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Default Yidding me, by Vic Wolzek

Here is a grea article. Blast from the past for ya VNNers.

You've Gotta Be Yidding Me: South Park and The Semitically Correct Limits of Satire

by Victor Wolzek

March 2, 2002

IN A MEDIA-MEDIATED world where everything is bullshit, the only measure for truth is Jews crying. It's as certain as the North Star. If you're going along uninterrupted, rest assured you're in La La Land, spinning your wheels in some way that's utterly benign, if not beneficial, for the Jews. The minute they're screaming you're in the real world. Just look at it this way: there's a big Jew toe between the rubber and the road, and for the one to hit the other, Jews are gonna get pinched. Don't yell at me, I didn't make it that way. But lord knows, like every other gentile in America, I have to deal with it. And believe me, I'd rather not.

Jew America is Mock-America. It's all about mocking and mockery. Mock politics, mock art, mock academia. Mock rebellion, mock movements, mock victory. Mock - the adjective and the verb. Pure Jew. Born post 1965? Pure You.

Consider the recent report, "Hollywood Widens Slur Targets to Arab and Muslim Americans since Sept. 11," by San Francisco journalist Jack Shaheen.[1] Shaheen laments that despite efforts by U.S. leadership to distinguish between Islam and terrorism in the aftermath of Sept. 11, "Hollywood has ignored that distinction completely" and continues to widen its already hateful stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims to include Arab and Muslim Americans. To illustrate his point, Shaheen cites a variety of examples including a recent Chuck Norris TV movie, as well as episodes of JAG, Alias, and The West Wing.

Notice the criminal here is "Hollywood." It's a mock criminal, of course. One among many: Hollywood, media, communists, liberals, leftists, neo-conservatives, activists. All euphemisms for the one real enemy, the eternal, the wicked, the Jew. Even "activists," you may wonder. Yes, even "activists." Activists who cross Jewish interests are deemed "terrorists." Just ask the National Alliance, which Jewish groups regularly refer to as "America's most dangerous domestic terrorist organization." This despite the fact that, unlike the Jewish Defense League (JDL) or the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the National Alliance has never been convicted of criminal activity.

Curiously, what Shaheen doesn't mention is the recent rip on Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden by Comedy Central's animated series South Park.[2] This example was skipped presumably because it doesn't fit into Shaheen's conveniently focused defense of Arab-Americans. Moreover, it features elaborate satire of Osama, the ground zero epitome of modern "evil" terrorism. Osama Bin Laden has been so demonized by America's Jewish media that even the most outraged Arabs, critical of Jews and their abuse of their media and political power in the U.S., are quick to distance themselves from him.

But the South Park episode by no means mocks only Osama. The Arab characters -- Arab children no less -- repeatedly say that they "hate Americans," to which Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman, the show's sharp-tongued media-drenched cherubic na靈, predictably respond, "But on TV it said only the terrorists hated America and ordinary Arabs were our friends!"

Lest anyone think the clever crew behind South Park has fallen for the empty rhetoric of the Jew-infested Bush cabal -- viz. that the Arabs "hate our freedom and democracy" -- one of the Arab children makes clear that Arabs hate America strictly because of its military bases in Saudi Arabia. Hmm. That certainly is a factor. But an even bigger factor is Israel, and strangely the word "Israel" isn't uttered a single time in the entire episode. Nor is Kyle's (surname Broslofski) being a Jew addressed as a relevant point, even after the wise-cracking South Park kids are kidnapped by Arabs and taken to Osama himself.

Once in his grip, does Osama single out the Jew? Nope. Does Kyle appear to feel particularly uneasy under the circumstances? Nope again, despite other episodes in which his Jewishness is cause for him to feel "different" (e.g., the Christmas episode). Was Kyle given the Daniel Pearl treatment and forced to confess his Jewish ancestry before having his head lopped off in front of a video camera? Thrice nope. Kenny, as always, was the only casualty. (A running joke on South Park is the recurring death of Kenny. "They killed Kenny!" is said at least once in almost every show.) Though the Daniel Pearl incident occurred after this episode originally aired, it's safe to assume that there will be no DVD director's cut updating the details.

