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Default Reichsfolk: Situation Report 116-117yf

Situation Report 116-117yf

Introductory Note:

The basic purpose of the present report is to summarize the world situation as it exists, and to briefly analyze what realistic options are available to us.


The Current Situation:

1) World Events

The events in Iraq and Afghanistan, over the past few years, have served to highlight several important things. First, they have shown that Amerika (see Note 1), and its allies, can act with impunity - creating a climate for war by dis-information, propaganda and outright lies, and then directly invading whatever country they like. [Note: There are some parallels here with the events that surrounded the First Zionist War (50-56yf). Agitation for war and propaganda lies in support of it, coupled with demonization of the "enemy" (the National-Socialists) and spiel about how "the enemy" was barbaric and that "freedom and democracy and decency" were threatened by this "enemy". Indeed, we may call the invasion of Afghanistan the beginning of the Second Zionist War - yet another war for Zionist hegemony (see Note 2).]

Second, they have shown that the majority of our own people support the aggression, and believe the lies and propaganda and dis-information of their governments, as witness their re-election of both Blair and Bush, and as witness their acceptance of, or indifference to, the widespread use of dishonourable, anti-Aryan methods, such as torture and detention without trial by Amerika and its allies.

Third, they have shown the true tyrannical - crypto-communist- nature of Western governments, who almost without exception now have invasive, tyrannical, dishonourable anti-terrorist laws which have virtually created Police-States.

Fourth, they have shown the relative weakness of the Muslim world which, despite its numbers, has done very little to counter the aggression of Amerika, with large numbers of Muslims, world-wide, following the line Amerika wants them to take by embracing a kind of tame Westernized "Islam" where practical Jihad to regain Muslim lands is outlawed. (See Note 3)

2) Events in the West

The situation in what were once our own lands continues to deteriorate. Immigration continues almost unchecked, as does the slow but perceptible breakdown of our old, decent, honourable, and Aryan, way of life, as witness the increasing decadence, evident in drug-taking, in alcohol abuse, in cowardly attacks and in a general decline in manners. Our own people are increasingly selfish, badly-behaved in public and private, and increasingly hedonistic. They are also increasingly under the sway of the vacuous so-called "patriotism" which has been created (and stage-managed by often cloyingly sentimental events) by government and by biased "reporting" in the Media to keep the present pro-Zionist "status quo".

Our societies are increasingly breaking-down, from inside - for instance, our system of health-care continues to slowly deteriorate; our politicians and so-called "public servants" become more corrupt; our taxes continue to increase while basic services decline in quality and quantity. In addition, the social and racial tensions that exists within many cities and towns continue to escalate toward violence. But as long as the majority of people are well-fed; as long as they are entertained or distracted; as long as they can indulge themselves; as long as the Media is there to distort the news, the reality, then little will be done. Politicians will become more corrupt and more adept at lying and hiding their corruption and dishonesty, or even - as is becoming common - of being brazen about it, as in the case of Bush and Blair.

The whole rotten edifice can continue like this for years - for many decades, in fact. What is needed to keep it going is what is occurring - more laws; more taxes; more "entertainment"; more Police; more Media spiel; more vacuous government-sponsored "national events" aimed at creating a vacuous sense of "identity", and "enemies" who can be demonized and "ruthlessly hunted down". Today, it is the Mujahideen and those who support them who are the scapegoats; yesterday it was "the nazis"; tomorrow - tomorrow will surely bring some new Zionist-created enemy who is to hated, fought, feared, and who can be imprisoned, tortured in some hidden Gulag and put on trial in some "show trial". All very crypto-communist.

Our Aim:

Our aim to return to authenticity - to regain our own ethos, to live in an honourable way consistent with our natural, human, character and to look outwards, upwards, continuing our evolution. In brief, to break, to throw off, the shackles which the Zionists have forged for us - the shackles of their ideas, of their anti-Aryan, ignoble, dishonourable, ethos. To regain the freedom we have lost - the freedom to live as Aryans; to think as Aryans; to be, as Aryans.

