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Aryan race erudite philoso
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Default Varg Vikernes on homeschooling

Any attempt by a lower order to overcome a higher order represents evil.
- Robert Pirsig
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White Brazilian Boy
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White Brazilian Boy

I support homeschooling for two reasons:
1: Parents are physically present in their kids education and because of that they will be aware if the teachers are teaching the right way: being impartial, not spreading marxist crap.
2: A healthier enviroment free of bullying. Bullying is a serious problem in schools and I hate when people say it's good to be a victim of bullying, it makes you stronger. Nope, it's the opposite: bullying only creates socially inept individuals with low self-steem. It can destroy a person's life and make him/her spend days/months/years wishing for revenge on his bullies.


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