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Miguel Dias
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 98
Miguel Dias
Default Portugal

Hi, Brothers.
Maybe we can also post about european alternatives.
I am from portugal. I live in The Northern Region.
i wish to advise you to help us resetle the Rural and Intrerior regions.
This way non race-mixers will be compelled to be racialist and join our cause.
I a controversial, but i want Europa to be in good shape.
This means that although i would apreciate Racialist European Whites from anywhere around the world(Australia, America, Canada,etc) and i wish non-Europeans to leave at least the ones who are our declared enemies(specially through actions such as murder). I dont want my indigenous Iberian brethren to be replaced so you can come and we wnat you but in sensible numbers as settlers. when we need you for a fight against white traitors and their "associates" then you can come in snesible numbers to reinforce our military effort. But do this legally. Only if you cant come legally you may come, then again that is up to you. Know that if war breaks out, you will have to be loyal to Portugal as a whole, and only against real traitors of Portugal while settling or other ways. act White and Right and many things will go well. Also i have to be honest we give preference to Portuguese Whites from anywhere so Brazillian whites will receive preference. Germanic, slavic,etc Whites will also be accepted. if not at least you can help us and who knows we might reach a consensus.
Old May 1st, 2020 #2
Miguel Dias
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2020
Posts: 98
Miguel Dias

to resettle the countryside as a Whole(rural and less rural) is the priority!
the cities can be taken back later.
Portugal is fairing better then others in the City department, but Lisbon is not as good as it was before, maybe what i am saying is an understatment.
Porto is better than Lisbon Race wise, but maybe not as good as a decade ago(?). but i am living in Porto district for somewhat 5 years(maybe a bit less).
One of our greatest allies are already here!
British Isles Brothers and Sisters love Algarve! So please lets leave our misunderstandings and differences aside and fight for Portugal side by side.
Anglo-Saxon and Celts plus Iberian forces of Portugal vs Traitors, their associates and their "minions".


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