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View Poll Results: Who Is Your Least Favorite Stormfront Moderator?
Baneblade 0 0%
Bill Noble 0 0%
Caradoc 0 0%
Dux90 0 0%
Ex-Detroiter 0 0%
Germaner 0 0%
Haman 1 14.29%
Ian Smith 0 0%
Jewfish 0 0%
Long County Rebel 1 14.29%
Merlin 1 14.29%
Olympus 0 0%
Paul Bunyan 0 0%
Poison 3 42.86%
PorkChopsAndApplesauce 0 0%
Ringelnater 0 0%
SPWPWW 1 14.29%
Unermüdlich 0 0%
Vikingcelt 0 0%
Vry Burgher 0 0%
War2war 0 0%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll

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Old January 15th, 2020 #1
Hugh Akston
Join Date: Sep 2019
Posts: 553
Default POLL: What Experiences Have You Had With Stormfront Moderators? Who's Your Favorite? Who's Your Least Favorite?

Stormfront forum has played a significant part in the lives of pro-white advocates for two decades now and almost all those reading this have either an account there now or had one in the past. I myself have one, and post there regularly, as do many other VNN members.

In fact, the connection even extends to mutual moderators, two of which moderate both on this forum and also over on Stormfront. But with the good also comes the bad. And that is especially true with Stormfront’s army of moderators, of which everyone has both their favorite – and their worst. Some SF mods are fair and balanced, while others clearly and repeatedly prove that they do not belong in such a position, as they abuse their power to wrongly censor, impose infractions, or outright ban members without just cause.

And once they ban you, there is no court of appeal – which is a major flaw in Don Black’s forum, as it has banned tens of thousands of loyal Stormfront members, many who had participated on the board for one, five, ten or more years – only to be ruthlessly terminated – often without any explanation whatsoever. The typical response from SF mods is that all those banned “deserved it”. Every single one. Tens of thousands, in fact. All guilty. No exceptions. And if you don’t like that answer? You’re banned.

Now, some may believe that all forums are run in this manner, ranging from botany forums to motorcycle forums to literature forums to....well, white nationalist forums. But you’d be wrong. Many forums have special sub-forums where banned members can present their case – their “defense”, you might say. So why not Stormfront? Some say it’s because Stormfront would then have to justify why they banned a popular member and that....maybe....they couldn’t easily do that. That if they were put on the spot it might reveal that a moderator banned someone simply out of vindictiveness, and not because of any broken rules.

But what do you think? Are Stormfront moderators invariably fair in meting out justice? Or, rather, are some fair but others are not? As a guide to the reader, here is a list of Stormfront’s current moderators, minus two mods who also moderate here on VNN.
  • 1. Baneblade
  • 2. Bill Noble
  • 3. Caradoc
  • 4. Dux90
  • 5. Ex-Detroiter
  • 6. Germaner
  • 7. Haman
  • 8. Ian Smith
  • 9. Jewfish
  • 10. Long County Rebel
  • 11. Merlin
  • 12. Olympus
  • 13. Paul Bunyan
  • 14. Poison
  • 15. Pork Chops and Applesauce
  • 16. Ringelnater
  • 17. SBWPWW
  • 18. Unermüdlich
  • 19. vikingcelt
  • 20. Vry Burgher
  • 21. war2war

Last edited by Hugh Akston; January 15th, 2020 at 11:03 PM.
Old January 16th, 2020 #2
Man of the road
Senior Member
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Join Date: Feb 2016
Location: Normal Area
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Man of the road

I don't care to be honest. Just post here.
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Old January 16th, 2020 #3
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2018
Location: With the Whites
Posts: 201
Default F the brits

SF has become britfront. A bitch site for brits getting ready for cultural extinction. Some really encourage it. Carrying a grudge for over 200 yrs mods such as (((dux))) work to squelch American Nationalists. Limiting free speech and press by severe censorship.

Personally , I like Black and Duke. It's a shame the gave the site away to globalist moderation.
Not to be replaced
Old January 18th, 2020 #4
Senior Member
Zander's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Scotland
Posts: 1,630

Oh good...yet another thread about "Stormfront". Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Old January 18th, 2020 #5
Rasen's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2017
Posts: 441

Fortunately I'm not in the list
MUST read blog: Truth about Serbia
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Old January 18th, 2020 #6
Nate Higgers
Junior Member
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Location: Lebanon OH
Posts: 211
Nate Higgers

The jew is the demon behind the the corruption of all mankind.
- Richard Wagner
Old January 19th, 2020 #7
Garrick Fenstad
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: why the FUCK am I still on moderation?
Posts: 245

I tried to vote but for some reason I'm not allowed.

As I see it, there's kinda a love/hate relationship between Stormfront and VNN. Like this VNN post about Stormfront's founder's son and why he left. Seems like there's a lotta truth to it.



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