psychological techniques to win over the congregation(of course always in the name of 'the good'). His
accidental (christians would say 'providential' and perhaps they are right) stumbling upon this vehicle of
Identity led him to further investigate it and its putative offerings. Through this means he encountered an
ideological dimension he had never before heard and given that he had always cultivated an interest in all
things esoteric and philosophical perhaps at times indiscriminately he became if not a zealot at least an earnest
inquirer in his search for truth within this field. Through this means he then acquainted himself with Christian
Identity and what it claimed to be and ultimately concluded that it is and from its beginnings was largely a
psyop which conclusion will be amplified in the following.
The creed of Identity can be synopsized as follows as any brief search on a search engine will reveal: 1)
Dual Seed-line and 2) Single seed-line- the former claiming that the Israelites(those who are the Chosen People
chosen by a somehow absolute yet strangely anthropomorphic and finite Deity, those who are 'Is-Ra-El', who
are men (ish in Hebrew), ruling with 'god'(el)- presumably the demiurge Saturn/jehovah, who these ideologues
claim is named 'yahweh') are the White Race, properly, according to their theology, called 'Adamic' which term
is allegedly Paleo-Hebrew a language allegedly spoken by Whites around the time of 'Christ' and means 'to be
of ruddy complexion' or 'to show blood in the face', to be capable of blushing, the exclusive property of the
White Race. Within this version of Identity the White Adamic race (Adamite) are the children of 'God' and have
an exclusive covenant with this deity Yahweh for global dominion also called the dominion mandate.
They claim that there were other so-called 'men' who preceded 'Adam'('Adam' being a synecdoche for
the 'Adamites', the part representing the whole) and that these are the non-white races who aren't a result of
mixture with the Adamites or with the fallen angels(nephilim) who are the progenitors of the jews with 'Eve'
the White female who then bore Cain and whose descendants became the jews(ancestors of the scriptural
Esau, Canaanites, etc.) and arabs (Ishmael). The White Race they claim migrated from the Tarim basin in central
Asia (Gobi desert civilization) to all of what are known within the contemporary (last 5,000 years) 'diaspora' of
the Israelites which constitutes retroactive proof of their lineage as the 12 tribes of Israel. Of course as some of
the Identity proponents such as James Wickstrom(below) claim the 12 tribes also represent the 12 signs of the
zodiac which were ostensibly named after them.
The alleged son of Yahweh is 'The Christ' who is somehow an absolutely perfect infinite being who
concentrates himself into finite form which is only possible to make sense of in some quantum metaphysical
mental gymnastics viz., Being(Yahweh? God?) being fractally represented or manifested in this finite animate
form. The only other way this could make any sense of course is allegorically as an achetype of 'man perfected'
or 'Christ consciousness' or some such state of heightened 'spiritual' elevation. This the author in his finite and
low state of mind is unable to articulate in any more concrete and practical terms and which state of being
almost certainly is ineffable and can only be 'embodied' if ever attainable and would probably be called
'luciferian' more than 'christian' the latter entailing a presumed obsequeious subordination to external
authority and not the god within (the kingdom of heaven being within according to christianity). Thus the
recipe of a slave system is born with the obligation to venerate and bow to external authority being enforced
through the threat of hellfire(a fictitious non-reality as even some of the Identity proponents contend) or the
promise of 'everlasting life' in a blessed world of the beyond(beyond the physical) and/or a
'resurrection'(reincarnation?) upon the earth after 1,000 years of rest(in a different dimension) to then rule
over a renewed earth. The theology as in the case of all Abrahamic creeds mainstream and otherwise, becomes
cloudy on this point and all of the theological tangle becomes a gordion knot that one must pick at in hopes of
following the thread to the 'promise land of milk and honey' or to have recourse to a 'blind faith' in he knows
not what. Given of course that what is called 'God'(an English word) by most Abrahamism is only defined in
abstracto(abstraction from reality?) as, eg. 'that-than-which-nothing-greater-can-exist' or that infinite Being
perfect in itself, incorruptible, omniscient, omnipresent, removed from spatio-temporal context etc. Thus one
has recouse to a mere abstraction to contemplate as it were in a void and through a glass darkly from his own
narrow corner(perspective). And yet could it be otherwise? This is the ultimate conclusion of such ontological
metaphysical speculation and the ultimate praxis of Abrahamism divorced of its mudane praxis of handing out
freebies and 'loving thy neighbour'.
