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Default "From Plato to Nato" by David Gress

I tried reading the above book back in 1999, but never finished it. It is, I believe, more than 600 pages. This book states that western freedom was NOT the inevitable product of a simple evolutionary process, but actually grew from a complex amalgam of practices and institutions. (I am quoting a Canadian reviewer here.) "Initially, between the 4th and 8th centuries, Greek philosophy, Roman administration, Christian theology and Germanic tribal traditions coalesced to form what he calls the "old West"...The Renaissance inaugurated "new West" ideas of liberty, science and economics. But then came the Enlightenment movement of the 18th century with its ideology of progress, whose true believers wanted nothing to do with the Old West synthesis, particularly the Christian dimension...

"He concludes that if our society is to recover full moral and intellectual vigour, we must reconsider the entire history of the West, its religion included, as something other than merely a history of progress toward a now defunct and debilitated liberalism."

The author says, "A multicultural West is a contradiction in terms; the only West that can be accommodating to other cultures is a West that knows itself...An empty vessel, a historically illiterate people, cannot give to others the respect it does not give to itself."

This author may not march lockstep to all White Priders' tastes, but it is worth a go. I am going to try again.


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