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Default The legend of King Arthur

- - -

I'm sure many are familiar with the legend of King Arthur.

He is said to have been a mythical king of England.

It is further claimed that he was trained by the magician Merlin and that he became king of England in a mystical way by pulling the sword 'Excalibur' out of a stone which the people back then saw as a divine sign.

Thus far the legend.

- - -

The truth behind it all though . .

Apparently in ancient times there truly was quite a known figure in what is today Britain named Arthur . .

But . . he wasn't an English ( i. e. Anglo-Saxon ) king but a fighter against the invasion of Britain by the Anglos and the Saxons.

The original people living on the British isles were Celts. The Germanic Anglos and Saxons for the first time brought a deal of Germanic blood there.

So . . Arthur was alledgedly a fighter against what would later become England ( i.e. the state 'Anglia' the Angols and the Saxons founded ) . . . .

A 'Celtic freedom fighter' if you will.

Hmm . .

- - - -

Very little is known about the true historical Arthur but . .

The deal is this.

Since he is a mythical figure of British history . . the legend around him came into fashion during the Middle Ages.

In a way he is one of the most outstanding personas in British history . . . . (at least was it until the time the legends around him evolved )

Problem : During the Middle Ages the Church was 100 % in power . . everything which was deemed 'un-christian' was viewed with suspicion. But it was the time when many legends about Arthur circulated.

So : Instead of portraying him as a Pagan celtic 'hero' his life was simply projected into the Middle Ages . . That he was alledgedly a 'great king of the Middle Ages' . . .

Hmmm . .

Had they portrayed him as the true fighter he was and even let pagan influences flow in , the church would not have tolerated it . .

Get it . . ?

- - -

So : The true historical Arthur , a mystical figure of British history, was simply projected from Pagan Celtic time into the Christian Middle Ages.

- - -

What seems to be the real core . . Arthur was a fighter against the invasion of Britain and apparently a druid called 'Myrdin' aided him.

The Christian writers of the Middle Ages made that into the story of an English king whose personal advisor was Merlin ( 'Merlinus' is the latinised version of 'Myrdin' ) . .

. . quite an interesting story . .

There are also other legends about a legendary castle called 'Camelot' , the 'knights of the round table' etc . . .

. . the legend of King Arthur shall forever stand as a 'myth of England'.

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Actually it's a myth for all of the british isles I think...


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