As Bertrand Comparet(below) wrote in his article "Who Is Thy Neighbour", in Christian Identity only the
White Race counts as human all else being beasts of the field; serpent seed jews (Reptilians?) or bastards
('mongrels'; 'bastards'; 'mamzers' in Paleo-Hebrew)-hence only fellow Whites regardless of ideology or physical
location ("there is neither Judaen nor Greek") would qualify as neighbours and thus there is a prohibition on
any altrusimtowards non-whites (rightly called pathological by Kevin Macdonald but not a symptom of the
White mind as this crypto-jew academic contends but rather a mind virus installed by jews to faciliate what is
interpreted to be Balaam's doctrine in Chrsitian Identity namely a protocol of mixture of Whites with non
whites for the purpose of exterminating them as a racial group and thereby taking the world for themselves and
what is to be interepreted as 'Satan' who the jews are alleged to stem from as their progenitor). Of course for
those unaware of esotercism and so-called(by the Christian hegemonic discourse) 'pagan' antecedents it is easy
to fall for the traps set by the jew in their probable self-portrayal as the 'synagogue of satan' as a means of
binding people to the church and the thought form of 'Christ' or 'Yahweh' as presumably
contends, thereby empowering the jews who draw energy from this thought form which they themselves have
created in the first place for the means of not only mind controlling their slaves (the parasitical anaesthetization
of the host body, the White Race upon whom they feed) but of vampirizing their energy.
Thus it seems probable that Christian Identity is indeed a psyop that serves jews if this perspective is
taken and given that the people most likely to gravitate towards it are White racialists and not judeo-christians
it functions most likely in simply converting an opponenet of jewry to becoming a new human battery they can
drain to empower themselves like in the movie 'The Matrix' (Zion Matrix run by
jehovah/Yahweh/demiurge/Saturn,etc.) through transmitting their thought energy to the fictional Christ
egregore and ultimately to jewry. However if it has any saving grace is transmits hate vibrations to the jew and
usurps their alleged 'right' to rule the world possibly drawing energy away from them disempowering them but
this seems dubious and a grasping at straws. Perhaps this was planned by the jews from the beginning in their
attempts to subvert and destroy the White Race?
According to such racialist luminaries as David Lane(, author of the ‘88 precepts" and
a member of the Order of the Silent brotherhood in the 80s) and William L Pierce (in his novel "Hunter")
Identity was created to get people out of jew worship and towards a more healthy minded racialism[natural
and divine law but not the perversion thereof that constitutes judeo-christ-insanity (christianity?)] that
facilitates White survival. The main character in the novel "Hunter" encounters a man playing the role of a
preacher and whose role is to manipulate the minds of the masses to shift their consciousness towards the jew
as the 'synagogue of satan' through gradual interspersing information about the jew in his sermons and via an
epiphany from 'God' becomes enlightened as to the evil of the jew and uses his influence he has built up to
turn former jew worshippers against their one-time masters. This seems like predictive programming and a fair
portrayal of what Christian Identity as a pro-white psyop constitutes or could be argued to constitute. However,
given that Pierce had a shady past(exposed by Martin Linstedt on who himself is a shady
character) where he was not as were other White Nationalists detained in Germany and had allowed a copy of
his organization the National Alliance's membership list to slip into the hands of the FBI and ultimately the
terrorist organization the ADL, suggests that both he and his organization are a psyop as christianity and
perhaps implicitly Christian Identity also were vilified in his 'opoosing ideologies' document. Additionally he and
his organization's pushing the quasi-kabbalistic cosmotheist religion suggests that they are in bed with the jews
who are also pushing evolutionism which Christian Identity denies and quite convincingly disproves in, eg. Sven
Longshanks' "Aryan Esoterica" and Paul Mullet's Aryan Nations articles as well as other sources. Thus, though
an apparently pro-white psyop through these two figues[both of whom appear to be freemasons pushing a
jewish(?) kabbalistic creedo of 'naturalism' and a vacuous pantheism in the manner of a Spinoza which of
course is jewish materialism-a mechanistic universe controlled itself?] it functions perhaps to a greater
degree in an anti-white modality thereby serving the jew in his gambit for total power.
