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alex revision
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alex revision
Default No Free Speech or Freedom of Assembly in France: Luncheon to Honour the Memory of Revisionist Robert Faurisson Banned By Mayor of Vichy

No Free Speech or Freedom of Assembly in France: Luncheon to Honour the Memory of Revisionist Robert Faurisson Banned By Mayor of Vichy

January 25, 2020

A serious blow to freedom of expression and assembly. As for Professor Faurisson, who died a little over a year ago, he continues to frighten.

La Montagne (translation):

The mayor of Vichy has the right to ban a lunch in homage to the revisionist Robert Faurisson. The president-in-office of the court of first instance was perfectly entitled to ban this lunch.

The holding of this meal, during which was to be given an international prize bearing the name of the revisionist militant, in a Vichy restaurant (Allier), this Saturday, January 25, was banned by municipal decree.

By a decision notified this Friday, January 24, the judge of interim measures of the Administrative Court (TA) of Clermont-Ferrand has just authorized the mayor of Vichy, Frédéric Aguilera, to ban a lunch-conference that was to be held Saturday, January 25, in a hotel of the thermal city, in homage to Robert Faurisson.

During this meal, was to be presented an international prize bearing the name of the French revisionist militant, who died in October 2018. “The defence of crimes against humanity or their contestation are criminal offences that it is the responsibility of the police authority to prevent when it has knowledge of them,” the mayor said in a statement.

He denied the existence of the gas chambers of the Struthof camp : Robert Faurisson tried in Cusset (Allier)

The TA de Clermont has received a request from the instigators of this lunch-conference, under the urgent procedure, for the cancellation of this prohibition order. The applicants considered that the order in question constituted ” a serious and manifestly unlawful interference with freedom of Assembly in a private place “, arguing that neither the “award” nor the “profile of the participants” was “such as to disturb public order, endanger public security” or ” undermine respect for the human person “. For the court, the risk of infringement public order is well constituted

After recalling that “respect for the dignity of the human person (was) one of the components of Public Order” and considering that this luncheon, having “been the subject of an advertisement on a website”, the “risks of infringement of human dignity and of remarks likely to constitute criminal offences” did exist, the judge of the interim indicated that the mayor of Vichy had “not committed a serious and manifestly illegal infringement of the fundamental freedom of Assembly”.

The Chosen One was therefore perfectly entitled to ban this lunch, in the name of his police power. The Administrative Court of Clermont-Ferrand ordered the applicants “to pay the municipality of Vichy the sum of € 1,000”.
In particular, it should be noted that, according to the law, mayors can prohibit private meetings where illegal remarks could be made… In other words, any meeting with political or historical connotations that they do not want to be held.

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