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Old December 18th, 2018 #1
Avatars=rarity these days
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Unhappy No offense but sometimes I'm torn between LOVE and HATE for our people . .

Please do not understand this wrong . .

First of all , I LOVE our culture. . I think Europeans are the most creative , advanced etc . race out there (it should be apparent to everybody . .) . . YET . .

- which other race has allowed itself to be so misused by the N.W.O. ?
-which other race has,more or less ,given up their nationhood so 'easily' ?
- wich other race ,gotta admit, has even , in a way , so helped the N. W. O. gaining control ?

- - -

Sorry but these are the facts (at least for now . .) . .

Think about it. .

Our race did dirty money-business with the NWO . . They helped them in their colonialism ( for the record ,the supposed 'European colonies' back in the 19th century pretty much only helped one 'entity' to 'get rich' - - - -> the NWO . . . The European working class for example was ruthlessly misused under colonialism . . . .) Our politicians aid the N.W.O. the most . . More or less the whole world laughs about us . .They are like "LOL ! Just enter their nations , they don't care . ." or "Just live of their welfare system , lol . ." . .

Sorry friends but these are the facts ( at least for now ,like I said ) . .

It truly pains my heart sometimes to see a race so creative and intelligent so easily 'misused' ( at least often ) . .

What do you guys think?

Like I said, no offense but somtimes I'm torn apart between love & hate for our people (

Definition of an avatar = a shape or form in which the ancient Aryan hindu gods would manifest on earth . .
- - - - -
no avatar selected . . . bitch
Old December 18th, 2018 #2
William Hidalgo
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William Hidalgo
jewsign Love and Hate

Dear Coldfire,

I understand where you are coming from, but we must not forget who the real enemy is. We must not forgot exactly whom we are dealing with, and who the real victims are. The Jews have had themselves established in the United States for a very long time now. I am not sure exactly when, but I think we can both agree on this. They have done this repeatedly and as a direct result of their own actions they will face serious consequences. Whether it'll be in this life or the next. If more and more people of European descent or even just people in general become more informed about the Jewish issue we will see change. You and I are some of the many who are willing to speak about this issue. The preservation of our culture. The average individual is the real victim here. The go about their business uninformed of the real enemy, and who is to blame, the 13%. They are the ones to blame not the innocent by standers who are fed shit, and told this it is a delicious pastry. I am mean no offense Coldfire. All I am trying to say is that we cannot lose any ounce of hope whatsoever. We must not be discouraged, at all. We must keep strong as one. We must suss out the weak. We must remain disciplined. We must unit. For we don't no one will.

Kind regards,
William H.

P.S. I would love to continue this conversation. I meant no offense to my fellows.


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