The alleged 'prophecies' of the 'bible' or 'scriptures' are quite convincingly proven to have been largely
a contrivance based upon the fall of Atlantis in the book of Herman Weiland "Atlantis, Edda and Bible" which
illustrates in countless examples and comparative references from the Edda and other ancient texts that the
'prophecies' or revelation are merely allegorical and metaphorical language descriptive of these past events and
thus don't relate to the future. Thus at best Christian Identity can't be said to be real in an objective sense(?)
and is at best somewhat pragmatically useful to the White Race as a psyop to get Christians to stop worshipping
jews and mud people but is most likely an overall negative influence coopting and corrupting the white
nationalist movement as other figures such as perhaps Bishop Richard Williamson of the SSPX and E Michael
Jones who are trying to get their foot in the door as a typically sneaking wannabe jew to corrupt and destroy
what they justifiably see as opposition to their J.O.G (jewish occupation government) tyranny namely racial
Below is a cast of cariacatures/characters who represent the 'lime lights(false lights?) of the movement
and give one a sound understanding of Christian Identity in both its Dual and Single seedline forms.
Cast of cariacatures/characters:
Dewey Tucker: (
-claims biblical ancient aliens are the elohim who created the White Race; refutes ideas of hell, heaven and
other obvious lies. Possibly a freemason and 'pagan'
Wesley Swift: (
-physiognomy suggests semi-jewish features(although this is uncertain: earlobes attached to jawline; widow's
peak hair; semi-receding forehead; liver lips; semi-slanted/almond eyes,etc.)
-makes references to the Zohar as an originally White book which is almost certainly jewish in origin
-references the 6th subrace of the 5th root race as being a composite of all Whites coming together in USA (a
theosophical concept which is ambiguous as to whether it is a composite of Whites or the nebulous concept of
'Aryan' ala Helena Blavatsky; Annie Besant and Alice Bailey all of whom are selling the concept of a brown muck
of raceless goyim individuals in the manner of the Rothschild financed Kalergi plan)
-Swift also speaks of aliens as the progenitors of Whites and Michael the archangel as the leader
-Speaks of negros as being brought to earth from Venus by intergalactic jewish slave traders( which has an
interesting parallel with the jewish Hanna Barbara's 'Space Ghost' cartoon and the episode of the 'lizard slavers'
itself perhaps a revelation of the method of the ‘serpent seed’)
-Swift also has an extensive FBI file which can be viewed at giving him some degree of legitimacy as
a J.O.G opponent.
James Wickstrom:
-recently possibly assasinated(spring he discusses throughout his presentation which
originate around the mid 80s many provable and legitimate aspects of 'paleo' archaeology and other textual,
numerological evidence the pre-history of Whites around the world and makes in many cases a convincing
argument for Christian Identity through making these retrospective claims of the past historical record ‘proving’
the Identity thesis: "who's who and who's jew' in his words. While comically using garbled
words(inadvertently?), mispronouncing others, and making laughable claims such as, eg. the caduceus of the
medical establishment is a symbol of the serpent Satan(in the christian sense of an evil serpentine reptilian), he
still presents entertaining, enlightening and fiery sermons which are useful in putting the blowtorch to the jews'
feet. Wickstrom also references aliens as the progenators of the White Race.
Betrand L Comparet: ( also
-This figure was with Swift one of the main initial proponents of Dual Seedline Christian Identity and presents
his material in a didactic manner focusing mainly on 'the bible' as literal truth. He was a district attorney for San
Diego county in the 50s and 60s.