Interestingly, what was perhaps most offensive in this veritable menagerie of ridicule and mockery was its depiction of the one element that even offended Arabs themselves can't muster the energy to defend: Osama Bin Laden, the man, the myth, the ironically "anti-Semitic" (Arabs are Semites, too) monster. Throughout the episode he is caricatured as a buffoon, an egomaniacal media whore and, quite literally, a camel fucker. The comical smear is first-rate political propaganda. No doubt it will one day be viewed alongside WWII ads featuring monstrous Nazis and razor-slit slant-eyed "Japs" carrying off beautiful American women to be ravaged. I'd have laughed unconditionally at the brazen romp, if I didn't know how safe and easy it really was for the creative team behind South Park to "get away with" such supposedly "cutting edge" material.

The Manischewitz Whine Brigade permits any outrage as "freedom of expression" so long as it mocks, disparages, and humiliates to their advantage, while that which does not serve Jewish interests is increasingly outlawed as "hate speech." Dehumanizing enemies of Israel is definitely "good for Jews."

To the comic mavericks at South Park I pose the following challenge: want to do something really "cutting edge"? Do a spoof satirizing Ariel Sharon in a similar fashion. Show the Prime Minister of Israel as a bloodthirsty, lifeless vampire so larded that he has to put his belt on with a boomerang. Make him so fat that the Israeli Army uses him for shade; so flabby that he loses dead Palestinians in the folds of his skin; such a pig that he's banned from the all-u-can-eat Kosher Kitchen in beautiful downtown Tel Aviv; so huge that his clothes scream when he puts it on; so heavy that he tortures political prisoners by threatening to seesaw with them.? Just try to get away with that. I dare you.

But close the windows and plug up your ears fast, because the whining and wailing will hit fever pitch in seconds flat. All of a sudden the goy front men, like Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, will be calling the satire a "Scandal!" The advertising will suddenly disappear. And just when you're thinking, "Gee, enough's enough. Can't these yids take a joke?" Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs will be calling on the U.N. -- the United frigging Nations -- to intervene!

You think I'm kidding, exaggerating, or pulling your leg? You should know by now, silly goy, only Jews are allowed to joke. As the Arabs soon found out. See for yourself. And, as the Jews say, never forget?
(BBC article reprinted below)

Tuesday, 20 November, 2001, 15:13 GMT
Arab TV satire angers Israel

An Arab television station has come under fierce criticism after broadcasting a satirical show depicting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a blood-drinking terrorist.

The series, called "Tales of Terror," is being shown on Abu Dhabi and Kuwaiti TV to mark the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

A major firm of advertisers has decided to withdraw its commercials from the programme in protest and another is considering doing the same.

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres called the show "repulsive" after excerpts were shown on Israeli TV and said Israel would complain to the United Nations about the programme.

Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, who was in Israel seeking to revive peace talks with the Palestinians, denounced the satire as "a scandal."

In the comedy, Mr. Sharon, who is played by Kuwaiti actor Daoud Hussein, is shown drinking the blood of Arab children and shooting captured Arabs.

Advertisements pulled

The programme has also angered its sponsors. US consumer giant Procter & Gamble is withdrawing an advert for shampoo from the show, saying it avoided "morally ambivalent" programmes.

Another company, Italian chocolate-maker Ferrero, said it would also pull one of its commercials.

"We will take immediate steps to end our participation in the programme," said the firm's Israeli product manager Zion Daya.

However, the director of Abu Dhabi TV, Ismail Abdullah, dismissed the criticism, saying Mr. Peres had lost his sense of humour.

"Instead of getting angry at the media, Israel should take a close look at its policies and stop shooting Palestinians," Mr. Abdullah told the United Arab Emirates news agency.




1. "Hollywood Widens Slur Targets To Arab And Muslim Americans Since Sept. 11" (Pacific News Service, Feb 27, 2002).
2. South Park, "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants," Episode 509, Season 5. Comedy Central. Original air date: November 7, 2001.
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Jew America is Mock-America. It's all about mocking and mockery. Mock politics, mock art, mock academia. Mock rebellion, mock movements, mock victory. Mock - the adjective and the verb. Pure Jew. Born post 1965? Pure You.
Victor Wolzek and Alex Linder have a similar writing style.
"A safe rule where Jewish propaganda is concerned is to multiply or divide their figures by ten, at least, before accepting them as the basis for discussion."
- Arnold Leese, from the December, 1937 edition of The Fascist.


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