To do this, we need to achieve a homeland for ourselves where we can live among our own kind according to our own Aryan laws and where our Aryan culture can flourish and evolve. This means creating a community, a society, where our own values are held as ideals - where we know what these values are, and strive to uphold them in our public and private lives.

What then are our own Aryan personal values? One excellent way to understand the essence of our values - and to show how far we have drifted from them these past hundred years - is to consider a certain work of fiction. This is the novel Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. This work of literature is more than a story about personal love. Its greatness - its humanity, if you will - lies in the fact that, at its heart, lies honour, personal honour. The characters know how to behave in an Aryan way; they are examples of Aryan behaviour. They have manners. They have certain standards. They are also human - and make mistakes. They have pride; they can be prejudiced. Which means they can sometimes do something dishonourable - like believe rumours or gossip about someone; or, as in the case of Wikham, put their own desires before honour. But they can change - they can do the honourable thing. They can achieve a triumph of personal will by adhering to an ideal. Contrast the behaviour of the main characters with the behaviour so evident today. We have, as a society, for the most part lost our honour.

Of course, we are not advocating a return to the society of that time - but we are advocating learning from our past, and creating from that learning a new future, a new community, a new society, based upon personal honour. This is exactly what the German National-Socialists desired to do - create a new and Aryan society, imbued with personal honour; a society where Aryans saw their fellow Aryans as brothers and sisters, and treated them with respect, with honour, and where there was a sense of duty; where idealism existed.

Our Options to Achieve Our Aim:

1) Political power. This means forming a political organization and striving to get elected. It should be obvious that this, for an Aryan political organization, is no longer possible. Why is it not possible? Because our lands are now no longer Aryan - a certain percentage of people will never vote for our organizations, however much such organizations may dilute their policies in order to get votes; and because the majority of our own people are simply not interested in our policies. They have no reason to vote for us. For the most part, they are fairly content with the status quo.

Of course, a minority can and will vote for such organizations - because of local circumstances, or some local happening, or because they have broken through the veil of Zionist propaganda. The most that will ever be achieved is to be a minority Party, with some elected representatives.

There is only one scenario where power may be obtained in a political way. This is when such an organization is led by a charismatic, honourable leader, and when the conditions of society are such that our people are desperate; where there is discontent; hunger; unemployment. Where is this leader? Where are these social conditions? They do not exist.

But the Zionists and their lackeys are not just going to let such an organization be voted into power. They would mobilize their resources to destroy the organization; or have it declared illegal; or change the rules of voting; or whatever. Or even assassinate its leaders. We must understand that the West now is not what is was in the time of the NSDAP - the Zionists have learnt that lesson, and they have vastly more power, more resources, than they had then.

2) Practical revolution and insurrection. We have to face certain unpleasant truths here.

i) There will be no mass revolution, no mass insurrection, because the majority of people are reasonably content, at the moment. This will not change for many decades.
ii) We cannot find, from within our ranks, more than one or two dedicated people prepared to die for our Cause. It is for the most part all talk and bluster and promises, and little or no action. Even the majority of people who adhere to our Cause, who believe in it, are not prepared to die for it at the present time. That is the bottom line, and our failure. Thus, it is impossible to create a genuine, covert, well-armed, well-supported organization that can last for more than a few years.
iii) Perhaps the majority of people who are sympathetic to our Cause or who say they believe in it do not understand - and certainly do not live by - the ethic of honour. Thus, there is the constant danger of betrayal, the constant dis-loyalty, the egotism, the feuds, the spreading of gossip/rumours, and so on, that has blighted our Movement these past sixty years. Which is why the lackeys of The System have found it easy to destroy, disrupt or neutralize our organizations, as in the case of C18 which was basically destroyed by the egotism of certain dishonourable people who believed Zionist dis-information and who put their own personal agenda before the ideals they said they believed in.
iv) Isolated practical acts - even if they involve deaths and/or destruction of property and even if they occur a few times a year- they do not and will not de-stabilize The System, as has been shown time after time these past thirty or more years. The System itself is now quite resilient - and cannot be changed in a significant way by such isolated actions. It could be changed, brought to breakdown, by such acts over a long period of time provided such acts targeted the infrastructure, but this requires a well-organized, well-motivated, covert group or groups which can maintain its existence unhindered over a decade or more. Given (i), (ii) and (iii) above, this is not realistic.