F W C Neser(
-South African pastor whose presentations/sermons are mainly in Afrikaans. He discusses in one of his works
'flying suacers', the alleged textual evidence for flying saucer origins of the White Race and also associates jews
with 'The Synagogue of Satan'
William Fin[c]k: (
-This figure is one of the main movement (false?) lights and operates the above website with its analogous
forum. He is heavy handed on the jews and claims they are destined to be destroyed and so too most (all?) of
the non-whites who are not 'of god' being a result of bastardization ('broken cisterns', 'mongrels', ‘mamzers’ in
paleo-Hebrew). His scholarship is quite detailed and convincing to those who know little of 'the bible' (all
christians?) and little of esotericism. He has a large archive called the "Mein Kampf" project which discusses the
3rd Reich in copious detail and so far as the author can recall claimed that the reason Hitler didn't win the war
is because he wasn't Christian, the same claim made by Richard Kelly Hoskins author of "The Phineas
Eli James:
-outed jew infiltrator and possible Chicago rabbi(real name apparently Joseph November) he is attempting to
claim that there is a place for non-whites in the world and that single seed-line(the jews sharing a common
lineage with Whites though split off through race-mixing) is the correct interepretation of 'the scriptures'. This
theology allows jews to get a foothold somehow and he has been largely outed by the dual seedline sect thus
lending some legitimacy to the sincerity of belief of people in Christian Identity (...maybe), unless he is playing
the role of bad cop or red herring to create the appearance of legitimacy.
Jeremy Visser: (
-a half breed mongrel, part cherokee indian he works with eli pushing single-seedline-visually an obvious hybrid(photos available on image searches)
Martin Lindstedt: (real name Dzerzinsky? Related to the soviet commisar of the same name possibly)
-halfbreed crypto jew who runs and is the standing joke in the movement, a hillbilly who
wears a possum hat apparently unironically though this may be a psyop itself, mocking the redneck 'goyim'
Colonel William P Gale:
-an ostensive colonel in the US Army circa Wesley Swift's time until around the 90s Gale propounded in his
"Faith of Out Father's" the alien origins theory. Claimed by some to be Ashkenazi
Richard Butler:
-Aryan Nations founder who took over from Swift he can be proven to be a halfbreed (part redskin) and his
physiognomy proves it (receding forehead, beady black eyes; thick straight hair; wide cut mouth; off coloured
Pete Peters:
-another hybrid part redskin pushing single seedline Identity in a watered down version
(all of the below are available from;; jrsbooksonline etc.)
"Christianity Exposed", Wayne Macleod (
"Paul of Tarsus, or Christianity and Jewry", Savitri Devi
(claims chrisitianity created by saul/paul of tarsus and the kehilla)
"Christian Identity Crisis and the Jewish People", High Priest Jake Carlson(
"The Christ Conspiracy", Acharya S
(apparent afrocentric bias and affirms that Whites are in collusion with jews not as dupes in a conspiracy that is
somehow favourable to Whites as a collective)
"Exposing Christianity", (
(focuses more on catholicism than protestantism and doesn't treat of Identity. Claims christiantiy was/is a
synthesis of pre-christian Aryan traditions similarly to "The Christ Conspiracy" but less detail and no afrocentric
"Hunter", William L Pierce
(discusses in fictional form how Identiy is/was created to get people out of christ-insanity)
"The Origin of Christianity", Revilo P Oliver
(more of the same as the above but discusses it also from a pragmatic standpoint and its use and alleged
deleterious influence on Whites historically)
"An Open Letter to All Christians", David Lane
(claims Idenity is a psyop created by pro-whites and that it is largely ineffective and that Whites should turn to
naturalism/Wotanism/’original’ masonry aka. Hermeticism)
The author urges the earnest inquirer and seeker of Truth to leave no stone unturned in his search.
There are countless disinformation agents and the blind alleys they create to lead one away from Truth is a
veritable minefield that requires one to tread lightly and yet tread he must as his very existence depends upon
him making progess along this path.
The Truth: The jew is the enemy of the White Race. The White Race faces extinction at its hands. Non-whites
are at best a tool but in most all cases a natural enemy. As Ben Klassen said in "The White man's Bible": "Phase
out all dealings with muds and jews".
What direction the White Man must follow beyond this broad and winding path is something this author is as
yet unable to answer and may never know with any certainty. It is his earnest hope that those who know the
Truth will assist others in guiding them through this minefield of disinformation.

christian identity, christianity, disinfo, identity


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