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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Jesse

15 SEP 07

Hail Jesse! I’m glad your zoggies are allowing you to receive some of my mail, & that they are allowing you to write to me, here in Brownest Yakima. Nice zoggies!

You must be psychic, for your assumption that I received no reply from Sr. Cedeño to my letter of 8-8-07 is indeed correct. He is probably busy replying to his many fan letters.

In this regard, I have forwarded another prisoner’s appeal documents to the WA Attorney General & the WA State Supreme Court, on behalf of introducing “the rule of law” into WAZOGDOC’s incorrect Dept. of Corrections.

As a U.S. soldier, I swore to “defend The U.S. Constitution,” as do all U.S. presidents. I still do so, albeit without my M-1 Garand, to the best of my ability.

I agree with zoggies that incitements to violence are not appropriate, inside nor outside the ZOG-gulags. Nor are incitements to “go hate so & so.”

I do not advocate violence nor hate. BUT, what zoggies have been doing is to construe statements THEY hate as being “hateful” statements on my part.

As I wrote to Sr. Cedeño, grizzly bears are known to bite. If I were offending one, I’d feel fear, not hate, & my advice is to avoid having dealings with grizzly bears.

According to zoggies, this advice is construed by them to be denoting the difference between grizzlies & humans as denoting “inferiority”, &/or communicating “Security Threat Group” messages.

What zany zoggies we have in this state! I wonder how they interpret traffic signs, such as “Yield,” “Curves ahead,” “Deer Crossing,” “Slippery When Wet,” &c. Such words must cause all sorts of fantastic images in their minds, which may make them unsafe drivers.

If they hate red lights & stop signs, then they must believe they are “hate”-messages, i.e., “you are hateful because I hate you!”

Anyway, that’s how “hate laws” are interpreted in Soviet Canuckistan alias China-duh, & the same kosher crowd wants such laws in the USA, by abolishing what remains of our First Amendment, as your zoggies have been doing, already.

I’m reminded of a Canadian tourist promotional ad: “Welcome to the land of Soviet Canuckistan, where pot is legal, but thought is not. So, traveller, when you this way do wend, do take care not to offend: Don’t talk, just toke, & let your worries go up in smoke!”

In the novel by Ray Bradbury, “Fahrenheit 451,” the government reasons that “Thinking makes people unhappy. Books make people think, so all books must be destroyed.”

Since the action takes place in the ‘future,’ all buildings, furniture, &c. are fireproof, so the firemen are assigned the job of burning books, wherever they are found.

The book was somewhat scary; moreso than the movie, but both were very good.

Read “Fahrenheit 451” along with “1984” by Orwell. This ‘fiction’ is all-too factual.

Someone you know who can log onto the Internet, which I’m not on, should be able to look up all sorts of family name information.

One correspondent sent me a download about some of my relatives who were brought from Britain to America as White slaves in the 1600s. Nice to know!

Another relative, Charles Thomson, was Secretary at the signing of The Declaration of Independence, minus chains & shackles, apparently.

The red & white stripes on the original American rebel flag symbolized the results achieved by lashing the back of a White slave: White skin, red blood. To lash someone was also described as giving him “stripes.”

White slaves outnumbered Black slaves in America, for Whites were cheaper than Blacks. Many of Washington’s soldiers in The French & Indian War were White slaves.

Our George II has come to resemble Britain’s King George III in many ways, such as

(1) He’s nuts, &

(2) He (George II) hates our freedom.

If I can think of any other ‘good’ things, I’ll let you know.

George III of England was slave to “The Bank of England,” a private, kosher bank, which ordered the King to inflict Bank of England currency on the American colonies.

That move sparked the so-called American Revolution, but we only succeeded in switching our master from the King to The Bank of England, via Alexander Hamilton, & in 1913, by The Federal Reserve Act.

We lost our alleged independence 3 times, & we never regained it.

CONgress never defended The Constitution as its members pledged for centuries. Hence, all U.S. Congresses are guilty of treason, by violating their oaths to The Constitution.

Treason to the King was usually punished by beheading, or worse, by drawing & quartering.

I attended a hanging in Rhodesia, under British law, which included “caning” or lashing of convicts for various offenses.

Drawing & quartering, as I understand, included repeatedly strangling the convict with a noose, & reviving him. Then his liver was cut out & burned before him; after which his body was either cut into 4 pieces, or pulled apart by 4 draft horses. After which, his head was displayed on a pike.

Boy, were those British ever so civilized! Ha!

My Scottish grannie used to say that the Brits were always charitable to foreigners, never to their own people. This makes perfect sense when we know that the real rulers of Britain were not Brits. ZOG knows!

All the best & ORION!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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Default Nix

I was bunked with Dennis Nix in the the barracks of the NSWPP. He had his cartoon-projects in plain sight on his easels set up in our barracks. I think he invented the character of Eric Thomson, Stormtrooper.
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