Thus, this option is impractical, and will not achieve our aims.

3) Creating new communities. This option involves us in forgetting about achieving direct, political power - forgetting about engaging in politics or agitating for insurrection and revolution - and concentrating on propagating our Cause, our ideals, in an individual way, through personal example and proselytizing.

The initial aim here is to convert people to our Cause, to our way of thinking, to our Weltanschauung, with the longer term aim of gathering like-minded people together to form the nucleus of a new community or communities. This itself might at some stage involve migration and the founding of a new colony or the establishment of a small rural community.

The essence of this option is the living of our ideals - upholding, in our own lives, our Aryan ethics, our Aryan standards. This means living by the ideals of honour, loyalty and duty to our folk, duty to Nature, and duty to the Cosmos. Our guiding principles have been explicated in The Numinous Way.

This third option is the way that Reichsfolk has chosen, and it involves is in understanding the lessons of the past.

The Lessons of the Past:

Let us consider the example of NS Germany. After years of hard and bloody struggle, the NSDAP achieved political power. Thus, it possessed all the resources of a modern nation. Of particular value here were the people. A political revolution had indeed been achieved. NS Germany had six years - before the First Zionist war began - to bring about change; to implement the Aryan ideals of National-Socialism.

Could this war have been avoided? No. Had it not began when it did, it would have begun a few or more years later, such was the desire of the Zionists and their lackeys to destroy NS Germany. On the practical level, NS Germany lost the war - National-Socialists no longer possessed any practical resources, and indeed became persecuted, a minority. The political revolution was no more.

The result of this war was the myth of the holocaust, the occupation of Palestine, by Zionists, and increased practical power for the Zionists and their lackeys, evident in their creation of the crypto-Marxist societies we live in with their anti-Aryan tyranny.

What was achieved, then, by NS Germany? What was achieved was a legacy - a vision; an ideal; and above all a revelation. Our ethos, our values, our ideals, became conscious, for the first time in our history. Reichsfolk - and those involved with it - have continued this revelation, making our ethos, our values, our ideals more conscious, thus evolving them.

The real lesson we have to learn is that our priority is and must be to change ourselves, within - to uphold and live by our own values. To be a practical examples of all the Aryan virtues, for others. To be Aryan in our heart, in our soul, in our very thinking. This is the real revolution we need and which is the real beginning of the change we need to create a future of freedom where our evolution can be continued. Without this inner revolution - without people who are Aryan in their soul, in their very being - whatever outer political change, success or revolution we may achieve will only ever be transitory, prone to collapse, to failure, to destruction in some war.

The legacy we have had bequeathed to us, and which we in organizations like Reichsfolk have developed, is this understanding - that we must return to our Aryan being, and strive to create communities, and then a soceity, which are Aryan. This means - as has been explained elsewhere - that our law must be based upon personal honour and personal honour only. It means that we must recognize The State, and even the large, urbanized modern nation, for what they are: hindrances to the freedom, the liberty, that only ever arises from personal honour and empathy. It means that we must consider the decades, the centuries, and not the moment - understanding our own life, our own individuality, for the folk-nexion it is, and using our life to enhance our folk, to strive to evolve our folk, to aid the creation of the genuine folk-society of the future where honour and freedom exist and where we can consciously do our duty and thus continue our evolution, as human beings. It means that we must understand the cosmic dimension of our struggle, knowing that it may be decades or centuries before we are free and able to create our own unique homelands, keeping alive our ideals from generation to generation and never descending down, for some temporary success, by doing something that is dishonourable, by imitating the ignoble methods of our ignoble foe. It means we must grow-up and act, behave, as adults, unswayed by the sentiments, the emotions, of the moment. It means that we must never deviate from honour, from loyalty, from our honourable duty to our folk.

