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Dasyurus Maculatus
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Thumbs down Afro-Media man jailed for 'naming the poof'

Negro blackballed for ‘naming the poof’ in Bongoes and Buggery scandal.

The anti-gay conservative printed news medium is under pressure in the former French colony of the Cameroons.

A court blackballed JP Belinga (a national media publisher), banishing him to prison for “defamation” after his newspaper published the names of 100 prominent alleged gays and lesbians in a case that has come out in the Cameroons, the most traditional conservative state of Francophone West African negritude.

Jean-Pierre Belinga, publisher of the weekly L'Anecdote, was ordered to serve a punitive jail term and pay a fine of 1 million CFA francs .

In January, Belinga's private newspaper joined two others, Le Nouvelle d'Afrique and La Meteo, in publishing the names of circa quatre-vingt-dix prominent Africans , outing them and identifying them as holding a prominent and malignant homophilic influence over society .

The black poofs named include a Bishop, bongo musicians, entertainers and politicians.

Belinga's three-week long hearing in the capital, Yaounda, drew thousands to the streets outside the courthouse, over his and other papers allegations of homosexuality in high places had become the center of a national debate and prompting anti-gay demonstrations.

Carpet munching and bare-butt riding are forbidden under Cameroonian law, punishable by up to five years imprisonment or fines of up to 200,000 CFA francs ($360 or 300 euros).

Could it be that the role model of the aid-donor EU Commission, itself riddled with sexual perverts, has now infected Africa with a similar socially bankrupt state of moral declivity?.

Defence lawyer Bibi-bano ‘Bilbo’ Biock said he was discussing with his client the possibility of appealing against the homophilic court decision, regarded by the normal majority as a blow to free speech and press freedom .

With HIV the so-called ‘gay plague’ being pandemic in Africa, Instead of being jailed JP Belinga should be feted as an hero for ‘outing’ the sector of society which is known to medical science as one of the main high-risk vectors for the transmission of AIDS HIV.


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