In brief, we must develope the patience that arises when we feel the numinous flow of life that is our folk, decade upon decade and century after century. We must return to the Time of our folk - and leave the abstract, inauthentic Time which the abstractions of the Zionists have created for us, and which we have also in many ways created for ourselves, in our pursuit of decadence, in our pursuit of materialism, in our pursuit of and loyalty to the abstract and ultimately un-Aryan idea of a large nation, of some State. We must change our folk, our people, from within - in a genuine way; changing their values; their beliefs. Giving them our Aryan answers to the questions about life and existence. We must uphold and propagate, from generation to generation, the noble truths of our new and numinous way of living.

By doing this, we are assured of success - for whatever our enemies do, whatever terror they create, whatever laws or edicts they pass, whatever lies they manufacture, they cannot touch us. The only thing that can destroy us is ourselves - our descent back-down to the decadence, the dishonour, the stupidity, the selfishness, the abstract un-Aryan ideas of the past.

November 116yf



(1) By this spelling - Amerika - we draw attention to the Zionist cabal who now control the internal and foreign policy of the United States. The term neo-conservative is generally understood as a euphemism for Zionism.

(2) What the Zionists and their lackeys have done since 56yf is to foist upon the peoples of the West a particular Weltanschauung. This Weltanschauung is fundamentally anti-Aryan - and in reality is crypto-Marxist. Aryans have been and are being brainwashed into accepting crypto-Marxist ideology (clearly evident in "political correctness" and the forced racial integration that is taking place) and accepting those Jewish ideas, such as sociology, social anthropology and "psychology" (especially Freudian based psychology) which have been specifically created and spread to undermine, weaken and destroy Aryan character, Aryan ethos and Aryan society.

In truth, NS Germany was the greatest threat that the Zionists had ever faced and, as explained in other articles and essays (for example, Vindex: The Destiny of the West) they saught to totally discredit National-Socialism and its numinosity. Thus, they created and shamelessly propagated the lie of the holocaust. Now, the cabal and its lackeys are so powerful they can with impunity introduce laws making denial of this mythical holocaust a crime.

Furthermore, this holocaust has now become part of the ethos that permeates all Western societies and has attained an almost religious-like sanctity. In addition, one often overlooked reason for the invasion of countries like Afghanistan and Iraq was to destroy the anti-Zionist governments of those countries and bring the now invaded lands under the control of the Zionist Thought-Police. Thus the war-mongering and covert operations against Iran - the last bastion in the world safe from the Zionist Thought-Police, where an anti-Zionist ethos exists. In the next few years we can expect more covert operations against Iran; more anti-Iranian propaganda; more agitation for invasion on the pretext of Iran being a "danger to world peace and democracy"; and more funding of opposition groups within Iran designed to de-stabilize the country itself.

In many ways, a proto-world government is being created, quite openly, where the Zionist cabal and its lackeys can hunt down and bring to trial anyone, anywhere, or assassinate them, and where Zionist lackey Police forces and so-called "Intelligence agencies" can detain anyone without trial in some new Gulag, hidden from public sight, and where people can be tortured with impunity. The fact that people like Zundel can be arrested, deported and sent ot prison for years; the fact that people can now be taken away from their homes in Dawn Raids, or arrested anywhere, and sent for interrogation and detention, has shown how docile the people in the West have become; how accepting they are of their new masters. It is fair to say that the majority of the people in the West just do not care or do not understand - the Zionists have used people like Zundel, like the torture of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, like the detention without trial in Gulags, as tests. And what did the peoples of the West do? They went along with it all, and re-elected the puppets of the Zionists, like Bush and Blair. Of course, they were and are some protests about such things - but the truth of the matter is that such protests do not affect in any significant way the real balance of power; they change nothing. The progress toward tyranny, toward total Zionist physical and mental control, continues.

(3) Of course, some Muslims are resisting the Zionization of their lands - as in Iraq - but many more are in fact supporting, by inaction or otherwise, the Zionist-Crusader alliance, as in places like Pakistan, and Egypt, where the pro-Amerikan governments set Muslim against Muslim and where an ideological war is underway to destroy the Jihadi movements and introduce the tame, pro-Zionist, "Islam" that Amerika and the Zionists are creating. The weakness of the Muslims is evident in the fact that such pro-Zionist governments have not been overthrown by their own people.



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